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      Town of Adanac Page 2 The CPR had three surveys in the area in 1905 and 1906. After the present line was decided upon, Adanac was to be Wilkie and the divisional point. Water was a railway problem and when plentiful supplies were found at the site of Wilkie the two names were changed. CPR officials selected the name which when you spell it backwards comes out "Canada". No Library at Adanac Adanac Location Email
      Town of Biggar Page 2 History of Biggar

      The Grand Trunk Pacific started northwest from Saskatoon in the early 1900's in a neck-and-neck race with the CPR for Edmonton.

      The first divisional point out (sixty miles the shortest in Western Canada) was named for William Hodgins Biggar, an official of the company.

      Biggar Library Biggar Location Email-Biggar
      Town of Broadacres Page 2 Broadacres is the second stop north of Kerrobert on a CPR branch line to Wilkie. No Library at Broadacres Broadacres Location Email
      Town of Cactus Lake Page 2 The district took its name from a lake three quarters of a mile wide and seven miles long upon whose banks an abundance of wild cactus plants grew. Cactus Lake Location Email
      Carmelheim Church Page 2 Email
      Cavell Page 2 The Town of Cavell was originally known as Coblenz. Aerial Veiw Email
      Cosine Page 2 Cosine was named by mistake: "The mistake of a surveyor when using the trigonometric function of cosine from his logartihm table. Email
      Town of Denzil Page 2 Denzil is on a CPR branch line from Kerrobert to Macklin. Denzil Library Denzil Location Email-Denzil
      Donegal Page 2 Donegal is a single Searle elevator (closed since 1965) southeast of Reward. The name Donegal was first applied to the country school three miles northeast of the elevator. The school was built in 1911 and Andrew Buchanan, one of the three trustees, suggested Donegal in memory of his home town of Donegal, Ontario. Email
      Evesham Page 2 Evesham, Senlac and Rutland, are adjoining towns on the CPR west of Unity towards the Alberta Border. Evesham Location Email
      Grosswerder Page 2 Bell's of St. Anthony Email
      Town of Handel Page 2 Handel, a predominately German settlement is named in honor of George Fredrick Handel (1685-1759), and outstanding German Composer. Handel Location Email
      Heart Hills Page 2 The name Hearts Hill itself was taken from a range of hills in the municipality whose configuration at the top looked, from a distance, like hearts. The lndians called Hearts Hill, "Ha-ou-ta-at-tim-ak". Email
      Holy Rosary Page 2 Holy Rosary
      Church & Shrine
      Town of Kelfield Page 2 Aerial View of Kelfield

      Kelfield gots its name from David H. Kelly, commonly known as Father Kelly. An airplane landed on his field so they got the name Kelfield or Kelly's field.

      Kelfield Location Email
      Town of Kerrobert Page 2 About Kerrobert

      Kerrobert is named for Robert Kerr, a traffic manager of the CPR.

      Kerrobert Library Kerrobert Map Email-Kerrobert
      Landis Page 2 Landis was named by the railway officials for Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis (1866-1944). Landis Library Landis Location Email-Landis Added: ~1/16/01
      Town of Leipzig Page 2 Leipzig is a small town on a branch line of the CPR that runs south of Wilkie to Kelfield. The settlement is predominately German and they named the town in memory of one of the largest and most colorful cities of their homeland, Leipzig. Leipzig Location Email
      Town of Luseland Page 2 Luseland

      Luseland derived its name fromt he Luse Land Development Company which was largely responsible for bringing settlers into the district.

      Luseland Library Luseland Location Email-Luseland
      Town of Macklin Page 2 The Bunnock Capital of the World Macklin Library Macklin Location Email-Macklin
      Town of
      Page 2 Major is on a CPR line that runs from Wilkie south and west to Lacombe, Alberta. This line reached Major in 1914. Major Location Email-Major
      Town of Onword Page 2 The CPR built west from Kerrobert to Lacombe, Alberta in 1914. To signal the start of the line the first siding was called Onward. Email
      Town of
      Page 2 Email
      Town of Phippen Page 2 Phippen is a small village just east of Unity. The railroad officials named it after Judge Frank Hedley Phippen of Winnipeg. Phippen Location Email
      Town of Primate Page 2 The Village of Primate, Saskatchewan

      Primate is on a CPR line that runs from Kerrobert to Macklin. Primate is a hamlet between Macklin and Salvador on a line which came through in 1910.

      Primate Location Email
      Town of Reford Reford is between Cavell and Scott on the main line of the GTP west of Biggar. Email Added: ~8/30/00
      Town of Revenue Page 2 Revenue Memories - 1905-1955 Aerial View or Revenue Location Email
      Town of Reward Page 2 The Town of Reward was once known as Ufford. Aerial View
      or Reward Location
      Email Added: ~8/30/00
      Town (Village) of Salvador Page 2 The village of Salvador had its beginning on September 5, 1910. It is midway between Kerrobert and Macklin on a CPR line out of Moose Jaw. Salvador Location Email
      Town of Scott Page 2 Named in honor of the treasurer of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Frank Scott, of Montreal, it was incorporated as a village in 1909 and as a town in 1910. Scott Location Email
      Hamlet of St. Alphege St. Alphege is a grain point on the main line of the CPR seven miles east of Wilkie. Email Added: ~8/30/00
      Sunny Glen When the CNR built southwest from Unity in 1930 headed for Castor, Alberta (they got as far as Bodo), the second grain point on the line, about twelve miles out was Sunny Glen. Email Added: ~8/30/00
      Town of Tramping Lake Page 2 Tramping Lake is a grain point on a CPR line between Wilkie and Kerrobert. Tramping Lake Location Email
      Hamlet of Thackeray Thackeray is the first grain point on a CPR branch line that runs north from Wilie to Lloydminister. Email Added: ~8/30/00
      Town of Unity Page 2 Unity Library Unity Location Email-Unity
      Town Of Wilkie Page 2 Wilkie Library Wilkie Location Email-Wilkie
      Town of Wolfe Page 2 Wolfe is on the main line of the CPR half way between Wilkie and North Biggar. Email

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