Holy Spirit Episcopal Church of Ideal

The Holy Spirit Episcopal Church was built in approximately1928 on the southeast quarter of Section 21-101-96. A cemetery was later established. It was serviced by a priest from Mission, SD and his helper, James Winter Chaser.

Lloyd Winter Chaser took over from his father in 1937. As the Indian community became larger, a Guild Hall was built as a memorial to Lloyd Winter Chaser. In July of 1945 the Church was destroyed by a tornado. It was rebuilt in 1947.

In 1988 Fr. Robert and Betty Weld took over the parish. They serve through the Rosebud Episcopal Mission, but live in Winner. Fr. Robert retired in 2000, but is still active with the Holy Spirit Church. The cemetery is in good repair and used regularly.

Picture and information courtesy of the
Tripp County Historical Society Archives