MINER County, South Dakota Genealogy

MINER County South Dakota Genealogy

The Miner County Democrate

March 6, 1904

Page 4, Col. 2

People's Bank Changes Hands.

There has been no more important factor in the upbuilding of our town and the developement of the country surrounding than the People's State Bank of Howard. It has been ready to assist any legitimate enterprise for the good of the individual as well as for the growth of the city and county. This bank since its launching, has ever been looked upon a an indispensible factor in the community, and our citizens were somewhat surprised Wednesday when the rumor was sent afloat that the principal stockholders and officials had disposed of their interests and would step down and out. The purchasers are J. J. Adkins and his son, Berchie who take over the interests of Mr. H. M. Hanson, the cashier, and Mr. L. T. Grua, the president, and at once assume control of the bank. B. E. Adkins is already on the ground and has taken his position in the bank and J. J. Adkins and family will move back to Howard just as soon as they can find a suitable residence. It i with a great deal of regret that our people see Mr. Hanson leave the bank-although he expects to remain with the institution until about the first of the year-but his health is such that he and his family decided that he must get more outside exercise which was impossible while he was so closely connected with the institution as its cashier. Into whatever business, Mr. Hanson may engage or to whatever place he may decide to locate the best wishes of his hose of Miner county friends will follow him. Mr. Grua, while the bank's president, has not been so closely identified with it as Mr. Hanson, but it is largely through his executive ability and legal understanding that the bank today is considered one of the most solid financial institutions in the county. Of Mr. Adkins and his son we can only say that they are among the pioneer residents of the county and have been closely identified with her interests for many years-having been in the banking business at Oldham and Carthage, and in the real estate business in this city. They come here well equipped with capital-Mr. Adkins perhaps being the best fixed man financially in Miner county-and experience,to conduct the bank along the same lines as laid down by its founders. Mr. Gordon Hanson, who has been connected with the bank as assistant cashier for the past three years, will remain with the institution, which is another guarantee that the business will be conducted along the same legitimate lines as heretofore. In closing all we can say is that we wish God speed to the retiring gentlemen and prosperity and success to the new proprietors.

The following gentlemen still hold their stock in the bank: T. G. Kersten, J. C. Root, William Neises, Leo Schroeder, William Stock, C. C. Maathews, Ole Fosheim and J. D. Pence.

No town ever prospered where the merchants did not advertise in the local papers. Is your ad in this paper? Do you want to see your business and town prosper?

Page 4, Col. 3

Miss Ella Lewis came over from Fedora yesterday.

Mrs. T. C. Pond of Winfred was a Howard visitor Wednesday.

Mrs. Ray Noble and baby returned Wednesday from their visit to Lake Preston.

The county board were in session Tuesday. Proceedings will be published next week.

Your uncle Dudley says political funerals will be numerous this fall and many mourners will gather around the beer.

The Harrington elevator at Winfred has been purchased by W. Z. Sharp,and Dick Hall has been installed as manager.

Ferdinand Grace and family, who were here to attend to the funeral of Herman Koepsell, returned to Canova Thursday.

Howard Radcliff and family are here from Rapid City. We understand Mr. Radcliff intends to engage in business at Sioux Falls.

H. O. Carlson of Grafton and Nick Besctha of this city were among those who paid for their paper another year Wednesday

The Miner county exhibit for the state fair i ready and will be shipped up tonight. Farmers have been so busy that it has been a pretty hard matter to get them to bring in stuff for the exhibit.

J. P. Schueller is making many needed improvements in the interior of his store. New glass counters, and a general rearrangement of all the furniture. Joe believes in having things looking neat and tasty.

A bunch of fake crayon portrait artists are doing the county telling that they are in the employ of H. H. Lubeck. Mr. Lubeck ha no one on the road and it would be wide to give these fellows a wide berth.

Those operating steam threshers should see to it that they have a bond. This is done to protect the farmer from loss by fire. Besides if the operator of a machine seeks to collect a threshing bill, and has no license or has failed to take a bond or insure he cannot collect the amount due him in event of suit.

Madison Leader:The family of Conductor Albert Smith have been enjoying visits from Mr. Smith's brothers families, amounting almost to a family reunion. For several days W. H. Smith and family have been their guests, departing for their home in Milwaukee this morning. Last evening Conductor E. H. Smith and wife arrived from Kansas City and will remain a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Smith were formerly residents of Madison and have many friends in this city.

The state game law allows the killing of prairie chickens this year from September 10 to and including October 9th. Dogs may be used. No person shall kill to exceed ten birds in any one day nor have more than twenty birds in his possession at any time. A license is required from all hunters which can be procured from the county treasurer at a charge of $1.00 for residents and $15.00 for non-residents. When caught violating the law there is a fine of $25 and cost.

Page 4, Col. 4

Armour Herald: Eli Thomas left Saturday night for Quebec, Canada, where he will meet his niece, Miss Catherine Dunbar, who is coming from England to make her home with her uncle and aunt.

Madison Leader: Rev. and Mrs. E. Wilson of the Grace Episcopal church will depart next Thursday for Wakpala, Standing Rock Indian agency, where they will remain four months, in charge of St. Elizabeth's Indian school at that place. The local church will be supplied during Rev. Wilson's absence.

Madison Sentinel: Martin Johnson, a painter employed with Andrew Olsbo, is missing. Three weeks ago he started for the train with his work clothes in a grip to go to Winfred, where a job of work awaited him. He left a good suit, ouercoat and other clothing at his boarding place and he had some money due him for work, but the man has not been seen or heard from since. Mr. Olsbo is unable to account for his sudden and strange disappearance.

"I recken," said the first farmer, "that I get up earlier than anybody in this neihgborhood. I am always up before 3 o'clock in the morning." The second farmer said that he was always up before that and part of is work done. The first farmer thought that he was a liar, and decided to find out. A few mornings later he got up at two o'clock and went over to the neighbor's house. He rapped on the back door and the woman of the house opened it. "Where is your husband?" Asked the farmer, expecting to find he neighbor in bed, "He was aroud here early in the morning," answered the wife, "but I don't know where he is now." - Ex'

Adams Greetings

Ed Krause is shock threshing for Will Stock.

Mrs. Geo Foreman visited at Mrs. Duffs Monday

Ralph Miller and family visited at Chas. Bamsey's Sunday.

Will Hoseapple went to Salem Thursday to play in the Canova band.

Mildred Mahoney began an eight months term of school in the Monroe district Monday.

Esther and Francis Kolbach and Leo Mahoney are attending the parochial school at Howard.

Notice to Sportsmen

On account of the open season coming on the 10th the great sportsmen's meeting will be held on Friday the 13th instead of the 11th at the Huron state fair.

N. J. Feller, Co. Game Warden


Agents For Lands.

We are agents for lands in the following counties in Minnesota: Lyon, Lac Qui Parle, Yellow Medicine, Lincoln, Stearns, Chippewa, Clay, Red Lake, Polk, and Marshal. See us for prices and terms of above lands.

Kavaney & Feller. Howard, S. D.



From now on I will handle all kinds of undertaking goods and will attend to your wants in that line at any time. I will carry a full line at any time. I will carry a full line of all kinds of coffins and carkets. A licensed embalmer will be in attendance at all times. My prices are reasonable.

Hugh Williams, Winfred, S. D.

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