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Harlan County, Kentucky©

extracted & annotated by Holly Timm

Intro to Harlan Marriages
1818-1829 1830-1833 1834-1836 1837-1839
1840-1844 1845-1847 1848-1850
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Adams Polly
Alsup Ann
Anderson Betsy
Arnett Letty
Back Elizabeth
Bailey Barthene
Bailey Jane
Bailey Jane
Bailey Lucy
Bailey Nancy
Bailey Nancy
Bailey Polly
Bailey Rebecca
Bailey Sally
Bailey Susanah
Baker Dianner
Baker Didama
Ball E S
Ball Nancy
Ball Polly
Ball Polly
Ball Preston
Ball Sally
Ball Sally
Bingham Calvina
Bingham Lucinda
Blair Elizabeth
Blair Jane
Blair Jane
Blair Preston
Blair Preston
Blair Susanah
Blanton Lavina
Blanton Margaret
Boggs Abigail
Branson C
Branson C
Branson Cloa
Branson Hannah
Brewer Polly
Brewster Sally
Brit Elizabeth
Brittain Drucilla
Brittain Elizabeth A
Britton L M
Brock Dicey
Brock Elizabeth
Brock Esther
Brock Hetty
Buckhart Catherine
Bull Polly
Bull Rosa
Bull Sally
Bull Sally
Burkhart Catherine
Burns Nancy Jane
Burns Sally
Caldwell Peggie
Caudell Delila
Caudill Isabell
Caudle Mary
Causey Elizabeth
Cawood Joanna
Cawood Nancy
Cawood Sally
Cawood Susannah
Chappell Sally
Cissony Mary Ann
Clay Elizabeth
Clay Lizbeth
Coldiron Elizabeth
Cole Matilda
Collett Emily
Collins Dianniah
Colston Mary Ann
Cooper Nancy
Cornett Mahala
Cornett Malinda
Cornett Malinda
Cornett Sally
Cossee Jane
Creech Anna
Creech Catharine
Creech Celia
Creech Charlotte
Creech Elizabeth
Creech Esther
Creech Lucy
Creech Polly
Creech Polly
Creech Sally
Creech Sally
Daniel Elizabeth
Daniel Rachel
Daniel Rebecca
Davis Elizabeth
Davis Polly
Davis Sally
Day Elsay
Day Jincy
Day Mary
Day Susan
Dixon Anna
Dixon Elizabeth
Dixon Nancy
Dixon Tabitha
Doolin Elizabeth
Drake Ely Ann
Dunlapp Jane
Earnest Ann
Earnest Elizabeth
Eldridge Tabitha
Eli Prisilla
Eli Rebecca
Elliott Fanny
Ely Catherine
Ely Eliza
Ely Elizabeth Ann
Ely Louisa
Ely Nancy
Ely Sally
Estep Esther
Farler Alcy
Farler Judith
Farley Judith
Farmer Elizabeth
Farmer Lavina
Farmer Malinda
Farmer Malinda
Farmer Margaret
Farmer Nancy
Farmer Polly
Farmer Rebecca
Farmer Serena
Fee Charlott
Fee Delia
Fee Jane
Field Ginsy
Fields Elizabeth
Fields Gincy
Fletcher Lucy
Forester Polly
Forrester Nancy
Forrister Cameliza
Fultz Elizabeth
Fultz Elizabeth
Fultz Patsy
Fultz Thursey Ann
Garret Nancy
Genkins Christeny
Gilliam Polly
Gilliam Sally
Grabill Elizabeth
Green Elizabeth
Green Elizabeth
Green Letty
Green Nancy
Green Rebecca
Green Rebecca
Green Sally H
Griffett Mary Maria
Griffy Mary Maria
Gross Hetty
Gross Sally
Halcomb Nancy
Hall Hannah
Hall Mary
Hall Nancy
Hallbrooks Elizabeth
Harris Elizabeth
Harris Lucy
Harris Sally
Harris Sally
Harris Susan
Harris Susan
Helton Happy
Helton Milla
Helton Nancy
Helton Patsy
Helton Sarah
Hendrickson Polly
Hensley Charlotte
Herly Anna
Hobb Mary Jane
Hobbs Susan
Hoskins Ann V
Hoskins Elizabeth
Hoskins Minerva
Hoskins Nancy
Hoskins Polly
Hoskins Rebecca
Hoskins Sally
Hoskins Sally A
Howard Elizabeth
Howard Jane
Howard Mary
Howard Mary
Howard Patsey
Howard Phebe
Howard Phebe
Howard Phoebe
Howard Polly
Howard Polly
Howard Polly
Howard Sally
Howard Sally
Howard Sally
Huff Nancy
Huff Polly Ann
Hyton Nancy
Jackson Catharine
Jackson Emiline
Jackson Julia
Jackson Nancy
Jefferson Nancy
Jenkins Christeny
Jenkins Elizabeth
Jenkins Lucinda
Jenkins Peggy
Johnson Charlotte
Johnson Lueuse Arty
Johnson Mahala
Johnson Mona
Johnson Mona
Johnson Nannie
Jones Cena
Jones E B
Jones Elizabeth
Jones Mary
Jones Sally
Jones Sally
Kelly Elizabeth
Kelly Martha Jane
Kelly Patience
Kelly Rachael
Kelly Rachel
King Susan
Lansdown Polly
Lawson Patsy
Ledford Aley
Ledford Elizabeth
Ledford Louisa
Ledford Margaret
Ledford Martha
Ledford Polly Ann
Ledford Rebecca
Ledford Sallie
Ledington Rebecca
Lee Cintha
Lee Jane
Lee Manerva
Lee Rachel
Lee Sallie
Leforce Caroline V
Leforce Emily
Leforce Emma
Lewis Elizabeth
Lewis Hannah
Lewis Jemimah
Lewis Leah
Lewis Mary
Lewis Nancy
Lewis Rebecca
Lewis Sally
Lock Kessiah
Long Ann
Long Elizabeth
Lundy Nancy
Lyttle Elizabeth
Lyttle Nancy E
Maggard Rebecca
Malone Margaret
Marcy Caroline
Mark Peggy
Mark Polly
Martin Nancy
Mason Elizabeth
McDaniel Peggie
McGeorge Caroline
McKnight Mahala
McKnight Melinda
Merrick Tilitha
Metcalf Flury Ann
Metcalf Manda
Metcalf Marinda
Middleton Barthena
Milburn Mellie
Miniard Elizabeth
Miniard Louisa
Miniard Polly
Miracle Ann
Miracle Ann
Miracle Annie
Miricle Nancy
Morgan Christena
Morgan E Louise
Morgan Elouise
Morgan Nancy
Morris Catharine
Morris Lavina
Morris Polly
Mosely Nancy
Mullins Elizabeth
Nance Ann
Nance Elizabeth
Nantz Polly
Napier Clary
Napier Frances
Napier Gincy
Neal Lavina
Neill Margaret
Newaeur Nancy
Newsom Nancy
Noe Charlott
Noe Delia
Noe Lucy
Noe Lucy
Noe Mourning
Noe Nancy
Noe Polly
Noe Roseanah
Noe Sally
Nolin Elizabeth
Osborn Polly
Osburn Elizabeth
Osburn Jemimah
Osburn Malicia
Pace Ara C
Oliver Elizabeth
Pace Hannah
Pace Rebecca
Pace Sally
Pace Sarah
Parker Dolly
Parker Jane
Parker Stacey
Parson Elizabeth
Parson Mary Ann
Parsons Elizabeth
Parsons Polly
Pennington Anne
Pennington Rebecca
Powell Nancy
Powell Rhoda
Pursifull Nancy
Redwine Mary E
Rice Ouncallell
Risiner Catharine
Roark Malinda
Rogers Betsy
Rose Isabell
Saliers Mary
Salyers Elizabeth
Salyier Sallie
Sargent Susanah
Sayler Martha
Saylor Elizabeth
Saylor Malinda
Saylor Sally
Sergent Elizabeth
Sergent Nancy
Sergent Polly
Sergent Polly Ann
Shackleford Catharine
Shackleford Elizabeth
Sheperd Elizabeth
Shepherd Barbary
Shepherd Elizabeth
Short Betsey
Short Sally
Simmons Barthena
Simmons Sally
Simpson Sally
Skidmore Jenetty
Skidmore Malena
Skidmore Susanah
Slusher Charity
Slusher Julia
Smith Elizabeth
Smith Polly
Smith Polly
Smith Polly
Smith Sally
Smith Stacey
Sneed [?] Malicia
Sparks Julia
Sprulock Hester
Steely Polly
Stepp Jane
Stergill Elizabeth
Stewart Nancy
Sturgill Nancy
Taylor Margaret G
Taylor Ollie
Taylor Polly
Thomas Lucy
Thompson E
Thompson Elizabeth
Thompson Polly
Tinsley Celia
Tinsley Sely
Turner Eleanor
Turner Joannah
Ward Ann
Ward Nancy
Watkins Dicy
Wells Elizabeth
Whitehead Sallie
Wilburn Mellie
Wilder Mary Ann
Wilder Nancy
Wilder Polly
Williams Nancy
Wilson Catharine
Wilson Clarinda
Wilson Elizabeth
Wilson Elizabeth
Wilson Nancy
Wilson Nancy
Wiser Mary
Witt Elizabeth
Woolum Elizabeth
Woolum Lucinda
Woolum Rosanah
Woolum Sally
Woolum Sally
Worley Jenetty
Wytt Lydia
Yearnest Ann
Yearry Mary
York Mila
Young Elizabeth
Young Hannah


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