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Rural Municipality of Hazel Dell No. 335

Cemetery Locations, Names and Contact Persons

Submitted by Kathy Ritchie, Administrator
Rural Municipality of Hazel Dell No. 335
P.O. Box 87
Okla, Saskatchewan
S0A 2X0

Phone (306)-325-4315
Fax (306)-325-4315

Please do not contact these people for general
genealogical look ups. They are providing a kind
service to look up only the names of cemetery
internments. Thank you. For general genealogical
or Genealogical interests
in the Kamsack region.

Check these resources for further assistance.
Hazel Bloom Cemetery
S.W. 36-37-9-W2 (South-West Corner)
Contact: George Weinhandl
Lintlaw, Saskatchewan
S0A 2H0
Phone (306)-325-2134
Hazel Dell Community Cemetery
S.E. 7-35-7-W2 (North Central)
Contact: Ivan Peterson
Box 102
Hazel Dell, Saskatchewan
S0A iG0
Phone: (306)-547-4382
Hazel Dell Ukranian Catholic Cemetery
S.W. 5-35-7-W2 (South East Corner)
Contact Nick Belous
Hazel Dell, Saskatchewan
S0A 1G0
Phone: (306)-547-4322
Lintlaw Community Cemetery
S.E. 5-36-9-W2 ( South West Corner )
Contact Nils Trobak, President, Lintlaw Community Cemetery Committee
Box 42
Lintlaw, Sask.
S0A 2H0
Phone 306-327-8688
Okla Community Cemetery
N.W. 16-35-8-W2 (north Central)
Contact Jim Siddons
Box 42
Okla, Saskatchewan
S0A 2X0
Phone: (306)-325-4420
Partridge Hill Cemetery
N.W. 18-36-7-W2
Contact: Charles Arneson
Preeceville, Saskatchewan
S0A 3B0
Phone: (306)-547-3483
Rockford Community Cemetery
S.E. 14-37-7-W2 (South East Corner)
Contact: Con Hartl
Box 1118
Preeceville, Saskatchewan
S0A 3B0
Phone: (306)- 547-5520
St. Leo's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery
N.W. 12-37-7-W2 (North West Corner)
Contact: Theresa Mushanski
box 1172
Preeceville, Saskatchewan
S0A 3B0
Phone: (306)-547-4482
St. Mary's Church of Buchuch N.W. 10-35-7-W2 (North-central)
Contact: Nick Holowachuk
Preeceville, Saskatchewan
S0A 3B0
Phone: (306)-547-4697
Seventh Day Adventist Church Cemetery
N.W. 8-35-7-W2 (North East Corner)
Contact: Paul Antonio
Box 61
Hazel Dell,Sask
S0A 1G0
Phone: (306)-547-3498
Stove Creek Cemetery
S.E. 13-37-8-W2 (South East Corner)
Contact: Alice Delawski
Box 222 Endeavour, Saskatchewan
S0A 0W0
Phone: (306) 547-4650
Stove Creek Cemetery
S.W. 13-37-8-W2 (South West Corner)
Contact: Alex Baran
Lintlaw, Saskatchewan
S0A 2H0
Phone: (306)-325-4461
Ukranian Catholic Parish of Holy Eucharist (Kulikiw)
S.W. 18-34-8-W2 (South West Corner)
UnNamed Cemetery
S.E. 22-34-7-W2 (East Central)
Contact: Metro Chornomitz
Box 1232
Preeceville, Saskatchewan
S0A 3B0
Phone: (306)-547-5470

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Submitted by Kathy Ritchie, Administrator
Rural Municipality of Hazel Dell No. 335, P.O. Box 87, Okla, Saskatchewan S0A 2X0
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