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Ascension Island a British Overseas Territory (cemeteries, photo & ect) The Ascension Island is located just south of the equator in the South Atlantic Ocean

Ascension Island
Index page

Genealogical and Historical Records and Indexes

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Ascension Island Index page
  1. Rocket Launch Memorial
    There is just the memorial stone for that one individual. There was a rocket launch site there for a weather rocket. The stone is just in close proximity to that site.

  2. Ascension Island Cemetery
    [Georgtown] ** [Trident] ** [Monkey-Rock} ** [Bonetta]
    ***** [Cemetery Monument Photo`s] *****

  3. Cemetery Info From Ft Hayes
    1. Georgetown Cemetery Misc.
      (Info From Ft Hayes)

    2. Georgetown Block D
      (Info From Ft Hayes)

    3. Georgetown Block E
      (Info From Ft Hayes)

  4. Photo`s of Antiques
    [Ascension Island]

  5. ASC-Death Records

  6. Ft Hayes-Ascension Island

  7. Island Photo`s [Ascension Island]

    1. Ft Hayes-Photo`s

    2. Pier Head-Photo`s

    3. Georgetown-Photo`s

  8. Comfortless Cove
    Ascension Island

  9. Ascension Island Map

  10. Ascension Island History Links

    1. Ascension Island Short History #-01-

    2. Ascension Island Short History #-02-

  11. Passages From Letters Written in Ascension Island in 1847

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