Lyman County Schools

Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Lyman County Schools  
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  •     First School in Lyman County was established south of present-day Oacoma (Gladstone), probably on Lower Brule Indian Reservation, taught by Episcopalian missionaries.
  •    First white school in Lyman County was southeast of Oacoma along the Missouri river (Cedar Shore Resort area today), taught in a steamboat owned and operated by Capt. King.  School Dist. #1.


Kennebec  Kennebec School, 1906 - high school now consolidated with Presho School, i.e., Lyman School. 
Oacoma    Oacoma School, 1895. First schoolhouse built 1907, burned 1924. Brick building constructed following year. Eighty students enrolled in 1922-23. Two years of high school taught in this school. Consolidated with Chamberlain School Dist. in Brule County and closed in 1994-95.
Presho      Who's who?  1912-1953   Presho School, 1908-09 - Remodeled in 1948 and new buildings in 1960s-70s. All high school students from Reliance, Kennebec, Vivian attend Lyman High School today.   Alumni 1954 - 1970  
Reliance 1906 - 1995        RHS 2002 alumni photos   Classes of 1932, 1952, 1957, 1962, 1967      
   As of 13 March, 2009, Reliance High School has a web site.   High school classmates join free   

Vivian   1920- 1973  







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