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W. K. Anderson ( Sat Apr 17 20:24:06 1999
Seeking info, esp. basic birth and death dates, of Eric and (sister) Gerda SAMUELSON, active in Mellette Co. ca 1920, their brother was Fred S, also an Ernest S. Also interested in Charles, Martha (BENSON), Martin, Albert ANDERSON, first cousins of the Samuelsons.

Locating family cemetery and using local persons and courthouse to develop further knowledge for the Anderson family.


Arthur Loock ( Mon May 3 14:14:06 1999
Information about "Alberta LOOCK". Born in Mellette county South Dakota (parents lived on a farm near Wood). Believe that she was born in July 1920. Father: Albert F. LOOCK. Mother: Myrtle E. LOOCK (Maiden Name: PARSONS) Older Sister named: Lucille LOOCK. I am her younger brother and want to complete my family tree regarding birthdate and place.


Lori Menichetti ( Mon May 17 11:57:52 1999
OLSON,(Olaf)Bernard married to SWANSON,Delphine Dorothy. Homesteaded in Mallette Co. sometime around 1924 to 1929? Daughter Agnes Lenea Olson. They moved to Hawarden IA from there.


Kathy Richardson ( Sun May 23 06:38:52 1999
Seeking information or decendants of Charles and Sophia BRUNSON settled in and around the White River area in the 1900's. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Information found and book ordered and sent to the Richardson's, advanced searches underway using local lookups.


Etta Evans ( Thu Jun 10 19:37:49 1999
Galster or Gallster, john Am looking for any information on my grandfather. He and his brother bernard or bernhardt came from russia with their parents about 1904. He was born May 4, 1890 and registered for the WWI draft in Mellette Co. He died in 1949. After he married they lived in Belvidere for some time. Would appreciate any information about he and his family while living in Mellette County.



Nancy Marr-ECKEL ( Wed Apr 12 11:26:32 2000
Seeking information on Gus STHOER (or STOER), d. June 1944 at his Rosebud Trading Post in Meyer, now Melette County. His sister, Emma STHOER and her 12 siblings were the children of Sheepherders from Alsace-Lorraine. According to family lore, Emma was the only one of 13 who married. She married George Beasley and they finally settled in Glendive, MT. She was my Great Grandmother and I knew her and loved her stories about life on the prairies. She died when I was about 14. But I can't find any reference to her parents or siblings. A brother and sister, Ida and Andrew, lived in Burlington, WI as of 1944, according to my Grandfather's letters. It turned out, when Gus died, that he may have cheated both the Indians and the Government because, again family lore, when his estate was finally settled, there was $250 left! I Know that my Great Grandmother trusted no one, and I hear from her son-in-law that the whole family was the same way. I feel certain that there must be people in South Dakota who remember Gus STOHER and his Rosebud Trading Post, which, I understand, was purchesed by the Indians - though I don't know which tribe. I would appreciate any leads, memories, knowledge, etc. anyone may have. Thanks. Nancy ECKEL



David Sorensen ( Thu Aug 24 10:46:13 2000
I am searching for information about my great granparents Carl and Elsa SORENSEN who homesteaded in Mellette county in 1917. My grandfather seems to believe that the entire family was in South Dakota by 1912. Carl came over earlier on the promise that he would return to Denmark to serve in the Army, while in the Army in Denmark he met Elsa (maiden name unknown). Carl came back to South Dakota after serving in the Army and was working to save enough money to bring over the girls. They originally started out in Lake Andes where Carl picked corn and Elsa took in wash and baked bread. While in Denmark they had two daughters (Elizabeth and Mathilda, but I do not know their birthdates). And in Lake Andes they had a son (William). Once on the farm in Mellette county they had another son (Anders, who is my grandfather.)They spoke only Danish in the house, but were fluent in English as well. I am trying to find any information relating to any of the people mentioned above. Thank you.