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Here I go ... thinking again

My  column (condensed) as published in the pages of  the Chamberlain-Oacoma Register 1997-'2000.

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When my editor at the Chamberlain-Oacoma Register asked me to write a column I, more or less, did it as a joke to begin with and was surprised by the positive response. I hope you enjoy a story or two, but remember, the mind wanders so if you can't figure out what the hell I'm talking about, don't worry ... as I go back through some of them, even I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN!  But then, here I go ... thinking again ....... and that is another story.

 1.   Grandpa Speck's Fourth of July visit  2.  When I took George Foremiller home to die
 3 Harmonic convergence at Chaco Canyon  4.  Back to George  Foremiller
 5.   Dating in the fifties  6.  Column going to the dogs
 7.   Bill's funeral  8.  Do flies have radar?
 9.   Fourth of July in Gillette  10.George Kentch and the way obits should be
 11. Frances hated to play games with me  12. Tidbits about  toilet tissue
 13. If you can ride a bike, try a horse  14. Odds and ends of stuff
 15. Grandma Black made me so mad  16. Why is South Main north? and rock garden
 17. Hallowe'en, Hickeys and hardware store  18. Driving with frosted-over windows
 19. Huffing in the forties  20. My pubescent years: smoking and stealing
 21. Growing up in Reliance  22. Keep guns unloaded
 23. Veteran's Day,  poppies and Fred Bowar  24. I'm just glad that cows don't fly
 25. Characteristics, aren't they strange birds?  26. Random thoughts
 27. The only spanking I ever got  28. Life insurance for a dairy can
 29. Dropping a few lines to shoot the bull  30. When we did time in Utah
 31. Our precious granddaughter, Suzy Myrtle  32. Fishing with Uncle Walt, cleaning them!
 33. Memories of Reliance Consolidated  34. Fishing thoughts
 35. Sharp as a tack. Who me? You decide.  36. It's my fish story and I'm sticking to it
 37. Birthin' babies, part one, 3rd child  38. Sox got the Easter eggs
 39. Birthin' babies, part two, 4th child  40. Trying to teach me to be a webmaster
 41. Do you like the sound of your voice?  42. Babysitting Mrs. Hamiel
 43. Christmas via Nebraska  44  Our neighbor lady entertained the troops
 45. Can't forget St. Mary's Catholic Church  46. True Romance, True Confessions, etc.
 47. Changing my eating habits  48. When Donn tried to run away from home
 49. My dad's magic string trick  50. Valentines and romance ? 
 51. Mom's cat got locked in a trunk  52. Reliance cafe and tavern
 53. "Saving stuff" and Victoria's bluebell  54. Grandma Stallman's dog and Lafferty's organ 
 55. Morgan's stinkin' $100 bill  56. Squaw Bread, Indian summer and nectar
 57. Suzy, Santa, Barbies and red wagons  58. Cats and things that go "thump"
 59. When the mind gets boggled  60. Plucking' chickens or KFC
 61. Two picnics  in December  62. Oh to see Santa again
 63. Bill is with us, always  64. Bill would have been 36 tomorrow
 65. Bill crossed over with dignity  66. Aunt Katy wouldn't let us cuss
 67. How do you know where you live?  68. When Taylor made her mom be "da baby"
 69. Thanksgiving dinner before I was on put O  70  Casey made me understand football
 71. Fr. Pearson's Ole and Lena story  72. Our minister visited the red light district    
 73. Snowbanks and sunburns  74. Time to talk about homosexuality
 75. We should all live on a hill  76. Patriotism at age 5
 77. Holidays and birthdays are tough  78. Mrs. Gerard's four-leaf-clovers
 79. My dream about Aunt Katy's knick-knack  80. We built igloos to hide in and smoke in
 81. I do not like what's under snow            82. The guys swore the guns were unloaded
 83. Older generation  84. Seatbelts. For grandbabies or Granddad?
 85. When TV came to Reliance  86. We literally lost our balls
 87. Bill got into my diet Pills  88.  Masquerade balls and trick or treating
 89. Use enough spray to finish off the flies      90.   Being  a senior citizen ain't so bad
 91. Girls don't have "bibbers"  92.  Only time I ever hitchhiked
 93. Sindi had to teach me to use my scanner  94.  Don't get pregnant in Blanding, Utah
 95. Donn was run over in the driveway  96.  My "visit" from my dad
 97. No, I did not exceed the weight limit  98.  Ed has a "wild" cat story, too.
 99. Dippy? Who me? I don't believe it. 100. Monkey bars were not my specialty
101. Scrabble was my mother's game 102. What on earth is that smell
103. Knives that were used by Victoria and Grandma 104. I know which bowls to eat from so I don't get sick
105. Morgan's Christmas present could be tricky 106. Porcupines aren't supposed to be run over
107. Country school days 108. Casey hid from lightning under the porch
109. Dr. Holland this one's for you 110. Mom's cat got locked in the trunk of her car
111. Love, you never know when or where you'll find it. 112. Keys are no fun when they can't be found
113. Jeffzcool played a trick on me 114. I hit the floor before I was even awake
115. I tried to be Mrs. Farmer, and failed 116. Old letters are fun to read
117. Mustard plasters and other home remedies 118. Bill was the patriotic one
119. Fishing fun with Grandma and Grandpa Speck 120. Eddie's wife Diane biked across America
121. I never noticed when Bill left 122. My clocks make beautiful music together
123. Funny stuff from the "little ones" 124. Viagra and other cure-alls for older folks
125. Cars. We have had a few doozies 126. Pioneer Manor was a learning experience
127. My Stalmanns were from Oldenberg, Germany 128. Ed never scratches behind my ears
129. The weasel who invaded our homes and lives 130. Honey Speck had flour all over his face
131. Deer hunting experiences 132. Bill now helps others cross over
133. Sloe gin fizzes and other sweet stuff 134. Taylor told me I didn't have to be so crabby
135. Uncle Ray's station was a safe haven for me 136. Dandelions are such a welcome sight in the spring
137. It s okay to be different 138. Paper dolls, tea sets and little girls
139. Bare-butted chaps and leather jackets 140. Driving Uncle Paul's tractor
141. My dad's "excessive speeding" charge 142. Prom dresses remembered
143. "Borrowing" my dad's car or Bill Morgan's jeep 144. Laughter, what a neat thing
145. Reacting to the deaths of friends or neighbors 146. Our Christmas memories of years gone by
147. Taylor got hauled out of the Rainbow by Grandad 148. 5,000 obits from Alma and still counting
149. Why older couples go everywhere together 150. Lori Fletcher has secured her place in heaven.
151. Ed Speck's trials and tribulations 152. My half-brother, Kelly Cordry, remembered
153. Toys were so different 50 years ago 154. Barking dogs belong in the country
155. Honey Speck and his Social Security 156. Taylor's answering machine techniques
157. Speak clearly in case they can't hear clearly 158. Unconditional love, above and beyond
159. Tom turkey was a girl 160. My friend Alma Mueller moved to Florida
161. Ed's elk hunt in the Hills 162. Last column in the Chamberlain-Oacoma Register
163. But what if I still have more to say? 164. Going home for Christmas, 1965
165. Mrs. Gerard's 4-leaf clovers 166. Frances and typhoons





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