Bethania, Saskatchewan Cemetery

Located 5-1/2 miles South of Viscount,
Saskatchewan, Canada on #670 grid
Transcribed by Heather Canevaro
The following records were compiled from Bethania Church records,
Viscount RM records, Burial permits, the Viscount History book, and a Cemetery reading

Name Born Died Inscribed on Stone Comments from Cemetery Records
Anderson, Andrew G. 1866 1943 77 yrs .
Anderson, Josphine 1876 04.Mar.1940 . Mrs. Andrew G., b. 1879 Minn, 60Yrs
Bleie, Lars 01.Oct.1888 29.Dec.1962 Husband and Father b.Na' Hardanger, Norway, Parents Johannes Bleie and Janet, 74 yrs
Bleie, Minnie 1901 1982 Wife and Mother b. Honeywood, Ont., 80 yrs, parents William Broderick and Eliza May Flear
Bleie, Norman 1963 1976 . 12 yrs 11mos, Parents John Bleie and Anna Huk
Bredesen, Magdalene Ramstad 22.May.1853 28.Jul.1934 Mother b. Nordfjord, Norway, d. Dalton, SK, 83 yrs
Eide, August 1876 02.Nov.1956 . b. Norway, 80 yrs
Haugred, Clara Amalia 05.Sep.1880 23.Jul.1943 . b Fountain Minn, 63yrs, Parents Randi Fingerson and Kristen, on same stone as Olaf
Haugrud, Andea Dawn 1979 1979 . Daughter of Les and Carol Haugrud
Haugrud, Baby . . . Buried Mar. 24, 1958, Still born, Parents- Clifford Oliver Haugrud and Inga Dorothy Broten
Haugrud, Ebert C. 1920 1989 . Ebert Kermit, 69 yrs, Parents Ole Haugrud and Clara Finerson
Haugrud, Olaf 11.Jan.1878 Jun.1965 . b. Krodsherred, Norway 87 yrs
Haugrud, Wayne Clifford 19.Jan.1960 15.Oct.1960 Infant Son 8 mo and 26 days, Parents Clifford Haugrud and Inga Broten
Hegg, Syvers // 13.Sep.1912 Father b. 1858 Trysil, Norway, 54 yrs, d: 34 yrs 3 mos 8 days, First burial in Bethania
Isaacson, Augusta Elggren . 25.Apr.1909 45 years of age, Wife b. May 25, 1864 Sweden
Isaacson, Clarence Salmer 20.Mar.1902 19.Feb.2000 . 97 yrs, Parents Olaf Isaacson and Augusta Elgran no stone yet
Isaacson, Ellen M. 1908 2000 . Mary Ellen b. Jan 24 at Vawn SK, 79yrs, Parents Robert Letourneau and Nellie Knutson
Isaacson, Elmer 1894 1997 . Elmer Martin, 103 yrs, ParentsOlaf Isaacson and Augusta Elgran. same stone as Tillie 1913-1975
Isaacson, Olaf S. 04.Aug.1867 01.Aug.1967 . b. Colfax, Wisc. 99yrs Parents Martin Isakson and Sophie Pederson
Isaacson, Oscar Alfred 02.Feb.1897 08.Jan.2000 . 102yrs, Parents Olaf Isaacson and Augusta Elgran no stone yet
Isaacson, Tillie 1913 1975 . b. 14 Mar, 1913,Langham, Sk, 62 yrs, Parents Voth
Isaacson, Wilbur Elmer 04.Aug.1931 13.Feb.1933 . Parents - Carl Ernie Isaacson and Ellen Sigord Joanna Fredsberg
Iverson, Mable . Mar.1929 . parents - Arthur Iverson? and Ester Mastre?
Knutson, Ellen 1851 18.Jan.1940 Mother b. Sweden, 89yrs
Knutson, Everett James Aug.1927 21.Dec.1927 . Parents - Joseph Ephram Knutson and Inga Ramstad no stone
Knutson, Joyce Ellen Maxine 21.Jan.1932 04.Apr.1932 . Parents - Oscar Knutson and Hazel Rocenia Ford no stone
Knutson, Oscar 07.Jul.1891 Jul.1936 . 45yrs, Parents Knut Knutson and Ellen Hendrikson
Larson, Emma 15.Apr.1880 Jul.1953 Mother Mrs Kolhein [Carl], b. Sonmore Norway, 73yrs, Parents Fide
Larson, Ingval 1920 04.Oct.1949 . b. 1919, d. 1942, 23yrs, Parents Kolhein [Carl] Larson and Emma Eide
Larson, Karl L. 27.Apr.1881 Aug.1953 Father Kolhein [Carl] b. Nordfojord, Norway, 72yrs
Lovdokken, Ole Olson 02.May.1890 19.Sep.1922 . b. Gol, Norway, 32yrs, Parents - Ole Lovdokken and Ingeborg Glonorud
Mastre, Henry N. 1870 26.Oct.1940 Father b. 1871 Iowa, 69yrs
Mastre, Mable 1906 1917 Daughter parents Henry mastre and Minda Myhr
McKinnon, Daniel 1894 Aug.1955 Husband parents Dan Donald McKinnon and Maggie
McKinnon, Lillian 1900 1974 Wife b. Aug 7, 1900, Buton ND, 73 yrs, Parents Olaf Isaacson and Augusta Elgran
Morin, Jennie 31.Jan.1921 02.Feb.1921 3 days Parents - Charlie Morin and Ida Myhr, no stone
Ramstad, Baby 12.Dec.1925 // . Parents - Ole Arnison Ramstad and Jennie Kilden, no stone
Ramstad, Clarence 29.Dec.1924 29.Dec.1924 4 hours Parents - Ole Arnison Ramstad and Jennie Kilden, no stone
Ramstead, Agne Matias 04.Apr.1896 05.Feb.1918 While serving the US Army, Son and Brother Agne Bredeson Ramestead
Robbestad, Anton 06.Mar.1885 20.Sep.1968 . b. Stavanger, Norway, 83 yrs, Parents Hans Robbestad and Martha
Robbestad, Harold Clifford 04.Dec.1916 22.Dec.1916 . parents - Arnt Robbstad and Ragna Rund no stone
Robbestad, Irene 1927 1928 . b. Oct. 26 1929 d. March6, 1930, Parents - Anton Robbestad and Julia Isaacson
Robbestad, Julia 23.Jul.1898 20.Mar.1996 . Julia Elvira /Parents Olaf Isaacson and Augusta Elgran same stone as Anton 1885-1968
Robbestad, Robert 1916 18.Apr.1920 4 yrs Parents - Able Robbestad and Hanna Candons, no stone
Robbstad, Baby 15.Jul.1918 16.Jul.1918 . Stillborn Parents - Arnt Robbestad and Ragna Rund, no stone
Sabo, Andrew 1898.or.1899 Oct.1952 Papa and a Horseshoe set into stone b. Hungary
Sabo, Frank 1936 1987 Propeller, tire and wrench imbedded in the stone. Parents Andrew Sabo and Mary Gergen
Sabo, Mary 1901 1985 . Maria, 84 yrs, Parents Gergen
Satre, Baby 08.Apr.1925 . . Records say d. 1823, Parents - Peter peterson Satre and Selma Mathilda Hegg
Satre, Pearl 1923 1924 . Parents - Either the John Satre or Peter Satre family
Sollid, Anton K. 15.May.1881 May.10.1952 Father b. in Vagsdik Alesund, Norway, 70 yrs
Sollid, Thea 23.Feb.1886 24.Apr.1975 Mother Thea Regina, b. Fountain Minn., 89 yrs, Parents Randi Fingerson and Kristen
Thoen, Ambjorg 1886 1968 Mother b.June 10, 1887, Norway, nee Houdegard, 81 yrs
Thoen, Bert 21.Aug.1923 31.May.1992 . Albert, 68yrs, Parents Ole Thoen and Ambjorg Houdegard
Thoen, Ella 1916 1969 Our Sister b. 1917, Govan Sk., 52 yrs, Parents Ole Thoen and Ambjorg Houdegard
Thoen, Leonard 02.May.1918 06.Oct.1932 Son and Brother Parents - Ole Thoen and Ambjorg Hondegaard
Thoen, Ole N. 1882 1969 Father b. May 31, 1882, Leveld Hollingdal, Norway, 87 yrs

...........Heather Canevaro

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