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LOCATION Map Coordinate
(Ordnance Survey-Explorer 107 used)
[OS coordinates shown correspond to OS sections on the "Get a Map website, as well as Geograph; hopefully, they'll prove useful.]
(J. Mosman, OPC)


St. Austell (Austle) 54/01-54/04 to 52/01-52/04   [Old Maps website coordinates 201500/52500]
Sandy Bottom 53/03
Screeda 55/02
Stamper, Mt 54/02               [OS=SX0154]
Starrick 57/05
Stenalees 58/02
Sunny Corner 55/01

Teddy Bear clay works 54/01
Trebal Refinery 57/04
Tregarrick Farm 58/05
Tregonissey (Tregonhesewith) 54/02   [Old Maps website coordinates 203500/53400]
Tregorrick 52/02
Tregrehan Mills 54/05
Tregrehan Gardens 54/06
Trenance Downs 55/01 47
Trenance Farm 54/01 (Cor: Tre=holding; nance=moss> so, Moss Farm)
Trenarren 49/04 53a
Trenowah Farm (Trevenoth) 54/05
Trethowal (Trethowel) 54/02                  [OS=SX0153] 58
Trethowel Farm 54/01
Trethurgey (Trethirgie) 56/04                [OS=SX0355]
Treverbyn 57/02 54c
Treverbyn Farm 57/04
Trevissick 49/03
Trewhiddle (house & farm) 52/01
Trewoon 53/00
Towan 50/02

Vounder Farm 55/05 (Cor: a lane)

Watering [& Watering Hill] 53/02 - once a separate hamlet, at the head of East Hill where horses were watered; Watering Hill road is now Alexandra Road - east of town, toward Carvath & Mt. Charles.
W heal Eliza Mine 54/0
Wrestling (Wrestling Downs) 52/01 before 1828; 53/03 after (between Polkyth & Mt. Charles) bounded by Union Road

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