<CENTER>MINER County, South Dakota Genealogy

MINER County South Dakota Genealogy

This is a cookbook published by the Immanuel Lutheran Church in 1984.

Officers were:

President - Betty Freeman

Vice-President - Connie Zelmer

Secretary - Karlene Koepsell

Treasurer - LaJean Koepsell

Secretary of Education - Rosie Forehlich

Secretary of Stewardship - Vivian Wubben

Cookbook Committee:

Connie Zelmer

Lyla Koepsell

Ardis Koepsell

Immanuel Lutheran Church Centennial Cookbook 1884-1984

Canova, South Dakota

Appetizers, Relishes & Pickles

Cheese Ball – Shirley Koepsell

Ham Cheese Logs – Joy Grapes

Cheese Ball – Jan Froelich

Hot Gala Pecan Spread for Crackers or Chips – Jan Froelich

Cheese Ball l- Marcia Schulz

Perfect Dill Pickles – Lorraine Koepsell

Bread and Butter Pickles – Mattie Schulz

Green Tomato Mincemeat – Martha Koepsell

Tartar Sauce for Fish – Rosie Froehlich

Hot Dog Relish – Rosie Froehlich

Beer Batter – Rose Froehlich

Refrigerator Pickles – Lorna Marten

Refrigerator Pickles – Vivian Wubben

Frozen Cucumbers – Delada Brown

Soups, Salads & Sauces

Home-Canned Vegetable Soup – Joanne Schulz

Gastel Soup – Betty Freeman

Potato Cheese Soup – Shirley Koepsell

Easy Cauliflower Salad – Verna Jorgenson

Nine-Layer Salad – Helen Davis

Super Carrot – Raisin Salad – Joy Grapes

Joseph’s Coat Salad – Ruth Marten

Cabbage Salad – Effie Schulz

Corned Beef Vegetable Salad – Della Anderson

Fresh Vegetable Salad – Connie Zelmer

Copper Penny Salad – Margaret Koepsell

Hawaiian Salad – Hulda Marten

Summer Fruit Salad – Tammy Howard

Pineapple Ginger Ale Salad – Edna Goldamer

Easy Peach Salad – LaVonne Duimstra

Frozen Fruit Salad – Meta Butzke

Cherry Salad – Ronda Gassman

Cottage Cheese Salad – Hele Davis

Quick Easy Salad – Vivian Wubben

Apple-Celery Salad – LaJean Koepsell

Apricot Salad l- Joanne Schulz

Janet’s Instant Fruit Salad – Jan Butzke

Cherry Salad – DeAlda Brown

Hot Fruit Salad – Ines Trippler

Can-Apple Jello – Ilene M. Wulff

Lemon Bavarian Salad – Elsie Schaefer

Supper Salad – Victoria Morris

Jello Salad with Cheese – Rosie Wick

Lime Jello Salad – Connie Koepsell

Ribbon Salad – Rosie Froehlich

Shoestring Potato Salad – Mattie Schulz

Incredible Egg-Macaroni Salad – Ilee M. Wulff

Taco Salad – Marcia Schulz

Vegetable Macaroni Salad – Eldine Schulz

Macaroni-Vegetable Salad – Lyla Jean Koepsell

Shrimp Salad – Jan Froehlich

Surprise Salad – Etta Meyer

Macaroni Salad – Joann Miller

Turkey Salad – Wanda Mette

Main Dishes (Casseroles)

Crustless Quiche – Connie Zelmer

No Name Bruch Delight – Mildred Koepsell

Brunch Egg Bake – Joanna Marten

Egg Breakfast Casserole – Marcia Schulz

Hamburger-Croutette Hot Dish – Hulda Marten

Crock-pot Hamburger Mixture – Tammy Howard

Sunday Night Supper – Lucille E. Marten

Tater Tot Bake – Edna Goldammer

Pizza Hot Dish – Marcia Schulz

Hamburger Gravy – Ronda Gassman

Oriental Hamburger Casserole – Isadora Marquardt

Quick Rice Hot Dis – Frieda Marten

Hamburger Hot Dish with Olives – Frieda Marten

Hamburger Noodle Hot Dish – Connie Koespell

Hamburger-Chicken Nobble Casserole – Etta Meyer

Pizza Hot Dish – Vera Marten

Calico Beans – Vera Marten

Taco Main Dishes – Shirley Koepsell

Fix and Forget Hamburger Casserole – Leona Kittleson

Mexican Hot Dish – Effie Schulz

No-Peel Potato Casserole – Ines Trippler

Yummie Potatoes and Cheese – Marcia Schulz

Baked Hash Browns – Darlene Zullk

Scalloped Potatoes – Elfrieda Behm

Potato Casserole – LeVoy Kidd

Scalloped Hash Browns – Mildred Koepsell

Scalloped Potatoes – Lorraine Laufmann

Fish Stew – Kathy Wahle

Broccoli Ham Rolls – Edna Goldammer

Ham and Cheese Casserole – Becky Thompson

Can-Can Casserole – Leona Kittleson

Chicken Rice Casserole – DeAlda Brown

Turkey or Chicken Casserole – Mildred Koepsell

Chicken and Dressing Casserole – Darlene Zulk

Chicken Hot Dish – Tillie Wulff

Onion Pie – Eldine Schulz

Rice Dressing – Debbie Eichacker

Meats, Poultry and Seafood

Pepper Steak – Marcella Miller

Deer Jerky – LaJean Koepsell

Quick Sausage Supper – Janet Butzke

Lo-Cholesterol Chicken – Lyla Koepsell

Salmon Loaf – Delila Koepsell

Sweet and Sour Meat Loaf – Cheryl Nelson

Sweet and Sour Pork – Joy Grapes

Roast Beek – Vivian Webben

Homemade Pork Sausage – Lorna Marten

Beef Summer Sausage – Lorna Marten

Elsie’s Bar-B-Que Sauce – Elsie Schaefer

Norwegian Meat Balls – Ardis Koepsell

Creamed Fish – Amalia Zulk

Pigs In Blankets – Debbie Eichacker

Pork Chops and Stuffing – Connie Zelmer

Beef Stroganoff – Joann Miller


Broccoli Bake Gunda Gosmire

Zucchini Casserole – Vera Gatees

Canied Carrots – Isadoa Marquardt

Vegetable Casserole – Debbie Eichacker

Spaghetti Squash – Connie Zelmer

Baked Beans – Martha Koepsell

Vegetable Dip – Meta Butzke

Broccoli and Rice – Mildred Koepsell

Breads, Rolls, Pies & Pastry

White Bread – Mattie Schulz

Quick Tea Rolls – Ruth Marten

2-Hour Rolls – Bernita Landgrebe

Quick Buttermilk Sweet Dough – Margaret Koepsell

Tea Rolls – Margaret Koepsell

Overnight Rolls or Buns – Alice Jacobsen

Overnight Buns or Rolls – Tillie Wulff

Sweet Petals – Karlene Koepsell

Raised Doughnuts – Connie Zelmer

Chocolate Donuts – Lyla Koepsell

Strawberry Bread – Carole Laufmann

Rhubarb Nut Bread – Della Anderson

Delicious Fruit Cake Supreme – Dottie Olson

Susie’s Brown Bread – Kathy Wahle

Lemon Bread – Victoria Morris

Blender Banana Nut Bread – Irene Wulff

Coffee Cake – Frieda Behm

Coffee Cake – Dorathy Koepsell

Easy Cream Puff Batter – Joanne Schulz

Carob Sauerkraut Muffins – Johanna Marten

Sliced Apple Pancakes – Amalia Zulk

Potato Pancakes – Betty Freeman

Buttermilk Pancakes – Karlene Koepsell

Perfect Waffles – Eflfrieda Behm

Perfect Pie Crust – Lorraine Koepsell

Never-Fail Meringue – Isadora Marquardt

Sour Cream Raisin Pie – Elsie Zulk

Strawberry Glace Pie – Tammy Howard

Fresh Peach Pie – Vera Gates

Apple Date Pie – Vivian Wubben

Impossible Custard Pie – Delia Koepsell

Cakes, Cookies, Frostings & Confections

Holiday Carrot Cake – Lorraine Laufmann

Chocolate No-Egg Cake – Roxanne Jacobsen

Strawberry-Jello Cake – Roxi Jacobsen

Sponge Cake – Marcella Miller

Spice Cake – Meta Gorath

Chocolate Chip Cake – Rosie Froehlich

Pepsi Cake – LaVoy Kidd

Chocolate Cake – Connie Koepsell

Marble Chiffon Cake – Frieda Marten

Salad Dressing Cake – Rosie Wick

Swedish Apple Cake – LaVonne Duimstra

German Apple Cake – Eldine Schulz

Orange Zucchini Cake – Edna Goldammer

Perfect White Cake – Bernita Landgrebe

Devil’s Food Cake – Betty Freeman

Orange Cake – Carole Laufmann

Chocolate Cake – Lorraine Koepsell

Frosting For German Chocolate Cake – Cheryl Nelson

Frosting – LaVoy Kidd

Grandma’s Seafoam Frosting – Lyla Jean Koepsell

Coconut Almond Custard Bars – Lorraine Laufmann

Oatmeal Bars – Gunda Gosmire

Seven-Layer Bars – Gunda Gosmire

Scotcheroos – Becky Thompson

Pumpkin Pie Squares – LaJean Koepsell

Mystery Bars – Dottie Olson

Spice Apple Bars – Rosie Froehlich

Sour Cream Apple Squares – Etta Meyer

Oatmeal Bars – Elfrieda Behm

Sour Cream Raisin Bars – Alice Jacobsen

Mud Hen Bars – Ronda Gassman

Sugarless Bars – Ardie Koepsell

Fudge Nut Bars – Marcia Schulz

Brownies – Betty Freeman

Dream Bars – Hulda Marten

Oatmeal Cookies – Elsie Zulk

Sugar Cookies – Joann Muller

Cherrios Nuggets – Janet Butzke

Oatmeal-Coconut Cookies – Delia Koepsell

Pineapple Cookies – Helen Davis

Easy Peppernuts – Caroline Zell & Eleanor Zell

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Oil – Meta Butzke

Christmas Crescents – LaVonne Dimstra

Ginger Cookies – Amalia Zulk

Peanut Butter Strips – Verna Jorgenson

White Sugar Cookies – Debbie Eichacker

Wheaties Cookies – Lucille E. Marten

Chocolate Icebox Cookies – Bernita Langrebe

Cowboy Cookies – Betty Freeman

Sugar Cookies – Ronda Gassman

Perfect Sugar Cookies – Esther Schoenrock
Molasses Crinkles – Martha Koepsell

Sugar Cookies – Carole Laufmann

Chocolate Turtles – Wanda Mette


Chocolate Syrup (For Ice Cream or Desserts) – Ines Trippler

Ice Cream Sandwiches – Bernita Langrebe
Pumpkin Dessert – Connie Zelmer

Hydrox-Lemon Dessert – Lucille E. Marten

Cream Crowned Apple Dessert – Johanna Marten

A Peachy Dessert – Ardia Koepsell

Mom’s Chocolate Pudding or Pie – Lyla Jean Koepsell

Cherry Dessert – Caroline Zell & Eleanor Zell

Apple Crisp – Rosie Wick

Angel Food Cake Dessert – Karlene Koepsell

Rhubarb Dessert – Frieda Behm

Excelsior Cafι Cheeze Cake – Cheryl Nelson

Apple Dessert – Effie Schulz

Strawberry Quickie – Lorraine Laufmann

Lemon Dessert – Wanda Mette

Beverages, Sandwiches & Miscellaneous

Russian Tea – Esther Schoenrock

Dandy Candy – Margaret Koepsell

Puffed Rice Candy – Esther Schoerock

Banana Yogurt Smoothie – Johanna Marten

Microwave Fudge – Ilene M. Wulff

Microwave Peanut Brittle – Ilene M. Wulff

Corn Flake Candy – Caroline Zell & Eleanor Zell

Zucchini Jam – Karlene Koepsell

Shake and Bake – Alice Jacobson

Tom and Jerry Batter – Joy Grapes

Frozen Fruit Cup – Frieda Behm

Frozen Corn – Delia Koepsell

Hot Cocoa Continental – Ruth Marten

Fudgsicles – Katy Wahle

Pickled Mushrooms – Becky Thompson

Never-Fail Fudge – Leona Kittleson

Shake and Bake Mix – Marcella Miller

Dried Beef Sandwiches – Marcia Schulz

Pizza Burgers – Verna Jorgenson

Krautburgers – Vera Marten

Tuna Burgers – Roxi Jacobsen

Pickled Eggs – Della Anderson

A Fly Trap – LaJean Koepsell

Furniture Polish – Johanna Marten

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