Obituaries can be found in several newspapers from surrounding towns. To be able to locate one you should know the date of death and check for several days after. The South Dakota Historical Society has several old newspapers from Shannon County.

They have:

Lakota Eyapaha, published 1977-1981. It was a student newspaper of Oglala Sioux Community College.
Lakota Times, published 1981-1992, weekly. Continued by Indian Country Today
Oglala Light, published 1905-1920, monthly/bi-weekly. Some issues missing.
Shannon County News, published 1930-1967, weekly. Some issues missing.
Sioux Nation Cowboy News, only has January 1980 issues.
Washington County Herald, only has Jan and Mar 1939 issues.


The Rapid City Journal contains recent obituaries- they are kept online for one year. They have obituaries for many people from Shannon County.

If anyone knows of other newspapers that should be listed here, please contact us.    Contributions are welcome and can be emailed to us.