Marsee Bible Record (certification and copy of bible record found in Thomas Marsee's pension application)
Note: spelling etc. is as in the original document

Middlesboro,Ky. January 25 1908
This is to certify that Thomas Marsee of this City has this
day brought before me a olde relick of Bible that he under
oath sayss that it is his Fathers olde Bible and I William
Givens a Notary Publick in and for the County of Bell and
State of Kentucky do Certify that the appearince of the Bible
it undoutdly is his fathers Bible, The Following is a true
coppy of a Blank leaf of the or has been blank, betwen the
olde bible and new Testiment,
John Marsee wos born onthe 5th day of Aprile 18o3
Silance Marsee Wos born on october the19th in the A.D. 1825
Mary Marsee was Born on March the [unreadable]th in the A.D. 1827
Joseph Marsee was Born on january the 17th in the A.D. 1829
Sary Marsee was born on October the 24[?]th in A.D. 183o
William Marsee was born on October the 11th in A.D. 1832
Henry Marsee was born on March the 19th in the A.D. 1834
Thomas Marsee was born on December the 29th in the A.D. 1836
Malissey Marsee was born on January the 6th in the a.D. 1838

John Marsee beter known as olde Jack Marsee is the first to
apear on the record he is the Faher of Thomas Marsee.
the above is as true as I can make it I spelt evry word as
it apears on the Record. the date of this Bible is 1854.
The dim writing and the olde yellow leavs looks to be as olde
as its date.
Sub cribed and sworne two by Thomas Marsee
[signatures appear here of Wm Givens, atest Jane Givens, and Thomas Marsee by his mark X]
I William Givens a Notary publick in and for the county and
state above writen do certify that Thomas marsee apeared bef-
ore me on this the 25th day of January 19o8 and taken oath
acordan to law that the above is true and the bible record
is his fathers old bible old record and that he identifyes the
Old Bible to be the same olde Bible iduring his boy hood.
[signature of Wm Givens]
My commision expires at the end of the present Cenit.

NOTE: there are three stamped areas on this document
  1. bottom right, dated January 28, this appears to be pension office, probably to record date it was received
  2. top right of center, dated January 28, 1908, by Division of Mails & Files, Dept. of the Interior
  3. top right corner, dated January 31, 1908, Received at South Div.

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