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Deed Book A - Extracts©
Harlan County Court records - Pages 301 - 400

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GRANTOR = seller
GRANTEE = buyer
a pole = 16 1/2 feet

page 300/301
William TAYLOR and Catharine TAYLOR Power of attorney to Thomas TAYLOR 3 Nov 1830

page 301/302
John BAILEY Sr to William BAILEY 20 Aug 1830 for $25 and "fatherly love and affection" 50 acres on Clover Fork to the deep bank branch at John BAILEY's Witnesses: Jesse BAILEY and Andrew BAILEY

page 302
James FARMER to Sampson WILDER 1 Nov 1830 for $15 50 acres on Betsy's branch, waters of Jones' or Green's Creek Witnesses: Joseph WILDER, Zachariah SAYLOR, Reason WILDER

page 303/304
George WALLER of Shelby County and Jacob SWIGART of Franklin County by John P THACKER their attorney in fcat to Robert GEORGE 30 Dec 1829 Land on Yellow Creek within the survey of Jacob BUKNER

page 304/306
Alford NOELL & Catherine NOELL, his wife, of Claiborne County, Tennessee to Elijah GREEN 30 Sep 1830 for $200 south side of Cumberland River on the west side of a deep gully that makes out of Pucketts Creek in to the River at John LATHAM's lower corner... until it intersects with the head of a small branch that enters into Cumberland River below Pucketts Creek meeting house... Richard WILSON's survey Witnesses: Gabriel JACKSON, Larkin HOWARD, Thomas TAYLOR [attested to in Claiborne County by Benjamin CLOUD, Clerk of the Court of Pleas]

page 306/307
Elias SMITH to John SMITH 14 Oct 1830 for $20 44 acres on Poor Fork beginning at Noble BLAIR's corner Witnesses: Ann LEWIS, Eli GRIFFITTS

page 307
John NOE Jr to Thomas SEWALL 6 Dec 1830 "Whereas I am justly indebted to Thomas Sewall the sum of $80 in order now to secure the payment of the aforesaid sum I bargain and sell and by these presents doth deliver to the said Sewell 2 feather beds and funriture 2 pots and 2 ovens 6 bee stands 30 head of hogs 2 head of horses also one hundred and fifty bushels of corn also one crop of corn made on John HARRIS plantation 6 head of sheep 4 cows one yearling to have and to hold to him the said Thomas sewall but to be void on condition that I pay to the said Thomas Sewall $80 together with lawful interest on the same on or before the 1st day of April 1832" Witness: Luke NOE

page 308
James FARMER to Robert DEPREST 21 Mar 1830 for $20 tract on the Long Branch waters of Straight Creek

page 309/310
William SPARKS & Mary SPARKS, his wife to Josiah HOSKINS 16 Aug 1830 for $110.50 land on Brownies Creek entered in the name of Robert MOSEBY... mentions the ridge between the said Josiah HOSKINS and Elizabeth HOSKINS Witnesses: Joseph WILDER, A CRUMP, Elisha GREEN, Mount PURCIFULL Jr

page 310/311
William TAYLOR and Catherine TAYLOR [Katy, his wife] to John SAYLOR 25 Oct 1830 for $25 50 acres on Jesse branch including an improvement made by Peter WILLIFORD

page 311/312
William TAYLOR and Catherine TAYLOR [Katy, his wife] to John SAYLOR 25 Oct 1830 for $240 90 acres on both sides of the Cumberland River, mentions Solomon SAYLOR's lower line [Although it is noted by the clerk that the deed was not signed, it is also attested by the clerk that William and Katy TAYLOR had presented themselves in his office and acknowledged this to be their act and deed.]

page 312
John PURCIFULL to Samuel WOOLUM 13 Oct 1830 for $1 one half of a fifty acre survey made in the name of said PURCIFULL and also they divided and made the conditional line Witnesses: James B DORTON, Jno C MILLER

page 313
Elias SMITH to Jonathan SMITH Jr 27 Aug 1830 for $20 50 acres, part of a 100 acre survey granted to "said PENNINGTON June 24th day 1824" on the south side of Poor Fork... a conditional line made by Aaron PENNINGTON and John LEWIS Witnesses: A. LEWIS, John SMITH

page 313/314
William TAYLOR & Catherine TAYLOR, his wife to Joseph WILDER 1 Nov 1830 for $75 15 acres on the south side of the Cumberland River [as in a previous deed by the TAYLOR's, the deed is unsigned but acknowledged to the clerk]

page 314/315
James FARMER to Sampson WILDER 1 Nov 1830 for $95 50 acres on Brownies Creek including the mouth of Cubbages Branch Witnesses: Joseph WILDER, Zachariah SAYLOR, Reason WILDER

page 315/316
Cad DRAKE and Elizabeth DRAKE [his wife] to Thomas JONES 31 Dec 1828 for $35 20 acres on Little Yellow Creek at the mouth of a branch near where GIBSON's old mill stood Witnesses: Robert GEORGE, John TURNER

page 316/317
David NOE [signed also by Mourning NOE] to Hiram JONES 26 Jul 1830 for $65 9 acres near the mouth of Catrons Creek

page 317/318
Wilkerson HOWARD to Samuel HOWARD Jr 18 Nov 1828 for $600 50 acres on both sides of Martins Fork of the Cumberland River, a corner of the original survey of Samuel HOWARD Sr... to the junction of Martins Fork and the Clover Fork... corner of the Isaac WINSTON survey "N.B. the said Wilkerson HOWARD hath excepted a certain lot of a half acre of ground where George BRITTAIN boared for salt on the most Eastwardly side of Martins fork and on the same side the said Samuel HOWARD is not to cross the road where it now stands"

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