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Mitchell Directory 1917, issued under the supervision of the 
Mitchell Merchants Association, listing residents of Mitchell, 
SD over the age of 18 years, using census data. The actual 
count shows 8,134 persons, however taking into account the 
houses where it was impossible to secure information it can 
safely be said that Mitchell has at least 8,200 population. 
This Directory also includes a plat map of Mitchell in the year 
1917. Property of the Davison County Historical Society and 
posted with their permission. The Mitchell Directory 1917 can 
be found in the: 
Mitchell, SD Public Library, Archives Room.

Mitchell City Directory 1917 L-Z address's

Laabs            Alma            rms 1018 Court Merrill
Ladner           Mathias A       r613 W 1st
Lafferty         John            rms 122 E 1st
LaFortune        Alex            r842 Capital
Lahey            Bernie E        rms 403 E 2nd
Lahey            J J             r316 W 4th
Laidlaw          Flora J         rms Mitchell Natl Bank
Lair             Bernice         rms 701 W 4th
Lair             J W, Mrs        r701 W 4th
Lair             Grace           b701 W 4th
Lancaster        Walter          rms S Main,S of Ry
Lane             George A        rms 712 E 2nd
Lane             James A         r123 N Main
Lane             L L             r 420 S Wisconsin
Lane             Ruth D          420 S Wisconsin
Lane             Thomas W        r313 W 2nd
Lang             Coris           b same
Langin           Josephine       r411 West Natl Bk Bldg
Langley          Dwight          b811 W 5th
Langley          Lorena          b513 E 5th
Langley          Roy M           r509 E 5th
Larrison         John A          r301 E 7th
Larrison         Ward H          r121 S Kimball
Larson           Aleck           r512 N Edmunds
Larson           Alfred          b512 S Edmunds
Larson           Gus             rms 122 E 1st
Larson           Leon            r 1031 E 4th
Larson           Louis           r811 W 5th
Larson           Mabel           b512 N Edmunds
Larson           Mary, Mrs       r608 N Edmunds
Lason            Robert H        r624 E 7th
Lathrop          George          rms 404 E 1st
Laubenstein      Theodore        r715 E 3rd
Laurson          Edla            b623 W 4th
Lawrence         Phoebe A        b801 E 7th
Leach            C               rms 113 W 2nd
Leafstone        John            rms 113 W 2nd
Leake            William C       r1107 W University
Leavett          Frances A       rms 210 N Main
Leehan           Edward W        r217 W 2nd
Leekley          Clarence W      r804 E 4th
Leeland          O S             rms 318 N Main
LeFebber         Emma, Mrs       rms Mitchell Blvd
LeGarnd          A N             r721 N Montana
Lehman           Maria, Mrs      r717 N Iowa
Lehman           Otto C          r928 E 4th
Leighty          J William       r1222 E 6th
Leister          Irving          r723 S Duff
Leitner          P               rms 113 W 2nd
Lemke            Arthur          r919 W 2nd
Lemke            William F       r909 E 1st
Lenerville       Clifford        r710 E 7th
Lengebruer       Gotlieb         r929 E 7th
Leonard          Gus             rms 422 E 1st
Lester           Albert          r1219 E 2nd
Lester           Charles         b1219 E 2nd
Letcher          Christian       b701 S Edmunds
Letcher          J W             b701 S Edmunds
Letcher          Lena            b701 S Edmunds
Letcher          George L        r709 E 1st
Letcher          Thomas          rms 423 W 4th
Lewis            Alta            b200 E 9th
Lewis            Herman          b1120 W 6th
Lewis            Minnie          b516 W 3rd
Lewis            R H             r101 N Wisconsin
Lewis            Stephen         r1120 W 6th
Lewis            Villa           r516 W 3rd
Liddell          Jennie          b1012 E 3rd
Liddell          William T       r1012 E 3rd
Lidkke           Lewis           b1015 W 5th
Liden            Nell P          b408 W 4th
Lier             Edith           b700 N Sanborn
Lier             Paul            r700 N Sanborn
lifschultz       Louis           r910 N Main
like             Orson           r513 N Lawler
Liko             George W        112 S Main
Liko             Helen           r112 S Main
Liko             Lillie          r112 S Main
Liko             Mary            b112 S Main
Lillibridge      Marie G         b302 E 4th
Linblad          Erick           r305 W 11th
Lindahl          Aaron           r418 E 2nd
Lindahl          Pearl           b418 E 2nd
Lindamood        Wynete          rms Graham Hall
Lindburg         Kenzie          rms 709 S Sanborn
Lindley          Laura           rms 411 S Sanborn
lindsey          C N             615 W 4th
Lindsey          Elton           r808 N Duff
Lindsey          John C          r815 E 4th
Lindsey          Nellie M        b815 E 4th
lindsey          Wilbur M        r116 W 4th
Lindstrom        Andrew          r415 S Sanborn
Lihgenfelter     John K          r501 E 6th
Litchfield       O T             r423 E 2nd
livington        Frank I         r115 N Kimball
Lobsiger         Florence, Mrs   r100 N Main
Lobsiger         Sam             r100 N Main
Lockhart         John M          r108 E 4th
Lofgren          Carl A          r317 E 1st
Lofgren          Herman          b317 E 1st
Lofswold         Alice E         b934 E 7th
Lofswold         Andrew          r934 E 7th
Loft             Lizzie          r216 E 7th
Logan            George L        r205 E 4th
Logan            Nelson E        b205 E 4th
Long             Frank H         r800 E 1st
Long             Loren           b1001 E 6th
Long             Lloyd           b515 W 5th
Long             Myrtle          b515 W 5th
Long             Samuel          r1001 E 6th
Long             Thurston        r609 N Duff
Long             William         r515 W 5th
Loomer           E A             r613 E 3rd
Loomis           Bert T
Lord             David W         r717 E 1st
Lord             Jennings        r422 W 11th
Louster          John            r416 W 4th
Love             Edward J        rms 210 1/2 N Main
Lovinger         Frank           rms 504 S Edmunds
Lovinger         Joseph L        r220 E 6th
Lovinger         Louis H         r Beckwith Flats
Lowe             Ira D           r309 S Edmunds
Lowe             Lucile          rms Graham Hall
Lowrie           Eva             b921 E 4th
Lowrie           Gladys          b921 E 4th
Lowrie           Lambert E       r921 E 4th
Lubker           Daniel C        farm
Lubkor           Elsie E         N Main above 11th
Luchvaugh        L E             rms 900 S Edmunds
Ludeman          Walter          rms 900 S Edmunds
Lubert           Hilda           b513 N Rowley
Lund             Jens            rms 700 E 3rd
Lunn             Christie        r1022 S Sanborn
Lunn             Mabel           1022 S Sanborn
Lyman            Charles T       r Morning View
Lynburg          W               rms 113 W 2nd
Lynn             C E             b618 W 1st
Lynn             Hallie          r618 W 1st
Lyon             Charles A       r618 S Pennington
Lyons            A G, Mrs        r512 E 2nd
Lyons            Elizabeth R     r220 E 3rd
Lyons            Ethel H         b512 E 2nd
Lyons            Frank J         b220 E 3rd
Lyons            Rose R          b220 E 3rd
Lyons            Rufus B         b512 E 2nd
McCarthy         Edgar           r112 N Rowley
McCarthy         Harold E        rms 112 N Rowley
McCarthy         Lillian         b112 N Rowley
McCartney        Henrietta       r313 W 3rd
McCartney        Henrietta E     b313 W 3rd
McCartney        Mary            b314 N Main
McClintock       Emma E          r212 E 9th
McClintock       John W          803 E 5th
McClurg          John            r619 N Rowley
McComish         Earl            b801 E 2nd
McComish         Florence        b801 E 2nd
McComish         James L         r801 E 2nd
McComish         Thomas J        b801 E 2nd
McCaskey         Eva Grace       r120 E 12th
McConkey         George          r509 N Main
McCondey         Henry R         r902 E 3rd
McConkey         James F         r412 E 2nd
McConnell        G E             r214 W 7th
McCormick        Mary A          213 N Main
McCreight        Charlotte C     r Beckwith Flats
McCusker         F P             rms 316 N Rowley
McDonald         Anthony         b901 E 4th
McDonald         John A          717 N Lawler
McDonald         H L             b609 N Rowley
McDonald         Marie           b517 N Main
McDonald         Sarah           r609 N Rowley
McDonough        Raymond         b100 N Main
McDougall        George          r317 S Edmunds
McDonough        Kate, Mrs       r100 N Main
McGavern         C S             r in country
McGinn           D B             b hotel
Mcginnis         D B             b hotel
McGinnis         Vera            r616 N Minnesota
McGovern         Cecelia         b208 E 3rd
Mcgovern         Eugene D        r Beckwith Flats
Mcgovern         Frank P         r306 E 6th
McGrady          James L         r101 S Edmunds
McGrath          Cecelia         b218 W 4th
McGrath          Edward T        r712 E 7th
McGrath          Ellen           b605 E 1st
McGrath          Hazel           r315 E 9th
McGrath          Jack, Mrs       b622 W 1st
McGrath          J W             b622 E 1st
McGrath          Patrick H       r605 E 1st
McGrath          William         r920 E 5th
McGrath          William S       r203 E 3rd
McGraw           Daniel          r417 E 1st
McGrew           Clorus T        r800 S Edmunds
McHenry          Helen           b221 E 4th
McHenry          Nellie, Mrs     rms 1st Natl Bnk Bldg
McHenry          Vincent         r 1st natl Bnk Bldg
McIntosh         Ida N, Mrs      r700 E 5th
McIntyre         Donald D        r801 E 3rd
McKay            Anna            rms Graham Hall
McKay            Rhoda, Mrs      r Met Theatre bldg
McKay            William R       b208 E 3rd
McKeel           A B             r300 W 3rd
McKillip         Bessie          b929 E 4th
McKinley         Leo             b218 E 3rd
McKinley         Mrs M           316 N Main
McKinley         Warren C        r1105 W 2nd
McKinney         Pearl           r210 W 2nd
McLachlan        Carolyn         rms Graham Hall
McLain           Frank T         r500 W 9th
McLain           H H             r500 W 9th
McLain           Jay C           r200 E 7th
McLoughlin       Bradley         b212 N Main
McLoughlin       Jack            b401 E 1st
McLoughlin       Joseph          116 S Lawler
McLaury          John J          r901 E 4th
McLean           Jay             r same
McMackin         Willard L       r1208 Pennington
McMahon          Francis         b701 E 1st
McMahon          Frank L         rms 514 E 1st
McMahon          John F          b701 E 1st
McMahon          Phillip         r 701 E 1st
McManamen        James I         rms 323 E 9th
McManamen        Margaret        rms 323 E 9th
McMillan         Florence        b217 E 2nd
McMillan         Leile           rms Graham Hall
McMillan         Mabel           b217 E 2nd
McMillen         Martha, Mrs     r217 E 2nd
McMorrow         Marjorie        b321 E 2nd
McMullen         Earl R          rms Blenkiron Bldg
McNary           Alial           r727 S Minnesota
McNary           Cornelius       rms 722 S Minnesota
McNary           Ida             b727 S Minnesota
McPhee           Roy E           r827 W 3rd
McPherson        A Linley        r1122 W 3rd
McPherson        Donald          b609 N Edwards
McTighe          E J             r915 W 4th
Mace             Ruth            rms 122 W 1st
Mackey           Ambrose         r322 S Capital
Mackey           James           b321 S Capital
Mackey           Loretta         rms 322 S Capital
Mackey           Mary            b322 S Capital
Mackey           Timothy         b322 S Capital
MacLean          Bruce L         201 E 3rd
MacLean          Mabel           b416 W 4th
MacLean          Wallace J       r Hoon Flats
Madge            Ella May        r same
Madson           Carrie
Maguire          Francis         b219 E 3rd
Maguire          Francis         r708 E 5th
Mahnke           Herman          rms 113 W 2nd
Maier            John G          r200 S Edmunds
Maier            John G Jr       rms 200 S Edmunds
Maier            Joseph          b200 S Edmunds
Maier            M S             r608 N Duff
Maier            Vernon B        rms 200 S Edmunds
Major            Herman H        r723 E 2nd
Makiesky         Jacob M         b910 N Main
Maline           Arthur J        rms 213 W N B Bldg
Mangles          Albert A        r613 N Edmunds
Mann             A L             r715 S Edmunds
mannos           P               r800 E 8th
Manos            John            rms Bunk Car
Marck            Amelia M        r517 E 5th
Marsden          Beattie         rms 1300 W 3rd
Marsden          Drexel          b1300 W 3rd
Marsden          J Charles       r1300 W 3rd
Marsden          Emma, Mrs       b1300 W 3rd
Marsden          Milton          r809 N Wisconsin
Marshall         Walter          r604 N Rowley
Martin           Mary E          r508 W 2nd
Martin           R S             r515 N Wisconsin
Martin           Sadie           rms 112 E 1st
Martin           Stella          r314 E 10th
Martinson        Elias           r306 S Langdon
Martinson        Harley L        r1101 W University
Martinson        Orrin M         r513 S Sanborn
Martinson        Theresa         b306 S Lawler
Marvin           Clara           rms 720 S Edmunds
Marvin           Edith I         rms 720 S Edmunds
Marzahn          Mabel           rms Graham Hall
Mason            Charles E       r720 E 2nd
Mason            G H             rms 113 W 2nd
Mates            Charles         r924 N Mentzer
Mather           Edward K        r708 E 3rd
Matson           C W             r621 S Montana
Matzigkeit       John S          r621 S Minnesota
Maxwell          Ruth            rms Graham Hall
May              John            110 N Main
Mayberry         Clifford M      b1031 N lawler
Mayberry         Murray A        b1013 N Lawler
Mayberry         Robert B        r1013 N Lawler
Mayer            Clyde E         r605 E 2nd
Mayer            N J             r1016 W 6th
Mayfield         J L             r508 S Sanborn
Maynard          Carl G          b621 N Main
Maynard          F A             r621 N Main
Maxson           Mervin U        r1103 N Main
Maxson           Orlan           b1103 N Main
Mayo             Walter          r618 E 4th
Medley           Phillip H       r410 N Langdon
Medley           Ferne           b410 N Langdon
Medley           Lawrence K      r410 N Langdon
Meikle           Beulah E        b300 E 6th
Meikle           Edward S        r300 E 6th
Meier            Fred J          r601 E 4th
Meinzer          Alonzo E        rms 409 E 1st
Meinzer          Derwin          rms 409 E 1st
Meinzer          Edward W        r409 E 1st
Melody           Jack            r New Koch Flats
Mendenhall       Milo S          r427 S Montana
Mendenhall       William         321 E 2nd
Merriman         Bert N          rms 113 W 2nd
Merriman         Lewis           r408 E 4th
Messerli         Frank J         r803 W 3rd
Mitcalf          Louise          b415 N Edmunds
Metcalf          W C             r415 N Edmunds
Metcher          William         b400 E 3rd
Meyers           J C             r510 N Edmunds
Metzger          William         r515 N Main
Metzger          Susanna         r218 W 9th
Metzer           William G       b515 E 2nd
Metzinger        Frank           r205 W 12th
Metzinger        John J          r413 E 2nd
Meyer            Anna            b622 E 2nd
Meyer            Francis         lives same
Meyer            F F             r714 W 4th
Meyer            Harold G        r1013 N Main
Meyer            John, Mrs       102 N Main
Meyer            Theodore        r401 E 5th
Michels          Edward          b114 N Kimball
Michels          Joe P           r305 E 2nd
Michels          John            r114 N Kimball
Mickish          A T             r205 W 3rd
Miles            A C             r622 N Minnesota
Miles            Bessie          b618 W 7th
Miles            Eliza J         r212 E 6th
Miles            George          r618 W 7th
Miles            John S          r613 W 7th
Miles            Pauline         b622 N Minnesota
Miles            Zerline         b622 N Minnesota
Millard          L B             r701 N Sanborn
Millay           Fern            rms Graham Hall
Miller           Arthur          r823 E 5th
Miller           Edith R         b600 E 6th
Miller           Edward          rms 622 N Main
Miller           Ernest, Mrs     r700 S Duff
Miller           Catherine       b617 W 5th
Miller           Clement C       r624 E 6th
Miller           Daniel B        r600 E 6th
Miller           Dorothy M       b823 E 5th
Miller           Frank           r1323 W 4th
Miller           George H        r303 S Wisconsin
Miller           Harry G         401 West Natl Bk
Miller           Irene Avery     401 West Natl Bk
Miller           Jay W           b516 S Edmunds
Miller           Job             r522 S Sanborn
Miller           Joseph          r600 E 2nd
Miller           Kathryn E A     b617 W 5th
Miller           Lauritz         r600 S Sanborn
Miller           Lillian, Mrs    rms 516 S Edmunds
Miller           Mulford         r609 N Sanborn
Miller           Oscar           r314 S Wisconsin
Miller           Ralph H         r600 E 6th
Miller           Robert Lee      rms 512 S Minnesota
Miller           Roscoe          rms 512 S Minnesota
Miller           Thomas J        r512 S Minnesota
Miller           William, Mrs    r322 S Wisconsin
Miller           W P             r900 W 5th
Milner           Harry           r408 N Rowley
Milner           Harry           r408 Iowa
Minehart         A T             r515 N Main
Minehart         Paul            b515 N Main
Mire             John            rms Bunk Car
Miskimins        Ray             b Vermilyea Flats
Miskimins        Scott A         r Vermilyea Flats
Mitchell         Frank W         r515 S Wisconsin
Moberg           O               r417 E 2nd
moe              Elmer           b820 W 7th
Moe              T J             r820 W 7th
Moeschner        Hattie          b902 W 2nd
Moeschner        Paul            r902 W 2nd
Moffet           Harvey D        r420 W 1st
Moffet           Luverne         b420 W 1st
Mohn             Marsena R       b809 W 2nd
mohr             Edward          rms 504 W 2nd
Mohr             Edwin C         rms 504 W 2nd
Mohr             Wayne           b504 W 2nd
Mollberg         Emma            801 E 5th
Monk             Albert          r509 N Main
Monk             Emmet J         r308 E 9th
Monroe           Lucretia        rms Graham Hall
Monroe           Mary E          r422 W 11th
Monroe           Martha          b422 W 11th
Montgomery       Robert H        r623 E 2nd
Moon             Charles         b622 N Main
Moon             Ruth            b301 E 7th
Moran            Thomas J        r913 E 8th
Morand           William
Moreland         James           r802 W 2nd
Morgan           Bee             b613 N Duff
Morgan           Bernice E       b613 N Duff
Morgan           B H             r613 N Duff
Morgan           S H, Mrs        r415 W 10th
Morgan           Edward          b822 E 6th
Morgan           G W             601 W 12th
Morgan           Lee C           b412 E 6th
Morgan           Mark M          b822 E 6th
Morgan           Roy             b613 N Duff
Morarity         John W          rms 111 N Rowley
morarity         Martin          rms 111 N Rowley
Morarity         Thaddeus        b111 N Rowley
Morarity         William         r111 N Rowley
Moore            Martha          r820 W 4th
More             Walter          r820 W 4th
Morris           Leroy H         r1005 E 4th
Morris           R               rms 113 W 2nd
Morris           Silas E         r501 E 3rd
Morris           Whitney         r907 E 3rd
Morrow           Joseph T        r515 E 3rd
Morse            Alice           rms Graham Hall
Morten           May             rms 621 W 3rd
morton           F A             rms 622 N Main
Morton           William T       r704 W 4th
Moser            Albert E        r700 E 1st
Moses            Frederick       r423 S Wisconsin
Moses            John E          r315 S Minnesota
Moses            Leonard         215 W 4th
Moses            Mary J          b601 E 4th
Moss             Miller A        r723 S Rowley
Moulten          Wesley          rms 900 S Edmunds
Mowry            Albert A        221 E 10th
Moyer            Ruth            r315 W 4th
Moyer            Frank L         r315 W 4th
Moyer            Willard F       b315 W 4th
Muckler          J W, Mrs        r905 S Sanborn
Mueller          Joseph          r600 E 2nd
Mueller          J A Jr          r520 S Montana
Mueller          Joe H           r420 E 6th
Mullen           J P             r619 E 6th
Mullen           James P         r619 E 6th
Mulleim          Margaret
Muller           Maude           b Koch Flats
Monroe           Edith           r905 S Sanborn
Munson           Edna            b N Main
Munroe           Herbert D       rms 905 S Sanborn
Murdock          Richard         rms 123 W 1st
Murphy           B               rms 113 W 2nd
murphy           Edward J        r217 E 10th
Murphy           George P        rms 515 W 3rd
Murphy           James           302 E 10th
Murphy           Margaret        b302 E 10th
Murphy           Myrtle          rms 505 S Sanborn
Murphy           William J       b302 E 10th
Murphy           William T       505 S Sanborn
Murray           Edwin L         b604 W 2nd
Murray           Eleanor         b604 W 2nd
Murray           George          rms 123 W 1st
Murray           Gladys          b614 Burr
Murray           Hazel           rms Graham Hall
Murray           Lillian E       b604 W 2nd
Murray           Hattie, Mrs     b604 W 2nd
murray           Oliver E        r604 W 2nd
Murray           Vesta           b604 W 2nd
Murray           William B       b604 W 2nd
Murris           Peter           rms 119 W 2nd
Myers            Anna            b622 E 2nd
Myers            Arthur H        rms 209 E 6th
Myers            Charlotte       b1101 E 4th
Myers            Earnest T       r1103 E 5th
Myers            Gertrude        b815 N Main
Myers            Howard          r1101 E 4th
Myers            Leona A         r209 E 6th
Myers            Sarena I        r1101 E 4th
Myers            Obed            r1101 E 4th
Myers            William G       r209 E 6th
Mylan            Benjamin F      r1031 E 5th
Mylan            Clement E       r1031 E 5th
Mylan            Edward J        r1031 E 5th
Mylan            Ferd W          rms 404 W Natl Bk Bldg
Mylan            Frank C         r938 E 6th
Mylan            Genevieve A     b1031 E 5th
Mylan            Leo P           r1031 E 5th
Mylan            Marie K         rms 1031 E 5th
Mylan            William         r new Koch Flats
Mylan            Will, Mrs       r new Koch Flats
Myler            Jessie          rms 1028 Court Merrill
Myler            Melvin W        r1028 Court Merrill
Myler            Ruth            b1028 Court Merrill
Myles            John J          r300 W 4th
Nafe             J D             b216 W 7th
Nagle            Emma            r hosp
Nash             Merle           b622 N Sanborn
Nauman           George          rms 605 E 1st
Navin            T P             r500 Rowley
Nedrow           L H             r612 S Wisconsin
Neish            Andrew O        r409 E 7th
Neish            Bernard         r407 E 7th
Neish            Chester         rms 409 E 7th
Neish            Lyn L           b409 E 7th
Neish            Paul C          b409 E 7th
Nellis           Harriet         b New Koch Flats
Nellis           Joephine        r New Koch Flats
Nelson           Anna            r307 1/2 N Main
Nelson           Arthur          rms 113 W 2nd
Nelson           C F             r310 W 5th
Nelson           Elvira          b Graham Hall
Nelson           Eugene L        r704 E 3rd
Nelson           Gordon          r112 N Rowley
Nelson           Jens C          r112 N Rowley
Nelson           Herman E        r709 N Lawler
Nelson           J L, Mrs        r408 E 1st
Nelson           John L          r408 E 1st
Nelson           Mabel           b1009 W 4th
Nelson           Melvin          b408 E 1st
Nelson           N, Mrs          r316 N Main
Nelson           Oliver          r808 E 2nd
Nelson           Olaf            r721 Montana
Nelson           Oscar           b605 E 1st
Nelson           Ruby            b720 S Montana
Nelson           Ruth            r same
Nelson           W O             b704 E 3rd
Nelson           W W             rms University Place
Newman           Burton          b520 S Sanborn Duff
Newman           C A             r1000 W 6th
Newman           C D             b520 S Duff
Newman           Fay             rms 520 S Duff
Newman           Harry V         b314 W 1st
Newman           Raymond         r500  S Duff
Newman           Walter M        r715 N Lawler
Newman           Walter          b715 N Lawler
Newton           Emery A         r908 E 1st
Niblick          Harvey P        r315 E 7th
Nicholls         Edith           b320 McCabe
Nichols          Harry G         r509 E 6th
Nichols          Iva M           b409 E 2nd
Nicholson        Ethel A         b516 E 2nd
Nicholson        Mary            b516 E 2nd
Nicholson        Theresa E       r516 E 2nd
Nicholson        Peter           rms 117 N Main
Nick             John            rms 113 W 2nd
Nick             Christ          rms 113 W 2nd
Nicol            Rachel          rms Sherwood Flats
Nielson          Fred E          r700 S Edmunds
Nielson          Peter           rms 425 S Sanborn
Nirk             Henry D         r1000 E 6th
Nirk             Rudy L          b1000 E 6th
Nirk             William A       r616 N Main
Nirk             Zoe             b1000 E 6th
Nix              R E             r308 McCabe
Nobis            George R        b201 W 3rd
Nobis            Max F           r817 E 4th
Nobis            Stella          b817 E 4th
Noble            D J             r same
Noble            Harvey          r823 W 3rd
Noble            R A             b316 W 4th
Nolan            James H         r610 E 1st
nolt             John H          r420 W 4th
Norberg          Melvin          b934 E 6th
Noren            Albert          b503 N Duff
Norman           George          b605 E 1st
norris           Frank L         b408 E 3rd
Norris           Herbert         r301 S Edmunds
North            William M       r308 E 3rd
Norton           Carl B          b711 N Langdon
Norton           Ella E          r711 N Langdon
Norton           Faye M          b711 N Langdon
Norton           Frank           b607 N Sanborn
Norton           Mildred         b320 E 5th
Notson           Gary T          r731 S Wisconsin
Notson           Louise          rms 731 S Wisconsin
Notson           Mattie          rms 731 S Wisconsin
Nourse           V C             r610 N Edmunds
Novak            Esther L        b1009 N Lawler
Nurenberger      Anna            rms 223 W 3rd
Nyberg           Emil            rms 113 W 2nd
O'Brien          John F          r916 E 5th
O'Brien          Tillie          r hosp
O'Connor         Charles D       rms 308 E 3rd
O'Daniel         James B         r809 E 2nd
O'Donnell        John            r407 N Duff
O'Flaherty       Colman E        r321 E 3rd
O'Flaherty       Mary            b321 E 3rd
O'Grady          Cecelia         r hosp
O'Hara           Kathryn
O'Neil           John            rms Champney Bldg
O'Rourke         Timothy         rms 321 E 4th
Oaks             Loraine         rms Graham Hall
Ogan             Walter          rms 113 W 2nd
Ogan             Mayme L         rms same
Olander          J Fred          r307 W Milan
Oleson           Thomas          r509 S Wisconsin
Ollenburg        Arthur          b717 N Iowa
Ollengurg        Emilly          r710 W 7th
Ollenburg        F W             r717 N Iowa
Ollenburg        J               r710 W 7th
Ollenburg        Walter          rms 717 N Iowa
Olmstead         Madeline        rms 923 S Edmunds
Olmstead         N H             rms 923 S Edmunds
Olmstead         W T, Mrs        r923 S Edmunds
Olsen            Bothilda        b 515 W 3rd
Olson            Martin          r822 E 3rd
Olson            Myrtle          b601 W 4th
Olson            Myrtle          b221 E 2nd
Olson            Ole T           r601 S Duff
Olson            Olga            rms 509 S Wisconsin
Olson            Thomas          r509 S Wisconsin
Opferkuch        P A             r504 E 2nd
Orcutt           Freda           rms 1441 W 3rd
Orcutt           Orville D       r1421 W 3rd
Orr              Ethel
Orr              Harry           rms 316 N Main
Orr              Inez            b513 N Rowley
Orr              Joseph A        rms 118 E 1st
Orr              Joe H           r405 E 5th
Orr              Ray             rms 118 E 1st
Orswell          T W D, Mrs      r103 N Sanborn
Osgood           C S             r307 E 4th
Osgood           Francis         b1117 E 4th
Osgood           Frank L         r1117 E 4th
Osgood           Marion R        b1117 E 4th
Osgood           Mildred         b1117 E 4th
Ott              Albert V        rms 209 E 2nd
Ott              Alexander       rms Merchants Rooms
Otterson         Albert
Otterson         Howard G        b905 N Main
Overbee          Arthur L        rns 416 S Sanborn
Overgard         Carrie          b306 S Langdon
Overgard         Nellie          rms 306 S Langdon
Overstreet       J S             b321 E 1st
Owens            Emery E         r621 E 1st
Owen             Clara           r hosp, 500 E 5th
Owen             E M, Mrs        r717 E 2nd

Packard          F S             r1000 W 3rd
Paeth            Albert R        r413 E 1st
Palmer           Benjamin W      r215 E 9th
Palmer           Chester A       b215 E 9th
Palmer           Jeanette M      b215 E 9th
Palmer           Roy             r310 N Main
Palmer           Charles H       r120 E 10th
Pape             Theresa         b hosp
Pappas           James           rms 113 W 2nd
Parcells         Harvey J        b504 E 2nd
Parker           George W        rms 113 W 2nd
Parker           J C             rms hotel
Parker           Vera E          rms Mitchell Natl Bk Bldg
Parish           Kitty           b Perry Flats
Perry            Grace           rms Graham Hall
Partridge        Robert          rms 123 W 1st
Pascola          Michael         rms 113 W 2nd
Patrick          Clifford L      rms 514 E 1st
Patterson        Frank L         r509 W 2nd
Patterson        George          r715 N Edmunds
Patterson        Harold          bBidwell Flats
Patterson        Hazel           bBidwell Flats
Patterson        H P             r1115 W Pennington
Patterson        Herbert P       b115 Pennington
Patterson        Thomas          b309 E 2nd
Patterson        William, Mrs    r309 E 2nd
Patterson        William D       r121 S Kimball
Patterson        William J       r410 E 1st
Pattison         O K             rms 113 W 2nd
Patton           Joseph T        r901 N Main
Patton           M F             r422 W 3rd
Patton           William A       r911 N Main
Patrick          Amanda E        r715 E 6th
Paullin          Charles L       r723 E 2nd
Paullin          Florence        rms 923 E 2nd
Paullin          Joseph H        r923 E 2nd
Paullin          Lyle            rms 923 E 2nd
Paullin          Robert C        b923 E 2nd
Paulsen          John            b509 W 2nd
Paulson          Mabel, Mrs      r116 W 1st
Payne            Cottrel N       r Savoy Hotel
Payne            J L             rms 122 E 1st
Payne            Madie           b Savoy Hotel
Payne            Mark D          b900 Court Merrill
Peabody           R W            412 S Sanborn
Peake            Edward E        r609 E 1st
Pearson          Alta Mae        rms 909 S Edmunds
Pearson          David           r909 S Edmunds
Pearson          Harold D        rms 909 S Edmunds
Pearson          John            b103 N Sanborn
Peden            John H          r419 N
Peden            Maggie          r207 W 1st
Pederson         George C        rms 305 E 2nd
Pedrie           George          709 N Rowley
Pegham           Henry           r704 E 2nd
Pehrson          A E, Mrs        r317 E 2nd
Pehrson          Adolph H        r501 E 2nd
Peile            J J             r1017 N Main
Peregrine        Charles E       r413 N Main
Peregrine        Frank L         r1112 W 3rd
Peregrine        Orrin M         r523 W 2nd
Perkins          Berta           616 N Sanborn
Perkins          Clifford        rms 616 N Sanborn
Perkins          Frank M         r616 N Sanborn
Perkins          Mildred         b616 N Sanborn
Person           E A, Mrs        r317 E 2nd
Peters           Charles         r818 E 6th
Peters           Fritz F         r821 N Lawler
Peters           Mary            rms Raymond House
Petersen         Hans P          b1002 N Winsor
Petersen         Henry W         r621 S Duff
Peterson         Marvin J        rms 121 E 1st
Peterson         Hartwig C       b1002 N Winsor
Peterson         Roy             rms 523 S Sanborn
Peterson         Nora, Mrs       709 N Lawler
Peterson         Alfreda
Peterson         Anna            b216 E 9th
Peterson         Arthur          r920 E 1st
Peterson         Axel H          r523 S Sanborn
Peterson         Charles         rms 123 W 1st
Peterson         Grace           rms Graham Hall
Peterson         Henry A         r800 E 5th
Peterson         Iva             b721 E 3rd
Peterson         Iver            r721 E 3rd
Peterson         J H             r709 N Lawler
Peterson         Selma           b721 E 3rd
Petrie           Frank A         rms 715 S Wisconsin
Petrie           James H         r715 S Wisconsin
Petrie           Jessie M        b715 S Wisconsin
Phelps           Eva             rms Graham Hall
Phillips         Charles         r503 E 2nd
Phillips         George E        r916 Gamble
Phillips         G W, Mrs        r807 S Sanborn
Phillips         H M             r222 W 4th
Phillips         M T             b222 W 11th
Phillips         Orrison A       r1018 Court Merrill
Phinney          Frank           rms 807 S Sanborn
Phoenix          Louisa, Mrs     r208 E 3rd
Photokos         Angelos
Pier             Clarence L      r Hoon Flats
Pierce           Levi            r918 Court Merrill
Pifle            Mrs             r218 E 3rd
Pilgrim          R C             r707 W 6th
Pine             Charles L       r1000 E 3rd
Pine             Oliver G        r1000 E 3rd
Pipal            Rose
Plough           Henry W         r1005 E 6th
Plum             Roy             b602 W 3rd
Plum             W R             r602 W 3rd
Pooley           P J             r817 N Wiscosin
Pope             Mary, Mrs       r521 S Duff
Pope             Myrtle          b521 S Duff
Poppendick       Glen            rms 104 N Rowley
Porteous         Frank E         r411 E 3rd
Porter           Charles E       r918 E 2nd
Porter           Isabell B       r501 W 2nd
Porter           John D          r Mit Natl Bk bldg
Potter           Alta            rms Graham Hall
Potter           Calvin J        r1208 S Sanborn
Potter           Ellis S         b622 S Wisconsin
Potter           Eugene L        r1208 S Sanborn
Potter           Ferne L         b622 S Wisconsin
Potter           George          r715 S Wisconsin
Potter           W N             r622 SWisconsin
Powers           Annie           b518 N Main
Powers           Grace           b222 W 6th
Powers           Helen           b223 W 6th
Powers           Nellie          r222 W 6th
Pratt            Elmer E         r205 W 2nd
Pratt            William T       211 E 1st
Premack          J D             114 S Main
Prescott         O E             b905 N Main
Preston          Clarence        b522 W 4th
Preston          Harrison C      r522 W 4th
Preston          Harry           b522 W 4th
Preston          Orange J        r1000 W 3rd
Preston          Ralph W         r608 W 1st
Price            Mabelle         b218 W 4th
Price            Steve           b615 Wisconsin
Price            Verda           rms Graham Hall
Priest           Clark B         b820 E 4th
Priest           Eva B           r820 E 4th
Prisch           Mildred         rms Graham Hall
Pritzkau         Elsie           b405 E 1st
Pritzkau         Harry           b405 E 1st
Pritzkau         John Y          r405 E 1st
Proud            Marcia          b417 E 7th
Puckhaber        C F             r316 W 5th
Puff             William         rms 223 S Wisconsin
Purcell          Daniel          1150 W 3rd
Purcell          Lela            b1150 W 3rd
Purdy            Lemuel D        rms 200 W 4th
Putnam           Fred            b921 E 3rd
Putnam           Ida             b401 E 2nd
Pynch            Harold          b909 N Lawler
Raben            Alice Ione      b420 E 2nd
Raber            Lester H        r617 E 4th
Radabough        Edna            rms Graham Hall
Radabough        Gladys          rms Graham Hall
Radford          H L             r524 E 1st
Radmer           Charles         r622 S Rowley
Raffler          Bertha B
Raines           Robert C        r207 E 7th
Ralston          Charles E       b519 S Edmunds
Ralston          Nellie M        b519 S Edmunds
Ralston          R H             r519 S Edmunds
Randall          Gilbert C       r1024 E 6th
Rang             Louis           rms 709 S Sanborn
Ransom           A W             r801 E 5th
Ransom           Dilles L        b720 E 5th
Ransom           F L             r720 E 5th
Ransom           Z A, Mrs        r720 E 5th
Rapp             Carl H          r705 E 7th
Rapp             Henry S         b705 E 7th
Rapp             Juanita         b705 E 7th
Rasmussen        Hansona         b604 E 2nd
Rasmussen        Henry           r509 S Sanborn
Rathbun          Charles B       r1009 N Lawler
Rathbun          Nettie J        b212 E 6th
Rathbun          W E             r212 E 6th
rathie           T W             r923 W 4th
Rawson           A L             r803 N Wisconsin
Ray              Clara
Ray              Louis           b219 E 3rd
Rayes            Joseph          rms 112 E 1st
Ream             W W             r209 E 7th
Reardon          Ada             r220 W 7th
Rebensdorf       William         rms 210 1/2 N Main
Redden           Edward          rms 117 S Lawler
Redden           Richard J       r117 S Lawler
Redline          Fred A          r215 E 4th
Redline          P A             rms Widmann Hotel
Reed             James E         r113 N Rowley
Reed             John A          r211 E 2nd
Reed             M A             rMetropolitan T Bldg
Reese            John B          616 E 5th
Reeser           William S       r316 E 2nd
Reeve            charles W       r1111 W University
Reeves           Clifton E       213 N main
Reeves           Marvin A        213 N Main
Regan            Ben M           r1012 E 7th
Rehfield         Samuel D        r113 N Rowley
Reid             Anna S          b601 E 3rd
Reid             Lida R          b601 E 3rd
Reid             S A, Mrs        r601 E 3rd
Reider           Chris           rms Southside House
Reierson         Ella            b506 S Sanborn
Reierson         Arthur M        b506 S Sanborn
Reierson         John E          b506 S Sanborn
Reierson         John            r506 S Sanborn
Reierson         Minnie          b609 W 4th
Reierson         Oscar           b506 S Sanborn
Reierson         R N             r609 W 4th
Reierson         Robert S        b506 S Sanborn
Reierson         Stella          b609 W 4th
Reihsen          Jacob P         r Reihsen & Co
Reihsen          Leo M           r815 E 2nd
Reihsen          Ludwina         b112 E 2nd
Reihsen          Regina          b112 E 2nd
Reihsen          Anna            rms Graham Hall
Reis             Anna, Mrs       rums 113 N Rowley
Reisdorff        A               113 W 2nd
Remmel           Michael         rms Navin Hotel
Rew              George H        r501 W 3rd
Reyes            Joe             b hotel
Reynolds         Dale            rms 717 S  Sanborn
Reynolds         Hazel           rms Graham Hall
Rhoades          Riley           r317 E 9th
Rhodey           John F          r704 E 2nd
Rhoduf           J Frank         r704 E 3rd
Rice             Annie           rms 1018 Court Merrill
Richards         F V             r223 W 11th
Richardson       Bueford M       r301 E 2nd
Richardson       Clyde G         r604 E 3rd
Richardson       George A        rms 422 W 1st
Riedel           Annie M
Reidel           Charles H       r300 E 9th
Riedel           Ella M
Riedel           Minnie C        b300 E 9th
Rieder           Chris           rms 401 S Duff
Rierson          Anna L          r311 E 7th
Rierson          Christine       b311 E 7th
Riggert          George          401 N Main
Rishling         Cecil           r320 E 10th
Rising           Lloyd           rms 717 S Sanborn
Roberts          Inez            rms 409 E 2nd
Robertson        E A             r rural
Robbins          Chester         b900 S Edmunds
Robbins          Claude A        r Beckwith Flats
Robbins          Clark E         212 N Lawler..
Robbins          Lester          rms Graham Hall
Robbins          A R             rms 113 W 2nd
Robinson         James S         r1000 E 4th
Rockwell         Frank W         r700 E 3rd
Rockwell         Hazel           rms Graham Hall
Roddy            Charles A       b417 N Sanborn
Rodee            H A             r503 N Rowley
Rogan            James A         r600 E 3rd
Rogan            Margaret        b423 W 2nd
Rogan            Mary A          r423 W 2nd
Rogan            Mary, Mrs       b600 E 3rd
Rogan            William B       r423 W 2nd
Rogers           Sarah, Mrs      r303 E 2nd
Rogge            Fred A          r816 E 3rd
Rogge            N A, Mrs        r615 E 2nd
Rohan            John M          r416 E 3rd
Rohlf            Elizabeth       r723 S Montana
Roller           Peter           rms in office
Rollinson        Alta, Mrs       r615 W 4th
Rollinson        William M       r608 S Duff
Rowan            Margaret        rms 107 S Sanborn
Ronald           W R             r422 W 5th
Rooney           Joseph          rms Blenkiron bldg
Roney            W E             r807 N Duff
Roscamp          Henry           800 S Wisconsin
Roscamp          Louisa          r400 S Wisconsin
Roscamp          Roy             b400 S Wisconsin
Rose             Ben             rms 113 W 2nd
Rose             Martha A        r922 W 5th
Rosenburger      Lucile          rms 1018 Court Merrill
Rosengrin        Axel            rms 418 E 2nd
Rosenquist       Carl            b411 N Mentzer
Rosenquist       Freda           b411 N Mentzer
Ross             E F             r808 W 3rd
Rote             Del             rms 113 W 2nd
Roth             Barbara E       b407 E 9th
Roth             Catherine       r407 E 9th
Roth             Charles         r407 E 9th
Roth             Edward          r407 E 9th
Roth             Minnie J        r407 E 9th
Roth             Mona, Mrs       r615 N Main
Rounds           Marie           r hosp
Rowell           George          r405 S Minnesota
Rowell           John W          rms 405 S Minnesota
Rowley           Alfred B        r909 N Lawler
Rowley           Ann C           r800 E 4th
Rowley           Blanche M       r800 E 4th
Rowley           Earl B          r805 E 7th
Rowley           Ella A          b800 E 4th
Rowley           Frank L         r706 E 6th
Rowley           George M        r409 E 5th
Rowley           Myron K         r409 E 5th
Rowley           Sam V           r521 E 5th
Rowley           Warren B        r805 E 7th
Rozum            Anthony J       r400 E 4th
Ruby             Violet, Mrs     r704 E 3rd
Rubin            F A             r110 S Main
Rudd             Nicholas        rms 501 S Wisconsin
Rudd             Ole             r501 S Wisconsin
Rudd             Oscar           rms 501 S Wisconsin
Ruden            Bertha          b516 E 3rd
Ruden            Magdalene       b516 E 3rd
Ruden            Peter           r516 E 3rd
Ruden            Ruth            b513 E 3rd
Rudloff          Chris C         r1005 E 6th
Runyon           Sirenious       rms 115 N Kimball
Rush             Will T          r514 E 1st
Russell          Dorothy         b615 N Rowley
Ruthardt         John            rms 104 N Rowley
Rutherford       Samuel J        r301 E 9th
Rutherford       Virginia        r hosp
Ryan             John            rms 412 S Sanborn
Ryan             Michael C       r900 Burr
Sabin            William B       r305 W 2nd
Sabin            John            rgarage, 710 N Main
Sachan           E               hotel
St George        E               b318 E 5th
Sakell           Mike            b318 E 5th
Sakell           Belle           r1005 E 3rd
Sakell           Blanche E       b623 E 4th
Sallade          Clarence D      b623 E 4th
Sampson          Milton E        b623 E 4th
Sampson          Spencer S       b516 E 1st
Sampson          William W       r same
Samson           Frank W         r221 E 6th
Samson           Helen L         b221 E 6th
Samson           Lola O          b221 E 6th
Samuels          Florence        b213 N Main
Samuels          Kate E          r same
Samuels          John            r413 W 2nd
Sand             Robert          rms 415 S Sanborn
Sandberg         Millie          rms Graham Hall
Sanders          E J             r901 W 4th
Sanders          Lillian         b901 W 4th
Sandman          Anna            b812 E 2nd
Sandman          Carl            r812 E 2nd
Sandman          Lydia           b812 W 2nd
Sandoz           Albert B        r504 W 2nd
Sargent          Winifred S      rms 104 N Rowley
Sartin           Rolley          b509 N Main
Satterlee        Phylis          b613 W 5th
Satnan           Henry I         r Bidwell Flats
Satterlee        Roscoe E        r718 S Minnesota
Saunders         Charles H       b523 W 2nd
Saunders         Francis A       b523 W 2nd
Saunders         Harry S         b523 W 2nd
Saunders         Mary G          b523 W 2nd
Saunders         Nellie D        r523 W 2nd
Sayler           Albert          r610 W 9th
Sayles           Frank           r214 W 11th
Sayles           Willliam A      r1023 W 7th
Saylor           Mark O          r212 E 10th
Scallin          Anna, Mrs       r708 W 4th
Scallin          J Carlos        b308 E 5th
Scallin          Charles         b201 N Main
Scallin          Dorothy J       b308 E 15th
Scallin          Fred            b708 W 4th
Scallin          High W          r308 E 5th
Scallin          Paul R          b308 E 5th
Scallin          Stephen H       r308 E 5th
Scallin          William         r708 W 4th
Schall           John P          r721 E 1st
Scharar          C               rms 113 W 2nd
Scharf           Laura           rms 112 W 1st
Scharf           R N             rms 112 W 1st
Scharnweber      Anson F         r305 E 5th
Scharnweber      Henry G         r117 E 2nd
Schaub           Theresa         r604 N Rowley
Schermerhorn     William D       rUniversity Place
Scheurenbrand    Adolph          r404 E 2nd
Scheurenbrand    Charles A       b700 E 2nd
Scheurenbrand    Charles         r1001 E 1st
Scheurenbrand    Elizabeth       r404 E 2nd
Scheurenbrand    Gotlieb         r700 E 2nd
Scheurenbrand    Gustave         b404 E 2nd
Scheurenbrand    Henry G         r709 E 2nd
Scheurenbrand    Sophie          r700 E 2nd
Scheurenbrand    Walter          b700 E 2nd
Scheurenbrand    William F       r705 E 2nd
Schirmer         Augusta         rms 508 S Duff
Schirmer         Fred L          r609 S Duff
Schrimer         George B        r317 E 2nd
Schirmer         Henry           r508 S Duff
Schlimgen        Ambrose         rms 308 W 5th
Schlimgen        E E             r308 W 5th
Schlimgen        William M       r820 E 5th
Schnack          J R, Mrs        r 310 1/2 N Main
Schneider        Goffery         b518 N Main
Schneider        John W          r800 S Duff
Schneider        Regina          rms 915 S Pennington
Schneider        W M             r518 N Main
Schnoor          Lewis J A       r909 E 5th
Schoen           Gertrude        rms 701 E 3rd
Schoen           John F          r701 E 3rd
Schoettle        Gustav          r1120 E University
Schomer          Henry           b939 E 3rd
Schomer          Margaret        r939 E 3rd
Schomer          Marie           b939 E 3rd
Schoos           John            r800 E 6th
Schoos           John N          b800 E 6th
Schowalter       Bernice         b hosp
Schram           Clark           r609 S Edmunds
Schram           Myron           b609 S Edmunds
Schu             Ferdinand       r1328 W 4th
Schuldt          August          b300 E 12th
Schultz          Benjamin        b817 E 8th
Schultz          Bertha E        b817 E 8th
Schultz          Charles         rms 118 E 1st
Schultz          George W        r817 E 8th
Schultz          Henry           r901 E 5th
Schultz          Herman F        r1115 N Main
Schultz          John            r 614 E 2nd
Schultz          Lewis           r401 W 10th
Schultz          Lottie          r514 E 2nd
Schultz          Mannie          r509 E 2nd
Schwab           Frank R         r605 E 4th
Scott            Alvin           b806 N Wisconsin
Scott            Alta L          b306 E 6th
Scott            Anna            r506 N Rowley
Scott            C L             r828 W 4th
Scott            Fred            b506 N Rowley
Scott            Georgia I       rms 401 S Sanborn
Scott            Harold D        b306 E 6th
Scott            Hazel L         b306 E 6th
Scott            Helen C         b805 N Wisconsin
Scott            Hiram           b506 N Rowley
Scott            Josephine       b506 N Rowley
Scott            Joseph M        b912 Court Merrill
Scott            Leonard         rms 509 E 2nd
Scott            Lois            rms Graham Hall
Scott            Reva            rms 405 S Wisconsin
Scott            Thomas A        405 S Wisconsin
Scott            Will            b506 N Rowley
Scoville         Lloyd T         b705 E 4th
Scoville         Sheldon G       r705 E 4th
Seaman           May             b316 E 2nd
Searles          Ona             b201 W 3rd
Seaton           A B             r400 W 3rd
Seaton           Fosse           r318 E 4th
Sebastian        Edward          rms 509 E 2nd
Sebastian        Fred            rms 508 E 2nd
Sedgwick         Charles W       Bidwell Flats
Seibold          Earl I          r314 E 1st
Seifert          Arthur V        r218 N Main
Sellars          Clarence E      b301 W 10th
Sellars          W H             r301 W 10th
Sellars          Ruth            b301 W 10th
Semro            Edward          b517 N Rowley
Semro            Hattie          b517 N Rowley
Semro            William         r517 N Duff
Serry            Michael         rms Bunk Car
Service          Catheryn        b518 N Main
Sibbey           Jacob           r207 S Kimball
Sibbey           Otto I          b207 S Kimball
Service          Charles         rms Navin Hotel
Servin           William         b709 S Sanborn
Sevrein          Julia           b hosp
Seymour          Glenn           rms 709 S Sanborn
Seymour          J J, Mrs        rms Graham Hall
Seymour          J J             rms Graham Hall
Seymour          Lee             rms 709 S Sanborn
Sferlick                         b1024 E 5th
shadler          Robert          rms 601 E 2nd
Shafer           Clifford        b1023 N Main
Shafer           H G             r1023 N Main
Shale            Arthur          b908 Court Merrill
Shanahan         John            rms 115 N Kimball
Shane            Adeline A       r720 E 6th
Shank            Edith M         r same
Shank            Grace L         r same
Shannon          C W             r215 W 5th
Sharp            Stewart         r216 W 7th
Shaw             Anna E          r909 N Lawler
Shaw             Mabel           b620 N Burr
Shaw             F Miner         b211 E 2nd
Shaw             William E       r620 N Burr
Shea             J J             r916 E 5th
Shea             M J             r503 N Main
Sheehe           Owen            r310 S Edmunds
Sheeks           Charles M       b512 W 3rd
Shelby           J W             r418 W 3rd
Shelby           Mabel           b418 W 3rd
Shelby           Norman          r418 W 3rd
Shelton          E C             r612 W 4th
Shepard          Albert          rms 705 S Duff
Shepard          Arthur C        b319 W 4th
Shepard          Bryan           rms 705 S Duff
Shepard          Frank B         r705 S Duff
Shepard          Frank H         r622 N Duff
Shepard          Harry           b1005 E 3rd
Shepard          Irene           b705 S Duff
Shepard          Lenore          b319 W 4th
Shepard          W S             r319 W 4th
Shephard         F J             r823 W 4th
Sherwood         Edward J        r315 E 4th
Sherwood         Margaret        rms Graham Hall
Sherwood         Martha          b512 N Duff
Shinkel          Ray             r513 W 4th
Shipton          Arthur R        b427 S Duff
Shipton          Edith           r427 S Duff
Shirk            E M             r701 S Duff
Shirk            F A             b701 S Duff
Shirk            Neil D          701 S Duff
Shoen            Gertrude        701 E 3rd
Sholes           George          rms 612 E 1st
Sholes           Zama V          rms 612 E 1st
Shotwell         Faye            rms Graham Hall
Showers          Edward          r515 E 1st
Shugart          C               rms 113 W 2nd
Shurtluff        Malcolm         rms 807 S Sanborn
Shurts           Teddy           r1115 E 3rd
Shuster          Lewis           r600 W 3rd
Shute            Herbert A       r210 W 2nd
Siberz           Bernice         b321 E 4th
Siberz           Frances         b317 Duff
Siberz           Jacob J         r321 E 4th
Siberz           John M          r620 E 5th
Siberz           John W          r619 E 1st
Siberz           Marie A         b321 E 4th
Siberz           Rolland         b321 E 4th
Siberz           William         b321 E 4th
Sickel           W J , Mrs       r218 W 9th
Sidle            Clara           b608 W 3rd
Sidel            J W             r608 W 3rd
Siegemund        Rosine, Mrs     rms 710 E 1st
Siegfried        Jennie V        r608 W 2nd
Siegfried        Lester          b608 W 2nd
Sills            John W          r516 E 1st
Silsby           George A        b509 E 6th
Simcoke          Morris G        r420 E 2nd
Simpson          Frances         r hotel, 421 S Duff
Simpson          Lewis J         600 E 2nd
Sinclair         Ida M           r hotel
Sing             Lee             r laundry,110 E 4th
Skeen            Fred L          r716 E 7th
Skeen            Harry           r716 E 7th
Skog             John A          r723 E 7th
Skog             Bertha          r220 E 2nd
Slade            Matthew         r220 E 2nd
Slade            Pearl           b220 E 2nd
Slagle           George          b500 E 7th
Slagle           Lester          b500 E 7th
Slagle           L Verne         b500 E 7th
Slater           George          r123 W 6th
Slater           John            b623 N Iowa
Slaughter        Henry E         r117 E 2nd
Sloan            Charles E       r215 E 2nd
Sledge           Jesse T         r509 E 1st
Sletten          Cora P          r504 E 6th
Smestad          Alfred M        r609 W 4th
Smith            Archie A        b1121 E 1st
Smith            Alfred          b700 S Wisconsin
Smith            Alfred          r1121 E 1st
Smith            Arthur A        r616 N Minnesota
Smith            A C             r416 E 4th
Smith            Arthur F        b421 N Lawler
Smith            Bessie          rms Graham Hall
Smith            Charles H       r119 S Main
Smith            Charles R       r721 E 4th
Smith            Clare           b416 W 4th
Smith            Cortis J        b708 E 2nd
Smith            Dan A           r1012 E 4th
Smith            Dewey           b805 E 2nd
Smith            Dudley          b116 W 11th
Smith            Edith           b116 W 11th
Smith            Elmer           b119 W 2nd
Smith            Elmer S         r720 E 3rd
Smith            Eunice          b116 W 11th
Smith            Florence        rms 923 S Sanborn
Smith            Frank B         r Champney Bldg
Smith            George          b508 E 3rd
Smith            George          r513 N Rowley
Smith            George W        r805 E 2nd
Smith            George I        r416 W 4th
Smith            George O        b200 W 1st
Smith            Glenn B         rms 307 E 2nd
Smith            Glenn E         r917 E 3rd
Smith            Harold          rms900 S Sanborn
Smith            Irene           b219 E 3rd
Smith            J K , Mrs       r same
Smith            Jacob K         r307 1/2 Main
Smith            James A         r504 S Edmunds
Smith            James R         r804 E 6th
Smith            James T         r219 E 3rd
Smith            John            rms hotel
Smith            John S          b221 E 2nd
Smith            John W          r708 E 2nd
Smith            Lester E        r808 E 1st
Smith            Lila            rms Graham Hall
Smith            Lois            rms Graham Hall
Smith            Louise          b219 E 3rd
Smith            Margaret        r722 E 2nd
Smith            Matilda         r116 W 11th
Smith            May             r117 E 2nd
Smith            Mildred         rms 1012 E 4th
Smith            Minnie Bingham, rms 513 N Rowley
Smith            Mortimer        b101 S Sanborn
Smith            Morton          r101 S Sanborn
Smith            Otis            rms 100 N Main
Smith            Owen E          r716 E 2nd
Smith            P C             r919 N Main
Smith            P T             r615 N Rowley
Smith            Phil            rms 112 E 1st
Smith            Ray F           r209 E 4th
Smith            Ray M           rms 408 E 4th
Smith            Richard W       rms 421 N Lawler
Smith            Robert H        r201 E 3rd
Smith            Rose            b720 E 3rd
Smith            Ross            b720 E 3rd
Smith            S A             w 2nd
Smith            S E             b307 E 1st
Smith            Sidney H        r615 W 3rd
Smith            Steve E         r1001 E 3rd
Smith            Sidney H        r615 W 2nd
Smith            S Scott         r118 S Main
Smith            Tracy G         rms 112 W 1st
Smith            William M       r421 N Lawler
Smith            Wood            r700 S Wisconsin
Smith            W S, Mrs        r805 E 2nd
Snell            Ernest          r1014 E 1st
Snell            Richard         r518 E 2nd
Snow             Elsie           b604 S Sanborn
Snow             Henry E         r216 E 2nd
Snow             Herbert E       r320 E 7th
Snow             Sarah A         r320 E 7th
Snow             W Harvey        r205 E 6th
Snow             W H             r604 S Sanborn
Snow             Verne           rms 205 E 5th
Snowe            Florence I      b1008 W 4th
Snowe            Sarah E         r1008 W 4th
Snyder           Carl W          rms 601 W 4th
Sodergren        Bernice         r928 E 3rd
Sodergren        Fred A          r928 E 3rd
Sodergreen       Gladys          b928 E 3rd
Sodergren        John A          r515 S Montana
Sodergren        Minnie          rms 515 S Montana
Solberg          Alger C         r218 N Main
Soldahl          Katherine       b309 S Edmunds
Soper            George H        b701 E 2nd
Soper            John L          b701 E 2nd
Soper            Louis           r701 E 2nd
Sorben           Margaret        b608 N Minnesota
Sougstad         Anna            b419 E 2nd
Sougstad         Eleanor         b419 E 2nd
Sougstad         George T        b419 E 2nd
Sougstad         Gunhild, Mrs    r419 E 2nd
Sougstad         Thomas          b419 E 2nd
Spangler         Timon J         r220 E 5th
Spear            Dewey           b Gamble-7th-8th
Spear            Lee L           bGamble-7th-8th
Spear            Loren           rms 717 S Sanborn
Spear            Ray             rms 717 S Sanborn
Spears           Frank           b915 N Main
Spears           Isaac           r815 N Main
Spears           James           r915 N Main
Spears           William         b815 N Main
Spence           Gladys O        b207 N Main
Spence           William H       r207 N Main
Spencer          Gene H          r600 S Wisconsin
Sperlich         William C       r514 S Main
Spielman         Joe             r1020 E 3rd
Spielman         Joseph T        r322 W 2nd
Spink            Stephen B       r423 S Sanborn
Spink            Robert          rms 112 E 1st
Splitt           Cora            b309 S Minnesota
Splitt           Dorothy
Splitt           Emma            rms 309 S Minnesota
Splitt           Gus             r309 S Minnesota
Splitt           Dora K          r309 S Minnesota
Spohn            Stella, Mrs     rms 504 S 2nd
Sprague          Clyde W         r405 E 2nd
?Sprague         George          rms 120 S Main
Sprague          Horace C        b302 E 2nd
Spratford        Arthur          b719 W 6th
Spratford        Clarence O      r211 E 3rd
Spratford        Josie A         b709 W 6th
Spratford        William         r709 W 6th
Spry             John            r226 S Duff
Spry             John M Jr       b226 S Duff
Stacey           Harry L         r109 S Main
Stafford         Frank H         b517 N Main
Stafford         Fred D          b517 N Main
Stahl            George I        rms 622 E 2nd
Stahl            Lilly K         b622 S 2nd
Stainbrook       David W         r401 E 2nd
Stair            Daniel          rms 123 W 1st
Stair            Karl E          r215 W 4th
Stair            Lawrence E      r113 S Main
Stahl            John            r515 E 2nd
Stanley          A R             r316 N Rowley
Stanley          Fannie          b504 S Edmunds
Starnes          Samuel A        r307 E 7th
Starr            Elbert H        rms 120 S Main
Stebbins         Archie J        r612 E 7th
Stebbins         Hazel M         b612 E 7th
Steel            Grace L         r413 Davison
Steiber          Ward            rms 800 S Edmunds
Steim            Joseph          140 W 3rd
Stein            Stewart         b140 W 3rd
Steinmetz        Conrad          b615 S Pennington
Stentz           Harry M         r804 W 2nd
Stentz           Lloyd L         b804 W 2nd
Stephenson       Margaret        r305 E 10th
Stevens          C               rms 113 W 2nd
Stevens          D C             rms 901 S Edmunds
Stevens          Elizabeth       rms 601 E 6th
Stevens          Ethel           b722 W 5th
Stevens          Frances B       b722 W 5th
Stevens          Francis         r722 W 5th
Stevens          George          b900 N Rowley
Stevens          James           b323 W 4th
Stevens          James H         rms 401 W 4th
Stevens          William H       b722 W 5th
Stevens          W M             r509 N Main
Stewart          Truman M        r814 E 3rd
Stone            George E        r928 E 1st
Stoner           Bernice         rms Savoy Hotel
Stoughton        Hugh            rms 721 Winsor
Stout            John B          r314 W 1st
Stout            Levi A          r332 McCabe
Stout            Shirley Eugene  b332 McCabe
Streator         A E, Mrs
Street           Mike A
Strobel          H W             rms 408 E 3rd
Strong           Alice M         b412 E 4th
Strong           George H        r412 E 4th
Strong           Oliver M        b412 E 4th
Strong           Rose E          b412 E 4th
Strong           William         rms 324 N Main
Stults           Hazel           b409 S Edmunds
Stults           John A          r409 S Edmunds
Stults           Luther          r409 S Edmunds
Sturdevant       George B        r213 W 2nd
Suchy            Mary            b601 W 2nd
Suchy            Matilda         b601 W 2nd
Suchy            Peter Jr        b601 W 2nd
Suchy            Peter           b601 W 2nd
Sullivan         Bernard         rms 911 W 5th
Sullivan         May             b915 W 5th
Sullivan         Genevieve       b911 W 5th
Sullivan         James L         r113 N Rowley
Sullivan         J W             r911 W 5th
Summers          Frank A         r223 W 1st
Summers          George          rms 217 W 1st
Summons          Pester          rms 709 S Sanborn
Sumner           Catherine       r518 N Wisconsin
Sundquist        John            r601 S Montana
Sutcliffe        Harold J        r606 N Main
Sutherland       James           rms 113 W 2nd
Swanson          Charles         rms 401 S Duff
Swanson          Gust V          r317 E 5th
Swartout         Ethel           r316 W 2nd
Swartz           Kathleen        rms Graham Hall
Sweeley          Mary            rms 816 N Duff
Sweeney          J T             r515 W 3rd
Sweeney          Pete            b Widmann Hotel
Sweet            O S             r418 N Sanborn
Swessinger       Henry, Mrs      r702 N Main
Swessinger       Henry M         r702 N Main
Sweezy           Myrtle M        b315 E 4th
Swift            Charles A       r705 E 6th
Swindler         Henry R         r222 W 1st
Syphers          Charles         r211 W 5th

Talbot           Frank W         r305 S Edmunds
Taft             Charles E       rms 109 S Main
Tahey            M J             rms Raymond Hotel
Tanner           H A, Mrs        r307 W Milan
Tanner           Mary J          rms 401 S Duff
Tanner           William L       r912 E 1st
Tarleton         Tillie          rms Graham Hall
Taylor           Alfred          r613 E 1rd
Taylor           B W             r215 W 11th
Taylor           Bailey          rms 112 E 1st
Taylor           Fred R          r Beckwith Flats
Taylor           Frank W         r720 W 3rd
Taylor           Gladys          rms 818 E 6th
Taylor           Lawrence T      b1009 N Lawler
Taylor           Lois M          b1010 N Main
Taylor           William         rms hotel
Teager           H I             r1209 W 4th
Telkamp          hiram           r924 E 3rd
Tenny            Daniel L        r201 E 7th
Terpenning       R F             r303 E 2nd
Test             Ella            r606 E 3rd
Test             Lydia A         r606 E 3rd
Test             Mildred C       b606 E 3rd
Tethcott         L               rms 113 W 2nd
Thalasmos        George          rms 109 N Rowley
Thayer           Henry J         b500 S Montana
Thedorf          Anna            b119 W 2nd
Thiese           Irene           rms 717 S Sanborn
Thiese           Lottie          rms 717 S Sanborn
Thiese           W J, Mrs        r717 S Sanborn
Thom             Ida             r417 W 2nd
Thomas           Alma            b808 E 1st
Thomas           E J             r1204 W 4th
Thomas           John M          r808 E 1st
Thomas           Marie           b820 W 3rd
Thomas           Mildred         b808 E 1st
Thomas           Sarah           b301 E 2nd
Thompson         Amelia          rms 423 S Minnesota
Thompson         Annie           r200 E 6th
Thompson         Arthur          rms 924 E 3rd
Thompson         Arthur W        r823 E 3rd
Thompson         Bessie G        b200 E 6th
Thompson         Charles Edwin   r514 W 2nd
Thompson         D               rms 113 W 2nd
Thompson         E E             r E 4th
Thompson         Ethel O         b317 E 4th
Thompson         Fred            b305 E 2nd
Thompson         Laura           r317 E 4th
Thompson         Lloyd G         b514 W 2nd
Thompson         Loren K         b514 W 2nd
Thompson         Lucy B          b200 E 6th
Thompson         Matilda         r305 E 2nd
Thompson         Maren           r425 S Minnesota
Thompson         Mary            rms Graham Hall
Thompson         Norman
Thompson         Ole C           r1021 E 3rd
Thompson         Otis B          r202 W 10th
Thompson         Robert C        b514 W 2nd
Thompson         T A             rms Bunk Car
Throm            P E             r700 W 5th
Thull            J C             r 210 N Main
Thune            Matthew         r612 E 3rd
Thwing           Clay F          r905 S Minnesota
Tibbels          Earl K          rms 610 E 2nd
Ticknor          W J             r805 N Sanborn
Tiffany          Addie R         r603 E 6th
Tiffany          Ray E           b300 E 5th
Tilburg          Elmer V         b807 S Sanborn
Till             John B          r204 E 6th
Tilton           Otto O          r610 E 3rd
Timmins          William M       r415 E 7th
Tingle           Glenn           b606 N Main
Tingle           Madeline S      b606 N Main
Tingle           Joe S           606 N Main
Tiornages        Gust            rms 111 N Main
Tippery          Alva J          b321 E 7th
Tippery          Anna V          r321 E 7th
Tippery          Layton O        r321 E 7th
Tippery          Alice           b321 E 7th
Tippery          W H             rms same
Tipton           Bernice         b503 N Duff
Tipton           Mark            b503 N Duff
Tipton           Sterling        b503 N Duff
Tipton           William E       r303 W 5th
Tobin            Edward          r700 E 7th
Tobin            Esther L        b700 E 7th
Tobin            Ethel           b421 E 3rd
Tobin            Fred J          b700 E 7th
Tobin            George A        b700 E 7th
Tobin            John J          b700 E 7th
Tobin            Mary E          r700 E 7th
Tobin            Phillip E       r421 E 3rd
Tobin            Walter D        r421 E 3rd
Toche            Michael         rms Bunk Car
Todnem           Bertha          rms 1108 E University
Todnem           Laura           b1108 E University
Todnem           Louis           r1108 E University
Todnem           Louis Jr        b1108 E University
Toft             Jacob A         r1201 W 3rd
Toland           G W             r515 N Main
Tolman           A               b523 N Duff
Toomire          Edward C        r620 E 3rd
Toomire          William H       r614 E 3rd
Torney           Ray             b620 E 5th
Touloumis        George          rms 200 W 1st
Tracy            E B             r601 W 4th
Tracy            Charles         r209 E 10th
Tracy            Della           b408 S Wisconsin
Tracy            Everett         b209 E 10th
Tracy            Margaret, Mrs   r408 S Wisconsin
Trainor          Amelia          b421 W 4th
Traugber         R               r205 W 10th
Treganza         Eliza M         r1022 W 4th
Treganza         Howard          b1022 W 4th
Treganza         Oliver H        r506 W 3rd
Treganza         Raymond         r1022 W 4th
Tremaine         Clara A         b604 S Wisconsin
Tremain          R L             r604 S Wisconsin
Tremaine         S A             b604 S Wisconsin
Trevithick       Ruth            rms Graham Hall
Trobee           Walter L        r309 W 2nd
Troemel          Gustav A        r920 E 3rd
Trombley         Robert D        r500 S Edmunds
Troon            Alice           rms Graham Hall
Troon            Edward T        r319 E 10th
Troon            Esther          rms Graham Hall
Truax            A A             r401 W 4th
Tucker           Edward A        r207 N Main
Tucker           F E             rms 113 W 2nd
Tuckey           John            r504 E 4th
Tufford          H H             rms 121 E 1st
Tufty            Charles L       r216 E 9th
Tufty            Martin T        r816 N Duff
Turner           Clarence B      r320 E 4th
Turney           Fletcher S      302 E 4th
Turrel           Luella          b302 E 4th
Tuttle           Bert            b125 E 2nd
Tvedt            Louie L         r520 W 2nd
Tym              Charles F       r512 N Duff
Tythcott         L               rms 113 W 2nd
Ulrichs          Helena          b519 N Sanborn
Underhill        Ross E          r605 E 6th
Underwood        Josephine, Mrs  r500 E 7th
Undin            H               rms 113 W 2nd
Van Benthuysen   Howard          b1120 E University
Van Benthuysen   Harry H         b1120 E University
Van Benthuysen   Sephen D        r1120 E University
Van der Maaten   C E             r315  N Rowley
Van Hoover       Jennie, Mrs     r119 E 11th
Van Tassel       Elizabeth, Mrs  r417 E 2nd
Van Tassel       Harry           b417 E 2nd
Van Vlack        Edgar           r816 W 2nd
Van Vlack        Lorena          b816 W 2nd
Van Vlack                        b816 W 2nd
Van Vlack        Mary            b816 W 2nd
Van Wagenen      Arthur          b103 E 5th
Van Wagenen      Frank H         r1038 E 5th
Van Wagenen      Leo             r708 W 5th
Vaughn           Gertrude        b609 S Duff
Veit             Harry J         r420 W 6th
Vermilyea        Clarence E      r408 E 4th
Vermilyea        C E Jr          b405 E 5th
Vermilyea        Eliza e         b408 E 4th
Vermilyea        Gilbert a       b405 E 5th
Vermilyea        Joe K           b408 E 4th
Vickers          Joe             r517 W 5th
Vickers          L S             r511 W 4th
Victor           Charles         b512 W 10th
Victor           Clara           b512 W 10th
Victor           E, Mrs          r512 W 10th
Victor           Emil            r823 N Rowley
Victor           G A             b512 W 10th
Victor           William         r320 E 7th
Vincent          Ruth
Vittatoe         Charles C       r900 W 3rd
Vogus            A C             r391 S Minnesota
Vogt             Henry P         rms 317 E 5th
Vogus            C H             r319 E 6th
Vogus            Charles N       r300 E 5th
Vogadoo          Lambros         rms Bunk Car
Voien            Clara           b404 E 1st
Voien            Lena            r404 E 1st
Vold             John            rms 913 S Sanborn
Volin            H P             r421 N Duff
Voss             John C          r405 E 1st
Vushong          Hubert          rms 807 S Sanborn
Wade             D Frank         r926 E 2nd
Wagner           Elmer           b420 N Edmunds
Wagner           H A             rms 213 W 4th
Wagner           H M             r420 N Edmunds
Wagner           Hulbert D       r320 W 3rd
Wagner           James           r1100 S Sanborn
Wagner           Josephine       b605 N Wisconsin
Wagner           Ruth            b420 N Edmunds
Wagner           Val, Mrs        r605 N Wisconsin
Wagner           Val             r605 N Wisconsin
Waite            Howard          r704 S Edmunds
Walker           Elsie T         b hosp
Walker           Hannah          r721 S Main
Wall             Salma           b513 N Edmunds
Wallace          Elizabeth       r812 W 5th
Wallace          James           rms 401 S Duff
Wallace          Mae, Mrs        r105 S Sanborn
Wallace          Ora B           r Hoon Flats
Wallace          William, Rev    r812 W 5th
Wallerstedt      Geil            b323 W 3rd
Wallerstedt      Ione            b323 W 3rd
Wallerstedt      L E             r323 W 3rd
Wallis           Clarence R      r416 S Edmunds
Wallis           Florence        b1111 W 3rd
Wallis           Fred            b1111 W 3rd
Wallis           Lew             b1111 W 3rd
Wallis           W L             r1111 W 3rd
Walpole          A D             b807 N Duff
Walrath          Clarence W      r208 W 2nd
Walrath          Elbert O        b504 E 6th
Walrath          John O          r504 E 6th
Walrath          Marion K        b208 W 2nd
Walrath          Mildred         b208 W 2nd
Walsh            Frank J         r516 W 2nd
Walsh            Joe B           r308 W 1st
Walsh            Joseph B, Mrs   b308 W 1st
Walsh            Margaret        b522 E 3rd
Walter           Henry           rms113 W 2nd
Walter           L               rms 113 W 2nd
Walters          Cloe            b617 N Lawler
Walters          Cora            b617 N Lawler
Walton           William         b1022 E 2nd
Ward             Helen           b701 E 6th
Ward             Mamie           b701 E 6th
Ward             Nellie          r Beckwith Flats
Ward             Rose            r701 E 6th
Ward             Raleigh M       r503 N Rowley
Ward             William M       b701 E 6th
Ward             William O       r605 E 3rd
Warne            Ada             rms 621 W 3rd
Warne            Ada L, Mrs      r621 W 3rd
Warne            Alice           b621 W 3rd
Warne            Mrs             rms 122 W 1st
Warne            Dr R C          rms Champney Bldg
Warren           Abram A         r107 N Wisconsin
Warren           Charles H       r912 N Main
Warren           Clark M         r Beckwith Flats
Warren           Clark M, Mrs    r Beckwith Flats
Warren           Frank           rms 403 E 2nd
Washburn         S Clyde         r1008 E 5th
Waters           Harry           b316 N Main
Waters           John A          r912 E 7th
Waters           A               rms 113 E 2nd
Watkins          E D             r612 W 3rd
Watkiins         Gladys          rms Graham Hall
Watkins          Mary            b612 W 3rd
Watson           Floyd A         rms 504 E 5th
Watson           George H        r504 E 5th
Watson           John R          r1016 N Mentzer
Watson           J W             r709 N Wisconsin
Watson           Lew             b301 E 11th
Watson           Maria           b305 E 5th
Watson           Mabel           b504 E 5th
Sattles          Max             b623 N Sanborn
Way              J F             r315 McCabe
Way              Thomas S        r709 N Rowley
Way              Walter          b316 McCabe
Weatherhill      Celia           b516 W 10th
Weaver           Charles         rms 113 W 2nd
Weaver           Gilbert S       rms 316 W 5th
Webb             Frank           rms 162 W 1st
Webber           Ella            b516 E 2nd
Webber           Loren W         r415 N Sanborn
Webber           Samuel          r312 W 3rd
Weber            Alma            b516 E 2nd
Webster          Ella            rns 612 E 2nd
Webster          Leonard B       rms Store, 113 W 2nd
Webster          Wilton C        b612 E 2nd
Webster          William H       r612 E 2nd
Weddle           James           r701 S Sanborn
Weddle           Myrtle L        b701 S Sanborn
Weddle           Winnie          b701 S Sanborn
Wedehase         Augusta C       b216 W 5th
Wedehase         Fred K          114 N Main
Weed             Margaret        b117 E 2nd
Weisenburger     E               rms 113 W 2nd
Weisner          Joseph          r912 E 6th
Welbes           Terse           b hosp
Welch            Gertrude, Mrs   r1200 W 3rd
Welch            Louis J         r401 E 1st
Welch            Paul W          rms 401 E 1st
Welch            Anna            r401 E 1st
Welch            T G, Mrs        b hosp
Weller           Charles         r619 N Duff
Weller           Frank           r408 W 4th
Wells            Fred A          r113 N Rowley
Wells            Hazen W         rms 212 N Lawler
Wells            J Earl          b201 W 3rd
Wells            James E         r201 W 3rd
Wells            Lillian         b1007 E 5th
Wells            Mabel           b509 W 3rd
Wells            Ora B           r201 W 3rd
Wells            Warren          r615 N Wisconsin
Wentworth        Emmet E         r925 E 4th
Wentworth        Opal            b925 E 4th
Wentzler         Charles C       rms 208 E 3rd
West             Carrol B        rms 800 S Edmunds
West             Dan             r610 N Gamble
Westby           Chris E         r400 E 2nd
Westby           Elbing          rms 401 N Main
Whalen           Bernice         b320 McCabe
Whalen           Elizabeth       b320 McCabe
Whalen           William         rms 113 W 2rd
Wharton          Charles         b717 S Sanborn
Wheatley         Benjamin W      b501 E 6th
Wheatley         Ruth            rms Graham Hall
Whedon           Adeline E       r1222 E 6th
Wheeler          Asa B           r916 N Gamble
Wheeler          Archie C        r512 W 5th
Wheeler          Claud           rms 113 W 2nd
Wheeler          Mary v          r916 N Gamble
Wherry           S C             rms 317 E 5th
Whitlow          Claude          rms 807 S Sanborn
White            H e             r113 W 2nd
White            John H          rms 917 S Sanborn
White            Katherine       b609 E 3rd
White            Robert J        r917 S Sanborn
White            W M             r1200 E 3rd
Whitlow          Ava             rms 401 S Sanborn
Whitney          Clara, Mrs      rms 219 N Montana
Whitney          Clarence A      r721 E 6th
Whittle          Sadye           b620 E 6th
Whorton          Wayne           rms 709 S Sanborn
Whyte            George          b310 E 2nd
Whyte            Maude           b310 E 2nd
Whyte            Rachel          b310 E 2nd
Whyte            Samuel          r310 E 2nd
Wick             Leonard r       r820 W 5th
Wider            Martin G        r708 E 5th
Widmann          Matilda         r400 E 3rd
Widmann          Harry W         rms 412 W 3rd
Widmann          Walter          b412 W 3rd
Wiedeman         M F             r701 E 7th
Wiedeman         William         b701 E 7th
Wilde            Robert D        b701 E 7th
Wilder           Alberta, Mrs    r735 S Edmunds
Wilder           Elva            b735 S Edmunds
Wilder           Floyd E         b735 S Edmunds
Wilder           Glenn B         b735 S Edmunds
Wilds            Elmer H         r340 McCabe
Wiley            James H         b212 W 10th
Wiley            J W             r212 W 10th
Wilge            Maty
Wilka            Zona            b218 E 3rd
Wilkerson        Joseph D        r1008 E 1st
Wilkins          Ade             r905 E 3rd
Wilkinson        Grace           rns 1018 Court Merrill
Wilkinson        Mildred         b223 W 6th
Wilkinson        Lena S          r315 N Wisconsin
Willerton        Henry           r620 N Edmunds
Willey           E H, Mrs        rms 205 W 2nd
Willey           Harvey T        r205 W 2nd
William          Leonard         rms 112 W 2nd
Williams         Clinton         b122 E 1st
Williams         Dorothy
Williams         Frank J         r322 E 9th
Williams         George          b223 W 3rd
Williams         Harold          rms 422 E 7th
Williams         Homer N         rms 422 E 7th
Williams         James E         r601 E 6th
Williams         Kathryn         b322 E 9th
Williams         H Luther        r221 E 9th
Williams         L A             r521 W 5th
Williams         Marshall, Mrs   r716 S Duff
Williams         Mary E          r813 W 3rd
Williams         Russell B       b601 E 6th
Williams         T G             r223 W 3rd
Williams         Wallace         r422 E 7th
Williamson       Edwin           rms 1300 S Pennington
Williamson       William         r1300 S Pennington
Wilson           A H             r919 W 5th
Wilson           Cecil           b100 N Duff
Wilson           C J             r517 N Edmunds
Wilson           Charles V       r500 E 2nd
Wilson           Emma            r205 W 2nd
Wilson           Floyd E         r1015 E 4th
Wilson           Fred J          r707 N Rowley
Wilson           Genevieve       r801 E 7th
Wilson           Harry S         b1209 S Sanborn
Wilson           Hattie          b720 E 7th
Wilson           Jane            b101 N Duff
Wilson           John M          r1337 W 4th
Wilson           Margaret, Mrs   b407 N Duff
Wilson           Mark            b101 N Duff
Wilson           Mary S          b601 N Edmunds
Wilson           Nellie          rms 205 W 2nd
Wilson           Perle C         b517 N Edmunds
Wilson           Phoebe          r933 E 5th
Wilson           J Sykes         r601 N Edmunds
Wilson           William I       r933 E 5th
Wilson           William         r1111 W 4th
Wilt             C B             r523 N Duff
Wilt             Winfield        b523 N Duff
Wiltse           Burr B          b422 E 4th
Wiltse           Jennie M        r422 E 4th
Windle           Alice B         r308 E 5th
Wingfield        J L             r416 W 5th
Winner           Frank           b910 N Main
Winsor           Frank H         r600 W 4th
Winsor           Frank Jr        b421 N Wisconsin
Winters          Charles R       r522 S Wisconsin
Winters          Fred            r908 W 5th
Winters          Josephine D     b805 E 6th
Winters          Lois, Mrs       b222 N Main
Winters          Mary            r701 N Rowley
Winters          Merlin          rms 522 S Wisconsin
Winters          Theodore C      rms Comm Bk Bldg
Wipf             John            r320 E 2nd
Wipf             John Jr         b320 E 2nd
Wipperfurth      Agnes           rms 112 E 1st
Wipperfurth      Marie           rms 112 E 1st
Wise             Samuel A        r1025 E 4th
Wiseman          Percy           rms 908 Court Merrill
Witt             Alice D         b420 E 7th
Witt             Theodore        r420 E 7th
Wittkop          Fred            rms 723 E 5th
Wittkop          Hazel           b308 E 4th
Wittmann         Louis           r309 E 9th
Witzel           J A             r422 W 4th
Witzel           Margaret        b411 E 3rd
Woelfel          Gustav          r412 W 3rd
Wolcott          H, Mrs          r Graham Hall
Wolcott          Herbert N       rms 1101 W University
Wolf             Clara E         r305 E 9th
Wolfe            John A          r416 E 4th
Wolfe            Anne, Mrs       rms 200 W 1st
Wolfe            Myrtle          rms 200 W 1st
Wood             C S, Mrs        r709 N Duff
Wood             Jay C           r812 E 5th
Wood             Joe             b709 N Duff
Wood             J M , Mrs       r408 W 3rd
Wood             Sylvan          rms 717 S Sanborn
Wood             William         r709 S Sanborn
Woodruff         Earl            b514 S Edmunds
Woodruff         Harry V         r302 E 2nd
Woodford         Letha           b514 S Edmunds
Woodford         Mary            b514 S Edmunds
Woodman          Wensel E        r508 Rowley
Woodman          Frank           rms 305 E 6th
Woodman          Ray A           r305 E 6th
Woods            Maude S         rms 614 N Burr
Wooley           Curtis F        r901 E 3rd
Worthen          Charles         b615 N Sanborn
Worthen          Frank           b615 N Sanborn
Worthen          George          r615 N Sanborn
Worthen          Mollie          b615 N Sanborn
Worthing         Florence        b1019 W 4th
Worthing         Forrest V       r1019 W 4th
Worthing         F P             r1019 W 4th
Wright           Alpha H         r304 E 5th
Wright           A J             r216 E 2nd
Wright           Charles A       r405 S Edmunds
Wright           C E             r715 N Minnesota
Wright           Dale C          rms 517 E 1st
Wright           Gage P          r305 E 5th
Wright           G N             r Heyler Flats
Wright           Grover          rms 404 E 2nd
Wright           Gus             r 201 W 2nd
Wright           Miriam          b513 N Edmunds
Wright           Otto            f519 W 4th
Wright           Ray A           r517 E 1st
Wright           Ray F           rms 201 W 2nd
Wright           Sherman         rms 700 E 3rd
Wright           Walter          b519 W 4th
Wyatt            Patrick         rms 622 N Main
Wyth             F J             r708 W 3rd
Yates            Andrew          rms 122 E 1st
Yorkshire        Steve           rms 113 W 2nd
Young            Blanche E       rms 623 S Wisconsin
Young            Bradley         r205 E 4th
Young            Edwin A         r623 S Wisconsin
Young            Eldora B        rms 623 S Wisconsin
Young            Paul M          r205 W 3rd
Young            Peter           r217 S Minnesota
Young            Rawlins         rms 308 E 3rd
Young            Willard K       rms 623 S Wisconsin
Zavitz           Abe L           r720 E 6th
Zavitz           Harry E         b720 E 6th
Zavitz           LeRoy A         b720 E 6th
Zentz            Joseph C        r320 N Main
Zentz            Leva M          b320 N Main
Zimmerman        Eva             b116 W 4th
Zimmerman        Roy             r116 W 4th
Zollinger        George W        r220 W 10th
Zollinger        Pearl           b220 W 10th
Zollman          Phillip A       r1100 S Sanborn
Zuver            Clarence        b901 W 6th
Zuver            George E        r901 W 6th
Zuver            Geraldine       b901 W 6th

Copyrighted 2001 for Davison county South Dakota by: Davison County Genealogical Society.

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