Lyman County South Dakota Genealogy

Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Lyman County, South Dakota Genealogy   

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        Lyman County


Historic bridges restoration completed 2011.
  Crosses the Missouri river between Chamberlain and Oacoma

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Chances are, if your ancestors ever lived in Lyman County or the surrounding area, you will find them in these pages.

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One individual (from each county in every state) was found to coordinate the collection of genealogical databases and generally oversee the contents of that county on the web page. This Lyman County website is maintained by  Barbara Stallman-Speck ,  Reliance/Oacoma resident. 

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Towns:   Iona,   Kennebec,   Lower Brule,   Presho,   Reliance,   Vivian ,   Oacoma
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       My favorite person in the whole world, Grandma Black (Esther Creasey-Black),  washed clothes every Monday. (THE RULE back in the day.) Her best friend, Martha Hoffer, lived at the bottom of the block (empty lots between them). When they hung their clothes, they shouted "yoo hoo" and did "the wave" from their clotheslines. Grandma's house is gone now and so is the clothesline, but the poles are still there. We drove through her yard last week (Aug. 2009) and no matter that the lines are gone. I could see her there waving to Martha and the two of them shouting out their "yoo hoos".  I share this graphic with you in memory of my Grandma Black.

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