Heirs of Sally Howard Scott

Heirs of Sally Howard Scott©

Sarah HOWARD was born 18 April 1850 and died 23 September 1918, the daughter of James T. and Minerva LEE HOWARD. In 1872, Sarah [or Sally as she was usually known] married Wilson Scott as his second wife. In the spring of 1901, Wilson and Sally divorced and, apparently as part of the divorce settlement, Wilson deeded her 75 acres of land Wilson had bought from John R. Fowler and his wife Viney. [Lavina Fowler was Wilson's daughter by his first wife, Nancy, daughter of Philip and Lavina DANIELS.] The land was conveyed to Sally for her lifetime, to be controlled by her until her death and then it was to go to her heirs or children.

In 1907, Charles Henry Davis was active in Harlan and Bell Counties, buying land and obtaining quitclaim deeds to clear land titles as a part of the land speculation he and others were involved in at that time. Among the many tracts of land he acquired was Sally Howard Scott's 75 acres. He obtained two deeds from Sally and her adult children, one to the 75 acres and another quitclaiming any possible interest they might have in the 86,000 acres of tracts Davis had already acquired known as the Smith, Skidmore, Ledford patents. These two deeds go in to more than the usual detail about parentage as the quote below from Deed Book 14 page 531 indicates:

"This indenture made and entered into this 26th day of October 1907 by and between Sally Howard Scott, former wife of Wilson Scott (now divorced), Enos S. Howard (son of Sally Howard Scott) and his wife Patty Hensley Howard, Hannah Scott Lee (daughter of Sally Howard Scott) and her husband Joseph David Lee (son of George W. Lee), Levi Scott (son of Sally Howard Scott) and his wife Catherine (Katy) Scott, Jasper Scott (son of Sally Howard Scott) and his wife Isabell Lee Scott and John D. Scott all of Harlan County, Kentucky, Minerva Scott Lee (daughter of Sally Howard Scott) and her husband Stephen Lee (son of Squire David E. Lee, deceased) of Claiborne Co., TN, James Scott (son of Sally Howard Scott) and his wife Jensey Lee Scott {daughter of William A. Lee) and William Scott (son of Sally Howard Scott) and his wife Miley Woods Scott of Lee Co., VA, parties of the first part, and Charles Henry Davis, trustee, party of the second part."

It is not known who if anyone was Sally's first husband but, prior to her marriage to Wilson SCOTT in 1872, she had one son, Enos S. HOWARD, born in January of 1870 or 1871. It is at this point pure speculation that his father may have been one of the sons of Enos and Caroline Hensley.

The 1900 census of Harlan County lists Sally as having had eleven children, nine of whom were still living. This apparently does not count Enos as Sally had nine known children by Wilson Scott. The two deceased children probably died as infants. Two of her children by Wilson are not named in the above deed, Charley, born about 1892, and Green, born about 1895. Presumably they are not included as they were yet under the age of 21. Deed records have not been checked to see if they later relinquished their interest in the 75 acres.

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