Lyman County Churches

Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Lyman County Churches

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Church of Christ The King, Presho- Burned 1925; rebuilt 1971. Name change from Church of the Holy Angels.

Sacred Heart Catholic, Vivian - discontinued in 1971, merged with Presho; American Lutheran

St. Albanís    Fort Hale - discontinued

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Reliance, 1907, from Dirkstown. Burned in 1918. Rebuilt.  The present  church was built1985

St. Mary's Catholic Church -  Lower Brule

St. Michaelís Catholic Church, Kennebec, 1906. New church/hall 1974.

Sweeney Catholic Church, 1904. Moved to Presho in 1976. Sits at Lyman County Museum.


Oacoma, organized 1893 and an Indian church was purchased. Burned 1933. Purchased the Christian Church and continued to be used until 1965. Seven members remaining moved to Congregational Church in Chamberlain. The old church sat at the Old West Museum until April, 1998. The Chamberlain Area Historical Preservation Assn. purchased the church and placed it at its present location, its contents intact. The first preaching mission in Lyman County was at Oacoma.

See also White River Church (located SW of Oacoma at Lower Brule Indian Agency)


Kennebec Lutheran Church, Kennebec. 1891 service held in schoolhouse until remodeled in 1895 and became known as Earling Church. Later located in Earling Cemetery and destroyed by storm in 1934. 1930, a basement was built and first service in 1931 in basement. Mortgage burned 1944. Merged into American Lutheran Church in 1961 and remodeled in 1981 for its 50th anniversary.

Lutheran Church, Vivian. Organized 1893. First church built in 1910 five miles north of Vivian. Aka Norwegian Lutheran, Evangelical Lutheran and American Lutheran (1961.) Moved to town in 1928. New church built 1951.

Trinity Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, Reliance. 1917, six miles southwest of Reliance. New church built in town in 1948.

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Presho, formed 1920 Church built on Main Street and remodeled in 1974.


Lyman Methodist/Episcopal Church, Lyman, 1920. Members merged with Reliance and Kennebec churches in 1942. Building sold to the Reliance Methodist Church for kitchen/Sunday School space.

Iona Methodist Church, Iona. 1909, land donated by Frank Walker. Destroyed by fire in 1949. Rebuilt

United Methodist Church, Kennebec, 1907. New church built on same location as original.

United Methodist Church, Presho, 1906. Basement installed in 1923. New church built in 1973.

United Methodist Church, Reliance, 1907. Was a Congregational church until 1915, remodeled in 1965 and large fellowship hall added in 1968. The new church was built in 1985 adjoining the fellowship hall. Later, the church was moved east to its present location.

Vivian, Hope Valley and Stony Butte Methodist Churches- the Hope Valley Methodist Church was organized in 1906 ten miles north of Vivian, church built 1909 and moved to Vivian 1913. Stony Butte purchased church building in 1907 and built a new church in 1911. The Vivian Methodist Church became a part of the Presho Methodist Church in 1978.

Iona - United Methodist

Kennebec - St. Michaelís Catholic, American Lutheran, United Methodist

Lower Brule - St. Maryís Catholic,    (See White River Church which was located at the old Lower Brule Indian Agency SW of Oacoma)

Oacoma - Historic Congregational, now owned by Chamberlain Area Historical Preservation Assn., Inc.  Recently move to Graceland Cemetery at exit 260 along I-90 at Oacoma. Inactive since 1962.

Presho - Church of Christ the King Catholic, Zion Evangelical Lutheran

Reliance-St. Maryís Catholic, United Methodist, Trinity Lutheran

Sweeney-Catholic Church sits at Lyman Co. Museum along I-90

White River Church - Located at old Lower Brule Indian agency SW of Oacoma, 1880s.


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