St. Anthony Cemetery Saskatchewan Cemetery (formerly Saxby then St. Bede) near Meacham, Saskatchewan, Canada

St. Anthony's Cemetery
( Formerly Saxby then St. Bede's)
near Meacham, SK
Transcribed by Heather Canevaro

Transcribed by Heather Canevaro
"Unfortunately, the records for the St Anthony's Cemetery were lost
quite a few years ago. A member of the community did try and
find all the burial records several years ago. The records that
do exist are scattered between St. Peters, Muenster, Prince Albert,
Watrous, and R.M. of Viscount (mostly infant burials).

The records are very hard to search unless you are looking for
a specific name. Because there are anywhere from 11 to 25
unmarked graves in this cemetery, I thought it might be useful
to list all the people who may have attended this church.

The following list is taken from the local history book. St. Bede's
Mission Church was built in 1907. Before the church was built
mass was held in the John Koob home. The following families helped
build St. Bede's: John Wilkie, Jim Welch, John Poncelet, John Koob
and sons, Patrick Callaghan, Jim Horan, Frank Walsh, Dave Welch, Mike
Herman, Jack Backes, Mr. Haberman, John Brecht, Carl and Alex Saretzki,
John and Frank Gurski, Mr. Loroff, and Andrew Miller, George Muench. "

St. Bede's was closed in 1917, because there were now churches in
Meacham and St. John's to the east. The church was reopened in 1923
and renamed St. Anthony's, with 19 families attending: John Poncelet,
Dominic Koob, John Wilkie, Henry Graff, Frank Koob, Joe Koob,
Joe Backes, Jack Backes, George Middleton,Louis Phiel, Mike Herman,
Tony Ludwig, Mr. D. Savage, Karl Savage, Julius Marquis, Adelare Marquis,
Paul Wilkie, Hector Couchene."

Several burials are remembered by the community: a Gurski man and wife and
child, an Aisley male child, and a Brecht male

Words after ---- indicate words on the stone. 
Poncelet, John, b. ?? d. 1998 
Wilkie, Raymond Leo, b. 1929, d. 1974 
Wilkie, Paul, b. 1895 d.1957---Father 
Wilkie, Aurielia Mary, b.1898 d.1947 -----Wife and Mother 
Koob, Frank, b. 1873, d. 1956 
Koob, Anna, b.1874, d.1927----Mother 
Koob, Dominic, b.1884, d. 1965----Father 
Koob, Anna Barbara, b. 1891, d.1972---Mother 
Pfeil, Leonard, b. Nov.20, 1929, d. Mar.12, 1930---son of Mr. and Mrs. Alois Pfeil 
Saretzky, Katherine, b. 1850, d. 1910 
Saretzky, Jacob, b. 1847, d. 1914 
Katzele, Aloysia, b. 1868, d. 194?---Wife of Aug. Katzele 
Katzele, Alois, b. 1901, d. 1925---Son of Aug. and Aloysia Katzele 
Poncelet, John, b. April 28, 1915, d. Oct. 21, 1998
Poncelet, Lawrence, b. 1902, d. 1909 

...........Heather Canevaro

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