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To encourage, assist and bring together all persons interested in the pursuit of their family history

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Late Breaking News

OCTOBER 2011 - ***Please note the meeting starts 1 hour earlier: Meeting at 6:15 and presentation at 6:30pm.***

Megan Ashcroft, Librarian of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society will give a presentation on SGS Membership Benefits and You. "Do you have a membership to the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society? Do you find yourself wondering exactly you get for your membership? Please join me as I outline exactly what it is you get for joining SGS! I will show you how to make the most of your membership, even if you are not able to come to the library and research room personally."

We still need these positions to be filled

      Some committee members for Programs and Facilities

Other members are required to assist on the various ongoing committees.

Thank you


Future Meetings

In future meetings will be automatically postponed if the weather is unsuitable. By this we mean snow storms or very cold temps.
If the TV is giving out warnings about bad wind chills in excess of -30 C and you are not phoned by 4pm . you could phone and
ask if the meeting is postponed until the following Wedensday.  We also need to add a few more people to the Phoners list. So
if you wish to add your name to the list just call one of the Executive .