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Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Lyman County Publications

Includes a list of books I also have access to for research. See bottom of page. Many Lyman county people can be found in Brule county books.

Links will take you to the indexes and other information about the books.


Reliance, South Dakota  1905-2005      $25 + $3 S&H
Reliance book index

barbara speck, Oacoma, 2005

barbara speck

Of Rails & Trails, a centennial journey 1889-1989   
    (Lyman, Brule and Buffalo counties)     Out of print           
Lyman-Brule Genealogical Society   1989 barbara speck
Ida Mallet's Journal    Indexed records of her friends and patients from Presho area $45 + $7 P&H     Ida Mallett barbara speck
Iona Heritage   100 years of Iona History   Index Kathy Winter,   Iona, 2006  kathy winter
Jones Co. History, Proving Up  1977  (Was Lyman Co. to 1917)  Book and Thimble Club barbara speck
Jones County in Memory (Book of obits)  Emma Ferris barbara speck
Land of the Burnt Thigh Ammons sisters barbara speck
Lantern In My Hand     On CD John C. Hall barbara speck
Lyman Co. History Book indexes  1    2    Out of print Lyman County Historical Society 1968, 1977   The two are combined into one. barbara speck
Maka Teepee   History of Chamberlain 1881 - 1981      barbara speck
Oacoma, History of     $10 +  $3 S&H Oacoma Centennial Committee barbara speck
Presho, History of  Book & Thimble Club barbara speck
Rolling Stones Gather No Moss    indexed

Sequel:  Reminiscence, Collection of Short Stories  
Sam Norton

Sam Norton   (2nd book)   1999
barbara speck

barbara speck
Sanford, J. W. Family History   Index   Many Photos Wayne Locher barbara speck
Vivian, History of  unknown barbara speck
Winds of Change  1998 Lyman County History book  $40+ $5 S&H     Lyman County Historical Society  1998 barbara speck
Woster Brothers' Brand Jim and Kevin Woster barbara speck
Brule County History Book  indexes   A to L    M to Z
Thanks Terri Tosh! 
Brule County Historical Society    Book $15 + $5 S&H   Lucille    605-778-6490 barbara speck
Faulk County History Book   1910 -1982 Faulk County Historical Society barbara speck
Hyde County History Book   1880's -1997 Hyde County Historical and Genealogical Society barbara speck

Books from neighboring counties not owned by me but I have access to.


  • Arp and Hammond Story, "From Hardware to Cattle"

  • Battles of Pukwana  997 AD -2005

  • Dertien Family, "Building a better life in America"

  • Haddock Family, "Legend of the"

  • Mortenson and Powers, "Early Settlers"

  • Rainey/RingerWallace Rainey and Jessie Ringer family History

  • Schaub, Frank B., Family History

  • Schuman -  "Whispers From An Empty Coffin"   Donald Schuman life story

  • Tradup History 1961


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