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To encourage, assist and bring together all persons interested in the pursuit of their family history

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  PROGRAMS   2011
January  January 2011
An informal Sharing Meeting. Share a 'discovery tidbit' you have found for your family history or bring a question to ask the group.
March "Y-DNA Research and Genealogy"
Sheila Schmutz is a volunteer administrator for two Surname DNA Projects as part of her genealogy hobby. Professionally she uses DNA in her research on dogs and cattle, as a professor at the U of S. Her powerpoint presentation will focus on examples of how Y DNA testing can help support traditional paper trail genealogy of the male lines in your research. Occasionally it also provides new clues to pursue to find additional male ancestors!
April  "All Things Symposium" Rene will review the exciting speakers and topics for our Beyond the Basics Symposium 2011. There will be a work bee and volunteer positions will be discussed. Do come and help prepare for our sure-to-be amazing event!
May   "Taking Care of the Records That Reflect Your Life - A Home Filing Scheme." Nadine Charabin, Chief Archivist for Reference Services at the Saskatchewan Archives Board, will present this very useful topic!
June Our annual Dessert Social followed by Show and Tell.

The Dessert Social will feature ethnic treats. Please bring an ethnic dessert to share with others.There will be papers and pens to write the dessert name and which country/region it is from.

Show and Tell Please bring two or three genealogical books, charts, or forms that you have found have
aided you in your family history research. We will discuss our items during a casual discussion circle.
A display table will also be set up for your items so everyone can examine them and discover
how they may be able to help in their own search.
September An informal Sharing Meeting. Share a summer family history 'discovery tidbit'; a family reunion story; any other genealogy topic or
ask a question of the group. Looking forward to seeing you there!
October - ***Please note the meeting starts 1 hour earlier: Meeting at 6:15 and presentation at 6:30pm.***

Megan Ashcroft, Librarian of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society will give a presentation on SGS Membership Benefits and You. "Do you have a membership to the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society? Do you find yourself wondering exactly you get for your membership? Please join me as I outline exactly what it is you get for joining SGS! I will show you how to make the most of your membership, even if you are not able to come to the library and research room personally."
November  " One Meure Mystery: Tracing an Eighteenth-Century London Family" by Lisa Smith. Lisa came to the study of genealogy accidentally when she decided to try reconstructing the medical case histories for an eighteenth-century physician's patients. This talk draws on her experiences in tracing the Meure family, ca. 1680-1736. She will discuss the methods and tools that she used, while telling the family's story. Lisa is a history professor at the U of S.
December Don't forget our Lavish Christmas pot luck supper  at the Albert Community Hall.