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The Beginnings of Leipzig

"In April, 1905 the first German Catholic immigrants left the USA and head for Canada. After almost twenty days of travels and adventure they reached their destination which was approximately 3miles north and 2miles west of the present site of Leipzig."

Within a few days another group of settlers arrived with Fr. Theodore Schweers. The date was May 11, 1905. On May 12, the settlers, 11 men and 2 women, celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving. That day became "Our Birthday". That day marked the beginning of the Leipzig Community. By the end of the summer some 30 families had filed on homesteads and taken up residence from as far north as Cavell to as far south as Handel; from as far east as Landis to the edge of Tramping Lake. Most of these families settled in an area around what was to become "Pascal". The settlement was named Pascal in honour of Bishop Pascal, Bishop of Prince Albert who was gracious enough to give this new area his Spiritual guidance." Taken from Leipzig 1905-1980>

First Group of Settlers

Joseph Gartner, Alois Stark, Vincent Schweda, Dominic Mueller, Jakob Mueller, Melchior Schermann, Wenzel Suchan, August Franke, Jacob Gerlinsky, John Novakowsky, John Salewsky, Michael Huber, John Schmidt, Stefan Leidl, George Reninger, Simon Stohr, and Heinrich Nestmann.

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Map of the Town of Leipzig ~11/4/99
Leipzig Churches:
Catholic and Luthern ~11/16/99
Notre Dame Convent - Leipzig
Notre Dame High School Graduates from 1929-1954 ~Coming Soon!! Information on The Leipzig Hotel
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Information on Area Schools

The following schools were in the area of Leipzig. As well as in the town of Leipzig.

Name of School Land Location Link Map Link New or Updated!!
Krist School District No. 2207 RM. 379 Tp. 37 Rg 20 Krist School
  • Map
  • Map of Krist School District
  • Pascal School District No. 1926 Township 37 & 38, Range 19 & 20, West of the 3rd Pascal (1908-1959) Map
    Coblenz/Cavell School District No. 2251 Reford RM 379 Range 18 & 19 Cavell School (1908-1960)
    Cavell Cairn
    Map ~11/12/99
    Aroma Lake School District No. 2280 Township 38, Range 19 & 20 Aroma Lake School(1909-1960)
    Aroma Cairn
    Map ~11/16/99
    Leipzig School District No. 3310 Located in the Town of Leipzig. Leipzig School District (1913 -1981) Map New Information Added ~11/2/99
    Medina Lake Schoot District No. 2631 Range 19 Medina School Built in 1910 Map

    Green Tree

    Information on Leipzig Cemetery

    There is both a Catholic Cemetery and a Lutheran Cemetery in the area of Leipzig. In recent years, the Lutheran and Catholic cemeteries have been combined.

    I have been trying to collect information on the cemeteries in the Leipzig area, below is what I have so far and will be adding more soon.

    1. Leipzig Community Cemetery ~8/11/99
    2. Incomplete Cemetery Records of Leipzig Cemetery ~11/6/99
    3. Pascal Cemetery ~11/3/99
    4. Complete Listing of the Leipzig Cemetery: Information is a recording of what is on the headstones. ~11/23/99

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    9. Cavell Cairn
    10. Leipzig Town Information

    11. Leipzig Catholic Church
    12. Aroma Cairn
    13. Leipzig's Priests

    14. Row 3 of Leipzig Cemetery

    St. Paschal's Parish 1905-1913
    Birth - Baptism - Marriages - Deaths
    Taken From Parish Records

    1909 - Page 2
    1909 - Page 3
    1909 - Page 4
    1910 - Page 2
    1911 - Page 2
    1911 - Page 3
    1911 - Page 4
    1912 - Page 2
    1913 - Page 2
    1913 - Page 3

    Chain of Memories - Leipzig and District - 1905-1990

    Photos are from Chain of Memories - Leipzig and District - 1905-1990

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    Looking for Folks
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