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125 Years of Seneca, South Dakota

The last weekend of June 2009 the small town of Seneca South Dakota celebrated their 125th anniversary. They had been preparing for this weekend for almost two years. One of the committees was to do a Christmas tree to set up in the Faulk County Courthouse in Faulkton, South Dakota for the 2008 Christmas season. We decided to make ornaments and put pictures on them of the people and places of early Seneca. The person, Ellen who was scanning the pictures thought that since we already had all these pictures maybe we should make a CD of them, so she brought it up at the next 125th Committee meeting, it was voted on and passed. Later on she asked the Committee if these pictures could be put on a free web page on the internet so future generations would have access to them, they thought this was a good idea, too. This page is hopefully the place where the future generations of descendant will find pictures of their ancestors.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Faulk County South Dakota Genealogy (https://sites.rootsweb.com/~sdfaulk/findex.htm)
SDGENWEB (http://sdgenweb.com/index.html)

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