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The mandate of the Kamsack Regional Gen Web Project is to provide information via various online forums such as look up volunteers, web site links, posting boards, mailing lists, and genealogical online records for the West Central region of Saskatchewan. The Surname Web Page is a new addition for researchers in the area of Kamsack, Sk. Kamsack Gen Web Project provides local information for the international genealogical researcher.

Please e-mail with links, addresses or projects you would like to see added. If you have a database with genealogical, geological or historical information or have done family research for the Kamsack area which you would like to see online, we can provide the HTML programming and a web space for it here.

The Kamsack Gen Web region was located in the 'Saskatchewan' provisional district of the North West Territories until the province formed in 1905. 2005 marks the province of Saskatchewan's 100th Anniversary. There were many celebrations and events planned for the communities of Saskatchewan. Check out the Centennial Projects which came online to celebrate the centennial, some examples are:
1881, 1901, 1906 and 1911 Census
One Room School House Project
The Saskatchewan Homestead Index Project (SHIP)
Vital Statistics Genealogy Search Page

If you need assistance with where to find basic genealogy resources common to the province of Saskatchewan please Start here or investigate this Provincial Resource Index

Check the Kamsack Gen Web Project Database Project Submissions for cemetery transcriptions and submissions from many kind folks helping genealogists in this East-Central region of Saskatchewan!

Ask questions and trace your family tree on the Kamsack Gen Web Regional Posting Board. As well you could add primary source information; categories of Bible, Biography, Birth, Cemetery, Census, Death, Deed (Homestead), Immigration, Look up, Marriage, Military, Obituary, Pension, QueryWill are all consolidated onto the Kamsack Gen Web Regional Posting Board
I have hosted this southwestern Saskatchewan region for a number of years, and it may need fresh blood to re-invigorate it. If you would like to adopt the region, please e-mail.

Good Luck with your research.

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Kamsack, Saskatchewan
Region #9 Web Page

Saskatchewan Regional Legend:

  1. Swift Current
  2. Moose Jaw
  3. Weyburn
  4. Kindersley
  5. Regina
  6. Yorkton
  7. Battleford
    St. Joseph's Colony
  8. Saskatoon
  9. Kamsack
  10. Lloydminster
  11. Prince Albert

Towns in the area of Kamsack, Saskatchewan

Akosane, Algrove, Amberley, Ambles,Amsterdam,Angove, Annette,Arabella , Archerwill, Ardsley, Armit, Arran, Asgood , Ashdown , Astwood , Barford, Barrier Ford, Barrier Lake, Barrier RiverBarrows, Bear Stream, Beauchamp, Beaver Plains, Beaver Bluff, Belleau Brook, Bertdale, Benito, Bertwell, Big Quill, Bijaduca Village, Birch Creek,Bjorkdale (1),Bjorkdale (2), Blakasklououka Village , Bond, Border Road, Brunendahl, Buchanan, Burgis, Burgis Beach, Burnmore, Candahar,Canora, Carragana, Cazalet, Chagoness, Chelan, Clair , Clemenceau, Clemens, , Clemens Siding, Cluffield, Cokato, Copeau, Copeland,Cot� (1), Cot� (2), Craigie (2), Crooked Lakes, Crowstand, Crystal Lake, Cuvier, Crowtherview,Dahlton Danbury, Dannock, Dernic, Devil Lake, Devil's Lake Colony, Dillabough, Dniester, Dobrowdy, Doncrest, Dunlop, Durban,Echo Lake, Eddleston, Eden Valley, Edfield, Edmo, Edmore 1, Edmore 2,Elfros, Endeavour, Erwood, Etoimami, Etomami, Fairland, Farmingdale, Festubert, Fishing Lake, Fitzmaurice, Foam Lake, Folgoet, Fosston, Fountain, Glenwood, Greenbush, Harold, Hassan, Hazel Dell, Hendon, Hinchcliffe, Hinchley, Hudson Bay,Hudson Bay Junction, Hyas, Invermay, Kamsack, Kandahar, Kelliher Kelvington, Ketchen, Kuroki, Kylemore, Lac Vert, Lady Lake, Layco, Leslie, Lintlaw, Margo, McKague, Mikado, Mistatim, Mozart, Muphys , Nora, Norquay, Nut Lake, Nut Mountain , Okla, Paswegin, Peesane, Pelly, Perigord, Porcupine Plain, Powell, Prairie River, Preeceville, Quill Lake, Quill Plain,Rama, Reserve, Resource, Roscoe, Rose Valley , Ross Junction, Ruby Beach, Sheho, Sluggett,Somme, Steen, Stenen, St. Front, St. Philips, Sturgis, Swan Plain, Sylvania, Tadmore,Tilly, Tiny, Tuffnell, Usherville, Veregin, Wadena, Wallwort, Weekes, Westasta Valley, Westgate, White Hawk, Whitebeech, Willoughby,Willow Hill, Windgap, Winthorpe Woodlight, Woodrock, Wynyard, Ypres, Zorra

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Mailing Lists for Saskatchewan:

    A Kamsack Gen Web mailing list for anyone with a genealogical, historical, or general interest in the Kamsack Region of Saskatchewan. Some of the topics you may find on this list may be general genealogical queries, heritage, history, culture, genealogy of particular ethnic groups, etc.
    Mailing address for postings is [email protected]
    To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of the message to either:
    [email protected] for mail mode
    [email protected] for digest mode

  • Kamsack Gen Web Regional Posting Board

    The Kamsack Gen Web Regional Posting Board is a good resource for asking questions and tracing the family tree, as well it receives information such as primary source documents to interact with other researchers from this area..

    Have you received your ancestor homestead records from Saskatchewan Provincial Archives? Or, have your received your letter of patent for your ancestors from National Archives? If so, would you care to make an entry of the homestead location, and homesteader? The names and homestead locations of the two sworn witnesses could also be entered to help others in their search. Do you have access to a Cummins map for this area? Would you wish to post any original homesteaders online from this map?

    Do you know of anyone who has contributed to this area and there is a biographical write up about them either online or in some other source, a book etc.? Please honor them and submit an abstract of the article about this person, and the town or city from where they hail from. Please note the source as well.

    Would you want to place any obituary information online from the Kamsack Region?

  • Look up Database :
    Would you be able to provide a look up service to other researchers in the Kamsack Regional Gen Web project? Do you have a book or other reference resource invaluable to a genealogist ie it may provide: names, dates, history or location? Would you be able to provide photos of the area or of cemeteries? If you are available to be of assistance to those researching in this region, please use this form to tell folks online ...Look up Posting Form. After you fill in this form you can view your online offer at Look Ups Kamsack Regional Gen Web Region
    (If you don't see it please use your entry press the re-fresh or re-load button on your browser.)

  • History Database :
    Do you remember any local history about this region? Would you care to share it online? For example: names or name changes for school districts or postal districts, memorable weather events, incorporation or changes of railway, Hudson Bay Company, Wheat Pool, etc. If so please place it online by using this online form: Reminscences

Thank you

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