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  SD State Birth Records   2012  and 2013     17 Mar 2013
  Going through my records on the history of our home  I found  https://sites.rootsweb.com/~sdlyman/Families/Hall/hall.slinde.part1.htm  
Family members interested in this 1959 photo of the original house occupied  by Jabez and Lyman Sr., and considerable history of land exchanges, contact me.  Alexander Drescher <alexander@musicwoodsfarm.com>;  I find their line descends from Cap'n Jabez son, Gershom.  This page is from  the records of Edward Knurow at the Berkshire Atheneum.  Scott farm is property which Gershom acquired, from his father.  It is the only cellar hole on the property, so I assume  it was the Gershom homesite. All notations on 2nd file are Knurow's.    Mar 2013
WRIGHT - I have a great uncle, William Wright, who is listed as residing as a boarder in Vivian Township in Lyman County in the 1910 census.  He is
also listed as a real estate dealer in that census conducted between April 21-23, 1910.  He died on July 24, 1910 in South Dakota under circumstances not
talked about much in the family other than my grandfather was charged with making the trip from Iowa to reclaim the body. I am wondering if there is a repository of newspapers from the county that would cover the end of July or early August to see if, perhaps, there was some mention locally of the death and its circumstances. Appreciate your assistance and advice as to how I might be able to access these if they are available.  Thank you again for our consideration and assistance.  Jim Wright, Homewood, Illinois    01 Apr 2013


















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