BETHLEHEM CONGREGATIONAL CEMETERY, aka German Congregational Bethlehem Stone Church, aka Old Stone Church,So. Star Valley Twp.,
Fairfax,SD. 30-95-67, Book 1 of Deeds, page 1. 1897 - from John & Eva Hoffman to Church Committee for $20. Located 4 miles East of Fairfax and 1 mile
South, 2 acres.

BOHEMIAN NATIONAL CEMETERY, aka Z.C.B.J. Cemetery,Gregory Civil Twp., Gregory,SD, in NW corner of NE 1/4 ,22-97-73. Book 7 deeds, page 35 &
Book 16, page 327- Info Only Plat 8, page 106. Elmer & Lulu Kent to Joseph Papousek in 1909 - Plat of Addition to Bohemian National Cemetery, a sub-division
in NW 1/4 NE 1/4, 22-97-73, Plat 6, page 140 from Wm. & Lila Rickey addition to the cemetery, 1.35 acres added Z.C.B.J. = Z-Zapadni or Western; C-
Czechzko or Czech; B-Braterike or Brotherly; J-Jednota or Organization. Now named Western Fraternal Life Association of Indians, Latins,Vietnamese,Chinese
and Japanese.

BROZIK FAMILY CEMETERY, North Landing Creek Twp., Located in SW1/4 SE 1/4 , 20-100-72. Plat map 8, page 121.

COURNOYER CEMETERY, Jones Twp., SW 1/4 SE 1/4, 9-96-72, no plat. J.P. Nepper, heir of Leon Connoyer (Cournoyer) undivided 1/63 rd interest for a
family cemetery plot.

DEADMAN'S HILL CEMETERY, Old Gaughen Twp., now Whetstone Twp., SW 1/4 Se 1/4 , 34-97-69, 8 miles North of Bonesteel, S.D. Common grave,
possibly Indians.

DES JARLAIS CEMETERY, Whetstone Twp. NE Corner of S 1/2 NE 1/4,28-97-68, near Whitehall or later Mulehead School, to west of School House in
District #9.

DIXON CEMETERY, So. Dixon Twp.,Dixon ,S.D. NW 1/4 SW 1/4, 15-99-73. Pate 6 page 115. Info only Plat 8 pate 105. 1.13 acres 165' X 298.2'. Charles
Siebe,Wilhelm & Anna Paul sold for $4,000 to John M. Daniels, 3-3-1907. Land sold at Sheriff's Auction on 6-27-1938 for $9,569.28 on N 1/2 ( less 1 acre for
cemetery), containing 319 acres. Purchased for $4,000 by Ernest Rehwenkel on 12-31-1945.

ELLSTON CEMETERY, Spring Valley Twp., E 1/2, 11-95-71 & NE 1/4 & W 1/2 12/-95-71 & SE 1/4 14-95-71, Emerson Ellston land, Se of Burke,S.D. or South
of Herrick,S.D. on a hill SE of Ellston School,corner of NW 11/-95-71. No plat.

EMERY CEMETERY, Lucas Twp., E 1/2 NW 1/4 & W 1/2 NE 1/4 & W1/2 SE 1/4 & E1/2 SW 1/4, 31-98-71, situated on an enclosure 20' X 80' near the NW
corner of the farm. USA to Adell Emery,Rosebud Sioux, Eide land at present time. Sully Flats was homesteaded by R.H. Emery, Formerly Emery Twp., now
Lucas. Buried there are Henry R.H. Emery 1816-1894; Mother Susan A. Emery, wife of R.H. Emery 1829-1897; Cecil Blanche Durfee 1870-1898, wife of
Thomas Durfee; daughter of Uriah T. & Bell G. Duncan 1879-1896; Maurice a. Pete, son of George and Maggie Pete 1901-1902; Amos A. Emery, son of E. &
Addie Emery 1895-1895.

EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN ZION KIRKE OF MISSOURI SYNOD CEMETERY, Dickens Twp., Dallas,S.D., SE 1/4 SE 1/4, 7-96-73, Deed Book 34, page
528. On January 26, 1927 Fred & Mary Knittel for $1 deeded to Evangelical Lutheran Zion Church, Missouri Synod, 215' N, 215' E, 215' S & 215' W, SE corner
of SW 1/4, 7-96-73. Evangelical Lutheran Zion church of Missouri Synod was founded in 1904, 7 miles S of Dallas,S.D. Dickens Twp., NE corner of sd 1/4-17,
John Knittel homestead then moved to 6 miles of S. of Dallas on Fred Knittel land now called So. Dallas Church.

FT. RANDALL POST CEMETERY,Randall Twp., NE 1/4 SE 1/4- 18-95-65. Platted in 1877 in SW corner of SE 1/4 -18-95-65. The old Fort cemetery was
located nearby. In June 1893 sixty-seven boxes of remains of those interred were removed and reinterred in Ft. Leavenworth National Cemetery. 63 were
soldiers and 4 were children. The remains of four soldiers remain at rest in the Ft. Randall Cemetery on the hill; General A.E. Hooker ( 1883, 9 th US Infantry);
John A. Breckenridge ( 1886, 2nd Lt. 33 Iowa Volunteers); Hugo Stare (1889, Co. D. 15 th US Infantry killed July 10.1989 at Ft.Randall,Dakota Territory); and
Captain Jacob Herman ( 1888, US Cavalry, blacksmith, soldier & Past General Master of the Odd Fellows). There are 38 graves in the cemetery. The cemetery
has been restored by the American Legion Post at Pickstown.

GERMAN CONGREGATIONAL CEMETERY of Carlock, Lone Star. Twp., NW 1/4 NW 1/4- 17-95-72. Founded in 1907-1957 on Henry Hauch quarter, now
Ray Lindwurm. Fenced cemetery is all that remains of the church yard.

GRACELAND CEMETERY, Rhoades Twp., Burke,S.D. Lot 1 NW 1/4 SE 1/4 - 25-97-72. Plat 1 page 62; Graceland Cemetery Association 11-3-1917 for $
544.70 for 8 38/100 acres. Plats 4-51 & 8-115.

GREGORY CO. POOR FARM, aka Gregory County Farm Cemetery,aka Gregory County Home Cemetery, Union Twp., Burke,S.D. NE 1/4 NW1/4 -19-96-71.
Herbert Young property. Plat lies East of County Farm buildings. County Home was built in 1915 for county poor and aged citizens. When Social Security was
instituted in 1935, the need for the poor farm was no longer needed. It was closed prior to 1938.

HERRICK CEMETERY, Union Twp.,Herrick,S.d. NW 1/4 NW 1/4 - 25-96-71. Plat 1 page 57. Deeds Book 19 page 15. Lies S & W of Herrick City. Sarah
and Charles f. Hussey deeded to Incorporated Town of Herrick.,S.D. 5 acres on 2-15-1913.

HIGHLAND CEMETERY, Fairfax Civil Twp., Fairfax,S.D. NW 1/4 NE 1/4 - 28-95-68. South edge of town of Fairfax,S.D. The Cemetery Board purchased
the E 1/4 of Cemetery in 1900 from Julius Nactigal for $ 100 in NW corner of N 1/2 of NE 1/4-28; West end of Cemetery was purchased from Mr. Oelrich for
$1,000 adjoining the E 1/2 and located at the very NE corner of the N 1/2 NW 1/4-28. Plat 1 page 52.

HILLVIEW CEMETERY, Dallas Twp., Dallas, S.D. Lot 4 SW 1/4 SW 1/4 -7-97-73, Plat page 65 with key & legend. Deed Book 15 page 165, for info only Plat
8 page 26 & 27. R.D. Parker and Margaret Parker deeded to City of Dallas on 4/24/1909.

INDIAN GRAVES,Carlock Twp., SE 1/4 SW 1/4 - 15-95-73

I.O.O.F CEMETERY, aka Odd Fellows Cemetery ( Independent Order of Odd Fellows), aka Fairview Cemetery,Gregory Civil Twp., Gregory,S.D. NW 1/4 NE
1/4 - 11-97-73, Dennis Soesbe etux property. Plat 1, page 56.

LUCAS CEMETERY, Lucas Twp., Lucas,S.D. SW 1/4 SE 1/4 -15-98-71. Plat 1 page 59; Deed Book 19,page 316. On 12-16-1916, George & Maria Hansen
deeded to Lucas Cemetery Assn. 3 acres for $270.00.

MC CRIGHT FAMILY CEMETERY, Rhoades Twp. ,Burke,S.D. SE 1/4 NE 1/4 - 10-97-72.

PEACE EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH CEMETERY, Lone Star Twp., NW 1/4 NW 1/4-5-95-72, Old Kahler homestead, now owned by Wm. F.
Haisch, Dakota Land & Cattle Company. 1908-1918.

PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH CEMETERY, Lone Star Twp., SE 1/4 SE 1/4-5-95-1972. In 1921 newly organized congregation ( Old Peace Evangelical
Lutheran) moved 2 miles SW to present site. John Schnabel land. Old German Reformed Church which was on site was moved. Small graveyard nearby where
early members are buried. John Schnabel to German Reformed Freidens Church of Carlock on 12-7-1916.

PETERSON CEMETERY, aka Rosebud Scandinavian Lutheran, aka Rosebud Scandinavian Cemetery, Turgeon Twp., Burke/Lucas, S.D. NW 1/4 NW 1/4 6-97-
70, 1 square acre. Info Plat only 8 page 107. Jens Peterson to the Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation ( Book 24, page 550 deeded on 4/23/1914.
PLEASANT VALLEY CEMETERY, Pleasant Valley Twp., Bonesteel, S.D. SW 1/4NW/14 23-95-69. $ 20 from Abraham Carlson on 4-10-1901 to Pleasant Valley
Cemetery Assn. on the Andrew Schochenmaier place, South of Bonesteel. Cemetery was used by the church & stable citizens; Catholics were buried in Saint Mary's
Cemetery & " unsavory characters" were buried in original Bonesteel Cemetery, North of Main, Block 8, Powell's Addition.

PONCA CREEK CONGRESSIONAL CEMETERY, aka UCC, aka Indian Cemetery, Ellston Twp., St. Charles, S.D. NW 1/4 NW 1/4 20-95-70. Walter Krier
property, lies at the crest of a high hill south of the Church ground.

PONCA CREEK EPISCOPAL CEMETERY, aka All Saints Episcopal, aka Indian Episcopal, Ellston Twp., St. Charles,S.D. SW 1/4 NE 1/4 17-95-70. Located NW
of Episcopal Church at Milk's Camp. In 11/1/1916 Cane Milk, Esther McKenzie, Daniel Milk, Julia Milk, Robert Milk, Henry Milk and Louise Second Growth, heirs of
Good Woman (deceased) for $1 conveyed to the Chapter of Calvary Cathedral of Sioux Falls,S.D. 40 acres of the W 1/2 W 1/1 SE 1/4 17-95-70. A quick claim deed
is also recorded on W 1/2 W 1/2 SE 1/4 from Black Hawk, party of the first part, in consideration of $ 1 by the Chapter of Calvary Cathedral, Sioux Falls.

RANDALL, EARL, - Single Grave- 1603 - marked gravestone on hilltop located 9-10 miles North of Bonesteel,S.D. possibly a surveyor, early squatter or soldier
fighting the Indian wars.

RANDALL VALLEY COVENANT CEMETERY, aka Swedish Mission Cemetery, Randall Twp., near Fairfax, S.D. No Plat. SW 1/4 SW 1/4 23-95-66, 19 miles
East of Fairfax,S.D. Book 6 page 134. On August 3,1906, Adrian & Annie Nyquist for $ 1 deeded land to the Swedish Mission Church, now Lee A. Linnell land. At a
meeting of the congregation in 1905, a cemetery plan was accepted, 21 rods long & 4 rods wide, land for same having been given equally by Adrian Nyquist & August
P. Swanson, a short distance east of the church at east end of Nyquist land. ( Nyquist also donated land east of the school house on north side of road for the church -
132' long & 115' wide).

ROSEBUD CEMETERY, Schriever Twp., Bonesteel,S.D. SW 1/4 SW 1/4 31-96-68, 4.43 acres, Plat 1 page 64. Rosebud and St. Mary's cemeteries are dived by
natural gulch in Bonesteel. Hoffman claim is where cemetery is located, deeded in 4-9-1901. Info only Plat 8 page 123.

SCARED HEART CEMETERY, aka Burke Catholic Cemetery, Union Twp., Burke,S.D. 80 acres in NW 1/4 NW 1/4 7-96-71, belongs to Bureau of Catholic
Missions ( Catholic Indian Missions), Book 10 of Deeds page 316; Misc 2 page 219 for US Government also includes Milk Camp and others. N plat.

SCISSIONS CEMETERY, Whetstone Twp., Bonesteel, S.D. 10 bodies buried there: one Randall, five Scissions, and four unknowns. Henry and Hannah Scissions
were moved to Hillview Cemetery and three unknowns were moved to St. Mary's Cemetery in Bonesteel,S.D.

SCOTT CEMETERY, Pleasant Valley Twp., Bonesteel, S.D. Located on Harvey Scott Homestead 3 miles West and 1 mile South of Bonesteel. Son, Milo Scott 1886-
1892; Mother Harriet Scott 1856-1894; six children of George Jerred ( aged 0-18 died from diphtheria ) 4 boys & 2 girls; one unidentified neighbor lady.

ST. ANTHONY CEMETERY,Catholic, Fairfax Civil Twp., Fairfax,S.D. NE 1/4 NE 1/4 16-95-68. Info only Plat 8 page 108. 1/ 14/ miles North of Fairfax on land
donated by Joseph & Mary Cahoy, NE corner of N 1/4 NE 1/4 on 92/1901 to Bohemian Catholic Society for cemetery purposes for $ 1.00.

ST. AUGUSTINE'S CATHOLIC CEMETERY, aka Dallas Catholic Cemetery, Dallas Twp., Dallas,S.D. NW 1/4 NW 1/4 18-97-73. On 9-1-1916 one acre in the NW
corner of Lot 1 of the NW 1/4 18-97-73 was deeded for a cemetery, Book 24, 625.

ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CATHOLIC CEMETERY, aka Tekakwitha Cemetery,Ellston, Twp., St. Charles,S.D. NW 1/4 NW 1/4- 33-95-70, cemetery located
southeast of Church.

ST. JOHN'S CATHOLIC CEMETERY, Dickens Twp., Paxton,S.D. (Dallas), SW 1/4 SW 1/4 31-96-73. Deeds book 28 page 237. On March 4,1921, J.F. Shanahan
and Theresa Shanahan deeded for $1.00 to the Church of St. John of Paxton,S.D. a corporation of Dallas,S.D., on E 427', N 204', W 427' and S 204'.

ST. LUKE'S CATHOLIC CEMETERY, Lucas Twp., SW 1/4Se 1/4 - 15-98-71, beside Lucas Cemetery, 20 rods x 16 rods x 20 rods x 16 rods. On July 13,1917
George & Maria L. Hansen of Oakland, NE., deeded for $180, the above land for cemetery purposes to Right Reverend Bishop J. Lawler of Rapid City,S.D.

ST. MARY'S CATHOLIC CEMETERY,Pleasant Valley Twp., Bonesteel,S.D. NW 1/4NW1/4 - 6-95-68; April 19.1913 Michael & Catherine Schonebaum deeded
410.5' S & 33' E. of the NW corner 6-95-68 thence E. 16 rods, thence N 20 rods, thence W 16 rods, thence S 30 rods ( 2 acres) (w 1/2 of W 1/2 of 6-part) to Joseph F.
Busch, Bishop of Lead,S.D. (Catholic Diocese) for the cemetery.

SULLY CEMETERY, Lucas Twp.,Lucas,S.D. SW 1/4 SW 1/4 -27-98-71. 1 acre on 7-11-1907 on Edward Sutter homestead, running E 16 rods , N 10 rods, W 16
rods, S 10 rods to starting point, Sutter School site and cemetery on the knoll to the East of the school building. Graves- P.J. Gaughen, 1-5-1900, age 47 years 8 months,
Johnie, 10-10-1898 to 4-12-1899, son of Joseph & Estella Letourneau; John Sully 1904 & Mary Letourneau 1900 still born, no marker.

SUTTON FAMILY CEMETERY, Whetstone Twp., Bonesteel,S.D. NW 1/4 NW 1/4 8-97-69, family cemetery. Plat 8 page 1. Interred are infants Anne & Joseph,
twin babies of James Emery, marked by white wood crosses; Wallace Emery, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Emery; nephew of James Emery; and Frank Emery,
who died from the flu; three unknown graves; Billie Harmon Sutton and Billie's Sister, Gladys Sutton. Now Ruth Sutton land.

TAVENNER CEMETERY, Mabel Tavenner grave 2-9-1900 to 2-10-1900 in the SE corner of S 1/2 NW 1/4 of Whetstone Twp., now Lindley Twp. on Duane Ertz
place, 24-96-68. More children buried also.

TRINITY LUTHERAN CEMETERY,Fairfax Civil Twp., Fairfax,S.D. SE1/4SE 1/4- 28-95-68. Deed Book 4 page 115. On 5/2/1904, Philip Beechel deeded to
Evangelisch Lutherische Dreieing Keits-Geieinde for $ 90, located 2 miles south of Fairfax,S.D.

WENDELL CEMETERY, Theodore Wendell grave, Turgeon Twp., ( Mile's Pasture), 24-96-68. Single grave of Theodore Wendell 9-17-1889, 83 years of age. He was
a soldier and cowboy.

WILLOUGHLY FAMILY CEMETERY, Whetsone Twp. Bonesteel,S.D. NE 1/4 SE 1/4-32-9768, Tract A, Burial plat A & B. 7 miles North and miles East of
Bonesteel,S.D. , Plat 6 Page 127.

ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH OF MISSOURI SYNOD CEMETERY, Lone Star Twp., NE1/4 NE 1/4- 19-95-72, the Levi Billister quarter owned by Carl Kerner.
An acre site, SE of Carlock,S.D.,6 miles South of Dallas,S.D. John Fode bought the church acres with the provision that he fence the cemetery and not remove graves
of three children, Helmuth & Edmund Stautman and Carl Kerner. 1906-1928.


On a high ridge, formerly the Lucas to Bonesteel road near the Benjamin Turgeon ranch lies a big flat rock with the initials carve upon it J.E.F. 9-14-1918.

Single grave with no fence, no marker in North end of 10-95-66, Randall Twp., possible grave of Carrie Reese, 1910.

WEST HILL CEMETERY, Fairfax,S.D. 7 buried from 1894-1904. Martin Glaser to Geo. Walth in 1909, less one acre deeded to West Hill Cemetery Association,
beginning at a point 38 rods West & 21 rods 10' South of NE corner of SW 1/4, thence South 13 rods, West 12 1/2 rods, North 13 rods and East 12/12/ rods to point of