Mt. Vernon Friends' Cemetery

Mt. Vernon Twp., Davison County SD

NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.30 Twp.103 R62W

9 records

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The Friends Society originated in Davison County in 1882, 
meeting in the home of John Frederick Hanson, the founder.  
The land originally owned by James  Catherine Hadley was 
deeded to the Society in 1886. A church building was erected 
in 1889 and was sold in 1914 when the meeting was abandoned. 
The cemetery alone remains. Records for the church were sent 
to William Hinshaw, Historical Records at Swarthmore College, 
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. There were no W.P.A. records available 
on this cemetery, but local records and historians furnished 
data on some of those buried in this cemetery. The list is 
incomplete, as grave signs show evidence of several more burials 
than those given here.  There are but 4 stones in the cemetery,
and 4 fenced off areas aside from these with grave signs. The 
cemetery is fenced off, but shows no evidence of upkeep other 
than this. The cemetery is located 3 miles west of Mt. Vernon 
and one-half mile south off old Highway 16, on the south side 
of the road. The cemetery was read by the Davison County 
Genealogical Society on April 1978.

The asterisk in front of the death date means that there is no stone for that person.

Notes and names at the bottom.
LNAME               FNAME       MNAME         AGE     BIRTH     DEATH
HADLEY              Catherine                   40      1829      1889
HADLEY              James                       43      1829      1886
WORDEN              Lydia                       74      1926      1900
HUNTER              Louise      N               64      1844      1908
HUNTER              James       S               71      1848      1917
HOBSON              John        C               33      1859    *1892
TORSTENSON          Nellie      H               ?         ?        *?
EARL                John        Frederick    2 mo       1901    *1901
WILLIAMSON          Alice       H           19 mo       1894    *1896

HADLEY              Catherine               (Mendenhall) w/o James
HADLEY              James
WORDEN              Lydia                   (Newland) w/o William
HUNTER              Louise      N           (Worden) w/oJames d/oWm
HUNTER              James       S           h/o Louise N
HOBSON              John        C           s/o Edward K  Amy J (Curl)
TORSTENSON          Nellie      H           d/o Thomas  Mary (Phillips)
EARL                John        Frederick   s/o John  Bertha (Hanson)
WILLIAMSON          Alice       H           d/o William  M

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