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ALLCOTT -  I am researching the life of Carroll Alcott.  He was a well known radio commentator in the 1940s and 50s.  His father, Fred Allcott, was a physician and may have had a pharmacy in Reliance the family moved to Reliance from Iowa sometime before 1920. Carroll Alcott (he changed the spelling of his name while in college) attended the (then) SD State College in the 1918-1920
time period.  He then joined the staff of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, then newspapers in Sioux City  Denver before going to the Philippines where he served in the Army for one year. From there he went to Shanghai, China and returned to the US in 1941.  He worked for the Office of War Information during the war.  He died in 1965 and left no descendants.
gregleck@epix.net  11 Aug 2007
BINGEN Could you help me find more information about the Bingen family history?  George Bingen was the first white person born in Lyman County, I think. His father, Gilbert Bingen, was one of the first to settle between Kennebec and Presho.  Who were his parents?  Karen Meeker  rkmeeker@mchsi.com    11 Aug 2007
 BRACKETT -  I would like to have the newspaper item from 12 July 1894 that probably reports the birth of my mother, Winifred Brackett,  on July 4, 1894.  It would be interesting to see how they spelled my grandmother's full name.  One branch of the family spelled it Eleanor and that is the way it appears on her gravestone in Olympia, Wash.  The other branch of the family spelled it Elinor. She d. in Washington state.  Researching Charles Spear Brackett and Eleanor Clara Brackett who homesteaded in Murdo Twp of Lyman Co. "barney considine"  b-g.considine@earthlink.net   18 Oct 2007
 BUNKER - Looking for a copy of Frank Winfield Bunker's obituary who died Jan. 16, 1942 in Lyman Co., South Dakota.  JudyLSa@aol.com   1 Nov 2007
 CASEY/KITT - I found your site, but I am still having trouble tracking down some relatives. When my great-grandfather died in 1921 in Canada, his sister, Sarah Jane Casey, was living in Kennebec, SD. Her husband's name was Bernard (aka Brian). I believe that they may have been married in Willow, Crawford Co., Iowa where she was living with her aunt and uncle in the 1880 US Census. He was living in Union, Shelby Co. Iowa. They were both born in Canada. Her maiden name was Kitt or Kitts. I have no other information on them or their descendants except that they had some daughters who became nuns. Any advice? Thanks for your time, Mark Woermke, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  g13bw@yahoo.ca  Nov 2006
COUTURE - When I do a search on Lyman co genweb for Couture I found: Joseph S. Couture grave 10, lot 63, sec 4 died 1932 age 71. male.  I found the Stevens Cemetery  a listing for Joseph S. Conture b. Oct 26, 1861 and d. Dec 10, 1932 age 71, lot 63. I believe this man was Joseph Couture, brother of my grandmother Delphine Couture Meistrell.  When my grandmother's brother Francis Couture died in Lincoln NE Dec 4. 1921, his obit said his brother Joseph was living in Presho S.D.  Their parents were Francis Exavier and Marceline Bertrand Couture and Joseph was probably born in Illinois as siblings before and after him were born there.  The family ended up in Rooks co. Kansas. Are there newspapers from Dec 10, 1932 that would perhaps have an obit? Since there were no other burials for this surname, I assume he never married. Would appreciate anything you can tell me about this man. Teresa Sullivan Lincoln Ne.  DSull88075@aol.com  June 2006
 EAGLEHORSE - Looking for information on EAGLEHORSE, registered with Lower Brule tribe. The names  are Wilson Whitley Eaglehorse, b. 5-15-12; d. 5-4-76, and Calvin Wilson Eaglehorse
b. 4-04-44 d. 5-4-1976. Interested in Calvin. Who did he marry (or have children with) and where is she? Who are his children? How did he die?  He's my daughter's grandfather. I would appreciate as much as you can find. Thanks so much, Rebecca
 GREFF - I noted your website of gravestones of Riverview Cemetery.  I've been under the impression that Riverview was "paved over".  My great-grandmother was buried there  in 1902, but I noted she
was not on the roster of gravestone pictures you had taken.
My Greff family spent 6 years in Lyman County, just across the river from Chamberlain. I would be interested in any information. Burial permits enclosed.  michaellowe@cox.net Mike Lowe Tempe, Arizona   Dec. 2006
 HANDLEY -  If you have any information on the Handley murder in Lyman County, contact  suzanneandpeter@hotmail.com    11 Aug 2007
 HANSEN  - Researching Soren Hansen. eethel@sbcglobal.net   June 2007
 HARDIES - Looking for for an Edward Harder, Hardy,  Hardees,or Hardies. Is believed to have lived in Lyman County 1909-1911. His wife's name was Dora (nee Petersen) from Iowa.  Found the marriage application in Shelby Co. Iowa and it was 2-20-1909.  Haven't been able to find a single tip since then.  A relative told us they moved to Presho, S.D. and that Dora died at a young age.  Dora's real name was Dorathea.  Any information or help would be most appreciated.  Thanks in advance. Barb (Petersen) Loneman     Mitziemietu@aol.com     3 Sep 2007
 HARTY  - John Harty was shot and killed in Reliance in October of 1924. Looking for more information. mary.lynn.johnson@ndsu.edu   3 Sep 2007
 HELLECKSON, SONNE, BABCOCK:  Looking for Matilda Helleckson's parents. Matilda married Hans Sonne about 1904. After his death she married Franklin
Babcock 1913...Also was wondering where I might find a death record for Hans Sonne? And  where he was buried. He died between 1905 and 1911...as their son was born Dec 29, 1905 I have a copy of the birth record and both parents are listed...Hans is listed as a carpenter. I found Tilda Sonne listed as owner of their property in 1911 Lyman County Townships and Landowners
. Lorna Coats  coats@dnc.net    Dec. 2006 
 HIEB - Hi, I'm Tim Hieb and I been trying to start our family tree. My grandfather and his brothers and sisters were born in Reliance, SD. I was wondering if you
can help me our or let me know who can.  Timothy Hieb, firelife77@verizon.net 11 May 2007
 HOFSTAD - Seeking information on Peter Othello Hofstad, b.8/24/1878, in Norway.  Arrived in U.S. 1891, with parents Peter Isaak and Ellen Marie, sister Ivara Georgina, to meet brother John Sefferin in MN.  Homesteader/farm worker in ND circa 1905; at pioneer community in Holberg, BC Canada, circa 1911; family in Washington beginning 1913, but whereabouts unknown after 1917? Disappeared after possible family disagreement re property. SD Death Index lists name as deceased in Lyman County 9/22/1943 -- Help with identity  appreciated, or any other leads to connect scattered info about his life! Thank you.  heuswm_519@msn.com  18 July 2007
 HOLMES-WAIT- I read with great interest the Holmes/Wait genealogy page. My great grandfather was Calvin Hawley Elliott, Jr., “Hawley” in the story – brother of Lizzie. Are you a descendant of the Elliotts? If not, do you know anyone who is? Thanks, June Ristow  jristow@bellsouth.net   17 Jun 2007
 HORSFALL - I found the name on the back of a photograph of a bust. I assume the bust to be of the person to whom it was dedicated, meaning that the sculptor, John Donoghue, might have sculpted a bust of the teenage Clarence Horsfall back in 1886--21 years before he proved up for land in Vivian. The picture is HERE. thanks .   Wmquinlan@aol.com       16 Apr 2007
 HOWARD - I noticed on the Rootsweb Site that you made a note about Solon Howard of Reliance having married and that you were going to find the paper clipping for it.  Did you ever find the clipping? Does anyone have any information on Solon?   rjo723@charter.net   Dec. 2006
 JAMESON/MIDOLO - I am looking for cemetery records and obituaries for Samuel L. Jameson, his wife Julia, and his sister, Olive Jameson, who was a schoolteacher and never married. Also interested in records on Samuel's family - as listed: Samuel L. Jameson  was b. October 20, 1860.  Abt 1888, he m.Julia E. ?, who was born in Ireland.  They lived in Guthrie County, IA for a time and appeared on the 1900 Census there.  Samuel is listed as a grain dealer. At some point between 1900 and 1910, he moved to South Dakota.  He is buried in Presho.  Samuel appears on the 1920 Census in Lyman County.  He, his wife and his sister Olive are in the household.  He also appears in Lyman County on the 1930 Census, though it appears that his daughter Mamie and her husband Fredrick are running the farm.  Samuel’s wife, Julia, appears to have passed away, but his sister Olive still lives with the family.  On the 1900 census, Julia reported that she had only born two children, both of which are listed.  I have not been able to find the family on the 1910 Census as yet. A. Mamie Jameson was b.in March 1891.  She m. Frederick W. Midolo, b. abt 1885.  They were m. abt 1911.  They appeared to be living and working on her father’s farm in Lyman County in 1930.   1.  Francis. H. Midolo was b. abt 1913 in IA; 2.  Marie K. Midolo was b. abt 1917 in SD; 3.  Samuel W. Midolo was b. abt 1919 in SD; 4.  Ruth M. Midolo Ruth was b. abt 1928 in SD  B.  Harry Jameson  was b. in October 1888 in IA. Thanks.,  Angie Jameson  angjameson@yahoo.com.  July 2006
 LYMAN/ARROW - Looking for any info on W.P. Lyman. My family has an old black and white photo of an Indian woman standing beside a non-Indian man wearing a sheriffs badge and he is supposed to be Major W.P. Lyman and she is his wife Annie or Anna. They supposedly had a daughter named Cecelia Anna Lyman (Arrow).  I am researching the Arrow family tree.  I was told that Lyman County was named for this man. I would like to create a family tree. Thanks for any help with this. marlenestout@hotmail.com  June 2006
 LYNN/MYERS - Do you have any suggestions on how I might locate information on Floyd Lynn from Murdo (Jones County). I know that Jones used to be part of Lyman County until 1917, but he was in Murdo after it was detached from Lyman. He was the first spouse of Moraha Myers, dtr of Bertha Phillips Myers. Their's was a very short marriage that resulted in Moraha's only child, a daughter who is the mother of my wife and her sisters. The marriage was a fact never mentioned in the family until a few years ago - to the surprise of all three sisters. So now we are trying to find out what happened to Fred. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Gary Packingham, Muskegon, MI gpackingham@comcast.net   Jan. 2007
 MEYER/LLOYD - I am looking for any information about my grandfather, Enos J. MEYER, married to Mabel LLOYD, sometime at the turn of the century. Seven children: Merle, Gerald. Earl, Edward, Leeroy, Arnold, and Grace. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Gerrie Meyer  4felines@sbcglobal.net    June 2006
 MOLASH - My father's name was Robert Francis Molash.  He was in the military in Kentucky. My mother's name was Sandra Kay Pemberton. I have never met my father as they divorced shortly after I was born. I know he was from the Standing Rock area. If you have ever came across his name or his family I would appreciate knowing about them. Thanks  Robert Kyle Rudolph (Molash) RARUDDMD@aol.com
 MONSON/MAHNKE/FREY - I am Mirya (Gruhn) Hallock.  I am the daughter of Robert and Avelda (Monson) Gruhn; grand-daughter of Albert and Lydia (Frey) Monson; great-grand-daughter of Nels  and Anna (Mahnke) Monson; great-granddaughter of Johann and Katherine (Waltz) Frey. Any information would be appreciated. miryag23@yahoo.com   Feb. 2007
 MOSIER - Kara Townsend is researching Waletta Mosier.   k.townsend0408@comcast.net   March 2007
 OLDENKAMP -Researching Eddie Oldenkamp who died in November of 1950. Henk van Zaanen, The Netherlands    h.v.zaanen   March 2007
 PICKNER -  Was looking up my own name and believe my grandfather was on your list. I was wondering why and what information you could offer me.  I know very little and my dads side of the family.  Thanks for your help.  William.Pickner@LACKLAND.AF.MIL   22 Sep 2007
 POWERS/BROWN - Families who lived in Lyman, Mellette, Jones and Brule county. I am interested in details about the following people: 1. Walter Thomas Powers, b. 29 Apr 1854, d. 9 Nov 1934 and buried in the Graceland cemetery at Oacoma. His second wife Fredonia (d. 1941) is also buried there, but we did not find any markers. 2. John A. Brown, b. 16 Apr 1843, d. 27 Apr 1914 and is bur at White River where his wife, Evaline Powers Brown is also bur. They first settled in the area along the White River near the town of Westover.  Evaline was b. 15 Oct 1851 and d. 25 Oct 1927.    3. Hiram William Powers, b. 16 Oct 1862, d. 1940.  First wife was Clara Holdridge, second wife was Minnie Elizabeth Moore. Over the years he went by the nickname Will and shows up in records sometimes as William and sometimes as Hiram. 4. George Nathan Powers, b. 16 Aug 1874 and d. 17 Mar 1948. Wife was Laura Belle Mills Powers. Both bur. at Oacoma (Graceland cemetery). George was a rancher in the Reliance area. I have copies of two land patents that were filed by George in 1906. Thanks for any information. Ron Powers  Cyclonedad@mchsi.com  Aug 2006
 RIGNEY - Hi You have wrongly listed William Rigney as a WWI Vet he was a Spanish American War vet serving 1898 to 1902.  Thanks, Joe Rigney  <patvak@gwtc.net>
 SATHER - I grew up in Presho  and found your web pages.  My maiden name was Patricia Sather.  How wonderful it is to read and remember the wonderful people in my hometown. I am interested in buying some more books. I visit Jo Ohlson, 97 years old who now lives in Fallbrook. She was my 7th grade teacher in Presho. I graduated in 1951 and went to the University of South Dakota and graduated in 1955. We came out to teach in California. Thanks again, Pat Sather Berglund 1153 Dallas Road Fallbrook, CA 92028   760-723-6291.  I noticed in the Ida Mallet Journal that there were Sather Twins listed in 1957. I can't remember any Sather twins...Can I find more information?  PatFallbrook@aol.com  March 2007
 SCHOOLER -   I have photocopies of  obituaries of Schoolers who have direct ties to Lyman County  (were either born or lived a significant portion of their lives there),  but were not county residents when they passed. I have four or five that aren't listed on your site. How about a one-for-one trade? I have a photo that was taken in Reliance of two of my great-great uncles and their families I  will donate a copy to the pioneers' photo pages. I  discovered a Schooler photo on page 6 of your photo section. The last photo on the page (lower right  hand corner) is a post card of the East Cooper School SE of Reliance.  The names written on the back of the card (Etta, Vina, Orthanile and  Paul) are the children of William Elbert and Edith Eldora (Stutsman) Schooler. The photo I plan to send to you is of them and some extended family that was taken near Oacoma in 1913.  William Elbert Schooler was my great-great uncle and a nephew of Ninnian's.  I'm not sure how long he and his family lived in Reliance.  Kevin Schooler  kevin.r.schooler@us.army.mil  30 Oct 2007
 SCHOOLER/MOULTON - Researching the Schooler Family from Reliance and Ralph Moulton who married a Schooler.  I want everything you have on Schoolers, especially the one on N. H. Schooler died Jun 15 1911. If you can help me on any of this, please let me know. Thanks,  Sharon  gardengoddess58@aol.com July 2006  
 SLETTO/HULTMAN - Hello!  I am a girl from Sweden who is looking for information about Mrs Anna Maria Sletto b.25 february 1867 in Karlskrona Sweden. She was sister to one of my ancestors Johan Adolf Hultman who was b. 1869 in Sweden. I wonder if there is some relatives left in Vivian. I would very  much appreciate this. Egbert Hultman was half-sister to Anna Maria, they had the same father, he died unmarried many years ago. Anna-Maria was married to Evan K Sletto who was born on the 10 of february 1871. I know that AnnaMaria and Evan got six children: 1. Signe Maria b. 21 of august 1898 m. to someone with the surname Hall; 2. Lloyd Emil b. 29 of august 1899, m. and moved to Oregon; 3. Margot Sofia b. 8 of may 1904 m. Shirk; 4. Einar Even b.12 of may 1906 joined the american navy, m.;  5. Vivian Ingeborg d. as a little child;  6. Floyd Egbert b. 16 of august 1910, unmarried, lived a long life on a ranch close to Vivian. Yours sincerely Ulla ThorstenssonOskarstom Sweden   Ulla.Thorstensson@utb.halmstad.se   Feb. 2007
 STOLTE -  Darin Stolte is just starting his genealogy and is interested in contacting others working on Stoltes. DStolte@stginc.com    March 2007
 STROM -Looking for any information on the Halvor S. Strom and Olea M Munger family.  Halvor died on 19 Nov 1966, Olea died on 3 Feb 1976. There are still members of the family in Vivian.  Under South Dakota Death Records for Lyman County 1905 - 1955 you show Martin Strum 23 Nov 1922. I believe that should be Martin Strom. I believe that was my mothers brother.  I have:  Grandfather - Halvor Peter Strom born in Sweden 2-6-1876; Grandmother - Olea Marie Monger (also Manger is some records); children - Ole Peter H., Harry Obert, Lennert Melvin,  Helmer George, Palmer (still lives in Lyman Cty, Vivian, SD), Mary Mathilda (Benson, MN); Hilda Olivia, Martin, Mabel Dorthea (my mother-Benson, MN), Edwin "Punk" (still lives in Lyman Cty, Vivian, SD). I have the birth and death of the rest.  If you have more information I would love to receive it. Thanks, "Gail Noyes"  gln.7689@yahoo.com  Nov 18 2007
 SWISHER -  I can only find  Swishers in the 1920/1930 Lyman county census. Can anyone help? "marie sellers hollinger"  mari@netins.net    15 Nov 2007
 TEMME - Researching Sarah (BABB) Temme.   jleistritz@hotmail.com   14 Aug 2007
 TAGTOW -  My grandfather was Carl John Tagtow, my father was George Carl Tagtow. My mother, Katherine Viola Tagtow, d. May 24, 1940, and is buried in the plot (in the Iona Cemetery) that was Grandpa Tagtow's--he was buried there and then Grandma had him moved to the cemetery in Chamberlain.  Lila Rose Tagtow was b. in 1915, and she lived just a short time.  She is bur. on one side of Mom.  Carl George was b. in 1917, and d. shortly after birth.  He is bur. on one side of Mom.  Carmen Viola was b. in 1922, she developed pneumonia, was taken to the Gregory hospital and d.3 days later.  She is bur. on one side of Mom. After Grandpa was moved to Chamberlain, the 3 young children were buried in the same grave---one on top of the other and then when Mom died, she was buried where Grandpa had been.  I believe this came about because of lack of money to buy a plot. 
     This is information that my oldest sister Phyllis wrote: Phyllis was b.  March 12, 1916, at the old Hickey place at Iona,
(North) where George and Katherine lived.  Phyllis d. October 13, 2003.  Another older sister, Lorraine Eleanor Ellerton, b. October 24, 1918, at Sophie (Tagtow) and Frank McGhee's home in Dixon.  I, Rita Joyce, was born at the ME Hospital in Mitchell on Jan. 30, 1934.  Lorraine and her husband, Everett, my husband, Aaron, and I try to get to the Iona cemetery at least once a year before Memorial Day and sister Phyllis used to accompany us before she moved back to VA.  We have really appreciated the care the Friendly Neighbor Club has taken of that cemetery. 
     This past May we noticed that the crosses were there with the incorrect names and were not in the correct place as we had been told anyway.    It was several years before we 3 "girls" bought a headstone for our mother's grave.  Walter Moore bought it in Omaha and brought it up to the cemetery. We think the cemetery association has done a great job.  One of our family stories about my mother, Katherine Kropenske Tagtow, was that she was the first SD woman to be a licensed ferry boat pilot--she and my father ran a ferry boat between Lower Brule and Ft. Thompson on a government contract around 1930-38----those aren't exact dates----I know they were running it when I was born in 1934, and  they ran it at when I was 4 years old.  The boat's name was The Phyllis-Lorraine after my 2 sisters. We lived on the boat and in the winter we lived in and later on a farm down by the river north of Iona and my father trapped fish and hunted for a living along with my mother, sister Phyllis and her husband, Walter Moore.
Thanks,  Rita Ellsworth  aandr@hur.midco.net  
26 Aug 2007
 VAN HORN -  Walter Van Horn was the son of Claude and Sophia Van Horn.  I have not been able to go back any farther than Claude.  Walter moved to Elkton, SD in 1941 and is buried there along with his wife, Nan. I would appreciate your help very much. Rebecca Mines   <therock_lady@hotmail.com>
 WELLS - Seeking any info on William Claude Wells, b. Richardson Co. Ne. ca 1884. Never married, son of Solon Bristol and Margaret Elizabeth (Lee) Wells. His brother, Lawrence Cass Wells, b. Richardson Co. NE ca 1882, m. Mae Thompson (dates unknown).1920 census shows children, Leota age 6 and Lawrence age 8 months, unknown if more children born to this family. A  biographical sketch showed a son Kenneth, possibly Lawrence's middle name???? Larry Gilbert 11047 McCall Dr  Oskaloosa, KS 66066     ks_nature_boy@hotmail.com   20 Jan 2006
 WHITE RIVER CHURCH - Hello, I was looking over the Genealogy Central website and wondered if you've ever come across anything relating to a White River church.  This is the information I have and I'm trying to locate any church records pertaining to this church.  Please let me know if you have any idea as to how to may locate these  Thank you,  Carla Mathews  <cmathews@gwtc.net Mar 2007
 WILLIAMS - Searching for one of my ancestors, Freeman Williams, who d. in Presho, SD in 1909, aged 84.Llived there for several years prior to his death. Dan Walker   quassinoid@earthlink.net



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