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1900 Census Of Harlan County

transcribed by Holly Timm


This transcript of the 1900 Census of Harlan County, Kentucky, has been triple-checked for accuracy. Where possible, interpretations that were still questionable were checked with the 1880 and 1910 census schedules and with other sources. But, a transcript must include the errors already present, i.e., the errors made by the census taker. Where I was aware of these and felt it important, such errors have been noted. I have also indicated where I was aware of a person listed under a name other than their own, particularly in the case of surnames such as step-children listed under their step-father's surname when in later life they went by their real father's surname.

Whereas a transcript has to be as true as humanly possible to the original, an index does not. In fact, as the purpose of an index is to locate the sought after individual, some common sense in its composition is mandatory. For example, the various census takers had three different ways to spell Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Elizebeth. The transcript uses each of these spellings as they appeared but the index combines them all under the most common `Elizabeth.' The same is true of surnames: ORSBURN, OSBON and OSBORN(E) are all the same family and as such are all listed under OSBORN in the index.

Although each instance of duplicate households (the same family listed twice) and any multiple surnames I was aware of were noted, I am sure to have missed some. The non-existence of the 1890 census made this sort of verification particularly difficult and I would appreciate being made aware of any errors.



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