Pierre FHC Bulletin Board

Pierre Family History Center Bulletin Board

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Computer lose

Our Family Circle

Children's Pedigree

Maintain Roots

Old American Handwriting

Live in Past Lane

Genealogist's Prayer

Families - Pot of Gold

US Ports of Entry

Ports of Departure

Family Quilt

Genealogists Step Backward

Family Treasures

Where Are You Going


Bulletin Board PDF Files


10 Ways To Tell If You Are A Genealogist PDF
A Hint for Taking Notes PDF
All I Want For Christmas--Surname PDF
Archaic Word Meanings PDF
Coming to Your Census PDF
Cousin, Are You Removed PDF
Cute Family Tree Illustration PDF
Days and Months in six languages PDF
Early American Handwriting PDF
Epidemics in the 1600s - 1900s PDF
Everyone Has Ancestors PDF
How Many People In Generations PDF
Our Three Genealogy Lines PDF
Pioneer Era Trends PDF
This is a Family PDF
What Are Surnames PDF
What Is Double Dating PDF
What Records Give Needed Information PDF
Writing Effective Queries PDF
Your Name by Edgar A. Guest PDF