by Holly Timm
[originally published April 18th, 1990
Harlan Daily Enterprise Penny Pincher]
This column continues with the Turners of Greasy Creek, a discussion begun in the last column in which mention was made of David and William Turner, two brothers who came to southeast Kentucky early in the 1800's with their brother-in-law, Israel Miniard.

By 1840, David was settled in Perry County, near the Harlan County line, an area which became Leslie County in 1878. His brother, William. lived nearby as did Israel Miniard with his wife Mary, David's sister.

David Turner was born about 1802 in Virginia. He probably met and married his wife Tabitha, daughter of Abner Lewis, here in southeast Kentucky. They finally settled on Greasy Creek where they raised 12 children.

Their oldest son, James, was born about 1825. In 1850, James and his wife, Sarah, were living near his parents. By 1860, James and Sarah had moved their growing family to Perry County. Records concerning Sarah's maiden name are contradictory. A birth record for one child gives her surname as Begley while another child's records states her maiden name was Bailey.

David and Tabitha's second son was named Abner after Tabitha's father. Born about 1827, Abner married Simeon and Nancy Willeford Wilson's daughter, Catherine, in 1846 in Harlan County. Abner and Catherine had 12 children, Drusha, Simon W., David Y., John C., Nancy, Tabitha, Sarah, Henry M., Jane, James, Richard, Emily and William R.

John, third of David and Tabitha's children, was born about 1832. Although listed in his parents' household in 1850, no further trace has yet been found of him and he may have died as a young man.

Mary, fourth child and oldest daughter of David and Tabitha, was born about 1833. In 1852, in Harlan, she married her first cousin, Wilson B. Lewis, son of Wilson and Margaret Lewis. Mary and their children, Leticia, David, Henry M., Felix and Wilson, are listed alone in 1870 and it is possible that Wilson B. died during the Civil War.

David Turner, born about 1835, was the fifth child of David and Tabitha. In 1863, he married his first cousin Robert's daughter, Stacy who was born about 1848. In 1870, they are listed with four children, Robert, David, Emily and Amanda.

Elizabeth, David and Tabitha's second daughter, was born about 1836. In 1855, in Harlan, she married John Halcomb/Early, John's father Linsey Holcomb had been David's neighbor in 1840 Perry county. By 1860 they had settled in Perry County.

Elizabeth's sister Nancy was born about 1838. In 1854, she married Hiram and Lucinda Jenkins Lewis' son Jesse. By 1870 Jesse and Nancy had settled in Clay County with their children, Tabitha, Hiram, Lucinda, Amanda, Elizabeth, Nancy, Elihu, John, Martha, Mary and Clarinda.

Next in order of birth were William, born about 1840, and Tabitha, born about 1843.

David and Tabitha's 10th child and youngest son was John Ransom Turner, born about 1846. Usually known by his middle name, Ransom served for the Union in the Civil War, after which, in 1865, he married his first cousin Robert's daughter, Juda Turner who was born in the summer of 1849.

Ranson and Juda had 10 known children, Lewis, Hampton, Hiram, Henry, John, Harmon, Daniel, Monroe, Stacy Ellen and Mary.

Amanda Turner, sometimes known as Hannah, was born about 1848 and was next to the youngest of David and Tabitha's 12 children. In 1864, she married Lewis, son of Preston and Mary Farmer Harris. Lewis and Amanda had at least seven children, Leonard, Mary, Tabitha, Jane, Preston, Ransom, David and Lewis.

Amanda's sister Delia, born about 1849, married Henry Clay Thomas in 1866. Henry was the son of William and Polly Clay Thomas of Yocums Creek. Henry and Delia had James B., David, William, Samuel, Mary, Joseph C., John D., Leonard, Bertha E., and Elijah.

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