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Deed Book A - Extracts©
Harlan County Court records


The existing Deed Book A. at the Harlan County Court Clerk's office is a handwritten copy of the original deed book, probably made some time in the late 1800's. The deeds begin on page two. Unless stated otherwise, the date given is the date of the deed. The number(s) in the left hand column are the page(s) the deed appears on. This is an ongoing project, presently deeds are extracted through page 318.

NOTES: a number of wills are recorded in the deed books and many individuals would record their will just as today we leave a copy with an attorney or in a safety deposit box. A will in the deed books does not necessarily indicate the person has died unless there is also a notation of its being produced and proved. Many of the early deeds were quite skimpy on the description of the land, the obvious points of reference have been included in the abstracts. The town lot numbers mentioned are those on the town plat sketch.

Be careful when heirs are mentioned. Although in most cases an heir is a child of the deceased, he may be a grandchild, a brother, a sister, nephew or niece or even possibly where there was a will, a non-relative left something for some reason. When the heirs sell a piece of land, husbands of the daughters of the deceased are often named as if they themselves were the heirs. Be sure to note the purchaser in such instances as often one heir, or husband of an heir, will buy out the rest.

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