HAND County, South Dakota Genealogy

HAND County South Dakota Genealogy

THE PIONEER PRESS, was established January 4th, 1882, and published every Thursday by J. A. Bushfield, Proprietor. Cost of the subscription was $1.50 per year in advance.

The Pioneer Press

Miller, Hand County, South Dakota, Thursday, December 27, 1894, Vol. XIV No. 1

Page 4, Col. 2 "Ree Heights"

Miss Minnie Duthic is spending a couple of weeks at D. Whitcomb's.

Miss Mabel Kellogg is at home for the holinays; she is attending college at Northfield Minn.

Wallace Smith and John Johnson have moved into town for the winter.

Mr. James Moore has moved into the house vacated by his son George.

The Christmas exercises at the church passed off very nicely. A handsome evergreen tree was well filled with presents both useful and ornamental. The children all did well with their recitations, especially little Gertie Moore.

The ladies who had charge of the entertainment may well feel proud of their efforts. A sum of money was presented to the pastor Mr. Helms, and a handsome silver and pink glass berry dish to the organist Mrs. Wilett, for which they return their sincere thanks.

Page 4, Col. 3

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner entertained their old neighbors from Spring Hills Christmas day and there were several gatherings of friends and relatives to partake of turkey and other good things that are found at the Christmas dinner.

We always thought we were a poor penman and now we know it, for after reading our last jumbled up letter in the Press we made up our mind the typo could not read our hieroglyphics

Page 5, Col. 1 "Local and Personal"

Turn over your new leaf and jump onto it with both feet.

Fine perfumery at the Hand County drug store. 50tf

L.Chenoweth spent Christmas at Wolsey.

Mrs. Warring and sister returned Saturday from their Chicago visit.

On Monday, January 7th, the new county officers take the oath of office.

Pure drugs, fresh and new at N. Johnson & Co. 37tf

Chicken pox is having somewhat of a run among children.

Herman Barnes is the new clerk at the palace drug store.

Mrs. Dr. Cannon of Huron visited her sister Mrs. Robt. Hess in Miller last week.

Stationery and school supplies at Fitzgerald & Redmond's Hand Country drug store. 50tf

J. H. Cole is spending the holidays visiting relatives at Des Moins and Pella, Iowa.

Fitzgerald & Redmond's new drug store is the place to get new fresh drugs and medicines. 50tf.

Prof. G. L. Pinkham shipped a car load of horses last week to the Chicago market.

Cards are out announcing the marriage of Mr. Will Preston to Miss Stella Pruner next Monday.

Dr. R. A. Tait will be in Miller Thursday Jan. 10th. Call on him for all dental work.

Miller Merchants have had a very fair trade for the holidays,-al least considering the times.

N. Johnson & Co. has a large new stock of wall paper. It will pay you to examine his new paterns. 37tf

Supt Fading and wife are attending the educational association meeting at Huron this week.

Clerk Smith issued a marriage license this week to E. K. Fasset and Mrs. Ella Simons, both of Glendale township.

Apples, Apples - Nice new apples can be had at the grocery store of D. H. SMITH & Co.

By reason of being a little late the PRESS is able to announce the arrival of a bright girl baby at the home Mr. and Mrs.Ed. Gifford.

Get your stock of resolutions out and look them over. Don't take too many of them, but but what you do take hold onto.

A. Sebring Jr. and Joseph Trythall were down from north Hand county Saturday, preparing for the holidays.

A telegraph received from Judge Gaffy Wednesday announced another postponment on the contest cases until next Monday.

Link Furman and wife departed today for their home at Dayton, Wyoming, after a pleasant visit here with relatives.

A railroad item says that hereafter bicycles and baby carriages will not be carried as baggage but must be peid for as excess baggage.

Supt.-elect Morton has come to town ready to assume the duties of his office. Mrs. Morton and the children are visiting relatives in Indiana.

Mr. and Mrs. Titus Price, of Highmore, have removed to Yankton where Mr. Price will practice law. Both formerly lived at St. Lawrence.

During the holiday vacation Miss Dexheimer is visiting her home at Spencer. Miss Biddle in Holden township, and Miss White at Ree Heights.

Secretary of agriculture Morton says the free government seeds will this year go to the farmers of the western states, who experienced drouth last year.

Dishes and Glassware. - D. H. Smith & Co. grocers, have a fine display of dishes ad glassware, very appropriate and useful for holiday presents. Call and see them. tf.

Page 5, Col. 2 "Local and Personal"

C. H. Topel, of Rose Hill, reports a fine school entertainment given at his place last week by the scholars, who gave their teacher, Miss Sales a nice present.

A number of subscribers have favored the PRESS by remittances during the past two weeks. We are expecting several more to do likewise as soon as they can.

At a Distance. Faulkton Times: - The sheriff has closed al the saloons in Miller and St. Lawrence, Hand county, making both towns strictly prohibition.

A state religeous paper announces that there are 218 Christian Endeavor societies in the state, with a membership of 5,400, which is a gain of 10 societies and 1,000 members.

Orin Adams has gone to Minnesota to attend a Christian college, to prepare himself for the ministry. Orin is a bright, energetic young man, and we believe will make a mark in his chosen calling.

A delegate convention of townships along the line of Beadle and Hand in both counties, will be held at Huron January 4th and 5th to arrange for development of the dairy interest in that section. This question is now assuming more importance than has been given it in the past. It is well worth investigation.

Holiday Books. Gift and presentation books, Standard works, and bibles, Family, teacher's pocket. Holiday books and booklets of all kinds at G. C. Brigg's.

Judge Pusey, of Miller, is president of the Modern Woodman state encampment, which is now in session at Huron, and he is now representing the Miller lodge at that meeting. Somebody has asked if the president forgets the pass word and has to telegraph home for it, what may be expected of the high privates?

The cold wave that struck us Wednesday is general over the whole country. A little snow Wednesday, and a 20 below temperature this, Thursday, morning is the result, here, followed by immediate moderation, with thermometer at 20 to 30 above, and bright sunshine. As usual we got off easier than eastern and southern states.

Christmas, with its "peace on earth and good will to men," passed off pleasantly hereaway. The festivities at the churches were largely attended and the little folks had their full measure of enjoyment. A union of friends and neighbors in Christmas dinners was largely enjoyed. The principal place of popular resort was at artesian lake, where some two hundred or over enjoyed the exhilarating exercise of skating. In the evening the Miller orchestra dance at the opera house was well attended. Fortunately the good weather of a very pleasant and early winter was not interrupted until Wednesday, the day after Christmas.

A couple of races at the lake on Christmas day for small purses were Interesting. Ervin Tamblyn won the boys race of a mile, and Gene Cottrell won the free-for-all two-thirds mile race. The sport might be a little better organized for New Years day, if the weather permits.

Andrew Butler and Clerk Smith had a special race, and the boys say that Smith's mascot god must have been some place near, because they had not proceeded twenty-five yards in the race when both Mr. Butler's skates came off, and Smith won by his usual majority. Gene Cottrell and Barnsie decline to match Clerk Smith unless his white dog is killed.

Page 5, Col. 3

The second little one of Ed Wilcox died Monday at the home of its grandparent E. T. Bates, Carleton township. This family has been a peculiarly sad experience in a very short time. Recently Mrs. Ed. Wilcox, residing in Clinton county, Ia., was taken sick. Her mother Mrs. Bates was sent for. Mrs. Wilcox died in giving birth to a baby. A little girl two years old and the baby were brought home by their grandmother. A few weeks ago the two year old girl died, and on Monday of this week the baby died. We understand the father Ed Wilcox, arrived this week and will take the remains to Iowa.

Page 8, Col. 1
Earl, youngest son of Louisa and George A. Haskins, died at the home of his parents in Plato township, Hand Co. Dec 12th, 1894. Little Earl was born Aug 2d, 1890.

He was a bright energetic little fellow, bringing sunshine to the whole household. Only a few days before this last illness he said: "Momma I am going to fly away. Do you care?" but after a short time assured her that he as just fooling. He was sick only about thirty-six hours before the angel of death took him to his eternal home where he is waiting to welcome the sorrowing relatives and friends. A large number of friends followed the remains to its final resting at Cottonwood Lake cemetery.

There is no death! an angel form
Walks o'er the earth with silent tread:
He bears our best loved things away:
And then they call them "dead".
He leaves our hearts all desolate,
He plucks our fairest sweetest flowers,
Transplanted into bliss, they now
Adorn immoral bowers.
The bird-like voice, whose joyous tones
Made glad these scenes of sin and strife,
Sings now an everlasting song,
Around the tree of life.

Card of Thanks
We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the many frieds who have shown their sympathy by their many acts of kindness in the time of our late berevement.


Page 8, Col. 2

Wessington Times: - Miss Carrie Thomson, daughter of Commissioner Thomson, of Hand Co. left for Madison S.D. last Tuesday to attend college during the winter term.


First publication Dec. 6t4
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Herman Naber, deceased.

Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, Herman Naber Jr. Administrator of the estate of Herman Naber Sr. decesed, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said Administrator at his residence, in Fairview township, in the county of Hand, S. D.Dated at Miller, S. D. Nov 30, 1894 Herman Naber Jr.
Administrator of the Estate of Herman Naber, Sr. deceased.

First publication Nov 29t7

Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale.

WHEREAS, default has occurred in the conditions of a mortgage containing a power of sale given by Henry B. Porter, Charlotte R. Porter, his wife, mortgagors, to J. P. Hinckley mortgagee, dated May 10th, 1890 and recorded in Book 31 of mortgages on page 305, and assigned to Alice C. Martin who now owns and holds said mortgage; and mortgaging the south west quarter of section 28, township 115 range 66 in Hand county in the state of South Dakota, by which default the power of sale has become operative, and no action or proceeding having been instituted at law to recover the debt thereby secured, or any part thereof: and there is claimed to be due on said mortgage at this date One Hundred and Twenty Seven Dollars.

Notice is hereby given that said mortgage will be foreclosed by sale of said premises at public auction by the sheriff of said county on the 12th day of January 1895 at 2 o'clock p.m. at the front door of the court house in the city of Miller in said county of Hand and state of South Dakota to pay said debt. Interest and ten dollars attorney's fees and disbursements allowed by law.

Dated November 24, 1894.


Assignee of Mortgagee

N.P BROMLEY, Attorney for assignee of mortgagee, Redfield, S. D.

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