Firesteel Creek Settlement 1871-Prospect Point Cemetery

St.Mary's Episcopal Mission Davison County, SD

Miscellaneous early burials Davison County, SD

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	Firesteel Creek Settlement 1871-Prospect Point Cemetery
 	   St.Mary's Episcopal Mission Davison County, SD 

	In 1871 settlement was made at Firesteel Creek about 
2 miles east of where Mitchell now stands. By 1873 mail 
routes had been established, and Davison County was formed 
from Hanson County. Firesteel Townsite was laid out in the 
hope the railroad would favor their location, but they chose 
the site 2 miles west, and practically overnight people and 
buildings were moved to the new town of Mitchell in 1878. 
It is at Firesteel that the first little cemetery "Prospect 
Point" is located. 

	Six miles north of Firesteel in Perry Township, St. 
Mary's Episcopal Mission organized the first religious affiliation 
in the area in the home of Rev. John Morris. A large stone cross 
memorial has been placed at this site along the Jim River and 
Jim Town Trail. Just a short distance northwest of the cross are 
several gravesigns indicating early burials. At this time the only 
known burial was of Mrs. R.P. Cady, daughter of Rev.Morris, who 
died in 1884. It is very likely that she was removed to Graceland 
Cemetery north of Mitchell.

	The town of Mitchell was platted in 1879. However, no 
cemetery was officially platted until 1884. Burials from 1878 
until 1884 were made on a school section near Mitchell, 
probably in Section 16. Records note that these burials 
were later transferred into Graceland. From various sources 
we have compiled a list of some of those who were buried on 
the School section. There were likely more. This includes 
the first group of names below. 
	From the South Dakota History Collection, Volume 10, 
page 453, are listed the burials in 1879-1880 at the time of 
the census enumeration but no burial location was given for 
these burials (refer to the second group of names below). 

Lname         Fname       misc          age     Birth     Death
ARNESON       Mabel                     11 mo    1881     1882
BLAINE        Katie                     18       1864     1882
CLARK         William                   2 1/2    1881     1884
CURTIS        Francis                   17       1864     1881
HUYSSEN       Mrs H                     49       1834     1883
INGHAM        Daisy                     4 mo     1882     1883
INGHAM        Mary                      25       1867     1882
HOINS         William F                 26       1855     1882
ROE/ROWE      Milton J    railroad worke?         ?       1880
SMITH         Vernon G    s/o Jacob K   2        1878     1880
SPINK         Willie      s/o JW & EG   14 mo    1881     1882
MATTESON      Elmer                     12       1870     1883
LUTHER        Jacob                     ?         ?       1880
Lname     Fname     age     Born        Died        Died of:
Geyman    Amelia    age 44  b Switzlnd  dMar 1880   d of pheumonia
Garther   Jacob     age 36  b Switzlnd  dMay 1880   d of accident
Smith     Henry F   age 54  b Penns     dMay 1880   d of accident
Applegate Frank L   age 10  b Illinois  dJuly 1880  d of myelitis
Smith     Samuel    age 62  b New York  dMay 1880   d of consumption
VanalstineBaby boy  still bob Feb 1880  dFeb 1880   d stillborn
Millard   Sarah     age 30  b New York  dOct 1880   d abortion

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