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      The December, 1911 minutes of the Village of Luseland state: "Moved by Walkinshaw: that the secretary issue cheque for transfer fees to amount of $9 re-burial ground and that he also issue a cheque for $80 purchase price of said cemetery and that the same be handed to Mr. T.H. McConica Sr. with instructions to hold same until title is secured. Carried. Moved by Reid: that transfer include an agreement by Mr. Rutt to sell roadway at same price per acre as burial groung long the east side of S.W. 8-36-24-W3 taking 46 feet, more or less, by half mile long, the same to be surveyed and title to be paid for as described by engineer and to instruct Mr. T.H. McConica to secure title as soon as possible to cemetery and to find out who the money has to be paid to for the same cemetery, namely Hudson Bay Co. or Mr. Rutt."

      In the minutes of April 23, 1940, Mr. Kerchoffe moved - "that we offer $87 for 3.4 acres of land on Sec. 8-36-24-W3 for cemetery purposes". That land was purchased from Finley Bros.

      Most of the plots were family plots, but five plots Block 6 were purchased by the Great War Veterans Association. The following veterans are buried there: James Sim Sr. 1946, Wm. Evans 1945, Harry Downton 1944, and Mike Senkin 1923.

      Five Plots in Block 4 were purchased by the Legion F. Heidt and Wm. Wylie are buried there.

      The cemetery was extended further to the north by the purchase of more land from Finley Bros. by the Catholic Church in the late 1940's. Alex Weinmeyer and Peter Penner planted the trees.

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