Additions or corrections to: Andrea Sindt ([email protected])

Last Name   First-Mid Name  Loc  Burial date  Funeral Home
Aaby        Clara           AM    6/20/85
Aaby        Roy Sanford     AM    3/7/73    Milliken
Aalseth     Carl M.         AM    12/4/48   Noble
Aalseth     Inga S.         Gr-2  12/16/59  Noble
Aalseth     Martin          Gr-2  5/29/61   Clements
Aaronson    Hilma A.        Gr-2  6/17/52
Aase        Mabel M.        Gr-2  1/18/00   Will
Abbey       Winslow         Gr-2  7/21/14
Abbott      Mary Lou        Gr-2  7/7/87
Abel        Gail Corryne    Gr-2  7/1/26    H.Noble
Abeln       Annie           Cal   ??/??/1911
Abeln       Bernard         AM    6/16/88
Abeln       Dale            Gr-2  6/16/97   Will
Abeln       Irene Ella      Gr-1  8/26/37   Broad.
Abeln       John Henry      Cal   ??/??/1928
Abeln       Rozella Mae     Gr-2  1/19/37   Noble
Abeln       Marcus J.       Gr-1  1/24/49   Noble
Abernathy   Joseph M.       Cal   ??/??/1918
Abernathy   Catherine       Cal   11/2/51   Nobles
Abernathy   William Henry   Cal   ??/??/1933
Abild       Ethel           Gr-1  8/26/90
Abraham     Baby Girl       Gr-2  10/4/28
Abraham     Jessie C.       Gr-1  3/20/21
Abraham     John            Gr-1  ??/??/1899
Abraham     Clarinda M.     Gr-1  11/28/15
Abts        Anna M.         Cal   ??/??/????
Adair       George W.       Gr-2  2/4/33
Adair       Mary A.         Gr-2  2/13/32   H.Noble
Adams       Baby Girl       Gr-1  08/??/1896
Adams       Celestia B.     Gr-2  3/18/17
Adams       Mrs. Charles W. Gr-1  ??/??/1891
Adams       Donald Eugene   Cal   8/25/79   Kinzley
Adams       Donald L.       SV    10/20/84
Adams       Ferne P.        Gr-1  2/13/68   Milliken
Adams       George L., InfanGr-2  9/6/20
Adams       Lucius W.       Gr-2  10/27/13
Adams       Lyda            Gr-2  8/3/87
Adams       Margaret        Cal   1/2/71    Milliken
Adams       Marshall        Cal   6/28/84   Will
Adams       Maude Etta      Gr-2  7/29/61   Basham
Adams       Oliver D.       Gr-2  11/24/51  Broad.
Adams       Paul            Gr-2  8/11/76
Adams       Ray Edward      Gr-2  12/29/69  Schenk
Adams       Ray C.          Gr-2  10/27/61  Millikin
Adams       Vincent C.      Cal   1/14/71   Milliken
Adams       Willard William Gr-2  4/29/52   Broad.
Adams       Yvonne Louise   Cal   7/22/65   Milliken
Adams       Marshall        Cal   ??/??/1934
Adams       Calvin          Cal   7/11/42   H.Noble
Adams       Paul A.         Gr-1  4/27/67   Serwood
Adams       Katherine       Gr-2  9/23/99   Bittner
Adams       Lyle            Gr-2  3/18/00   Bittner
Adams       Anna            Gr-2  6/2/00    Bittner
Aden        Mary            Gr-2  11/1/99   Boom
Adkins      Charley         Gr-2  8/12/95   Bittner
Adkins      Rev.            Gr-1  ??/??/????
Adolphson   Baby Boy        Gr-1  09/??/1894
Agnitsch    Eileen V.       Cal   6/17/94   Bittner
Agnitsch    Francis         Cal   8/29/94   Bittner
Agno        Edward M.       Gr-2  2/1/14
Agno        Lydia Ann       Gr-2  8/23/34   Noble
Ahlf        Ada M.          Gr-2  3/14/58   Noble
Ainsley     John            Gr-1  12/31/37  Noble
Albee       Addie           Gr-2  1/21/55   Broad.
Albee       Amos            Gr-2  10/17/23
Albee       Harry           Gr-2  9/23/52   Broad.
Albers      Elizabeth       Gr-2  1/6/37    Broad.
Albers      June Irene      Gr-2  10/3/22
Albertz     Carl            Gr-2  12/30/86
Albertz     Christ N.       Gr-2  1/10/49   Noble
Albertz     Marie Rose      Gr-2  9/8/93
Albertz     Nicholas        Gr-2  12/23/88
Albie       Henrietta       Gr-2  3/6/13
Albrecht    Janet           Cal   2/24/78   Will
Aldrich     Doris           Gr-2  12/30/67  Milliken
Aldrich     John            Gr-2  11/24/78
Alexander   A.  (child)     Gr-1  8/28/05
Alexander   Baby            Gr-1  11/16/06
Alexander   Child           Gr-1  1/31/05
Alexander   Ellen           Gr-1  3/6/06
Alexander   Florence        Gr-2  12/9/54   Dotson
Alexander   Irvin G.        Gr-2  10/20/47  Noble
Alexander   Anna            Gr-1  12/17/07
Alexander   Robert L.       AM    11/12/75  Will
Alexander   Theresa, Mrs.   Gr-1  9/29/19
Alexander   Fred L.         Gr-2  3/25/10
Alexander   Raymond         Gr-2  12/7/34   Noble
Alexander   William         Cal   12/26/98  Will
Algren      Elmer           Gr-1  5/14/67   Milliken
Algren      Elsie Christine Gr-1  8/27/73   Milliken
Alickson    Lottie          Gr-2  2/26/77
Alison      Clarence        Gr-2  10/17/60  Noble
Alison      Myrtle G.       Gr-2  2/22/36   Noble
Alison      Orlande W.      Gr-2  8/28/32   H.Noble
Alkire      Carrie M.       Gr-2  3/18/35   Noble
Alkire      Framba ElizabethCal   11/11/26
Alkire      Ruth Elaine     Gr-2  5/3/31
Alkire      Bert C.         Gr-2  1/26/50   Noble
Allbee      Robert          Cal   1/17/95   Will
Allen       Alta M.         Gr-2  11/3/47   Broad.
Allen       Arthur          Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Allen       Arthur          Gr-1  2/27/32   H.Noble
Allen       Bruce, Jr.      Gr-2  7/29/97   Bittner
Allen       Bruce, Sr.      Gr-2  1/18/86
Allen       Edward F.       Gr-2  8/17/40   Basham
Allen       Elizabeth A.    Gr-1  11/16/29
Allen       Floy            Gr-2  7/6/57    Noble
Allen       George F., Jr.  Gr-1  ??/??/1898
Allen       Grace           Gr-2  3/3/84
Allen       Harry R.        Gr-2  10/18/50  Noble
Allen       J. Burt         Gr-2  11/4/60   Noble
Allen       James Levi      Gr-2  1/5/52    Broad.
Allen       Jessie D.       Gr-1  6/7/24
Allen       Louise          Gr-2  12/30/86
Allen       Martha          Gr-2  1/20/71   Milliken
Allen       Mary            Gr-2  6/7/51    Noble
Allen       Maybelle        Gr-2  2/14/66   Milliken
Allen       Nina            Gr-1  8/30/67   Schenk
Allen       Sarah Welles    Gr-2  5/20/83
Allen       Vera Blanche    Gr-2  5/4/24
Allen       Wayne D.        Gr-2  1/24/46   Broad.
Allen       William D.      Gr-2  10/6/27
Allen       Harry, Dr.      Gr-2  2/11/74   Milliken
Allen       Bertha Pauline  Gr-2  4/18/39   Noble
Allen       David Lee       Gr-1  9/6/52    Noble
Allickson   William G.      Gr-2  4/29/45   Noble
Allingham   Mrs.            Gr-1  ??/??/1887
Allison     Mary E.         Gr-2  6/22/35   Noble
Allison     J. S.           Gr-2  11/8/27
Allison     Lula            Gr-2  11/22/67  Milliken
Allison     Sarah H.        Gr-2  3/17/34   Noble
Allison     Marvin J.       AM    4/1/63    Nobles
Allseth     Baby            Gr-2  3/20/09
Alman       A.              Gr-1  11/3/04
Altig       Baby Girl       Gr-2  10/17/44  Noble
Altigs      Baby Boy        Gr-1  06/??/1933Broad.
Alto        Baby Girl       Gr-1  8/13/04
Ames        Robert W.       AM    2/2/41    Noble
Ames        Jennie M.       Gr-1  5/21/03
Amick       Darci Lynn      Gr-2  8/8/78
Amick       Hazel           Gr-2  5/26/69   Milliken
Amick       Ira             Gr-2  1/20/66   Milliken
Ammon       Daniel W.       Gr-2  3/20/91
Ammon       Pauline         Gr-2  4/6/95    Will
Ammon       Henry           Gr-2  11/17/72  Milliken
Amundson    Elna            Gr-2  7/14/72   McColley
Amussen     Aeriel          Gr-2  3/16/85
Anderberg   Viola           Gr-2  10/6/81
Andersen    Frank           Gr-2  11/21/42  Noble
Andersen    Hans            Gr-2  4/2/52    Noble
Andersen    Jeanette        Gr-2  7/20/79
Anderson    Alice           Gr-1  5/29/69   Milliken
Anderson    Alvin           Gr-2  9/17/65   Milliken
Anderson    Andrew          Gr-2  11/1/26   H.Noble
Anderson    Anna            Gr-2  3/12/31
Anderson    Anna Christina  Gr-2  12/30/93
Anderson    Anton L.        Gr-2  1/2/57    Noble
Anderson    Arthur A.       Gr-2  6/5/14
Anderson    Arthur J.       Gr-2  8/16/43   Noble
Anderson    Arthur          AM    1/23/79
Anderson    Austin C.       Gr-1  2/10/78
Anderson    Baby            Gr-2  3/6/08
Anderson    Baby Girl       Gr-2  1/12/20
Anderson    Ben             Gr-1  11/28/07
Anderson    Carl            Gr-2  11/12/70  Milliken
Anderson    Carl E.         Gr-2  5/3/14
Anderson    Carl, Jr.       Gr-2  5/18/22
Anderson    Casper          Gr-2  5/12/30
Anderson    Casper          Gr-2  11/11/63  Milliken
Anderson    Charles         AM    1/17/70   Schenk
Anderson    Christin        Gr-2  4/18/52   Noble
Anderson    Clara           Gr-2  12/23/85
Anderson    Dallas A.       Gr-2  10/8/86
Anderson    Dorothy VirginiaGr-2  2/6/20
Anderson    Edward B.       Gr-2  4/10/47   Noble
Anderson    Edward K.       Gr-2  8/22/46   Broad.
Anderson    Eleanor         Gr-2  10/13/93
Anderson    Elizabeth E.    Gr-2  6/21/97   Bittner
Anderson    Ella            Gr-2  2/19/24
Anderson    Elmer           Gr-2  10/29/69  Milliken
Anderson    Emma            Gr-2  1/10/36   Noble
Anderson    Emma            Gr-2  8/2/82
Anderson    Esther E.       Gr-2  4/24/16
Anderson    Ethel M.        Gr-2  2/12/15
Anderson    Fred A.         Gr-1  8/29/69   Milliken
Anderson    Mrs. George     Gr-1  10/22/00
Anderson    George          Gr-1  12/30/06
Anderson    Gertrude        AM    7/25/77
Anderson    Ida C.          Gr-2  10/20/15
Anderson    Harold          Gr-2  11/5/82
Anderson    Helen           Gr-2  6/1/81
Anderson    Helena C.       Gr-2  10/19/17
Anderson    Henry B.        Gr-2  5/11/24
Anderson    Isabelle        Gr-2  3/17/32   Broad.
Anderson    Iver            Gr-2  12/1/44   Noble
Anderson    Jennie A.       Gr-2  11/25/14
Anderson    John Francis    Gr-2  12/11/25
Anderson    John A.         Gr-2  7/19/28
Anderson    John D.         Gr-2  11/15/37  Noble
Anderson    John E.         AM    1/31/53   Noble
Anderson    John            Gr-2  4/15/77
Anderson    John Q.         Gr-2  2/12/93
Anderson    Josephine       Gr-2  7/16/41   Noble
Anderson    Julia           Gr-2  5/8/53    Johnson
Anderson    Katherine J.    Gr-2  4/6/32
Anderson    Jessie          Gr-2  5/18/60   Noble
Anderson    Kenneth         Gr-2  7/25/86
Anderson    Laura B.        Gr-2  2/19/63   Noble
Anderson    Lyal            Gr-2  3/4/63    Milliken
Anderson    Lynn Dee        Gr-2  11/21/60  Milliken
Anderson    Mabel           Gr-2  4/22/34   Noble
Anderson    Mae             Gr-2  12/10/76
Anderson    Marie           AM    9/17/83
Anderson    Marjie          Gr-2  11/3/58   Noble
Anderson    Mary            Gr-2  6/18/69   Milliken
Anderson    Melvin E.       Gr-1  7/3/63    Noble
Anderson    Minnie E.       Gr-2  11/4/08
Anderson    Monica E.       AM    5/2/92
Anderson    Ola             Gr-2  6/17/48   Noble
Anderson    Oscar L.        Gr-2  12/29/50  Noble
Anderson    Oscar           Gr-2  7/10/65   Schenk
Anderson    Pearl M.        Gr-2  2/10/61   Noble
Anderson    Pearl M.        Gr-2  1/8/96    Bittner
Anderson    Peter           Gr-2  5/8/47    Noble
Anderson    Peter S.        Gr-2  3/29/68   Milliken
Anderson    Robert Joseph   Cal   ??/??/????
Anderson    Sarah           Gr-2  8/27/29
Anderson    Sophie A.       Gr-2  4/6/38    Broad.
Anderson    Ted             SV    2/7/90
Anderson    Thea            Gr-2  7/23/69   Milliken
Anderson    Troy            Gr-2  5/1/61    Milliken
Anderson    Wallace         Gr-2  2/5/58    Noble
Anderson    Wm.             Gr-2  9/27/17
Anderson    Alfred Edward   AM    7/9/62    Noble
Anderson    Donald A.       AM    1/29/60   H.Noble
Anderson    Joseph William  Gr-2  2/12/72   Milliken
Anderson    Peggie Ann      Gr-2  11/9/72   Milliken
Anderson    Arthur          Gr-2  11/16/72  Milliken
Anderson    Edith           Gr-2  3/18/75   Milliken
Anderson    William         Gr-2  6/14/75   Miller
Anderson    Lida Sarah      Gr-1  8/16/62   Noble
Anderson    John L.         Gr-1  12/12/56  Noble
Anderson    Gladys          Gr-1  3/7/34    Noble
Anderson    Anna Hanna      Gr-2  10/9/96   Will
Anderson    Ronald          Gr-2  11/23/98  Will
Anderson    Ralph L.        Gr-2  10/13/31  H.Noble
Anderson    Percy           Gr-2  3/6/08
Anderson    Winifred        Gr-2  10/14/00  Bittner
Anderst     Carl H.         AM    4/23/64   Milliken
Anderst     Duwayne Carl    Gr-2  9/28/68   Milliken
Andres      Oscar J.        Cal   1/25/52   Nobles
Andres      Hudson H.       Cal   ??/??/1938
Andres      Mathilda        Cal   ??/??/????
Andrew      Jessie          Gr-1  8/13/64   Milliken
Andrews     Sarah Jane      Gr-1  7/13/73   Milliken
Angel       Emma            Gr-2  7/13/10
Angeline    Florence        SV    2/8/84
Angell      Frederick B.    Gr-2  3/28/17
Angle       Carol           Gr-2  4/6/84
Angle       Robert          Gr-2  12/15/80
Angle       Robert Edward   Gr-2  8/25/91
Annis       Ella            Gr-2  6/19/35   Broad.
Annis       Lawrence Howard Gr-2  11/18/59  Milliken
Annis       Mary E.         Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Annis       Charles H.      Gr-1  4/19/47   Broad.
Annis       Adonirum Judson Gr-1  11/28/23
Annis       Lyle            Gr-2  3/3/00    Will
Anschuetz   Charles C.      Gr-2  9/2/30
Anton       Margaret        Cal   3/17/93   Will
Anton       Margaret        Cal   8/11/93   Will
Anton       Mike            Cal   ??/??/????
Anton       Katherine       Cal   ??/??/1950
Anton       Nicolas         Cal   ??/??/????
Anton       Albert W.       Cal   2/17/79   Will
Anton       Nick            Cal   5/11/42
Appel       Christine       Cal   11/14/81
Appel       Donald          Cal   4/13/95   Will
Appel       Edward          Gr-2  1/22/62   Noble
Appel       Joseph          Cal   11/21/89
Appell      Myrtle          Gr-2  5/3/31
Apple       Rosetta         Gr-2  3/22/36   Noble
Apple       Sam             Gr-2  3/14/30   Noble
Applegate   Ed J.           Gr-2  8/26/57   Noble
Applegate   Ida Belle       Gr-2  5/9/67    Milliken
Applegate   Richard E.      Gr-2  3/26/45   Noble
Ardinger    Frances Eugenia Gr-2  7/27/27
Arend       Bernard         SV    9/1/90
Arend       Donald          Cal   12/27/94  Will
Arens       Henry           AM    10/19/45  Broad.
Arff        Hans            Gr-2  1/15/40   Noble
Arff        Herbert C.      Gr-2  8/10/30
Arff        Jurgen F.       Gr-2  1/20/42   Noble
Arff        Minnie          Gr-2  2/21/29
Arff        Laura G.        Gr-2  11/15/28
Armbrecht   Clara           Gr-2  10/1/54   Broad.
Armbrecht   John            Gr-2  12/30/67  Milliken
Armfield    Frank R.        Gr-1  8/3/67    Milliken
Armfield    Louise K.       Gr-1  7/30/93
Armstrong   Ray             Gr-2  7/3/19
Armstrong   Jerald L., Dr.  Gr-2  1/22/72   Schenk
Armstrong   Mary Joan       Gr-2  4/8/98    Bittner
Arndorfer   Baby Girl       Cal   7/5/67    Schenk
Arnold      Lawrence H.     Gr-1  7/8/31
Arnold      S. S.           Gr-2  12/22/28
Arnold      Verna E.        Gr-2  9/13/35   Noble
Aronson     Cora            Gr-2  1/11/53   Broad.
Aronson     Oscar           Gr-2  8/16/47   Broad.
Arterberry  Tara Lynn       Gr-2  12/28/87
Asher       William G.      Gr-2  12/4/30
Asher       Helen           Gr-2  7/31/75   Milliken
Asher       Helen           Gr-2  7/31/75   Milliken
Ashton      Lydia           Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Askew       John            Cal   2/8/92
Askew       Thomas John     Cal   12/3/55   H.Noble
Askew       Ruth            Cal   3/2/98    Will
Aslesen     Doyle           Gr-2  11/22/97  Will
Asmussen    Brenda M.       Cal   4/8/70    Milliken
Asmussen    Erwin           Cal   6/7/84
Asmussen    Richard R.      Cal   11/19/77
Asmussen    Elizabeth Chase Cal   1/3/91
Assmusen    Aileen M.       Gr-2  2/12/66   Milliken
Atkins      Cora            Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Atkinson    Clyde C.        Gr-2  12/31/25
Atkinson    Earl B.         Gr-2  1/29/66   Milliken
Atkinson    George          Gr-2  2/28/43   Noble
Atkinson    Josephine       Gr-2  12/2/39   Noble
Atkinson    Roy             Gr-2  2/26/59   Noble
Atlee       Martha          Gr-1  09/??/1894
Auch        Leonard         Gr-2  10/5/00   Bittner
Augustus    Myrtle May      Gr-2  11/5/60   Paramount
Aurryo      Baby            Cal   ??/??/????
Austin      Anna M.         Gr-2  10/7/50   Broad.
Austin      Arthur          Gr-2  12/30/61  Milliken
Austin      Baby Boy        Gr-2  12/12/13
Austin      Baby Boy        Gr-2  11/29/47  Noble
Austin      Bertha M.       Gr-2  8/27/59   Milliken
Austin      Donald E.       Gr-2  10/8/13
Austin      Eliza M.        Gr-2  5/19/55   Noble
Austin      George W.       Gr-2  10/25/50  Broad.
Austin      Glenn           Gr-2  4/29/30
Austin      Lola M.         Gr-2  7/23/91
Austin      William E.      Gr-2  8/13/70   Milliken
Austin      William         Gr-2  10/18/21
Austin      William Lavern  Gr-2  11/1/18
Austin      William         Gr-2  2/11/45   Noble
Austin      George W., Rev. Gr-2  11/8/27
Auth        Joseph          Cal   ??/??/????
Auth        Marcella Grace  Cal   ??/??/1922
Avery       Charles R.      Gr-2  8/1/34    Noble
Avery       Rachel          Gr-2  7/18/50   Noble
Ayers       John W.         Gr-1  11/23/29
Ayers       Maude E.        Gr-1  4/22/57   Noble
Ayres       Burton Clifford AM    4/26/63   Milliken

Baas        David Dean      Gr-2  11/26/63  Hofer
Baas        David Paul      Gr-2  6/26/97   Bittner
Baas        Walter Paul, Dr.Gr-2  11/11/99  Bittner
Babb        Joel F.         Gr-2  5/26/87
Babcock     James E.        Gr-1  3/14/01
Babcock     Margareta P.    Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Babcock     John Henry, Rev.Gr-1  10/31/08
Babich      Mike E.         AM    11/16/44  Broad.
Bach        Gertrude Elaine Gr-1  9/5/97    Fidler
Backes      Chris Matt      Cal   4/15/64   Schenk
Backes      Agatha          Cal   ??/??/????
Backlund    Albert Theodore Gr-2  3/4/51    Noble
Backlund    Baby Boy        Gr-2  4/4/21
Backlund    Gustav Edward   Gr-2  11/8/78
Backlund    Flora M.        Gr-2  4/11/21
Backlund    Lucille         Gr-2  7/10/76
Backlund    Gladys          Gr-2  8/31/00   Will
Bacon       Elizabeth       Gr-2  5/20/53   Noble
Bacon       William Henry   Gr-2  2/2/21
Bacon       Winifred        Cal   3/24/82
Bacon       Melville A.     Cal   10/12/61  O'Hallorn
Bade        Bruce E.        AM    11/4/94   Will
Badger      Bonnie Lou      Gr-2  1/14/53   Broad.
Bad-Lays    Eaton Ramsey    Gr-2  4/29/27
Bahm        Tyler           Gr-2  8/28/96   Bittner
Bailey      Ansel           Gr-2  8/31/89
Bailey      Dale            SV    3/16/85
Bailey      Dorothy Mary    Gr-2  11/11/09
Bailey      Dorothy         Gr-2  11/21/15
Bailey      George W.       Gr-2  1/19/38   Miller
Bailey      Gordon          SV    12/29/94  Will
Bailey      Howard          Gr-2  9/29/83
Bailey      James L.        Gr-2  7/7/48    Broad.
Bailey      Joel Stewart    Gr-2  7/18/61   Noble
Bailey      Millard F.      Gr-2  7/9/29
Bailey      Pearl V.        Gr-2  2/19/80
Bailey      Robert E.       Gr-1  6/17/33   Noble
Bailey      Robert L.       SV    04/??/1995
Bailey      Ross            Gr-2  5/28/58   Broad.
Bailey      Mary A.         Gr-2  7/10/56   Noble
Bailey      Eva Eliza       Gr-2  10/9/18
Bailey      Ellen           Gr-2  11/8/74   Milliken
Bailey      William D.      Gr-2  5/19/30
Bailey      Charles Henry   Gr-2  11/21/25
Bailey      Muriel          SV    7/8/99    Will
Bailey      Mary            Gr-2  11/11/09
Bainbridge  Bertha          Gr-2  7/22/92
Bainbridge  Gordon L.       Gr-2  1/14/95   Will
Bainbridge  John R.         Gr-2  5/7/96    Bittner
Bair        Arthur Ray      Gr-2  7/6/61    Millikin
Bair        L. Ray          Gr-2  3/4/94
Bair        Mary Irene      Gr-2  12/28/84
Bakas       Baby Boy        Gr-2  6/28/46   Noble
Bakas       George KonstantiAM    10/5/45   Noble
Baker       Delmer D.       Gr-2  3/12/51   Broad.
Baker       E. W.           Gr-1  10/6/26   Noble
Baker       Earl            Gr-2  11/25/35  Noble
Baker       Earl J.         Gr-2  12/5/58   Millikin
Baker       Frank           Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Baker       Henry R.        Gr-2  1/26/39   Broad.
Baker       Maggie          Gr-2  12/29/84
Baker       Warren C.       Gr-2  12/20/25
Baker       Doris Joan      Cal   ??/??/????
Baker       Evelyn E.       Cal   10/11/51  Nobles
Baker       Fred L.         Cal   10/31/53  Nobles
Baker       Frances         Cal   ??/??/????
Baker       Marion F.       Cal   ??/??/1920
Baker       Mary            Gr-1  1/27/06
Baker       John C.         Gr-1  ??/??/1884
Baker       Maude           Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Baker       Donald R.       Gr-2  7/3/99    Will
Bakewell    George S., Dr.  Cal   11/24/69  Schenk
Bakewell    Lucile M.       Cal   6/4/79    Murphy
Bakke       Renee A.        Gr-1  5/31/51   Noble
Balding     Baby Boy        Gr-2  4/19/10
Balding     Baby Girl       Gr-2  2/20/25
Balding     George A.       Gr-2  2/19/15
Balding     Margaret E.     Gr-2  12/2/18
Balding     Craig Newton    Gr-2  1/19/01   Will
Baldwin     Aplick          Gr-1  ??/??/1887
Baldwin     Curtis          Cal   2/1/93
Baldwin     Jess            Gr-2  4/21/88
Baldwin     Joy             Gr-2  10/20/70  Millikin
Baldwin     Marlene D.      Gr-2  5/9/64    Millikin
Baldwin     Roger           Gr-2  11/6/80
Baldwin     Irene V.        Gr-2  2/5/98    Will
Baldwin     Francis M.      Gr-2  5/10/43   Broad.
Baldwin     Dora Marie      Gr-2  1/31/98   Will
Baldwin     Kathryn         Gr-2  1/16/97   Will
Baldwin     Craig Dennis    Cal   8/7/61    Nobles
Baldwin     John S.         Gr-1  ??/??/1886
Ball        Anna            Gr-2  1/3/57    Noble
Ball        Esther          Gr-2  7/5/19
Ball        Evelyn          SV    9/16/94   Bittner
Ball        Floyd           SV    9/23/81
Ball        Helen B.        Gr-2  6/20/36   Noble
Ball        Jesse           Gr-2  10/29/42  Broad.
Ball        Kenneth         SV    10/14/73
Ball        Matilda         Gr-2  5/20/91
Ball        Mildred         Gr-2  1/21/63   West.
Ball        Thomas J.       Gr-2  8/9/16
Ball        William Reaves  Gr-2  4/29/49   Noble
Ballard     Beryl           Gr-2  8/19/46   Noble
Ballard     Burton Leroy    Gr-2  8/14/22
Ballard     Clara           Gr-2  1/4/71    Milliken
Ballard     Marcus          Gr-1  3/16/48   Broad.
Bame        Infant Girl     Gr-2  8/21/81
Bandelman   Albertina       Gr-2  6/30/32
Bandelman   John            Gr-2  9/7/16
Bandleman   Oliver          Gr-2  1/29/48   Noble
Bandy       Florence        Gr-2  11/16/89
Bangasser   George          Cal   11/11/89
Banks       Barbara         Gr-1  ??/??/1887
Bannister   Rhoda L.        Gr-1  07/??/1897
Bannwarth   Ann Marie       Cal   9/4/67    Schenk
Bannwarth   Herbert         Cal   10/3/80   Will
Barber      Alre H.         Gr-2  8/22/22
Barber      Carrie I.       Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Barber      Clare           Gr-2  4/26/65   Milliken
Barber      Ethel R.        Gr-2  12/27/85
Barber      Francis Brooks  Gr-1  1/22/01
Barber      George H.       Gr-2  1/30/32
Barber      Hattie          Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Barber      Julia S.        Gr-2  12/27/38  Broad.
Barber      Mattie          Gr-1  9/18/18
Barber      Charles W.      Gr-1  12/1/61   Millikin
Barber      Sylvia E.       Gr-1  ??/??/1975
Barber      Clarence        Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Barber      Mattie Buell    Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Bard        James E.        Gr-2  2/21/40   Rick
Bard        John Orr, Jr.   Gr-2  7/2/10
Bard        Levantia        Gr-2  10/30/51  Noble
Bard        Mary Jane       Gr-2  6/10/22
Bard        John Orr, Sr.   Gr-2  7/19/10
Barhyte     Kate            Gr-2  11/4/25
Barker      Myrtle A.       Gr-2  10/3/33   Noble
Barker      Nelle           Gr-2  12/20/54  Noble
Barker      Rodney          Gr-2  3/13/86
Barker      Ross Harold     Gr-2  1/25/11
Barker      Scott           Gr-2  4/12/83
Barker      Theodore S.     Gr-2  3/7/42    Noble
Barnard     Arthur Neal     AM    8/18/66   Millliken
Barnard     Bertha May      Gr-2  3/21/26   H.Noble
Barnard     William         Gr-1  6/2/44    Noble
Barnard     Herbert Stowell AM    3/9/46    Noble
Barnes      Bernard         SV    11/20/84
Barnes      Donald R.       AM    1/30/78
Barnes      Nealene         Cal   9/5/96    Miller
Barnes      Robert L.       AM    8/27/96   Will
Barnes      James P.        Cal   8/1/60    Nobles
Barnes      Baby            Gr-1  5/7/05
Barnes      Josephine       Cal   2/25/60   H.Noble
Barnes      Sylvester R.    Cal   11/22/48  Broad.
Barnes      Mable H.        Gr-1  5/29/56   Broad.
Barnes      Christine       Cal   10/19/39  H.Noble
Barnes      Opal            Gr-1  6/24/98   Bittner
Barnett     Beulah Pearl    Gr-1  6/29/61   Millikin
Barnett     Carl L.         Gr-2  6/17/63   Millikin
Barnett     Ethel A.        Gr-1  1/27/67   Millikin
Barnett     Lydia A.        Gr-2  1/17/47   Broad.
Barnett     Thomas F.       Gr-2  7/28/32
Barnett     William R.      Gr-1  2/18/67   Milliken
Barnett     Dorothy         Gr-2  2/27/74   Milliken
Barnhart    Genevieve M.    Cal   8/18/77   Murphy
Barnhart    Robert Doyle    Cal   5/26/79   Murphy
Barnhart    Kenneth         Cal   11/25/52  Nobles
Barns       Jay M.          Gr-1  9/9/77
Barns       Mona            Gr-1  3/18/83
Barns       Leroy William   Gr-1  9/27/57   Noble
Barns       Belle           Gr-1  10/8/57   Noble
Barns       Jay Stephen     Gr-1  10/8/57   Noble
Barnum      Eugene G., Jr.  Gr-1  1/30/75   Will
Barnum      Blanche K.      Gr-1  11/25/98  Will
Barr        Abbie L.        Gr-2  7/17/16
Barrett     Ann P.          Cal   ??/??/1901
Barrett     Florence        Cal   9/23/96   Bittner
Barrett     Patrick P.      Cal   ??/??/????
Barrett     Leo Sr.         SV    1/25/01   Bittner
Barrows     Hal             Gr-2  10/17/67  Milliken
Barrows     Leta            Gr-2  6/8/74    Wilms
Barrows     Baby            Gr-1  6/21/14
Barry       Gregory James   Cal   ??/??/????
Barta       Emmit           Cal   12/30/81
Barth       Arthur          Gr-2  6/17/71   Milliken
Barth       Clifford        Gr-2  4/19/66   Milliken
Barth       David J.        Gr-2  10/8/36   Broad.
Barth       Eva             Gr-2  5/11/81
Barth       Francis Willard Gr-2  2/21/68   Milliken
Barth       Grace           Gr-2  6/10/70   Milliken
Barth       Debora Lynn     Gr-1  1/26/63   Noble
Barth       Marjorie        Gr-2  2/5/00    Will
Bartling    Ida             Gr-2  7/8/55    Noble
Bartling    William         Gr-2  7/20/51   Noble
Barton      Alice M.        Gr-2  10/28/20
Barton      Howard, Jr.     Gr-2  10/27/17
Barton      Howard          Gr-2  6/13/50   Noble
Bartscher   Alicia          Gr-2  11/18/89
Bartscher   John Henry      AM    12/14/63  Schenk
Bartscher   Laura B.        AM    9/13/60   Nobles
Bartscher   Helen Ann       Cal   6/13/64   Schenk
Bartscher   Baby Boy        Cal   4/23/63   Nobles
Bartscher   Camilla L.      Cal   5/11/59   H.Noble
Basham      Mildred D.      Gr-1  7/4/98    Slawson's
Bassett     Mary E.         AM    5/10/77
Basye       Harry Lee       Gr-1  2/7/41    Broad.
Bately      James Nobis     Gr-2  3/11/12
Bately      Stephen S.      Gr-2  12/20/11
Bately      Eva Lillia      Gr-2  6/30/59   Noble
Bately      Gladys          Gr-2  10/25/78
Bately      John            Gr-2  12/19/63  Schenk
Bately      Zaporah K.      Gr-2  1/13/10
Bates       Bradley         Gr-2  1/8/70    Milliken
Bates       Caroline J.     Gr-1  2/3/49    Noble
Bates       Chauncey B.     Gr-2  1/16/63   Millikin
Bates       Clifford L.     Gr-2  9/29/44   Noble
Bates       Cora            Gr-2  3/12/79
Bates       Danial E.       Gr-2  10/9/38   Broad.
Bates       Ella Belle      Gr-2  6/4/62    Millikin
Bates       Ernest          SV    2/20/81
Bates       Hattie L.       Gr-2  6/22/21
Bates       James           Gr-1  ??/??/1886
Bates       James D.        SV    12/??/1973
Bates       Jennie          Gr-1  4/3/87
Bates       Mae L.          Gr-2  1/12/49   Broad.
Bates       Marion D. K.    Gr-1  ??/??/1894
Bates       Mark P.         Gr-2  3/12/43   Broad.
Bates       Mark Paul       Gr-1  7/15/68   Milliken
Bates       Mary Jane       Gr-1  5/16/25
Bates       Mary            Gr-2  12/8/67   Milliken
Bates       Myron           Gr-2  8/5/82
Bates       Neva Arlo       Gr-2  6/15/20
Bates       Oliver B.       Gr-1  12/??/1888
Bates       Oliver Artemis  Gr-1  1/11/37   Noble
Bates       Samuel Wilt     Gr-2  2/27/53   Broad.
Bates       Verneta M.      Gr-2  7/7/82
Bates       Zelma A.        Gr-2  3/17/62   Millikin
Bates       Adam Kiefer     Gr-2  10/17/44  Broad.
Bates       Charles F.      Gr-1  2/19/60   Noble
Bateson     Babies          Gr-1  7/29/14
Bathke      Baby Boy        Gr-1  03/??/1897
Baudoin     Timothy John    Cal   3/24/62   Nobles
Bauer       Earl Dean       SV    3/19/97   Will
Bauer       Edward          Gr-2  3/10/84
Bauer       Edwin W.        Gr-2  11/5/30
Bauer       Eugenia         Gr-2  10/18/55  Noble
Bauer       Francis W.      Gr-2  12/22/35  Noble
Bauer       Helen           SV    10/12/85
Bauer       John            AM    4/8/87
Bauer       Laverne         Gr-2  7/14/82
Bauer       Nettie          Gr-1  11/3/44   Broad.
Bauer       Sarah           Gr-2  2/14/40   Broad.
Bauer       Virginia        Gr-2  2/17/71   Milliken
Bauer       Whittier        Gr-2  9/27/48   Noble
Bauer       Charles         Gr-2  10/19/72  Milliken
Bauer       Albert J.       Cal   4/4/73    Milliken
Bauer       Donald C.       Cal   5/22/74   Milliken
Bauer       Estella         Cal   9/26/74   Milliken
Bauer       Frank J.        Cal   ??/??/1940
Bauer       Lucille Lefaive Cal   2/9/60    H.Noble
Bauer       Priscilla M.    Cal   6/23/59   H.Noble
Bauer       Anna            Cal   8/20/53   Nobles
Bauer       John            Cal   11/24/52  Broad.
Bauer       Alois           Cal   9/28/42   H.Noble
Bauer       Twins           Cal   ??/??/????
Bauer       Sherile         Cal   ??/??/????
Bauer       Raymond         SV    2/24/00   Will
Baughman    Edith May       Gr-2  9/30/46   Noble
Bauman      Melvin W.       Gr-2  5/26/60   Noble
Bauman      Infant          Cal   ??/??/????
Baumgardner Floyd Henry     Gr-2  8/24/16
Baumgardner Emma M.         Gr-2  1/5/55    Broad.
Baumgart    Alice           Cal   12/22/94  Will
Baumgart    August          Cal   5/4/70    Milliken
Baumgart    Mary Louise     Cal   1/20/90
Baumgart    Robert          Gr-2  6/6/88
Baumgart    Alta            Gr-1  8/28/72   Milliken
Baumgart    Joseph H.       Cal   9/14/67   Schenk
Baumgart    Anton           Gr-1  9/18/58   Noble
Baumiller   James           Gr-2  1/24/68   Milliken
Baxter      Baby Girl       Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Baxter      Lila May        Gr-2  8/13/31
Baxter      William D.      Gr-2  5/15/61   Noble
Bayles      Albert R.       Gr-2  11/17/27  H.Noble
Bayles      James F.        Gr-2  8/13/56   Noble
Bayles      Clyde           Gr-2  4/14/58   Noble
Bayles      Josephine F.    Gr-2  2/7/33    Noble
Bayley      Alson H.        Gr-2  7/5/18
Bayley      Beth            Gr-1  ??/??/1893
Bayley      Adeline         Gr-2  11/4/19
Bayley      Leonard Swift   Gr-1  2/18/14
Bayley      Marjorie G.     Gr-1  8/8/02
Beach       Child           Cal   2/15/47   Nobles
Beadle      Baby Girl       Gr-1  2/17/09
Bear Horse  Calvin          Gr-1  12/17/83
Beard       Eileen          Gr-2  6/10/95   Bittner
Beattie     David           Gr-1  4/8/39    Broad.
Beauregard  Stanley M.      Cal   12/12/78  Will
Beauregard  Arlyne          Cal   10/27/98  Will
Bebo        Terry           Gr-2  12/27/90
Bechard     Francis A.      Gr-2  3/5/30
Bechard     Blanch E.       Gr-2  3/5/30
Bechen      Frank           Cal   8/4/84
Bechen      Marjorie        Cal   11/16/92
Bechen      Teresa A.       Cal   ??/??/1930
Beck        Bertha          Gr-2  8/29/08
Beck        Daniel L        Cal   ??/??/1923
Beck        David           Gr-2  1/18/49   Broad.
Beck        Denzell         Gr-2  6/29/49   Millikin
Beck        David           Cal   1/19/49
Becken      Theresa A.      Cal   ??/??/????
Becker      Perry           Gr-2  2/4/09
Becker      Mae L.          Cal   7/26/90
Becker      Julia           Gr-2  9/4/73    Milliken
Becker      Carl            Gr-2  11/6/74   Milliken
Beckman     Mary            Cal   6/20/79   Will
Beckman     Bernard         Cal   2/7/72    Milliken
Beckwith    Dorothy Mabel   Gr-2  9/15/90
Beckwith    Frances         Gr-2  2/18/52   Noble
Beckwith    Harold P.       Gr-2  7/4/31
Beckwith    Harold Riley, SrGr-2  9/15/90
Beckwith    Louis E.        Gr-2  7/7/48    Noble
Beckwith    Lewis           Gr-2  2/24/31
Beckwith    Mabel M.        Gr-2  8/5/83
Beckwith    Mary L.         Gr-2  12/1/22
Beckwith    Harold Riley, JrGr-2  ??/??/????
Beckwith    Patricia        Gr-2  ??/??/????
Beddoes     Inez May        Gr-2  11/14/16
Beddoes     John W.         Gr-2  8/27/47   Broad.
Beddoes     Lydia S.        Gr-2  7/12/31
Bedner      Hazel           Gr-2  10/3/97   Will
Beeam       Forrest         SV    12/12/87
Beebe       Donald James    AM    11/7/67   Milliken
Beebe       Edward A.       Gr-2  6/30/14
Beed        Mary E.         Gr-1  7/6/73    Schenk
Beed        Richard M.      Gr-1  3/21/57   Noble
Beedle      Clarence        Gr-2  3/25/53   Noble
Beedle      David           Gr-2  7/31/85
Beedle      Ellis Marion    AM    4/13/57   Noble
Beedle      Emma            AM    12/19/52  Noble
Beedle      May             Gr-2  8/3/83
Beedle      Barbara         Gr-2  1/24/37   Noble
Beerneart   Margaraet       Cal   ??/??/????
Behr        Tracy Alan      Gr-2  4/29/87
Behrens     Amy L.          Gr-2  11/16/94  Iverson
Behrens     Frederick Edgar Gr-2  8/29/97   Bittner
Beier       Bertha          Gr-2  11/9/85
Beier       Carl            Gr-2  5/10/65   Walter
Beier       Bertha L.       Gr-2  4/16/98   Walter
Beigh       Virgil F.       AM    3/7/79
Beiswanger  Elizabeth       Cal   6/30/95   Bittner
Beiswanger  Kenneth         AM    4/12/79
Beiswanger  Logan           Cal   3/30/84
Beittel     Fred            Gr-2  12/14/88
Beittel     Mary E.         Gr-2  3/27/72   Milliken
Belamy      Baby            Gr-2  7/12/15
Bell        George W.       Gr-2  4/29/27
Bell        Golda Vivian    Gr-2  3/3/10
Bell        James           Gr-2  3/17/95   Will
Bell        John E.         Gr-2  6/15/08
Bell        Leah            Gr-2  10/14/77
Bell        Levina E.       Gr-2  12/9/45   Noble
Bell        Mary Gladys     Gr-2  5/28/58   NS
Bell        Minnie B.       Gr-2  3/19/20
Bell        Russell James   Gr-1  2/21/64   Schenk
Bell        Russell         Gr-2  11/17/72  Milliken
Bell        James M.        Gr-2  7/10/39   Joseph
Bell        Margaret        Gr-2  2/10/37   Noble
Bell        Nate            Gr-1  5/1/07
Bell        Nathaniel       Gr-1  6/23/06
Bell        Ellen           Gr-1  04???/1891
Bell        Edward          Gr-2  8/12/98   Will
Bellamy     Baby            Gr-2  4/10/16
Bellamy     Nancy W.        Gr-2  5/21/32   H.Noble
Beller      Ray Alven       Gr-2  8/15/19
Bellis      John            Gr-2  8/13/64   Schenk
Bellis      Mary E.         Gr-2  6/16/32   H.Noble
Beltes      Victor          Cal   4/12/50   Nobles
Bender      Avis            Gr-2  9/13/80
Bender      Blanche         Gr-2  3/13/92
Bender      Celia           Gr-2  7/19/82
Bender      Dorothy Alice   Gr-2  12/24/68  Milliken
Bender      Jacob R.        Gr-2  11/25/70  Milliken
Bender      Leo             Gr-2  12/24/86
Bender      Theodore        Gr-2  3/6/68    Milliken
Bender      Wilbur          Gr-2  8/17/40   Broad.
Bender      Carl            Gr-2  8/26/74   Milliken
Bender      Christina P.    Gr-1  10/18/56  Noble
Bender      Phillip F.      Gr-1  3/8/59    Noble
Bender      Kristal Kay     Gr-1  5/5/43    Noble
Bender      Delbert R.      Gr-2  12/24/98  Will
Benende     Christine       Gr-2  4/19/27
Bengal      Harry           Gr-1  12/10/45  Noble
Bengard     Andrew          Gr-2  11/4/18
Benkert     Kenneth         Gr-1  1/11/85
Bennett     Christiana      Gr-2  7/25/66   Milliken
Bennett     Esther          Gr-2  4/17/64   Schenk
Bennett     George F.       Gr-2  6/19/57   Noble
Bennett     Katie           Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Bennett     Maria           Gr-1  ??/??/1897
Bennett     Marion          Gr-2  10/1/65   Milliken
Bennett     Loren L.        Gr-2  5/25/73   Milliken
Bennett     Howard          Cal   2/5/80    Milliken
Bennett     Alice           Gr-1  8/17/44   Noble
Benson      Beulah          SV    3/13/78
Benson      Christine       Gr-2  9/15/92
Benson      Elvin R.        Gr-2  12/3/68   Milliken
Benson      Helen           Gr-2  6/14/89
Benson      Wm. Warren      Gr-2  2/24/21
Bentley     Mary Elizabeth  Gr-2  9/6/34    Noble
Bentliff    Chas.           Gr-2  5/15/27
Benz        Erma            Gr-1  6/11/86
Benz        Glenn E.        SV    4/7/77
Benz        Irene H.        Gr-2  1/19/35   Noble
Benz        Harry H.        Gr-1  11/4/61   Millikin
Beouwick    Larry           Gr-2  7/17/50   Noble
Berg        Dennis          Gr-2  12/5/88
Berg        Per             SV    8/27/86
Berg        Florence        SV    11/27/98  Will
Berger      James F. JohnsonGr-2  10/14/12
Berger      Nancy           Gr-2  9/21/21
Bergeson    Edwin Sigard    AM    4/27/41   Noble
Bergquist   Clara C.        Gr-1  7/22/50   Broad.
Bergquist   August          Gr-2  9/9/33    Mont.
Bergquist   Thelma Rose     Cal   9/14/68   Schenk
Bergquist   Jon Elmer       Cal   ??/??/1963
Bergrin     Shirley Ann     Gr-1  8/23/57   Noble
Bernard     Lloyd           AM    1/31/78
Bernard     Donna L.        AM    11/24/75  Will
Bernard     David           Gr-1  01/??/1896
Berndt      Arthur Jr.      Cal   9/3/97    Will
Berquist    Clarence G.     Gr-1  9/18/25
Berquist    Edith C.        Gr-1  12/21/02
Berquist    Nellie          Gr-2  2/23/60   Noble
Berquist    Ralph           Gr-2  8/10/64   Millkin
Berquist    Ted             Gr-2  4/11/86
Berquist    Gustave         Gr-1  11/18/41  Broad.
Berry       Arthur          Gr-2  6/27/70   Milliken
Berry       Austin C.       Cal   03/??/1911
Berry       Donald Paul     Cal   5/29/84
Berry       John Curtis     Cal   ??/??/1918
Berry       Margaret        Cal   ??/??/1915
Berry       Nettie Violet   Gr-2  11/26/83
Berry       Thomas Arthur   Gr-2  4/26/49   Noble
Berry       William Arthur  Gr-2  9/13/97   Bittner
Berry       John H.         Cal   ??/??/1920
Berry       Emma            Cal   10/18/54  Broad.
Berry       John F.         Cal   8/29/53   Broad.
Berry       Dennis G.       Cal   ??/??/1937
Berry       Muriel          Gr-2  4/11/98   Bittner
Berry       John Howard     Cal   ??/??/????
Berry       Ruth            Gr-2  9/25/00   Will
Berschied   John E.         Cal   12/7/65   Kinsley
Berschied   Lillian         Cal   12/14/97  Kinsley
Bertelot    Lawrence        Gr-2  1/7/10
Bertram     Bernita Anna    Gr-2  4/8/91
Bertram     Elmer           Gr-2  11/22/67  Schenk
Besancon    Effie           Gr-2  12/7/20
Besancon    Lucy A.         Gr-1  12/13/04
Besancon    George          Gr-2  3/14/45   Donahoe
Besancon    Ralph E.        Gr-2  11/10/72  Milliken
Beswick     A. James        Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Betchel     Thomas          Gr-2  9/6/94    Will
Bettag      Joseph C.       Cal   ??/??/1940
Betts       Andrew H.       Gr-2  9/29/21
Betts       Baby Girl       Gr-2  4/5/25
Betts       Calvin          Gr-2  4/20/21
Betts       Clara C.        Gr-2  6/22/65   Schenk
Betts       Conrad          Gr-1  ??/??/1884
Betts       Edwinea         Gr-2  4/6/25
Betts       Emmett Andrew   Gr-2  11/11/30
Betts       George E. or F. Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Betts       Helen C.        Gr-2  5/11/53   Noble
Betts       Louise C.       Gr-2  6/12/21
Betts       Margaret G.     Gr-2  5/9/22
Betts       Mark C.         Gr-2  10/10/40  Noble
Betts       Sarah Ann       Gr-2  11/29/26
Beuhner     Carl            SV    1/5/87
Beutner     Gertrude        Cal   3/11/81   Will
Beutner     John            Cal   4/3/87
Beutner     Virginia Anna   Cal   10/1/48   Nobles
Bezner      Baby            Gr-2  8/26/10
Bialas      Henry           Gr-2  8/29/89
Bialas      Lynette         Gr-2  4/5/80
Bick        Davey Lee       Gr-1  10/2/39   Nobles
Bick        Delton          Gr-2  10/27/98  Will
Bidwell     George          Gr-1  ??/??/1887
Bieber      George A.       Gr-1  3/21/15
Bieber      Susanah         Gr-1  04/??/1894
Bieger      Gertrude        Cal   ??/??/1924
Bieger      Michael A.      Cal   4/23/53   Nobles
Bielfeldt   Agnes           Gr-2  7/24/57   Noble
Bielfeldt   Anna            Gr-2  5/13/36   Noble
Bielfeldt   Fred G.         Gr-2  3/10/29
Bielfeldt   Fred H.         Gr-2  10/28/53  Noble
Bierle      Baby Boy        Gr-2  5/15/76
Bierschbach Annie C.        Cal   7/7/47    Broad.
Bierschbach Christian       Cal   1/13/44
Bies        Michael         Gr-2  10/27/31
Bies        Theresa         Gr-2  12/10/43  Welter
Bietz       Irene Loretta   Gr-1  1/14/34   Noble
Bigelow     Florence        Cal   6/27/88
Bigelow     J. Gardner      Cal   2/22/58   H.Noble
Biggerstaff Allan           Gr-2  1/10/96   Will
Biley       Iona            Gr-1  7/19/11
Billie      Blind Colored MaGr-1  6/24/05
Billingham  Harriet         AM    2/29/84
Billingham  Harry Elmer     AM    9/9/64    Millikin
Bills       Dewayne         Gr-1  1/14/37   Noble
Binderup    Harry E.        Cal   11/12/92
Binderup    Lucille C.      Cal   12/11/91
Binderup    Richard Leroy   Cal   1/30/58   H.Noble
BingenheimerAdelheit        Cal   ??/??/1886
Binger      Baby Boy        Gr-2  3/4/24
Bintliff    Charlotte L.    AM    10/5/64   Millikin
Bintliff    Child           Cal   12/13/46  Broad.
Birge       Vernon E.       Gr-2  4/6/23
Birge       Edith D.        Gr-2  11/9/63   Millikin
Birge       Edwin           Gr-2  1/22/10
Birge       Francis M.      Gr-2  2/24/15
Birge       George F.       Gr-2  6/3/48    Broad.
Birge       Gerald          Gr-2  1/16/62   Millikin
Birge       Harold          Gr-2  6/18/53   Broad.
Birge       Laura E.        Gr-2  7/23/48   Broad.
Birge       May G.          Gr-2  8/21/08
Birge       John W.         Gr-2  11/1/49   Broad.
Birge       Edward Arthur   Gr-2  6/13/40   Broad.
Birge       Anna A.         Gr-1  9/5/53    Noble
Birkett     Harry           Gr-2  10/20/40  Noble
Birkett     James           Gr-2  3/3/62    Noble
Birkett     Sarah           Gr-2  5/14/62   Noble
Birkett     Howard          Gr-2  11/7/75   Milliken
Bishop      Loyd            Gr-2  10/18/18
Bishop      Maurice George  Gr-2  8/6/74    Wilms
Bittner     Bridget Ann     Cal   9/21/84
Bittner     Harley          Gr-2  4/13/88
Bjodstrup   Arthur Nelson   Gr-2  12/8/70   Miller
Bjodstrup   Fred            Gr-2  10/21/37  Noble
Bjodstrup   Louise          Gr-2  3/26/77
Bjodstrup   Shirley         Gr-2  2/12/23
Bjodstrup   Frederick NelsonGr-2  11/7/18
Bjodstrup   Christina       Gr-2  8/7/45    Noble
Black       Anna R.         Cal   ??/??/1893
Black       Dean            Gr-2  3/1/95    Bittner
Black       Eric            Gr-2  7/29/80
Black       Henry           Gr-2  6/7/71    Milliken
Black       James           Cal   ??/??/1933
Black       Jessie B.       Gr-1  6/4/37    Noble
Black       Myrtle          Cal   8/9/91
Black       Sadie B.        Gr-2  7/15/29
Black       Violette        Gr-2  1/2/91
Black       Stacey L.       Cal   10/3/63   Schenk
Black       Baby Girl       Cal   ??/??/????
Black       Delores         Gr-2  4/2/97    Will
Black       Clarence J.     Cal   1/5/52    Nobles
Black       Bridget         Cal   ??/??/1938
Black       Auryn C.        Gr-1  8/2/39    Noble
Black       Margaret E.     Cal   ??/??/1908
Black       Molena          Gr-2  11/16/99  Bittner
Black       James           Cal   ??/??/????
Blackman    Newell          Gr-2  10/15/44  Noble
Blackman    Newton C.0      Gr-2  5/30/95   Will
Blacksten   Alice           Gr-2  1/24/87
Blacksten   Elwin           Gr-2  2/2/91
Blacksten   Eunice          Gr-2  12/9/89
Blacksten   Alva            Gr-2  11/27/74  Milliken
Blackstine  Lena May        Gr-2  3/13/27
Blackstine  Roland R.       Gr-2  4/4/27
Blades      Joseph J.       Gr-2  4/13/32   Noble
Blades      Joseph          Gr-2  4/25/79
Blades      Lulu            Gr-2  11/10/81
Blair       Susan           Cal   5/23/89
Blanchard   Irving          Gr-1  7/3/58    Noble
Blangeard   Mary            Gr-1  8/7/99    Will
Blaser      Debora Lee      Gr-2  10/4/54   Broad.
Bleisch     William H.      Gr-1  12/15/67  Milliken
Blevens     Lukea           Gr-1  9/3/72    Milliken
Blevens     Ella            Gr-1  2/21/55   Noble
Blevens     Andrew J.       Gr-1  3/29/55   Noble
Blevins     Clyde           Gr-1  4/28/95   Bittner
Bleymayr    Querin John     Cal   ??/??/1894
Blindauer   Helen           SV    6/9/77
Blindauer   Helen           Cal   9/26/84
Blindauer   Dean Colman     Cal   3/16/68   Schenk
Blindauer   John J.         Cal   ??/??/????
Blinkiron   Charles         Gr-2  3/15/67   Schenk
Blinkiron   Mina E.         Gr-2  11/12/12
Blinkiron   John C.         Gr-2  9/27/33   Noble
Bliss       Addie           Gr-2  11/19/31
Bliss       Cortis J.       Gr-2  4/17/29
Bliss       Emma            Gr-2  7/2/29
Bliss       Frank H.        Gr-2  1/17/17
Bliss       Nella K.        Gr-2  7/2/29
Block       Mrs. F. W.      Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Blocker     Audrey          Gr-2  5/31/78
Blodgett    Magel Adis      Gr-2  4/16/38   Noble
Bloom       Elsie           Gr-2  2/21/76   West.
Bloom       John            Gr-2  5/7/84
Bloss       Catherine       Gr-1  7/18/21
Bloss       W. H.           Gr-1  4/4/06
Blotz       Jacob           Cal   ??/??/1922
Blotz       Martin F.       Cal   ??/??/1924
Blotz       John            Cal   ??/??/????
Blotz       Anna Mary       Cal   ??/??/1933
Blotz       John J.         Cal   3/3/56    H.Noble
Blotz       Fred            Cal   11/3/52   Nobles
Blotz       Charles J.      Cal   ??/??/1932
Blotz       Richard J.      Cal   ??/??/????
Bluhm       Ama             Gr-2  11/28/98  Will
Blunt       Aletha          Gr-2  4/21/79
Blunt       Baby Girl       Gr-2  2/12/25
Blunt       Floyd L.        Gr-2  6/20/74   Milliken
Blynn       Mrs. Etta       Gr-2  10/26/33  Noble
Blynn       Mary Louise     Cal   7/7/66    Schenk
Blynn       Raymond         Gr-2  3/7/77
Blynn       Ruth            Gr-2  11/13/96  Will
Blynn       William A.      Gr-2  12/18/35  Noble
Bobb        Clyde S.        Gr-2  10/21/57  Noble
Bobb        Ed              Gr-2  9/9/57    Noble
Bobb        Emma B.         Gr-2  2/10/71   Schenk
Bobb        Martin L.       Gr-1  10/9/02
Bobb        Mary Jane       Gr-1  12/11/21
Bobb        Maud B.         Gr-2  1/17/16
Bobb        Lloyd L.        Gr-2  3/3/72    Milliken
Bock        Gottfried F.    Gr-2  6/4/52    Noble
Bock        Wealtha         Gr-2  3/16/73   Schenk
Bock        George          Gr-2  12/8/99   Bittner
Bocker      Frank           SV    4/18/94
Bocker      Velora          SV    5/26/79
Boddicker   Elizabeth       Gr-2  5/11/77
Boeckman    Bernice         SV    12/4/91
Boeckman    Bill            SV    3/8/85
Boeckman    Theresa         Cal   10/24/74  Will
Boedeker    Henry H.        Gr-2  12/12/96  Bittner
Boedeker    Marjorie L.     Gr-2  5/2/30
Boedeker    Violet          Gr-2  3/26/98   Will
Boehmer     Ricky Lee       Cal   8/22/66
Boehnen     Elsie L.        Cal   10/19/93
Boehnen     Leo J.          Cal   12/6/67   Schenk
Boeke       Louise H.       Gr-2  10/9/39   Noble
Boeke       Lewis B.        Gr-2  2/12/42   Noble
Boggs       Andrew Robb, RevGr-1  ??/??/1898
Boggs       Baby Boy        Gr-1  8/13/06
Boggs       Ezekel          Gr-2  12/1/10
Boggs       Kate            Gr-1  ??/??/1899
Boggs       Charles L.      Gr-2  9/24/34   Noble
Boggs       CharlotteL.     Gr-2  3/4/57    Noble
Boggs       Annetta GertrudeGr-1  ??/??/1891
Bohan       John F.         Gr-1  11/29/76
Bohan       Olga            Gr-1  12/23/76
Bohart      August B.       Cal   ??/??/1916
Bohart      Maude           Cal   3/23/83
Bohart      Elsie E.        Cal   ??/??/1914
Bohart      Charles L.      Cal   10/2/61   Milliken
Bohart      Anna K.         Cal   1/5/53
Bohm        Annie           Gr-2  6/22/50   Noble
Bohm        Charles A.      Gr-2  1/22/66   Mont.
Bohnenkamp  Francis         Cal   3/12/96   Will
Bohr        Margaret A.     Cal   ??/??/1923
Bohr        Mary Bernadine  AM    9/3/68    Schenk
Bohr        Gerald P.       Cal   9/9/63    Benz
Bohr        Peter J.        Cal   9/9/59    H.Noble
Bohr        Caroline T.     Cal   1/20/53   Nobles
Bohr        Delmar          AM    5/29/99   Will
Boice       Harriet         Gr-2  10/12/54  Broad.
Boice       Martin          Gr-2  12/14/24
Boice       Mary            Gr-2  10/22/13
Boicourt    Dorothy B.      AM    6/30/69   Schenk
Boicourt    Ellen           Gr-1  8/18/89
Boicourt    Mary Evelyn     Gr-2  8/31/90
Boicourt    Thomas R.       AM    2/5/77
Boicourt    James L.        Gr-1  12/1/56   Noble
Boik        Edmund J.       SV    5/16/94   Will
Bollack     Leta            Gr-2  11/14/96  Bittner
Bollack     Fred Joseph     Cal   12/16/71  Milliken
Bollack     Fred            Cal   ??/??/1923
Bollack     Lawrence J.     Cal   7/2/69    Milliken
Bollack     Richard Lee     Cal   5/23/66   Schenk
Bollack     Barney          Cal   ??/??/1921
Bollack     Howard          SV    1/29/99   Will
Bollack     Catherine       Cal   ??/??/1952
Bolle       Anna            Gr-2  5/16/57   Noble
Bolling     Winwood Earl    SV    12/6/88
Bollinger   David           SV    3/17/92
Bollinger   Irene           SV    12/28/87
Bollinger   John E.         Cal   4/1/44    H.Noble
Bollinger   Allan O.        Gr-2  3/10/99   Bittner
Bollock     Bonnie          Gr-2  8/2/79
Bollock     Brenda Lynn     Cal   5/8/65    Milliken
Bollock     George          Gr-2  12/20/78
Bollock     Laura           Gr-2  10/17/57  Noble
Bollock     Lloyd           Gr-2  10/5/68   Milliken
Bollock     Ray             Cal   11/19/74  Will
Bollock     Margaret Ann    Cal   10/9/62   Milliken
Bollock     Lena G.         Cal   11/5/49   Nobles
Bollock     Lavonne Melba   Gr-1  7/22/58   Noble
Bollock     Infant          Cal   ??/??/????
Bollock     Barney          Cal   ??/??/????
Bollock     Harold          SV    10/21/00  Will
Bollweg     Herman J.       Cal   3/5/56    H.Noble
Bollweg     Emma Stella     Cal   12/17/51  Nobles
Bonham      Gerald          Gr-2  11/14/80
Bonham      James S.        Gr-2  5/21/34   Noble
Bonham      Lester A.       Gr-2  10/26/63  Boom
Bonham      Minnie          Gr-2  4/29/82
Bonham      Olive           Gr-2  1/21/42   Noble
Bonnell     Ozro P.         Gr-2  9/9/54    Nobles
Bonsall     Sarah           Gr-1  ??/??/1891
Boomander   Charles         Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Boone       Ralph E.        AM    8/15/64   Schenk
Boone       Grace L.        AM    11/17/72  Schenk
Boonhower   Buell S.        Gr-2  ??/??/????
Boots       Scott Brian     Gr-2  10/13/62  Millikin
Borchard    Clarence J.     Cal   12/10/60  Nobles
Borchard    Helen           Cal   10/7/00   Will
Bordewyk    Rena            Gr-2  8/31/76
Bordewyk    Johannes H.     Gr-2  9/22/47   Noble
Born        Elizabeth       Gr-1  10/13/23
Born        Laport          Gr-1  12/8/36   Broad.
Born        Henry           Gr-1  8/11/05
Born        Marion F.       Gr-1  5/28/35   Broad.
Born        William         Gr-1  2/24/36   Broad.
Bortnem     Arden           Gr-2  2/23/80
Bortnem     Marian          Gr-2  8/29/97   Bittner
Boschen     Henry John      Gr-2  10/25/24
Boslaugh    Alice E.        Gr-2  1/31/57   Noble
Boslaugh    C. C., Rev.     Gr-2  4/23/71   Milliken
Bosworth    Alfred          Gr-2  7/19/80
Bouham      Tyre Martin     Gr-2  2/22/28
Bouquet     Carl J.         Cal   1/3/73    Milliken
Bouquet     Frances Grace   Cal   7/26/52   Nobles
Bouquet     Herman J.       Cal   4/17/45   H.Noble
Bourret     Verna           Gr-2  5/19/97   Arne
Bourret     Frank           Gr-2  12/14/63  Milliken
Bourret     Walter          Gr-2  12/20/62  Milliken
Bourret     Viola           Gr-2  6/11/74   Milliken
Bouton      Norman Lloyd    Gr-2  12/20/72  Schenk
Bowar       Babies          Cal   11/30/65  Schenk
Bowar       Joseph L.       SV    9/26/94   Bittner
Bowdle      Alexander MiltonGr-1  ??/??/1893
Bowen       George          Gr-1  5/31/84
Bowen       Todd Robert     Cal   6/27/73   Schenk
Bower       Maud H.         Gr-2  2/8/36    Noble
Bower       Baby            Gr-2  11/20/09
Bower       Charles Ash     Gr-2  1/27/20
Bower       Gustavus M.     Gr-2  6/10/20
Bowker      Mary R.         Gr-1  5/1/12
Bowles      Edna            Gr-2  6/18/99   Bittner
Bowman      Isabelle R.     Gr-2  2/23/79
Bowman      Harold L.       Gr-2  9/13/99   Will
Boxeth      Ervin A.        Gr-2  3/11/63   Millikin
Boyce       Blanche         Gr-2  4/16/51   Noble
Boyce       Stephen GoodrichGr-2  2/7/23
Boyd        Charles N.      Gr-2  2/4/48    Noble
Boyd        Myrtle L.       Gr-2  7/2/45    Noble
Boylan      Burneida        Gr-1  10/23/08
Boylan      Edna H.         Gr-1  10/6/08
Boyle       Frank           Cal   11/7/88
Boyle       John R.         Cal   6/30/71   Schenk
Boyle       May H.          AM    4/24/76
Boyle       Olive           Cal   5/11/87
Boyle       Joseph L.       AM    10/28/52  Noble
Boyle       Louis A.        AM    9/26/59
Boyle       James           Cal   8/26/75   Murphy
Boyle       Mary E.         Cal   12/7/61   Nobles
Boyles      Emma            Gr-1  ??/??/1884
Boynton     Maria           Gr-1  6/26/09
Bozekes     Christ Thomas   AM    9/20/55   Noble
Bozekes     Lydia           AM    6/15/93
Braae       Minnie O.       Gr-2  11/7/17
Bracey      E. B., Dr.      Gr-1  12/27/17
Bracey      Sarah E.        Gr-1  1/7/33
Bracey      Juniata         Gr-1  ??/??/1893
Bracey      Minnie          Gr-1  6/6/05
Bracha      Goutlib         Cal   5/8/93
Bracha      Kenneth         SV    3/14/79
Bracha      Mathilda A.     Cal   3/31/70   Milliken
Bracha      Rita M.         Cal   6/3/69    Schenk
Bracha      Tony Marvin     Cal   3/6/73    Milliken
Bradley     John F.         Gr-1  7/30/00
Bradley     Elmer Mawfor    Gr-1  4/29/10
Bradley     Nancy C.        Gr-1  2/28/17
Bradley     Frederick OrvillGr-1  2/19/21
Brady       Caroline W.     Gr-2  10/27/35  Noble
Brady       Charles         Gr-2  8/9/22
Brady       Francis L.      Cal   ??/??/1907
Brady       Helen           Gr-1  2/8/92
Brady       John            Cal   3/16/82
Brady       Louis F.        Gr-2  1/22/38   Noble
Brady       Maud L.         Gr-2  12/11/33  Broad.
Brady       Rosetta         Cal   3/1/66    Schenk
Brady       Sarah           Cal   ??/??/1937
Brady       James J.        Cal   ??/??/1932
Brady       Father John M.  Cal   5/27/63   Nobles
Brady       Francis J.      Cal   11/23/51  Nobles
Brady       Hugh            Cal   3/16/44   H.Noble
Brady       Ezra M.         Gr-1  2/1/72    Milliken
Brady       James* L.       Cal   6/12/56
Brady       Mrs. Clara      Cal   ??/??/????
Brake-WheeleMargaret        Gr-2  3/28/70   Schenk
Brakke      Kari Olson      Gr-2  10/13/65  Milliken
Brakke      Lewis           Gr-2  8/22/63   Millikin
Brakke      Oscar R.        Gr-2  2/26/49   Broad.
Brammer     Dethlef C.      Gr-1  9/4/37    Noble
Brammer     Mary            Gr-1  4/23/79
Brammer     Elizabeth L.    Gr-1  9/6/43    Noble
Bramon      Florence V.     Gr-2  9/1/41    Noble
Bramon      Laurence        Gr-2  1/26/34   Noble
Bramon      Walter          Gr-2  9/30/76
Branch      Charles F.      Gr-1  4/5/34    Broad.
Branch      Harriet Maria   Gr-2  10/3/43   Noble
Branch      Louisa Maria    Gr-2  12/31/04
Branch      Sarah           Gr-2  11/22/74  Cazer
Branch      William A.      Gr-2  3/1/40    Noble
Branch      Elray           Gr-2  12/19/59  Anderson
Brandt      Frentz          Gr-1  8/28/25
Brandt      Minnie          Gr-2  10/28/20
Branson     Otis L.         Gr-2  11/11/28
Branson     Kathleen Ann    Cal   7/26/56   H.Noble
Brantigan   Charles H.      Gr-2  8/14/43   Noble
Bras        Emma H.         Gr-1  06/??/1895
Bras        Hattie L.       Gr-1  11/27/03
Brashear    Rachael         Gr-1  1/14/12
Brashear    Theodore        Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Braught     Cecil R.        Gr-2  10/4/38   Noble
Braught     David           Gr-2  10/4/32   H.Noble
Braught     Louisa          Gr-2  5/18/28
Brawford    Baby Boy        Cal   8/25/50   Nobles
Brawford    John R.         AM    6/4/98    Will
Bray        William         Gr-2  7/16/10
Brech       David Lee       Cal   9/25/85
Brech       Doyle           Cal   9/23/87
Brech       Lavonne M.      Cal   5/6/95    Bittner
Brech       Edward J.       Cal   8/24/82
Brech       Michael A.      Cal   3/22/93
Brech       Betty V.        Cal   11/12/63  Milliken
Breck       Lucille         Cal   04/??/2000
Breck       Lucille         Cal   1/22/00   Will
BreckenridgeJanet Mae       Gr-1  10/5/34   Noble
BreckinridgeClaude L.       Gr-2  1/29/45   Noble
BreckinridgeJulia           Gr-2  8/26/59   Noble
Bredin      Matilda         Gr-2  11/10/25
Breer       Nellie          Cal   3/12/93
Breer       Ruth Sally      Gr-1  3/11/64   Millikin
Breer       Fred L.         Gr-2  6/21/73   Milliken
Brees       Gary Ralph      Gr-2  9/18/49   Broad.
Brees       Ralph A.        Gr-2  6/28/67   Milliken
Brees       Sarah           Gr-2  2/14/72   Milliken
Brees       Wilhelmina      Gr-2  11/17/00  Will
Breidenbach Barbara Anna    Gr-1  8/28/04
Breidenbach Clara           Gr-2  4/2/86
Breidenbach Jessie          Gr-1  5/13/45   Noble
Breidenbach Louis           Gr-1  5/20/41   Noble
Breidenbach Minerva E.      Gr-2  12/12/50  Broad
Breidenbach Myrtle C.       Gr-2  10/31/20
Breidenbach Phillip J.      Gr-2  2/29/64   Millikin
Breidenbach Charles         Gr-1  6/24/28   Noble
Brennan     Elizabeth       Cal   ??/??/1909
Brennan     Cecelia         Cal   11/30/72  Schenk
Brennan     Michael         Cal   ??/??/1936
Brennan     Pat*            Cal   ??/??/????
Brennan     Matilda         Cal   11/15/74  Will
Brennan     Mary Belle      Cal   6/18/50   Broad.
Brennan     Patrick         Cal   9/11/43   H.Noble
Brennan     Infant          Cal   5/23/23
Brenneman   Bessie          AM    9/29/66   Milliken
Brenneman   Walter          AM    5/12/81
Bresnahan   Marie Irene     Cal   ??/??/1903
Bresnahan   Michael         Cal   3/17/31
Bresnahan   Thomas          Cal   ??/??/1902
Bresnahan   Bridget         Cal   2/1/45    H.Noble
Bretz       Eliza H.        Gr-2  1/5/20
Brewer      Ada J.          Gr-2  9/10/94   Will
Brewer      Ann             Cal   12/4/85
Brewer      Bertha          Gr-2  2/20/19
Brewer      David           Gr-2  12/29/70  Milliken
Brewer      Orville M.      Cal   ??/??/1922
Brewer      Wm. Keith       Cal   2/14/55   Noble
Brewer      Eva             Gr-2  5/17/00
Brewick     Faye            Gr-2  11/4/91
Brewick     Ivan            Gr-2  2/14/75   Will
Bricker     Ed A.           Gr-2  6/23/52   Noble
Bricker     Grace L.        Gr-2  4/4/37    Noble
Bricker     Jennie          Gr-2  7/5/57    Noble
Bricker     John            SV    9/18/93
Bricker     Roy C.          Gr-1  10/29/64  Milliken
Brickley    Dora Grace      Gr-2  11/22/38  Broad.
Bridge      Baby Girl       Gr-2  12/29/77
Bridges     Fred S.         Gr-2  9/5/41    Broad.
Bridges     Robert          Gr-2  9/1/95    Burk.
Bridges     Robert J.       AM    09/??/1968Schenk
Bridges     Baby Boy        Cal   7/1/53    Nobles
Briedenbach Jacob           Gr-2  3/10/39   Broad.
Briggs      Adelia          AM    4/5/90
Briggs      Elsie           Gr-2  9/12/46   Broad.
Briggs      Elvin           AM    7/17/80
Briggs      Mike            Gr-2  3/10/52   Broad.
Birggs      Sara            Gr-2  3/10/65   Milliken
Briggs      Susannah        Gr-2  9/21/10
Briggs      Thomas H.       Gr-2  12/29/05
Briggs      Samuel D.       Gr-2  5/28/16
Birggs      Thomas          Gr-2  5/20/00   Bittner
Brigham     L. R.           Cal   ??/??/????
Brink       Baby Boy        Gr-2  4/8/76
Brink       Donald          SV    4/25/94
Brink       Baby            Cal   6/8/63    Nobles
Brink       Baby Girl       Cal   10/18/58  H.Noble
Bristow     Dorothy         Cal   10/16/78  Murphy
Bristow     John            Cal   10/16/78  Murphy
Broadbent   Clara B.        Gr-1  6/5/67    Milliken
Broadbent   Florence        Gr-2  4/29/69   Milliken
Broadbent   Harriet         Gr-1  ??/??/1893
Broadbent   John            Gr-2  8/21/43   Broad.
Broadbent   Martha          Gr-1  2/16/04
Broadbent   Walter B.       Gr-1  ??/??/1899
Broadbent   Walter H.       Gr-1  5/31/40   Broad.
Broadbent   Walter Harry, JrGr-1  4/24/46   Mont.
Broadbent   Walter H.       Gr-1  8/25/58   Mont.
Broadbent   Arthur          Gr-1  12/19/16
Broadbent   Leo V.          Gr-1  4/30/30
Broadbent   Baby            Gr-1  6/26/13
Broadbent   Minnie R.       Gr-1  6/21/03
Broadhurst  John G.         Gr-1  7/31/39   Noble
Brockman    Esther          Gr-2  12/31/28
Broderick   Irene           Gr-2  8/24/61   Millikin
Broderick   Harvey W.       AM    9/27/48   Broad.
Broeker     Ed              Gr-2  5/8/87
Broeker     Robert E.       Gr-2  4/15/35   Broad.
Broeker     Craig           Cal   9/7/76    Milliken
Brokaw      John N.         Gr-2  1/9/12
Broman      Lillie O.       Gr-2  10/28/72  Milliken
Brookbank   Vera            Gr-2  7/24/74   Wilms.
Brookbank   Milton          SV    5/31/00
Brookey     Frank J.        Cal   8/31/42   H.Noble
Brookey     Catherine E.    Cal   08/??/1938
Brookings   Lynda           Gr-2  6/21/97   Will
Brookings   Sarah           Gr-1  ??/??/1887
Brooks      Baby            Gr-2  02/??/1930
Brooks      Charles A.      Gr-2  5/24/51   Noble
Brooks      Charles         Gr-2  9/24/92
Brooks      Claude R.       Gr-2  5/25/46   Broad.
Brooks      Darold          Gr-2  6/18/86
Brooks      Dee C.          Gr-2  7/20/63   Millikin
Brooks      Edna            Gr-2  9/6/63    Carcinoma
Brooks      Elmer D.        Gr-2  1/3/25
Brooks      Ethel E.        Gr-2  1/19/36   Noble
Brooks      George W.       Gr-2  8/14/30
Brooks      Grover          Gr-2  6/25/62   Noble
Brooks      Hanna Loretta   Gr-1  3/22/33   Noble
Brooks      Jeannine        Gr-2  2/25/83
Brooks      Lida G.         Gr-2  9/8/58    Noble
Brooks      Marie           Gr-2  4/24/79
Brooks      Mary            Gr-2  2/28/21
Brooks      Raymond         Gr-2  6/8/87
Brooks      Robert Norman   Gr-2  5/18/28
Brooks      Tony Bert       Gr-2  8/8/20
Brooks      Velma           Gr-2  9/8/83
Brooks      Eliza A.        Gr-1  ??/??/1891
Brooks      Daniel D.       Gr-1  2/8/01
Brooks      George H.       Gr-1  1/29/03
Brooks      George A.       Gr-2  3/20/99   Will
Brower      Phyllis         Gr-2  12/10/96  Bittner
Brown       Addie Mabel     Gr-2  11/26/65  Milliken
Brown       Albert N.       Gr-2  12/21/40  Noble
Brown       Altha E.        Gr-2  2/13/36   Noble
Brown       Baby            Gr-2  8/30/09
Brown       Mildred W.      Gr-2  2/2/12
Brown       Baby Boy        Gr-1  05/??/1896
Brown       Baby Girl       Gr-2  10/31/60  Noble
Brown       Benjamin        Gr-2  10/13/78
Brown       Calesta         Gr-2  9/29/50   Noble
Brown       Charles         Gr-2  8/25/54   Noble
Brown       Chester E.      Gr-2  12/30/25
Brown       Claire B.       Gr-2  9/25/58   Noble
Brown       Clarenace ArthurGr-2  8/2/31
Brown       Clinton         Gr-2  3/9/51    Noble
Brown       Craig Stuart    Gr-2  7/11/50   Noble
Brown       David           Gr-2  12/11/47  Noble
Brown       Edwin           Gr-2  5/2/30
Brown       Elizabeth       Gr-2  7/18/88
Brown       Fred            AM    11/8/77
Brown       George W.       Gr-2  12/19/12
Brown       Genevieve F.    Cal   ??/??/1920
Brown       George L.       Gr-2  5/7/48    Noble
Brown       Gertrude        Gr-2  9/3/35    Noble
Brown       David H.        Gr-2  11/2/09
Brown       Harmon          Gr-2  4/6/65    Schenk
Brown       James J.        Gr-1  11/1/32   H.Noble
Brown       John A.         Gr-2  11/3/10
Brown       Joseph B.       AM    2/13/59   Millikin
Brown       Lizzie          Gr-2  2/3/37    Noble
Brown       Mary E.         Gr-2  3/20/47   Spencer
Brown       Merle           Gr-1  5/10/85
Brown       Minnie          Gr-1  ??/??/1886
Brown       Minnie E.       Gr-2  5/19/09
Brown       Mona            Gr-2  6/20/96   Will
Brown       Nora            Gr-2  5/22/49   Noble
Brown       Orville         Gr-2  2/14/85
Brown       Paul L.         Gr-2  4/19/42   Spencer
Brown       Raymond         Gr-2  1/28/61   Noble
Brown       Rena            Gr-2  3/5/20
Brown       Robert E.       Gr-1  6/3/71    Schenk
Brown       Robert Craig    Gr-2  5/6/94
Brown       Ruby            Gr-2  3/20/90
Brown       Sanna E.        Gr-2  2/16/67   Anderson
Brown       Stephen Merrit  Gr-2  11/2/55   Noble
Brown       Ted             Gr-2  4/28/84
Brown       Verna P.        Gr-2  4/27/60   Noble
Brown       Walter Morris   Gr-2  8/25/23
Brown       William H.      Gr-2  12/27/23
Brown       Beatrice        Gr-2  2/26/73   Schenk
Brown       Alice           Cal   12/22/53  Nobles
Brownfield  Edward C.       Gr-2  7/20/43   Broad.
Brownfield  Eugene E.       Gr-2  7/10/35   Noble
Bruce       Mayme           Gr-2  5/3/75    Milliken
Brudvig     Ruth            Gr-2  11/12/69  Milliken
Brudvig     Spencer         Gr-2  2/19/70   Milliken
Bruett      Charles         Gr-2  10/31/77
Bruett      Ida             Gr-2  11/9/71   Milliken
Bruhn       Albert Marcus   Gr-2  6/18/20
Bruhn       Arnold          Gr-2  11/3/76
Bruhn       Elma            Gr-2  12/17/76
Bruhn       Gregory         SV    1/22/90
Bruhn       Hans            Gr-2  12/27/39  Broadbent
Bruhn       Harry H.        Gr-2  2/11/91
Bruhn       Lena A.         Gr-2  11/22/47  Broadbent
Brumble     Floy A.         Gr-2  1/15/19
Brunais     Merty D.        Gr-2  5/20/47   Noble
Bruner      Baby Boy        Cal   ??/??/1933
Bruner      John M.         Cal   11/2/67   Milliken
Bruner      Martin          Cal   ??/??/1911
Bruner      Jenney          Cal   3/10/62   Nobles
Bruning     Charlotte       Gr-2  8/5/95    Will
Bruning     Clifford Horm   Gr-1  7/21/70   Milliken
Bruning     Erma            Gr-1  9/3/00    Bittner
Brunner     John            Cal   3/30/59   H.Noble
Brutty      Jay J.          Cal   ??/??/1938
Bryan       Cecelia A.      Gr-2  2/16/22
Bryan       Charles A.      Gr-2  2/5/47    Broad.
Bryan       Edmond          Gr-2  6/20/21
Bryan       John Cowden     Gr-2  12/22/28
Bryan       Murle C.        Gr-2  2/28/37   Noble
Bryant      Frank D.        Gr-1  4/20/13
Bryant      Margie          Gr-2  4/28/88
Bryant      Henry G.        Gr-1  10/13/18
Bryant      Mary Jane       Gr-1  1/7/22
Bsharah     Margaret        Cal   2/12/51   Nobles
Buchanan    Harry           Gr-1  7/28/81
Buchanan    John            Gr-1  08/??/1893
Buchanan    Anna            Gr-1  7/12/75   Will
Buche       Dorothy         Cal   9/15/00   Bittner
Buchholz    Clinton D.      Gr-2  7/27/49   Broad.
Buchholz    John            Gr-2  11/13/96  Bittner
Buchholz    Joseph          Cal   12/5/89   Bittner
Bucholz     Girl            Gr-2  8/21/76
Bucholz     Pauline         Gr-2  5/1/53    Broad.
Bucholz     Theodore W.     Gr-2  11/12/39  Broad.
Bucholz     Tillie ChristineGr-2  10/23/90
Buck        Sharon          AM    8/7/85
Buck        Augusta         Gr-1  4/23/20
Buckles     Edward          Gr-2  3/19/88
Buckles     Mae             Gr-2  9/10/88
Budrow      Beatrice        Gr-2  12/30/18
Budrow      Edward C.       Gr-2  9/20/16
Budrow      Harley          Gr-2  4/9/40    Noble
Budrow      Viola C.        Gr-2  4/18/32
Budrow      Elizabeth       Cal   2/6/50    Nobles
Buechler    Bertha          Gr-2  10/7/85
Buechler    Emanuel         Gr-2  11/28/97  Will
Buechler    Henry           SV    6/29/81
Buechler    Mabel           SV    3/27/91
Buechner    John Ferdinand  Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Buehler     Arthur          AM    10/13/86
Buehler     Clarence Earl   AM    9/18/68   Milliken
Buehler     Edith Jesmine   Gr-2  12/8/69   Milliken
Buehler     Myra            AM    12/9/78
Buehler     Ruth Ilene      Gr-2  8/27/27
Buehler     Benjamin        Gr-2  9/10/64   Millikin
Buehlow     Clarence        Gr-2  6/5/78
Buehlow     Helen           Gr-2  11/21/92
Bugbee      Henry           Gr-1  5/31/04
Bugher      Adeline         Gr-2  3/17/89
Bujer       Chris Jr.       Gr-1  4/19/66   Milliken
Bujer       Christ Sr.      Gr-1  10/20/12
Bujer       Nicholas J.     Gr-1  9/16/04
Bujer       Katherine       Gr-1  11/26/41  Broad.
Bujer       Christina       Gr-1  6/6/20
Bujer       Jacob           Gr-1  2/6/03
Bullard     Carrie H.       Gr-1  03/??/1895
Bullington  Billy B.        AM    8/9/88
Bullington  Delores         AM    12/24/83
Bullis      Arnold H.       AM    5/30/90
Bullis      Baby Boy        Gr-2  10/15/34
Bultsma     Deb (Qoph)      Cal   5/7/98    Bittner
Bumgardner  Lester L.       Gr-2  4/8/83
Bumgartner  Ernest H.       Gr-2  9/17/55   Mont.
Bunnell     Emma            Gr-2  4/23/15
Bunnell     Josephine L.    Gr-2  6/6/63    Noble
Bunt        Carrie B.       Gr-2  4/28/44   Noble
Bunt        Jeff            Gr-2  8/20/71   Milliken
Bunt        Pierce O.       Gr-2  12/24/40  Noble
Bunt        Rachel H.       Gr-2  10/20/70  Miller
Bunt        Richard H.      Gr-2  8/1/62    Miller
Bunt        Thedore         Gr-2  10/18/66  Milliken
Bunting     Margaret J.     Cal   ??/??/1928
Bunting     Marion F.       Gr-2  5/25/25
Bunting     Mary Jane       Cal   ??/??/????
Burch       James H.        Gr-1  ??/??/1887
Burchfield  Grace Letitia   Gr-2  5/17/88
Burchfield  Henry Dayton    Gr-2  10/14/61  Millikin
Burg        Charles Richard AM    3/25/66   Schenk
Burg        Eugenia         AM    9/2/93
Burg        John K.         Cal   ??/??/1930
Burg        John P.         Cal   1/4/89
Burg        Joseph M.       Cal   2/5/79    Murphy
Burg        Lola            Cal   10/25/88
Burg        Raymond L.      Cal   10/11/64  Schreck
Burg        Mary Virginia   Cal   1/27/81   Will
Burg        Nettie E.       Cal   ??/??/1934
Burg        Baby Boy        Cal   7/8/62    Nobles
Burg        John Joseph     Cal   3/20/63   Nobles
Burg        John            Cal   ??/??/????
Burgett     Parlin          Gr-2  7/5/78
Burgett     Ruth            Gr-2  12/10/58  Noble
Burke       Andrew C.       Cal   ??/??/1930
Burke       Anna M.         Cal   4/17/28
Burke       Anthony Paul    AM    7/8/70    Milliken
Burke       Frank           Gr-1  6/28/82
Burke       John J.         Cal   3/27/71   Schenk
Burke       Josephine M.    Cal   9/12/78   Murphy
Burke       Martha B.       AM    10/28/76
Burke       James           Gr-1  7/7/06
Burke       Frank J.        Cal   4/24/72   Milliken
Burke       Myrtle G.       Cal   2/22/00   Will
Burkey      Charles H.      Gr-2  5/19/47   Noble
Burkey      Elizabeth       Gr-2  1/29/50   Noble
Burkey      Elma            Gr-2  10/3/68   Schenk
Burkey      H. Everette     Cal   10/28/66  Schenk
Burkholder  Doris           Gr-1  10/12/96  Bittner
Burkholder  Einer           Gr-1  3/18/91
Burkinshaw  Eunice          Gr-2  8/13/98   Bittner
Burlingame  Al              Cal   8/6/87
Burlingame  Frank           Gr-2  6/14/47   Broad.
Burlingame  Idol Rose       Gr-2  8/2/48    Broad.
Burlingame  Isaac W.        Cal   12/10/77  Murphy
Burlingame  Beatrix  OrtrudeCal   9/3/98    Bittner
Burnett     Fern            Gr-2  6/5/95    Will
Burnett     Theron          Cal   8/26/91
Burnett     Eugene          Gr-2  2/10/98   Will
Burns       Alonzo          Gr-1  4/17/31   Broad.
Burns       Bessie May      Gr-1  ??/??/1897
Burns       Carrie M.       Gr-2  7/21/45   Broad.
Burns       Delphine        Gr-2  4/9/57    Noble
Burns       Ella M.         Gr-1  6/23/56   Noble
Burns       H. C.           Cal   ??/??/????
Burns       Robert          Gr-2  9/12/21   H.Noble
Burns       Stephen B.      Gr-1  ??/??/1897
Burns       Thomas C.       Cal   9/3/26
Burns       Mrs. Lucille C. Cal   ??/??/1934
Burns       Peter C.        Gr-1  2/28/18
Burns       Beatrice Daisy  Gr-1  5/10/23
Burns       Lucy  Sally     Gr-1  2/16/23
Burnside    Derby C.        Gr-2  11/12/05
Burnside    Hannah S.       Gr-2  7/6/07
Burnside    Howard          Gr-2  1/4/51    Noble
Burnside    Jerusha A.      Gr-1  ??/??/1896
Burnside    Mary            Gr-2  8/12/88
Burnside    Charles         Gr-2  2/6/96    Bittner
Burquist    Vernon Eugene   Gr-2  3/20/27
Burright    Cora A.         Gr-1  10/??/1895
Burrow      May             Gr-1  8/3/36    Noble
Burrow      Charles A.      Gr-1  11/11/47  Noble
Burtin      James A.        Gr-2  1/14/07
Burton      May             Gr-2  3/29/69   Aalseth
Burton      Baby Boy        Gr-2  1/4/27
Burton      Baby Boy        Gr-2  3/23/25
Burton      Ralph O.        Gr-2  12/1/20
Burton      Ralph E.        Gr-2  2/20/82
Burton      S. Marsha       Gr-1  11/9/53   Allen
Burton      Herbert         Gr-2  11/6/35   Noble
Burton      Walter H.       Gr-1  7/20/65   Lee
Burton      Sophia          Gr-2  9/12/74   Will
Burton      Anna Paulin     Gr-1  5/5/64    Lee
Bush        Delbert Philip  Gr-1  4/6/62    Noble
Bush        Nelson A.       Gr-1  12/27/72  Milliken
Bush        Daisy D.        Gr-1  8/17/53   Noble
Bush        Baby            Gr-1  4/21/05
Bush        James Nelson    Gr-1  7/6/21
Bushnell    Alta            Gr-2  4/15/07
Bushnell    Baby Boy        Gr-1  3/9/01
Bushnell    Leroy R.        Gr-2  1/12/51   Broad.
Bushnell    Loren           Gr-2  5/1/07
Bushnell    Louise          Gr-2  7/25/61   Milliken
Busk        David V.        SV    11/16/81
Busk        Mildred M.      SV    2/9/90
Busk        Robert          SV    3/28/85
Buskirk     Lydia           Gr-2  8/6/35    Noble
Buskirk     H. L.           Gr-1  3/8/16
Buskirk     Harry Leslie    Gr-2  7/9/16
Buskirk     Josephine C.    Gr-2  6/30/41   Noble
Buskirk     Harry L.        Gr-1  7/9/16
Bussell     Calvin          Gr-2  6/13/22
Bussell     Sarah           Gr-2  6/16/23
Bussmus     Child           Cal   3/11/55   Noble&
Bussmus     Lawrence J.     Cal   1/30/50   Nobles
Bussmus     Orville         Cal   2/2/99    Will
Butcher     Lloyd E.        Gr-2  2/20/51   Noble
Butcher     Baby            Gr-2  9/22/06
Butler      Dora            Gr-2  12/20/45  Noble
Butler      Fred            Gr-2  6/3/31
Butler      James           Cal   ??/??/1914
Butterfield Chad            Cal   10/1/97   Bittner
Butterfield Edna            Gr-2  3/18/48   Noble
Butterfield Lewis           Gr-2  12/19/89
Butterfield Albert H.       Gr-1  10/2/36   Broad.
Butts       Amanda          Gr-2  9/9/45    Broad.
Butts       Baby            Gr-2  3/26/08
Butts       Baby            Gr-2  1/28/18
Butts       Bryan           Gr-2  3/31/30
Butts       Carrie H.       Gr-2  4/27/64   Schenk
Butts       Charles O.      Gr-2  11/25/47  Noble
Butts       Clyde           Gr-2  11/5/14
Butts       Forrest W.      Gr-2  9/14/76
Butts       Fred            Gr-2  1/2/19
Butts       Herbert         Gr-2  5/16/84
Butts       Joy             Gr-2  2/6/26
Butts       Lelia B.        Gr-2  3/22/54   Noble
Butts       Orville Chris   Gr-2  11/7/74   Will
Butts       Henry           Gr-2  6/30/13
Butts       Lillian Alice   Gr-2  4/18/98   Will
Butts       Roger Dean      Gr-1  5/11/99   Will
Butts       William H.      Gr-2  2/28/34   Broad.
Butts       Forrest W.      SV    ??/??/????
Buus        Loren M.        Gr-2  4/7/43     Broad.
Byorth      Catherine Mary  Cal   5/7/69    Schenk
Byorth      Euphemia Irene  Cal   10/6/84
Byorth      Floyd Paul      Cal   3/15/69   Schenk
Byrd        Charles L.      Gr-1  4/28/70   Milliken
Byrd        David           Gr-2  10/16/67  Milliken
Byrd        Samuel Dean     Cal   6/8/96
Byron       Tom             Gr-1  1/29/59   Milliken
Byroth      Theresa Ann     Cal   7/18/60   Nobles
Cadwell     Bernard  D.     AM    9/9/68    Milliken
Caffrey     Robert          Gr-2  8/12/95   Bittner
Cahill      John L.         Cal   12/27/47  Nobles & Sons
Cahoy       Edna Ann        Cal   10/15/96  Butherus, Master, Lo
Cahoy       Vincent F.      Cal   9/28/68   Schenk-Murphy
Cahoy       Thomas S.       AM    1/15/54   H Noble & Son
Cahoy       Gary            Cal   2/17/47   Nobles & Sons
Cain        Arthur E.       Cal   5/11/89
Cain        Charles, Jr.    Cal   ??/??/1895
Cain        Charles H., Sr. Cal   ??/??/????
Cain        James Michael   Cal   5/26/28
Cain        Millard         Gr-1  7/17/87
Cain        Raymond         Gr-2  1/25/94
Cain        Roger           Gr-1  1/18/49   Noble
Cain        Bonita Leona    Cal   ??/??/1940
Cain        Honorah         Cal   ??/??/????
Cain        Glenda          Gr-1  2/6/65    Milliken
Caldwell    Baby Boy        Gr-2  7/16/11
Caldwell    Dell Eugene, Jr.Gr-1  4/9/49    Noble
Calfie      Mary H.         Gr-2  10/16/09
Calhoun     Frank E.        Gr-2  7/31/20
Calkins     Baby            Gr-1  08/??/1894
Calkins     Raymond         Gr-2  10/17/18
Callan      Anna M.         Cal   12/12/69  Schenk-Murphy
Callan      Dard            AM    5/18/76
Callan      Georgia         Cal   12/27/88
Callan      Thomas E.       Cal   4/23/55   H Nobles & Sons
Callan      John H.         Cal   8/5/50    Nobles
Callan      Susan Kay       Cal   4/25/46
Callanan    Nellie          Cal   4/10/82
Callanan    Harris Clyde    Cal   ??/??/1936
Calley      Sarah M.        Gr-2  12/9/31   H Noble & Son
Calley      Thomas F.       Gr-2  3/13/30
Calley      Tom             Gr-2  2/22/51   Noble
Calley      William R.      Gr-2  3/10/30
Calvin      James           Gr-1  12/31/00
Calvin      John            Gr-1  3/5/03
Campbell    Baby            Gr-1  6/1/13
Campbell    Clyde           Gr-2  9/17/43   Noble
Campbell    Elizabeth       Gr-1  4/20/05
Campbell    Harry G.        Gr-2  11/16/32  Barns Funeral Home
Campbell    Hattie Mae      Gr-2  1/8/70    Cazer-Plankinton
Campbell    James T.        Gr-1  3/16/79   Will
Campbell    Jeannie W.      Gr-2  10/22/42  Noble
Campbell    John R.         Gr-2  7/25/31
Campbell    John W.         Gr-2  2/17/34   Noble
Campbell    John            Gr-1  5/3/44    Broadbent
Campbell    Leo E.          Gr-2  7/27/49   Noble
Campbell    Martha A.       Gr-2  ??/??/????
Campbell    Mary M.         Gr-1  2/22/71   Schenk
Campbell    Rosa M.         Gr-1  3/6/12
Campbell    Roy E.          AM    11/22/52  Noble
Campbell    Samuel R.       Gr-2  10/9/17
Campbell    Thomas C.       Gr-2  4/13/82
Campbell    Aaron K.        Gr-1  10/10/03
Campbell    James           Gr-1  4/24/34   Noble
Campbell    Baby Boy        Gr-1  4/6/36    Noble
Campbell    Lena R.         Gr-1  3/5/11
Campola     Phyllis         Gr-1  7/25/51   Noble
Canfield    Loren J.        Gr-2  6/13/53   NOBLE
Carey       Delbert         Gr-2  6/25/32   H Noble & Son
Carey       Fred D.         Gr-2  4/16/16
Carey       George          Cal   12/5/88
Carey       Harvey M.       AM    5/21/53   Noble
Carhart*    Margaret D.     Gr-1  10/24/02
Carlin                      Cal   5/2/96    Will
Carlin      Laura J.        Gr-2  6/8/36    Noble
Carlin      Tommie J.       Gr-2  11/15/38  Noble
Carlson     George          Gr-1  8/30/51   Noble
Carlson     Alice A.        Gr-1  3/14/31
Carlson     Andrew          Gr-2  6/4/29
Carlson     Arthur          Gr-2  4/19/50   Noble
Carlson     August          Gr-2  8/13/22
Carlson     Baby Boy        Gr-1  ??/??/1892
Carlson     Baby Girl       Gr-2  12/9/31   H Noble & Son
Carlson     Carl            Gr-2  3/8/86
Carlson     Catherine       Gr-2  4/29/88
Carlson     Clara           Gr-2  4/23/40   Broadbent
Carlson     Colleen Ann     Cal   11/15/69  Milliken
Carlson     Darrell W.      AM    10/5/93
Carlson     L. Delos        Gr-2  12/30/18
Carlson     Donald E.       Cal   8/22/94   Will
Carlson     Edward          Gr-2  1/8/86
Carlson     Elmer           SV    11/26/90
Carlson     Elsie           Gr-2  5/12/89
Carlson     Ernest C.       Gr-2  1/8/19
Carlson     Ethel M.        Gr-2  10/21/92
Carlson     Frank A.        Gr-2  8/4/54    Noble
Carlson     Fred            Gr-2  4/3/62    Milliken
Carlson     Frederick       Gr-2  5/6/76
Carlson     Gunner          Gr-2  11/26/31
Carlson     H. E.           Gr-2  9/29/19
Carlson     Haakon          Gr-1  5/15/34   Noble
Carlson     Harry           Gr-2  8/15/77
Carlson     Helen L.        Gr-1  1/31/02
Carlson     Johanna Mary    Gr-1  10/5/26
Carlson     Jennie T.       Gr-1  ??/??/1892
Carlson     John Edwin      Gr-1  7/7/14
Carlson     Kenneth A.      Gr-2  9/26/18
Carlson     Kermit G.       SV    11/29/96  Will
Carlson     Lana            Gr-2  12/5/70   Milliken
Carlson     Laura           Gr-2  2/24/27
Carlson     Laura           Gr-2  4/2/83
Carlson     Lawrence Dee    Gr-2  9/25/63   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Carlson     Lawrence H.     Gr-2  7/6/67    Milliken
Carlson     Louise          SV    11/2/87
Carlson     Mabele Merritt  Gr-2  2/18/87
Carlson     Margaret        Gr-2  11/7/48   Broadbent
Carlson     Marie L.        Gr-1  8/8/02
Carlson     Marley          Gr-2  11/19/82
Carlson     Maurice A.      Gr-2  9/21/49   Broadbent
Carlson     Melvin          Gr-2  10/19/85
Carlson     Ole             Gr-1  7/17/17
Carlson     Paulin          Gr-2  10/27/39  Noble
Carlson     Victor F.       Gr-2  11/16/48  Noble
Carlson     Willard, Dr.    AM    2/17/97   Will
Carlson     William         Gr-2  12/17/44  Noble
Carlson     Laura           Gr-2  4/3/72    Aaseth-Huron,SD
Carlson     Goldie          Gr-2  10/3/74   Milliken
Carlson     Frank W.        Cal   ??/??/????
Carlson     Doris           Cal   2/24/73   Milliken
Carlson     Joseph Chris    Cal   1/14/59   H Noble & Son
Carlson     Ruby Lorreta    Gr-2  1/19/37   Noble
Carlson     Baby Kermit     Cal   1/14/58
Carlson     Baby Girl       Gr-2  ??/??/1919
Carman      Terry L.        Gr-2  6/17/52   Noble
Carman      John Adrian     Gr-1  6/2/54    Noble
Carmody     John            Cal   2/4/91
Carney      David S.        SV    1/9/90
Carpenter   Charles E.      Gr-1  ??/??/1893
Carpenter   James           Gr-2  11/12/84
Carpenter   Myrta           Gr-2  4/17/51   Noble
Carpenter   William         Gr-2  4/20/44   Noble
Carpenter   Thomas          Gr-2  8/13/73   Milliken
Carpenter   Caroline        Gr-1  4/8/18
Carpentier  Helen Jeanette  Cal   ??/??/1892
Carr        John R.         SV    2/16/77
Carr        Sylvie          SV    1/9/99    Bittner
Carrick     Burnice A.      Gr-2  5/5/59    Noble
Carrick     Lois V.         Gr-2  10/8/82
Carrico     Florence        Gr-2  8/7/92
Carsen      Allen Ray       Gr-2  7/12/23
Carson      Shirley Ann     Cal   ??/??/????
Carstens    Alvin H.        Gr-2  8/17/90
Carstens    Diana K.        Gr-2  10/1/52   Noble
Carstens    Diana Kay       Gr-2  8/17/90
Carstens    George John     Gr-2  4/7/64    Milliken
Carstens    Herman          Cal   6/28/90
Carstens    Irvin           Gr-2  5/23/87
Carstens    John H.         Gr-2  10/29/53  Noble
Carstens    Leona M.        Gr-2  11/23/96  Will
Carstens    Lois I.         Gr-2  9/11/91
Carstens    Martha M.       Gr-2  5/25/96   Will
Carstens    Paul            Gr-2  12/5/81
Carstens    Elizabeth       Gr-2  7/6/73    Milliken
Carstens    Baby Boy        Gr-2  9/11/13
Carstens    Wilfred         Gr-2  9/10/98   Will
Carstensen  Leonard         Cal   11/30/81
Carstensen  Margaret        Cal   10/14/83
Carstensen  William         Gr-1  11/14/73  Milliken
Carstensen  Gary L.         Cal   9/19/50   Nobles
Carter      Charles L.      Gr-2  9/20/19
Carter      Lizzie H.       Gr-2  5/30/24
Cartney     Vernon T.       AM    6/18/66   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Cartney     Mary A.         Cal   8/12/58   H Noble & Son
Cartney     Thomas M.       Cal   5/2/57    H Noble & Son
Carver      Loretta J.      Cal   ??/??/????
Carville    J. S.           Gr-1  ??/??/1885
Case        Bonnie          Gr-2  12/5/95   Will
Case        Esther Viola    Gr-2  4/7/11
Case        Harvey          Gr-2  7/22/88
Case        Margaret        Gr-2  1/24/97   Will
Case        Maud Barbara    Gr-2  3/4/09
Case        Merl O.         Gr-2  8/9/67    Milliken
Case        Olive           Gr-2  5/17/88
Case        Rose E.         Gr-2  1/4/35    Noble
Case        Thomas A.       Gr-2  7/9/26
Case        Zona M.         Gr-2  8/6/51    Noble
Case        Leora M.        Gr-2  3/3/99    Will
Casey       Baby            Gr-1  6/28/05
Casey       Edward J.       Cal   9/19/80   Will
Casey       Agnes L.        Cal   4/9/60    H Noble & Son
Casey       Daniel          Cal   9/23/00   Will
Cashman     John            Gr-2  12/29/30  R L Kirkpatrick
Caskey      Sharrann Rae    Gr-2  2/21/37   Broadbent
Casper      C. J.           Cal   ??/??/1930
Casper      Joseph          Cal   ??/??/????
Cassem      Baby Boy        Gr-2  1/20/27
Cassem      Dora            Gr-2  4/4/42    Broadbent
Cassem      Lauren R.       Gr-2  2/23/19
Cassem      Loren           Gr-2  8/5/58    Broadbent
Cassem      Oscar Edwin     Gr-2  6/27/33   Broadbent
Cassem      Sharon Kay      Gr-2  11/5/49   Broadbent
Cassens     Leonard         Gr-2  9/22/67   Milliken
Cassens     Lila N.         Gr-2  5/19/49   Noble
Cassens     Ada M.          Gr-2  11/28/74  Milliken
Catalano    Michael         Gr-2  12/16/88
Catholas    Christ          Gr-1  1/7/13
Cattrell    Carl E.         Gr-2  1/31/58   Noble
Cattrell    Ella            Gr-2  12/19/43  Broadbent
Cattrell    Ruth Ella       Gr-2  6/21/16
Cattrell    Sheridan C.     Gr-2  2/26/27
Cave        Charlotte M.    Gr-1  11/3/03
Cechman     Laverne         Gr-2  4/26/19
Chaffin     William O.      Gr-1  7/31/78
Chaffin     Frances M.      Gr-1  12/4/72   Broadbent
Challman    Glenn D.        Gr-2  7/7/47    Broadbent
Chamley     Janele          Gr-2  12/31/86
Chamley     Lincoln L.      Gr-2  9/15/98   Will
Champlin    Electa S.       Gr-2  4/12/06
Champlin    Enos            Gr-2  9/5/15
Champlin    Minnie          Gr-1  ??/??/1886
Chancellor  Julia           Cal   9/14/91
Chandler    Jennie          Gr-1  ??/??/1885
Chapin      Flora           Gr-1  ??/??/1899
Chapman     Jessie          Gr-2  2/16/47   Noble
Chapman     John S.         Gr-2  10/20/51  Noble
Chapman     Mabel           Gr-2  6/19/79
Chapman     Mary E.         Gr-2  4/2/24
Chapman     Philo S.        Gr-2  7/17/62   Noble
CharlesworthAnna G.         Gr-2  09/??/1935Noble
CharlesworthDarius          Gr-2  8/9/16
CharlesworthLillian         Gr-2  2/14/84
CharlesworthRuth N.         Gr-2  3/3/45    Noble
CharlesworthSarah           Gr-2  1/17/29
Chase       Josephine M.    Cal   ??/??/1905
Cheeseman   Karen Leann     Gr-2  3/25/98   Will
Chenoweth   Asa             Gr-2  6/14/88
Chenoweth   Jennie          Gr-1  4/16/56   Noble & Bartling
Chenoweth   Maurice         Gr-2  5/14/94   Bittner
Chenoweth   Gladys          Gr-2  10/5/72   Milliken
Chenoweth   Guy             Gr-1  5/12/38   Noble
Chester     George          Gr-2  7/24/65   Milliken
Chester     William S.      Gr-2  11/18/41  Basham
Chester     Grace           Gr-2  6/8/73    Milliken
Childs      Jessie M.       Gr-2  8/21/21
Chinn       Harry           Gr-2  9/25/21
Chinn       Theodore F.     Gr-2  8/31/21
Chmela      Emma A.         Gr-1  12/11/54  Noble
Chmela      James W.        Gr-1  11/7/57   Noble
Chrisopher  Edna            Gr-2  9/2/58    Noble
Chrisopher  William         Gr-2  8/4/58    Noble
Christen    Phillip         Gr-2  10/30/89
Christen    Ruby Rose       Gr-2  10/17/95  Bittner
Christensen Arnold Harold   Gr-2  7/9/90    Kinsley-Salem,SD
Christensen Erhardt         AM    5/31/56   Noble
Christensen Holger          SV    2/16/91
Christensen Kristen M.      Gr-2  5/29/45   Noble
Christensen Larry O.        Cal   10/17/97  Will
Christensen Leslie          Cal   7/31/90
Christensen Nels            Gr-2  12/31/86
Christenson Albertena       Gr-2  12/12/47  Noble
Christenson Earl A.         Gr-2  3/13/31
Christenson Knute S.        Gr-2  8/16/34   Noble
ChristiansenNorwin          SV    1/21/92
ChristiansonAnna L.         Gr-2  8/11/18
ChristiansonPeter           Gr-2  5/11/19
ChristiansonChrist          Gr-2  9/11/06
Christopher Bertha          Gr-2  10/9/12
Christopher Bessie          Gr-2  3/19/14
Christopher Charles         Gr-2  4/29/45   Noble
Christopher Child           Gr-1  10-??/1892
Christopher Clara           Gr-2  1/10/17
Christopher Emily E.        Gr-2  3/13/24
Christopher Harry           Gr-2  3/31/15
Christopher Isaac           Gr-2  7/16/31   Noble
Christopher James H.        AM    4/28/66   Milliken
Christopher Lloyd           Gr-2  10/6/68   Milliken
Christopher Ralph           Gr-2  2/20/16
Christopher Sarah           Gr-1  6/28/29
Christopher Sarah           Gr-2  7/2/31
Christopher Theodore        Gr-2  6/16/15
Christopher Thomas          Gr-1  10/4/27
Chronister  Wandlen A.      SV    5/20/76
Church      Nora            Gr-1  10/30/62  Milliken
Church      Pap             Gr-1  03/00/1895
Church      Alva            Gr-1  7/1/57    Broadbent
Church      Parle J.        Cal   9/8/76    Milliken
Chynoweth   Anna F.         Gr-2  3/5/25
Chynoweth   Wm. Henry       Gr-2  12/18/13
Cilley      Frank W.        Cal   12/9/49   Broadbent
Cilley      Josie L.        Cal   ??/??/????
Cinich      Albina          Cal   ??/??/1933
Claggett    Charles A.      Gr-2  11/10/66  Milliken
Clampitt    Charles L.      Gr-2  6/28/52   Noble
Clampitt    Edythe M.       Gr-2  5/14/51   Noble
Clancey     Joseph B.       Cal   1/16/36
Clancey     Anna C.         Cal   11/12/52  Noble
Clapham     Child           Gr-1  ??/??/1885
Clapsaddle  Fannie Edna     Gr-2  12/30/21
Clapsaddle  Mary            Gr-2  3/6/53    Noble & Goehring
Clapsaddle  Omer O.         Gr-2  5/29/29
Clapsaddle  Keith Ivan      Gr-2  12/10/17
Clark       Miles D.        Gr-2  12/20/20
Clark       Ada E. G.       Gr-2  5/31/26
Clark       Alice           Gr-2  4/20/88
Clark       Anna M.         Gr-1  9/20/37   Benson & Joyce
Clark       Antoinette      Gr-2  4/16/06
Clark       Baby Boy        Gr-2  10/8/17
Clark       Benjamin Lee    Cal   1/27/87
Clark       Bernice         Gr-2  2/13/80
Clark       Caroline B.     Gr-2  9/26/10
Clark       Charles E.      Gr-2  11/10/66  Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Clark       Damon Edward    Cal   1/12/65   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Clark       David B.        Gr-2  6/7/36    Noble
Clark       Doris Ruth      Gr-2  3/21/16
Clark       Dorothy         Gr-2  12/30/93
Clark       Edward L.       Gr-1  ??/??/1898
Clark       Ella M.         Gr-1  ??/??/1893
Clark       Ella B.         Gr-2  10/6/37   Broadbent
Clark       Ella Mae        Cal   10/17/66  Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Clark       Emily           Gr-2  3/10/70   Schenk
Clark       Forrest E.      Gr-2  10/14/56  Willoughby, Howard,SD
Clark       Frank           Gr-2  3/9/53    Noble
Clark       Fred H.         Gr-1  ??/??/1894
Clark       George E.       Gr-1  5/27/77
Clark       Georgia I.      Gr-2  2/12/79
Clark       Grace Mae       Gr-2  5/15/93
Clark       Harry D., Rev   Gr-1  1/13/68   Milliken
Clark       Helen           Gr-2  12/28/88
Clark       James A.        Gr-2  3/19/22
Clark       James WellingtonGr-1  8/26/33   Noble
Clark       James R.        SV    11/00/1975
Clark       Joe R.          Gr-2  8/7/67    Boom, Sioux Falls,SD
Clark       John R.         Gr-2  12/3/62   Miller, Sioux Falls, SD
Clark       Karen Lee       Gr-2  4/6/48    Noble
Clark       Laura S.        Gr-1  6/19/54   Not stated
Clark       Leon L.         Gr-2  1/8/08
Clark       Loran M.        Gr-2  1/2/79
Clark       Lorraine        Gr-2  4/16/94
Clark       Mary C.         Gr-1  ??/??/1898
Clark       Mary F.         Gr-2  12/26/44  Noble
Clark       Nellie          Gr-2  1/14/13
Clark       Phoebe          Gr-2  1/12/23
Clark       Ralph B.        Gr-2  8/21/41   Noble
Clark       Servelus F.     Gr-2  4/20/10
Clark       Theodore        Gr-2  9/11/89
Clark       V. S.           Gr-1  ??/??/1892
Clark       Vera M.         Gr-2  4/26/96   Will
Clark       Wesley          Gr-2  7/31/84
Clark       Wiliam M.       Gr-2  3/26/12
Clark       William         Gr-2  12/8/42   Noblew
Clark       Wiliam Leonard, Am    8/10/60   Noble
Clark       Frank X.        Cal   12/24/64  Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Clark       John J.         Am    12/28/74  Will
Clark       Mary E.         Cal   2/5/63    Nobles
Clark       William C.      Cal   8/28/62   Nobles
Clark       Robert J.       Cal   10/27/53  Nobles
Clark       Thomas          Cal   4/29/44   H Noble & Son
Clark       Ruth            Gr-2  3/5/11
Clark       Lula Mae        Gr-1  3/1/29
Clark       Ella E.         Gr-1  9/15/50   Noble
Clark       Hal C.          Gr-1  10/19/31
Clark       Charles Badger  Gr-1  6/14/21
Clark       Marian ElizabethCal   4/20/98   Will
Clark       George W.       Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Clark       Carrie S.       Gr-1  12/24/70  Milliken
Clark       Mr.  Harry      Gr-1  ??/??/1979
Clark       Beatrice        Gr-2  5/5/99    Bittner
Clark       E. (Child)      Gr-2  10/8/17
Clark       Thomas A.       Gr-2  7/1/28
Claseman    Arnold          SV    9/26/87
Claus       Clara           Gr-2  2/16/66   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Claus       Earl P.         Gr-2  10/25/54  Noble
Claus       Ella            Gr-2  7/21/77
Claus       Olga            Gr-2  4/19/73   Milliken
Claussen    Alvin Dean      Gr-2  5/13/94   Will
Claussen    Bou             Cal   12/24/61  Nobles
Clawson     Chester         Gr-2  4/18/92
Clawson     Lucille         Gr-2  4/22/88
Clawson     Peggy           Gr-2  6/20/88
Clayton     Nettie          Gr-2  5/20/34   Noble
Clememsen   Jennie          Gr-2  2/24/73   Milliken
Clemensen   Henry C.        Gr-2  8/4/62    Milliken
Clemensen   Louie           Gr-2  2/12/79
Clemensen   Marius P.       Gr-2  12/31/68  Milliken
Clemensen   Margaret E.     Gr-2  3/6/28
Clemensen   Simon P.        Gr-2  9/26/38   Broadbent
Clemensen   Harold Simon    Gr-2  1/6/15
Clemenson   Baby            Gr-2  1/14/08
Clemenson   Baby Boy        Gr-1  12/8/05
Clemenson   Louise          Gr-2  4/3/68    Milliken
Clement     Julia           Cal   ??/??/1930
Clement     Mary Agnes      Cal   12/17/85
Clement     John            Cal   ??/??/1936
Clement     Paul Edward     Cal   ??/??/1934
Clement     Alfred          Cal   ??/??/1934
Clement     Joseph L.       Cal   1/17/44   Noble
Clement     Mary Agnes      Cal   ??/??/????
Clevenger   John William    Gr-2  1/8/52    Noble
Clevenger   Grace           Gr-2  1/15/73   Milliken
Clevy       Benjamin E.     Gr-1  9/28/37   Broadbent
Clifford    Alfred H.       Gr-2  7/7/49    Noble
Clifford    Effie           Gr-2  5/10/62   Noble
Clift       Claude S.       Gr-2  1/14/63   Milliken
Cline       Gladys O.       Gr-2  6/2/34    Noble
Clink       Edith Caroline  Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Clink       Jackson L.      Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Closson     Baby Girl       Gr-1  ??/??/1893
Closson     Calvin L.       Gr-2  6/10/11
Closson     Elmer A.        Gr-2  11/1/49   Noble
Closson     Estella I.      Gr-2  8/30/55   Noble
Closson     Lulu            Gr-2  2/20/88
Closson     Calvin E.       Gr-2  3/29/73   Milliken
Closson     Cynthia L.      Gr-2  ??/??/????
Clough      Agnes M.        Gr-2  12/1/44   Noble
Clow        Mary E.         Cal   2/10/48   Nobles & Son
Coacher     Elgie B.        Gr-2  7/14/71   Schenk
Coacher     Elma            Gr-2  8/3/46    Noble
Coacher     Kate B.         Gr-2  1/16/38   NOBLE
Coacher     Lenora H.       Gr-2  8/28/32   H Noble & Son
Coacher     Margaret        Gr-2  1/11/10
Coacher     Winfred Mark    Gr-2  11/28/23
Coacher     Wm. H.          Gr-2  4/3/21
Coacher     Mary E.         Gr-2  7/3/73    Milliken
Coan        Muriel          Gr-1  9/11/65   Milliken
Coan        Albert          Gr-2  5/21/56   Noble
Coan        Alice           Gr-2  6/19/48   Noble
Coatsworth  Oliver F.       Gr-1  11/20/62  Milliken
Coatsworth  Rose L.         Gr-1  5/4/74    Miller, Sioux Falls,SD
Cobb        Andrew          Cal   9/22/87
Cobb        Jim             Cal   3/14/91
Cochran     Ernest M.       Am    2/17/51   Broadbent
Cochran     Eula M.         Am    12/27/54  Broadbent
Cockling    Baby Boy        Gr-2  6/12/11
Cockram     Emma            Gr-2  6/17/41   Broadbent
Cockrell    Mary            Gr-2  7/9/83    Will
Cockrell    Henry           Gr-1  6/8/38    Noble
Coe         Garnet Sterling Gr-2  10/31/19
Coffel      Anna            Gr-2  4/25/85
Coffel      Albert          Gr-2  12/27/72  Milliken
Coffin      Alice Arvilla   Gr-2  1/1/16
Cogan       Donald Francis  Cal   ??/??/1914
Cogan       Gladys          Cal   5/10/80   Will
Cogan       John            Cal   ??/??/1926
Cogan       Lysle           Cal   3/27/87
Cogan       Mae V.          Cal   ??/??/????
Cohrt       Albert Claudius Gr-2  6/3/63    Noble
Cohrt       Priscilla       Gr-2  3/28/92
Coin        Harold          SV    1/31/79
Coin        Maxine          SV    10/19/96  Crosby-Jaeger
Colburn     Baby Boy        Gr-1  05/??/1895
Colby       Mary            Gr-2  8/16/21
Cole        Augusta M.      Gr-1  9/3/44    Noble
Cole        Baby            Gr-1  9/29/13
Cole        Baby            Gr-1  5/29/15
Cole        Elizabeth       Gr-2  8/2/40    Noble
Cole        Hiram           Gr-2  12/19/27
Cole        John B.         Gr-1  9/16/35   Noble
Cole        Myron           SV    6/7/80
Cole        Winfield        Gr-1  11/14/21
Coleman     Edward          Gr-2  1/1/31
Coleman     Rose            Cal   12/9/71   Schenk
Coleman     Robert J.       Cal   2/13/50   Noble
Coleman     Michael         Cal   4/6/42    H Noble & Son
Collins     Ann             Gr-2  12/19/49  Broadbent
Collins     Nors            Gr-2  2/9/16
Collins     Baby Boy        Gr-1  ??/??/1892
Collins     Cyrell          Cal   ??/??/????
Collins     Ed              Gr-1  12/5/06
Collins     George          Gr-2  11/3/61   Noble
Collins     Jennie          Cal   ??/??/1895
Collins     John Francis    Cal   7/24/67   Schenk-Murphy
Collins     Louise          Cal   3/17/79   Murphy
Collins     Lucille         Gr-2  6/13/81
Collins     Lynn            Cal   5/27/67   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Collins     Walter          Cal   ??/??/????
Collteaux   Helen May       Cal   ??/??/????
Colteaux    John            Cal   ??/??/1930
Colteaux    Maggie          Cal   9/20/41   H Noble & Son
Colvin      Harold          Am    6/28/65   Milliken
Colvin      James           Gr-2  1/12/85
Colvin      Ross            Gr-2  4/14/69   Schenk-Milliken
Colvin      Terry           Gr-1  7/20/82
Colwell     Harold          Gr-1  12/30/04
Coman       Lyra            Gr-1  3/16/09
Common Baby                 Cal   10/31/89
Common Baby                 Cal   ??/??/????
Comp        Sam             Gr-2  7/21/87
Comstock    Alice E.        Gr-2  3/20/68   Milliken
Comstock    Baby            Gr-2  8/19/19
Comstock    Eugene A.       Gr-2  9/25/41   Noble
Comstock    Floyd M.        Gr-2  8/5/92
Comstock    George A.       Gr-2  5/16/13
Comstock    Julia E.        Cal   4/4/68    Schenk-Murphy
Comstock    Lois            Gr-2  1/2/88
Comstock    William L.      Cal   10/20/69  Schenk-Murphy
Comstock    William Herbert Gr-2  9/21/19
Comstock    Margaret        Gr-2  11/6/09
Conant      Pearl C.        Gr-2  5/6/86
Conant      Wallace Ross    Gr-2  6/6/60    Noble
Conant      Frank C.        Cal   ??/??/1933
Conant      Anna, Mrs.      Cal   ??/??/????
Conant      Jacob           Cal   ??/??/????
Condon      John Thomas     Cal   6/19/28
Condon      Rosalia G.      Cal   8/26/26   Olson
Condon      William J.      Cal   2/14/52   Nobles
Condon      Julia           Cal   1/11/49   Nobles
Condon      Frank T.        Cal   ??/??/1962
Condran     Lucy            Cal   10/29/80  Will
Condran     Patrick         Cal   ??/??/1924
Condran     Rachel          Cal   ??/??/1940
Condran     Harry Patrick   Am    12/24/62  Milliken
Conklin     Alma            SV    1/25/78
Conklin     Baby Boy        Gr-2  9/13/20
Conklin     Elizabeth A     Gr-2  4/11/19
Conklin     Elmer           SV    3/13/75   Will
Conklin     Ivan            Gr-2  1/10/63   Noble
Conklin     Murray          Gr-2  3/6/76
Conklin     Retha           Gr-2  6/1/81
Conklin     Venita          Gr-2  10/7/95   Will
Conklin     Thomas J.       Gr-2  11/22/39  Broadbent
Conlon      James Peter     Cal   ??/??/1930
Conlon      Margaret        Cal   11/27/73  Wilmsmeyer-Will
Conlon      Michael P.      Cal   ??/??/1935
Conlon      Mary J.         Cal   ??/??/1932
Connor      Ella E.         Cal   ??/??/????
Conner      Baby Girl       Gr-2  4/12/11
Conner      Luesa           SV    4/4/81
Conner      Arvil B.        SV    11/26/75  Murphy
Conner      Robert          Gr-2  1/5/00    Bittner
Connor      John            Cal   10/24/00  Will
Connor      Albert          Cal   8/10/92
Connor      Alfred          Gr-2  1/6/68    Milliken
Connor      Baby Boy        Gr-2  4/30/20
Connor      Baby Girl       Gr-2  8/26/22
Connor      Dennis          Gr-2  2/18/83
Connor      Florence E.     Gr-2  9/10/12
Connor      Karen           Gr-2  1/20/87
Connor      Maude           Gr-2  5/18/66   Milliken
Connor      Evelyn          Cal   3/5/97    Will
Conover     Darold John     Cal   1/18/55   Noble & Sons
Conrad      Loretta         Gr-1  ??/??/1898
Conrad      Baby            Gr-2  10/20/23
Conrad      Baby Boy        Gr-2  5/9/22
Conrad      Edna Lee        Gr-2  12/1/28   Noble
Conrad      Eva G.          Gr-2  6/16/80
Conrad      Harry           Gr-2  9/24/69   Milliken
Conrad      Robert Calvin   Gr-2  10/2/25
Conradt     William E.      Gr-2  3/11/32
Conradt     Frank           Cal   10/20/87
Conradt     Maggie          Cal   12/17/76  Will
Conroy      Lily            Cal   11/25/58  H Noble & Son
Conroy      Esther M        Cal   10/7/65   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Conroy      John Joseph     Cal   7/22/80   Will
Conroy      Marie           Cal   6/25/81   Will
Constant    Linda Marie     Cal   10/19/60  Nobles
Conyes      Cheryl          Gr-2  6/22/95   Bittner
Conyes      Lillie A.       Gr-2  4/19/54   Nobles
Cook        William H.      Gr-2  1/15/19
Cook        Anna L.         Gr-2  6/21/19
Cook        Arthur G.       Gr-2  4/25/60   Noble
Cook        Donald          Gr-2  10/16/87
Cook        Dora            Gr-2  5/19/72
Cook        Edna M.         Gr-2  6/29/67   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Cook        Ellis           Gr-1  9/24/62   Noble
Cook        Floyd Francis   Gr-2  4/22/11
Cook        Fred            Gr-2  11/30/71  Milliken
Cook        Harry Jay       Gr-2  2/27/28
Cook        Harry           Gr-2  6/22/57   Noble
Cook        Ida A.          Gr-2  5/11/26
Cook        Irvin H.        Gr-2  12/1/60   Noble
Cook        John            Cal   ??/??/1904
Cook        John W.         Gr-2  3/6/11
Cook        Lucy            Gr-1  6/8/63    Noble
Cook        Mabel E.        Gr-2  1/2/80
Cook        Margaret        Gr-2  3/28/86
Cook        Minnie          Gr-2  12/22/50  Noble
Cook        Susie A.        Cal   12/5/66   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Cook        William H.      Gr-2  4/11/26
Cook        Laverne         Gr-1  6/23/75   Will
Cook        Mary M.         Cal   7/30/41   H Noble & Son
Cook        Margaret C.     Gr-2  12/15/61  Noble
Cook        Benjamin V.     Gr-2  3/24/26   H Noble & Son
Cooley      Jasper L.       Gr-2  5/9/34    Noble
Cooley      Charles E.      Cal   8/19/66   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Cooley      Daisy A.        Gr-2  1/7/39    Noble
Cooley      Eloise          Gr-2  1/22/83
Cooley      George W.       Gr-2  1/4/24
Cooley      George          Gr-2  2/20/68   Milliken
Cooley      Geraldine       Cal   8/19/95   Will
Cooley      Harriet         Gr-2  8/25/77
Cooley      Laurel          Gr-2  4/13/78
Cooley      Marion          Gr-2  8/15/92
Cooley      Vincent         Cal   12/14/89
Cooley      Dennis          Cal   9/13/74   Will
Cooley      Emma L.         Cal   5/9/64    Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Cooley      Mary            Gr-2  8/3/99    Will
Cooney      Dennis          Cal   ??/??/????
Cooney      Cecelia         Cal   ??/??/1924
Cooney      Daniel, Jr.     Cal   ??/??/1929
Cooney      Daniel J.       Cal   ??/??/1930
Cooney      Johanna G.      Cal   12/6/26   H Noble & Son
Cooper      Marie           Cal   ??/??/1921
Cooper      ALfred          SV    5/5/75    MIlliken
Cooper      Carl E.         Gr-2  9/1/31
Cooper      Charles         Gr-2  10/15/70  Milliken
Cooper      Charles         Gr-2  5/2/40    Noble
Cooper      Charles E., Jr. AM    11/1/67   Throup-Minnesota
Cooper      Edward          Gr-1  12/29/33  Noble
Cooper      Ernest          Gr-2  7/6/60    Noble
Cooper      Ethel Alma      Gr-2  9/1/31
Cooper      J. Fennimore, SrGr-2  5/31/19
Cooper      Florence BerniceGr-2  9/1/31
Cooper      Gladys N.       Gr-2  9/27/82
Cooper      Glenda Louise   Gr-1  10/10/67  Milliken
Cooper      James Fennimore,Gr-2  9/24/65   Milliken
Cooper      Jim             Gr-1  6/3/23
Cooper      Sadie           Gr-2  2/20/64   Miller, Sioux Falls,SD
Cooper      Sarah           Gr-2  5/4/47    Noble
Cooper      Urania          Gr-2  1/16/30
Cooper      Paul E.         Gr-2  10/8/72   Milliken
Cooper      Keith R.        Am    1/22/73   Milliken
Coovert     Anna            Cal   2/12/66   Milliken
Coovert     Jessie E.       Cal   ??/??/????
Cope        Baby Boy        Gr-2  10/1/40   Noble
Cope        Ben             Gr-2  6/15/85
Cope        Jessie M.       Gr-2  9/28/48   Broadbent
Cope        Walter Kenneth  Gr-2  2/17/65   Milliken
Cope        E. T.           Gr-2  ??/??/????
Cope        Grace           Gr-2  1/26/01   Will
Corbin      Lena            Gr-1  ??/??/1892
Corbin      Ruth L.         Gr-2  8/5/82
Corbin      Cora L.         Gr-1  2/9/18
Corby       Christina       Gr-2  3/23/32   H Noble & Son
Corby       Phile           Gr-2  7/8/26
Corcoran    Edith E.        Gr-2  11/3/43   Broadbent
Corcoran    Patricia        Cal   7/22/65   Milliken
Corcoran    Sarah           Gr-2  2/20/80
Corcoran    Nellie          Cal   08/??/1939
Corcoran    John J.         Cal   10/10/47  Broadbent
Corcoran    William W.      Gr-2  10/3/08
Corcoran    William         Cal   ??/??/1945
Corderman   Baby Boy        Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Corderman   Unknown         Gr-1  ??/??/????
Cordtz      Ingeborg A. N.  Gr-2  3/12/10
COREY       Dorthea S.      Gr-2  12/17/47  Noble
COREY       Edgar           Gr-2  11/24/92
COREY       Louie           Gr-2  4/4/45    Noble
CORKER      Cloyce          Am    11/28/78
CORKER      Julius L.       Gr-2  3/20/51   Noble
CORKER      Junius L.       Gr-2  5/19/47   Noble
CORKER      Vilda M.        Am    3/15/75   Milliken
CORMAN      Gary            Gr-2  2/28/57   Noble
CORNISH     Myrtle          Gr-2  5/17/63   Noble
CORNISH     Orange Bryon    Gr-2  11/30/41  Noble
CORNWELL    Bertha E.       Gr-2  10/20/44  Noble
CORNWELL    Henry           Gr-2  4/17/42   Noble
CORRIGAN    Bernard         Cal   1/29/88
CORRIGAN    Winifred        Cal   3/30/84
CORRINGTON  Aldon Bonnie    Gr-2  11/30/71  Milliken
CORRINGTON  Ivol P.         Gr-2  4/27/85
CORRINGTON  Mary            Gr-2  3/22/60   Noble
CORRINGTON  Sterling        Gr-2  3/11/96   Will
Cory        Martia          Gr-2  4/12/85
Cosby       Herbert         Gr-2  8/8/20
Cothern     John            Gr-2  5/5/00
Cothern     John            Gr-2  5/5/00    Bittner
Cotton      Leg             Gr-2  11/13/56  Noble
Cotton      Cheryl          Gr-2  6/23/56   Noble
Cotton      Eugenia Frances Gr-2  3/24/64   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Cotton      Sandra Marie    Gr-2  5/29/58   Noble
Cotton      Everett F.      Gr-2  1/9/73    Milliken
Coughlin    Connie          Cal   3/22/94
Coughlin    Ethel           Cal   5/21/96   Will
Coughlin    John T., Sr.    Cal   4/17/28
Coughlin    John T., Jr.    Cal   ??/??/1933
Coughlin    Vera L.         Cal   7/11/58   H Noble & Sons
Coughlin    Frank W.        Cal   10/12/54  H Noble & Sons
Coughlin    Michael         Cal   1/8/51    Nobles
Coughlin    Lawrence V.     Cal   10/16/48  Nobles
Coughlin    Agnes           Cal   3/24/48   Nobles & Son
Coughlin    Kate A.         Cal   ??/??/????
Coughlin    Leo Francis     Cal   ??/??/????
Coughlin    Leo Francis     Cal   ??/??/????
Courier     Brian Lee       Gr-2  2/19/65   Milliken
Courier     John            Gr-2  8/18/53   Noble
Courier     John            Gr-2  8/2/88
Courier     Rena            Gr-2  3/12/46   Noble
Coursey     Julia B.        Gr-2  3/5/38    Noble
Coursey     Floyd G.        Gr-2  5/27/11
Coursey     Oscar William   Gr-2  6/14/46   Noble
Coursey     Una M.          Gr-2  1/22/05
Coursey     William N.      Gr-2  5/5/30
Courtney    Vernon Delbert  Am    10/11/65  Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Coury       Charles         Gr-2  10/23/70  Milliken
Coury       Elizabeth       Gr-2  5/27/55
Coury       Floyd           Am    2/12/70   Milliken
Coury       Murrie          Gr-2  10/22/85
Coury       Toy             Gr-2  1/18/78
Coury       Viola M.        Gr-2  1/2/53    Noble
Cowan       Dan Anthony     Cal   ??/??/1929
Cowden      Thomas S.       Gr-1  6/19/05
Cowden      Laura           Gr-1  4/19/06
Cowhick     Harry Cannon    Gr-1  ??/??/1896
Cox         Arthur C.       Gr-2  3/18/26
Cox         Baby Girl       Gr-2  5/24/24
Cox         Catherine EthelyGr-2  9/21/11
Cox         Charles         Gr-2  7/27/15
Cox         Charles Hoyd    Gr-2  11/20/24
Cox         Clayton         Gr-2  2/23/70   Milliken
Cox         Dee Gibson      Gr-2  5/12/29
Cox         Dick May        Gr-2  1/3/96    Bittner
Cox         Edith May       Gr-2  6/5/51    Noble
Cox         Edward J.       Gr-2  11/13/43  Broadbent
Cox         Eli Earl        Gr-2  10/30/18
Cox         George F.       Gr-2  4/22/52   Noble
Cox         Harold Lee      Gr-2  5/30/11
Cox         Harold Dean     Gr-2  10/16/37  Noble
Cox         Hazel           Gr-2  2/23/90
Cox         Herbert J.      Gr-2  3/20/30
Cox         Howard H.       Gr-1  8/23/03
Cox         Jennie P.       Gr-2  7/2/16
Cox         Laura F.        Cal   6/9/92
Cox         Lennie          Gr-2  7/27/57   Noble
Cox         Nettie Laura    Gr-2  3/15/21
Cox         Orra Viola      Gr-1  ??/??/1891
Cox         Richard George  Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Cox         Mary            Gr-2  4/20/39   Noble
Cox         Horatio N.      Gr-1  4/10/08
Coxe        Nellie          Gr-2  2/21/55   Noble
Coyler      Ida             Gr-1  11/28/20
Coyne       Patrick, Mrs.   Cal   08/??/1898
Coyne       Dorothy C.      Cal   8/12/65   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Coyne       Hazel           Cal   4/4/83
Coyne       William J.      Cal   9/19/67   Schenk-Murphy
Coyne       Leo             Cal   4/24/75   Will
Craft       Emma            Cal   7/16/81
Craft       Etta G.         Gr-2  5/16/43   Noble
Craft       Frank A.        Gr-2  7/29/53   Noble
Craft       Myrtle E.       Gr-2  8/18/17
Craft       Clara Alyda     Am    1/5/72    Milliken
Craft       Stanley D.      Am    12/31/66  Milliken
Craft       Katherine H.    Cal   1/25/72   Schenk
Craft       Dewitt          Cal   4/12/74   Wilms-Will
Craft       Decker F.       Cal   11/20/54  H Noble & Son
Crage       Susan           Gr-2  5/22/35   Noble
Crager      Edgar E.        Gr-1  2/21/42   Noble
Crager      Ruby Agnes      Gr-1  1/14/31
Craig       Darlene         Gr-2  3/28/94
Craig       J. C.           Cal   ??/??/1906
Craig       Jacon           Gr-2  2/20/80
Craig       John A.         Gr-2  11/13/68  Schenk-Murphy
Craig       Katherine       Gr-2  5/18/42   Noble
Craig       Nettie          Gr-2  4/20/61   Noble
Craig       Ruth C.         Gr-2  6/12/32   H Noble & Son
Crain       Marie           Cal   1/17/91
Cramer      Marvin C.       Cal   9/25/68   Schenk-Murphy
Cramer      Grace           Cal   8/26/61   Nobles
Crampton    Alice E.        Cal   ??/??/1918
Crampton    Genevieve A.    Cal   9/28/79
Crampton    Patrick H.      Cal   ??/??/1930
Crampton    Sheila A.       Cal   2/1/96    Bittner
Crampton    William O.      Gr-2  11/4/30
Crampton    Ed              Cal   7/5/72    Milliken
Crampton    Teresa          Cal   6/29/74   Wilmsmeyer-Will
Crampton    Anna            Gr-2  11/15/75  Milliken
Crampton    John M.         Cal   ??/??/????
Crampton    Richard W.      Cal   ??/??/1934
Crampton    Walter          Cal   7/14/54   H Noble & Son
Crampton    Theresa         Cal   5/23/52   Nobles
Crampton    Baby            Cal   ??/??/????
Crandall    David           Gr-1  12/24/49  Nobles
Crandall    Cyrus S.        Gr-1  ??/??/1895
Crandall    Orson           Gr-1  ??/??/1891
Craton      Neil Emerson    Gr-2  3/8/30
Crawford    Alice E.        Cal   ??/??/????
Crawford    Mary Ann        Cal   9/14/67   Schenk-Murphy
Crawford    Frank S.        Cal   6/3/53    Nobles
Crawford    Frances         Cal   10/11/75  Will
Crawford    Lorraine R.     Cal   ??/??/1935
Crawford    Theresa Mae     Cal   6/27/62   Nobles
Crawford    T. Virgil       Cal   2/21/57   H Noble & Son
Crawford    Mary C.         Cal   7/5/56    H Noble & Son
Crawford    Margaret        Cal   11/13/48  Nobles & Son
Crawford    Thomas J.       Cal   6/8/45    H Noble & Son
Crawford    L. A.           Gr-2  5/24/10
Crawford    Catherine J.    Cal   ??/??/1953
Creech      Dale            Am    12/15/90
Creech      Teresa          Cal   4/9/87
Creech      Wilber          Gr-1  12/21/70  Milliken
Creed       Eddie           Cal   ??/??/????
Creed       Margaret        Cal   ??/??/????
Creed       Paul            Cal   ??/??/1884
Creighton   Ida Lee         Gr-2  10/22/07
Crelly      Thomas          Am    3/17/82
Crelly      Viola           Am    6/27/95   Will
Cripps      Esther A.       Gr-2  1/23/36   Noble
Crisp       Charles M.      Gr-2  8/19/07
Croat       Ruth            Gr-2  3/25/92
Crockett    Hattie Bell     Gr-2  8/29/90
Crockett    Lotta Anna      Gr-2  5/30/30
Croft       Baby Girl       Gr-1  ??/??/1893
Cromwell    Adeline L       Cal   7/28/42   H Noble & Son
Cropp       Esther          Gr-2  7/25/44   Broadbent
Cropp       Richard         Gr-2  4/15/80
Cropp       Thelma          Gr-2  8/10/77
Cropsey     Mina E.         Gr-2  1/11/61   Anderson, Plankinton,SD
Cropsey     Edward N.       Gr-2  2/26/60   Cazer-Milliken
Crosbie     Robert Reeves   Gr-1  11/6/07
Crosby      Emmett H.       Gr-1  9/14/38   Noble
Crosby      Lee             Gr-1  1/5/43    Noble
Crosby      Robert Reeves   Gr-1  10/4/08
Crosby      Diantha         Gr-1  3/10/18
Crosby      Hiram           Gr-1  3/27/01
Cross       Baby Girl       Gr-2  8/5/76
Cross       Donna Mae       Gr-1  2/7/49    Noble
Cross       Helen           Gr-2  3/21/87
Cross       Royal Franklin  Gr-2  8/6/60    Noble
Cross       Mildred         Cal   ??/??/1940
Crossett    Andrew M., Dr.  Gr-2  10/30/28
Crossett    Eliza           Gr-2  4/4/22
Crosswaite  Allen           Gr-2  7/3/73    Milliken
Crouch      Agnes M.        Am    9/24/90
Crouch      Clifford        Gr-2  3/14/46   Broadbent
Crouch      Cora            Gr-2  3/15/53   not stated
Croucher    Lorraine              ??/??/????
Crouther    Sophie          Gr-1  5/8/04
Crow        Cora            Gr-2  10/9/59   Noble
Crow        Iva V.          Gr-1  2/25/78   Fairbault, Minnesota
Crow        John C.         Gr-2  12/26/31  N Noble & Son
Crow        Bert L.         Gr-1  10/11/73  Milliken
Crowley     Joseph B.       Cal   9/18/70   Milliken
Crowley     Margaret Joy    Cal   4/18/77   Murphy
Crum        Ann Louise      Gr-2  12/27/94  Memorial Chapel
Crum        George L.       Gr-2  5/22/73   Milliken
Cudmore     Baby            Gr-2  1/20/12
Cullet      Baby            Gr-1  5/14/05
Cummings    Alvin M.        Gr-2  1/9/52    Broadbent
Cummings    Archie E.       Gr-2  8/19/41   Noble
Cummings    Jennie          Gr-2  3/30/59   Noble
Cummings    Mae             Gr-2  2/11/93
Cummings    Robert L.       Gr-2  7/22/45   Broadbent
Cummings    Vera            Gr-2  10/21/50  Noble
Cummings    Mary            Gr-2  6/28/75   Will
Cummings    James           Gr-2  11/25/00  Will
Cundy       Bruce           Gr-2  3/13/81
Cundy       Florence        Gr-2  7/1/86
Cundy       Edwin           Gr-2  2/16/72   Schenk
Cunningham  Bethel          Gr-2  1/12/85
Cunningham  Clarence R.     Gr-2  8/3/71    Milliken
Cunningham  Elizabeth       Gr-2  2/26/53   Noble
Cunningham  Ethel           Gr-2  11/1/78
Cunningham  Gladys          Gr-2  8/27/94   Will
Cunningham  Irene           Gr-2  4/21/89
Cunningham  James E.        Gr-2  4/29/38
Cunningham  James T.        Gr-2  10/28/50  Noble
Cunningham  Joyce           Gr-2  2/7/29
Cunningham  Jula B.         Gr-2  2/27/28
Cunningham  Richard A.      Gr-2  2/23/30
Cunningham  Walter, Rev.    Gr-1  1/11/74   MIlliken
Cunningham  William         Gr-2  8/3/74    Milliken
Cunningham  Ethel           Gr-1  1/5/98    Bittner
Cunningham  Thomas Fletcher Gr-2  7/15/59   Noble
Cunningham  Gifford         SV    8/5/99    Will
Curl        Jessie          Gr-1  ??/???1887
Curley      Robert H.       Cal   ??/??/????
Curley      Maud            Gr-1  4/17/00
Curley      Robert H.       Cal   ??/??/1886
Curran      Anna            Cal   ??/??/1902
Curran      Harry T.        Gr-1  2/22/33   Noble
Curran      Michael         Cal   ??/??/1904
Curran      Robert          Cal   ??/??/????
Curran      Joseph          Cal   ??/??/????
Curran      Lucille         Gr-1  1/15/59   Noble
Curtis      Arthur E.       Gr-2  4/18/55   Noble
Curtis      Ellis P.        Gr-1  3/12/29
Curtis      Evelyn          Gr-1  3/18/54   Broadbent
Curtis      Louysia         Gr-1  11/23/04
Curtis      Mary C.         Gr-1  8/29/35   Noble
Curtis      Mary E.         Gr-1  9/22/52   Broadbent
Curtis      Newton L.       Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Curtis      Helen M.        Gr-1  4/2/11
Curtis      Esther          Gr-1  ??/??/????
Curtis      Ambrose J.      Gr-1  12/21/46  Broadbent
Curtiss     Frank S.        Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Curtiss     Alpheus S.      Gr-1  12/29/05
Dabler      Edna M.         Gr-2  4/11/59   Noble
Dabler      Cleo M.         Gr-2  2/10/66   Schenk
Dabler      Ronald George   Gr-2  4/17/26
Dahl        Baby Boy        Gr-2  9/2/27
Dahl        Edmond          Gr-2  11/13/79
Dahl        Gustaf Algodt   Gr-1  6/24/71   Milliken
Dahl        Nina I.         Cal   1/21/66   Milliken
Dahl        Leota           Gr-2  8/22/72   Milliken
Dahl        Dallas R.       Cal   11/12/58  H.Noble
Dahl        Clarence O.     Cal   2/6/98    Will
Dahle       Margaret        Gr-2  2/1/85
Dahle       Russell A.      Gr-2  1/10/53   Noble
Dailey      Claude R.       Cal   7/31/68   Milliken
Dailey      Irvin           Gr-2  11/21/79
Dailey      James D.        Gr-2  1/20/54   Noble
Dailey      Lulu Vivian     Gr-2  11/17/92
Dailey      Mary T.         Cal   5/20/81   Bittner
Dailey      May M.          Gr-2  11/14/50  Noble
Dale        Donnie R.       Gr-1  10/26/60  Noble
Dale        Elnora Belle    Gr-1  12/31/55  Noble
Dammann     Lenor Leroy     SV    2/14/98
Damon       Violet          Gr-2  2/28/11
Danforth    Blanche         Gr-2  5/14/48   Noble
Danforth    Willliam R.     Gr-2  5/4/57    Noble
Daniels     Albert H., Dr.  Gr-2  3/9/20
Daniels     Clara           Gr-2  1/21/30
Daniels     Earl W.         Gr-1  ??/??/1898
Daniels     Lydia M.        Gr-1  5/3/29
Daniels     Marie E.        Gr-1  ??/??/1898
Daniels     Otto            Gr-2  6/3/10
Daniels     Estelle L.      Gr-1  6/26/19
Daniels     Samuel M.       Gr-1  4/16/33   Noble
Dant        Albert          Am    11/12/64  Milliken
Dant        Norma E.        Gr-2  4/24/53   Noble
Darling     Harold Lavern   Am    4/29/69   Schenk
Darmer      Grace           Gr-2  5/13/10
Darmer      Thomas H.       Gr-2  10/23/33  Bockhaut
Darmer      Alexander       Gr-2  5/30/13
Darmer      Helen Ada       Gr-2  9/15/08
Daum        Edward A.       Gr-1  1/11/72   Milliken
Daum        Viola E.        Gr-1  4/24/99   Will
Davenprot   Mary L.         Cal   ??/??/????
Davies      Ida Marion      Gr-2  7/26/44   Noble
Davies      Mabel           Gr-2  5/31/68   Milliken
Davies      Richard W.      Gr-2  11/6/25
Davies      John A.         Gr-2  6/4/48    Mont.
Davis       A. W.           Gr-1  ??/??/1896
Davis       Ada             Gr-1  10/21/65  Milliken
Davis       Agnes           Gr-2  10/14/49  Noble
Davis       Baby Boy        Gr-2  7/29/18
Davis       Baby Boy        Gr-2  4/16/18
Davis       Benjamin        Gr-1  7/6/00
Davis       Berwyn          Gr-1  05/??/1894
Davis       Clara           Gr-2  1/25/41   Broad
Davis       Floyd M.        Gr-2  3/1/30
Davis       Gerald          Gr-2  6/27/22
Davis       Gerald          Gr-2  11/25/87
Davis       Gomer           Gr-2  3/13/53   Noble
Davis       Louise M.       Gr-2  9/7/67    Schenk
Davis       Loyd            Gr-2  3/17/93
Davis       Maree A.        Gr-2  3/13/21
Davis       Marie           Gr-2  3/29/90
Davis       Mary Ann        Gr-2  2/20/40   Broad
Davis       Montgomery      Gr-2  10/23/41  Noble
Davis       Pearl           Gr-2  5/18/25
Davis       Raymond S.      Gr-2  6/15/71   Milliken
Davis       Stephen         Gr-2  3/14/97   Will
Davis       William A.      Gr-2  5/13/44   Broad
Davis       Granville M.    Gr-1  1/13/50   Noble
Davis       William W.      Gr-2  8/17/49   Noble
Davis       Ruby Fay        Gr-2  3/23/98   Will
Davis       Mildred         Gr-1  10/13/47  Noble
Davis       Clarence K.     Gr-1  12/22/70  Milliken
Davis       Donald F.       Gr-1  1/22/16
Davison     Clara           Gr-2  6/9/52    Noble
Day         Ransom F.       Gr-1  9/2/02
Day         Electa F.       Gr-1  1/20/01
Day         Mable           Gr-1  ??/??/1889
De Jong     Bert            Gr-2  12/1/83
De Lancey   Russell         Gr-1  6/29/37   Noble
Dean        Albert Edwin    Gr-2  8/15/28
Dean        Alfred          Gr-1  ??/??/1895
Dean        Anna            Gr-2  11/14/55  Noble
Dean        Annie J.        Gr-1  ??/??/1898
Dean        Arabel A.       Gr-1  12/14/18
Dean        Barry R.        Gr-2  9/9/47    Noble
Dean        Bernie          Gr-2  12/17/66  Schenk
Dean        Charles C.      Gr-2  11/24/19
Dean        Edna            Gr-2  11/16/84
Dean        Elizabeth       Gr-2  8/25/49   Noble
Dean        Howard R.       Gr-2  12/29/59  Noble
Dean        Mary Jane       Gr-2  4/23/08
Dean        Merritt L.      Gr-2  12/23/58  Noble
Dean        Nancy J.        Gr-1  3/14/03
Dean        William M.      Gr-1  ??/??/1899
Dean        Thomas          Gr-1  3/5/08
Dean        Edward E.       Gr-1  ??/??/1898
DeBoer      Marie           Gr-2  3/7/84
Deboevere   Peter F.        Cal   12/27/69  Schenk
Deboevere   Clarissa        Cal   5/27/55   H.Noble
Decou       Helen           SV    12/23/00
Degan       Shawn           Cal   5/17/77   Will
Degen       Henry           Cal   10/7/94   Will
Degen       Joseph          SV    11/19/87
Degen       Cathleen Mary   Cal   12/27/62  Nobles
Degen       Gary J.         Cal   ??/??/????
Degen       Leona           SV    9/4/99    Bittner
Degen       Wilhelmina      Cal   ??/??/????
Degraff     Charles T.      Gr-2  6/1/45    Noble
Degroff     Linda M.        Gr-2  7/14/45   Noble
Deinart     Addie E.        Gr-2  6/10/51   Noble
Deinart     Oscar M.        Gr-2  2/9/55    Noble
Deiner      Cleo            Gr-2  6/27/19
Deinert     Clara           Gr-2  1/5/80
Deinert     Ernst           Gr-2  4/12/80
Deinert     Lorraine        Gr-2  3/13/95   Will
Deitzman    Velma L.        Gr-2  9/15/42   Broad
Dejong      Clarence        Gr-2  12/20/54  Noble
Dejong      Edwin H.        Gr-2  7/20/49   Noble
Dejong      Josephine M.    Gr-2  5/1/28
Dejong      Randall         Gr-2  5/19/70   Milliken
Delahunt    John A.         Cal   4/5/66    Schenk
Delancey    Ellsworth       Gr-1  9/5/79
Delancey    Caroline        Gr-1  7/2/53    Noble
Delaney     Agnes Catherine Cal   6/8/71    Milliken
Delaney     Elizabeth       Cal   11/26/66  Schenk
Delaney     Robert Dr.      Cal   3/25/97   Will
Delaney     William A., Sr. Cal   3/11/55   Noble
Delapp      Kenneth D.      Gr-2  10/15/53  Noble
Delapp      Mamie           Gr-2  2/12/83
Deller      William NicholasGr-2  3/28/30
Deller      George          Gr-1  5/29/36
Delzer      Gottleib        Gr-2  8/31/60   Milholf
Delzer      Walter Gottlieb Am    7/25/68   Schenk
Delzer      Magdalena       Gr-2  4/19/75   Will
Deming      Bonnie Lee      Gr-1  8/16/50   Nobles
Demire      Charles         Gr-2  10/29/17
Denison     Elizabeth LilliaGr-2  1/19/00   Will
Denne       Ronald J.       SV    5/23/98   Will
Denne       Lorraine        SV    6/10/98   Will
Denney      Eunice E.       Am    8/12/92
Denney      Harry Arthur    Am    12/3/55   Noble
Dennis      Baby Boy        Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Dennis      Lutie           Gr-1  ??/??/1887
Deoring     Martin          Gr-2  5/15/74   Milliken
Deroo       Desire T.       Cal   ??/??/1913
Deroo       Lloyd J.        Cal   ??/??/1929
Deroo       Ed              Cal   4/15/59   Milliken
Deroo       Sarah           Cal   1/14/47   Nobles
Deroos      Helen           Gr-2  6/9/92
Derr        Benjamin H.     Gr-2  7/11/77
Derr        Charles C.      Gr-2  8/27/37   Noble
Derr        Charles Phillip Gr-2  1/27/65   Wood
Derr        Charlotte A.    Gr-2  4/26/85
Derr        Clarence        Gr-2  11/6/35   Noble
Derr        Eva             Gr-2  12/21/90
Derr        Florence        Gr-2  1/31/20
Derr        Florence        Gr-2  2/27/85
Derr        Grace           Gr-2  11/21/87
Derr        Laurie Ann      Gr-2  1/10/59   Wood
Derr        Lawrence        Gr-2  2/22/57   Broad
Derr        Robert EllsworthGr-2  1/31/20
Derr        Wilber Eugene   Gr-2  8/5/94
Derr        Wilbur T.       Gr-2  6/5/21
Derr        Chalkey W.      Gr-2  4/8/53    Noble
Derr        Eva M.          Gr-2  7/24/52   Noble
Derr        Larry Joe       Gr-2  2/19/99
Dersoier    Claude L.       Cal   4/15/44   H.Noble
Desch       L. C.           Cal   ??/??/1927
Deschepper  Dean            Gr-2  4/26/89
Deschepper  Lavonne Jean    Gr-2  11/29/90
Deskins     Baby Boy        Gr-2  3/20/17
Deskins     Margaret J.     Gr-2  12/11/12
Deslover    Donna Marie     Cal   12/3/43   H.Noble
Deter       Freda           Gr-1  3/15/83
Deter       George M.       Gr-1  4/26/54   Broad
Deter       Glen            Gr-1  7/29/86
Deter       Leg of George   Gr-1  3/19/48   Noble
Dethlef     Alvina          Gr-2  11/10/52  Noble
Dethlef     William         Gr-2  9/17/41   Noble
Dethlefs    Jesse           Gr-2  1/25/85
Dethlefs    Velma I.        Gr-2  1/12/73   Milliken
Dethlefs    Eleanor         Am    2/23/01   Bittner
Dethlefsen  Alyce           Gr-2  3/11/91
Detwiler    Milton J.       Gr-2  11/6/32   H.Noble
Develder    Marion William  Gr-2  9/30/99   Bittner
Devries     Carson          Gr-2  9/28/91
Devries     Della           Am    9/18/81
Devries     Robert          Am    1/6/82
Devy        Inez W.         Gr-1  ??/??/1884
Devy        Mary            Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Devy        Matie O.        Gr-1  7/1/37    Noble
Devy        Edward          Gr-1  1/3/05
Devy        Robert          Gr-1  5/18/14
Dewald      Les Lee         Gr-2  6/27/64   Millikin
Dewald      Edgar           Gr-2  5/18/00
Dewey       Eugene Francis  Gr-2  12/18/97  Johnson
Dewey       Francis         Gr-2  7/16/85
Dewey       Lois H.         Gr-2  5/14/68   Milliken
Dewey       Phinias E.      Gr-2  5/15/44   Noble
Dey         Arthur          Gr-2  8/19/40   Lane
Dey         Celia Lenna     Gr-2  8/9/65    Schenk
Dey         William         Gr-2  11/5/48   Noble
Dey         Fred J.         Gr-2  1/9/98    Will
Dey         Marjorie        Gr-2  9/10/98   Will
Diamond     Dale Gene       Am    8/14/68   Milliken
Diamond     Thomas D.       Gr-1  3/20/55   Noble
Dice        Dorothy C.      Cal   6/4/68    Schenk
Dice        Rolland  L.     Cal   1/29/69   Schenk
Dickenson   Myrtle Irene    Cal   8/22/67   Schenk
Dickerson   Nelson B.       Gr-1  1/13/55   Noble
Dickinson   Michael Hugh    Cal   6/5/39
Dickinson   Anna            Gr-2  3/6/09
Dickinson   Esther P.       Cal   9/29/95   Will
Dickinson   Ethel May       Gr-2  11/15/50  Broad
Dickinson   Henry A.        SV    1/3/86
Dickinson   Isaac           Gr-2  6/29/34   Broad
Dickinson   Leo Patrick     Gr-2  1/27/45   Broad
Dickinson   Lucinda         Gr-2  8/28/54   Broad
Dickinson   William         Gr-2  3/17/62   Milliken
Dickinson   Charles Donald  Am    4/9/60    H.Noble
Dickinson   Lillian M.      Am    7/26/75   Murphy
Dickman     Katherine E.    Gr-1  6/15/74   Wilms.
Dickman     Albert Patrick  Am    9/17/68   Schenk
Dickman     Edward          Gr-2  11/12/91
Dickman     Jacob           Gr-2  8/4/81
Dickman     Jacob Clifford  Gr-1  11/9/64   Schenk
Dickman     Herman          Gr-2  4/21/98   Will
Dickson     Jacob D.        Gr-2  5/8/47    Noble
Dickson     Sarah Martha    Gr-2  8/28/40   Noble
Dickson     Pearl Vista     Gr-2  5/4/07
Dicus       Brandie Lynn    Gr-2  12/8/77
Dicus       Calvin N.       SV    3/3/90
Diede       Andrew          Gr-2  3/11/96   Will
Diederick   Ernestine       Gr-1  12/24/58  Noble
Diehl       Arlene          Gr-2  7/26/76
Diehl       Catherine ElizabGr-2  5/7/16
Diehl       Elizabeth       Gr-2  6/22/56   Broad
Diehl       Jacob           Cal   ??/??/1903
Diehl       John            Cal   ??/??/????
Diehl       Maurice B.      Gr-2  10/8/53   Broad
Diehl       Phillip Marrill Gr-2  1/29/27
Diehl       Rose            Cal   ??/??/1905
Diehl       Valentine B.    Gr-2  11/2/15
Diendoerfer John            Gr-1  3/18/36   Noble
Dietzman    John J.         Gr-1  11/7/37   Noble
Digerness   Grace           Gr-2  5/22/89
Digerness   Harlan          Gr-2  6/19/76
Dill        Anna            Gr-2  2/17/40   Noble
Dill        Eugene Elmer    Gr-2  1/29/27
Diller      George          Gr-1  5/29/36   Broad
Dillon      Baby Girl       Gr-1  03-??/1891
Dilly       Lemuel Harvey   Gr-1  4/1/22
Dilly       Maude A.        Gr-1  8/18/04
Dilly       L. H.           Gr-1  ??/??/????
Dilworth    Frank           Gr-2  8/10/57   Noble
Dilworth    Mary            Gr-2  6/27/48   Broad
Dilworth    Pearl F.        Gr-2  10/10/40  Noble
Dilworth    Ruth M.         Gr-2  10/24/58  N/s
Dilworth    Thomas H.       Gr-2  7/14/23
Dinehart    Verulah         Gr-1  9/12/50   Noble
Dingler     Ferd            Gr-2  6/24/50   Noble
Dingler     Lucille E.      Gr-2  6/2/99    Bittner
Dings       Anna            Gr-2  2/28/37   Noble
Dings       Edwin L.        Gr-2  11/16/35  Noble
Dings       William         Gr-2  10/26/22
Direen      James           Cal   11/17/70  Schenk
Disbrow     Dewitt C.       Gr-2  10/16/34  Noble
Disbrow     Katherine       Gr-2  2/11/36   Noble
Ditzler     Dale            Gr-1  2/3/93
Ditzler     Esther          Gr-1  3/18/77
Ditzler     Ronald Dale     Gr-1  11/3/55   Noble
Dix         George          Gr-2  2/5/30
Dix         Lionel B.       Gr-2  7/28/47   Noble
Dix         Lucy A.         Gr-2  3/7/12
Dixon       Alfred          Gr-2  5/14/49   Noble
Dixon       Emma            Gr-2  12/26/68  Schenk
Dixon       Mary K.         Gr-2  6/20/51   Noble
Dixon       Walter          Gr-2  6/19/76
Doane       Baby            Gr-2  8/5/22
Doane       Baby Boy        Gr-2  10/5/22
Doane       George          Gr-2  12/14/43  Noble
Doane       Isaiah Lemuel   Gr-2  1/18/15
Doane       Jennie Alice    Gr-2  1/4/29
Doane       Jennie          Gr-2  10/3/41   Broad
Doane       Jerimiah D.     Gr-2  1/11/20
Doane       Robert E.       Gr-2  2/21/20
Dobras      Carrie          Cal   7/23/85
Dobras      Deanna L.       Am    3/24/95   Bittner
Dobras      James Anthony   Am    8/20/58   Noble
Dobras      Tony            Am    7/31/87   Will
Dobras      Anthony J.      Cal   8/10/76   Will
Dobras      Betty Jane      Cal   3/28/62   Nobles
Dobras      Joe E.          Cal   7/6/00    Will
Dobson      Lois            SV    6/24/00   Will
Dock        Olive           Gr-1  11/12/18
Docken      Tenus M.        Gr-2  12/28/29
Docken      Anton C.        Gr-2  4/1/18
Dockter     Bernadine K.    Gr-2  11/14/98  S & S
Dodd        Ethel M.        Gr-2  5/12/62   Miller
Dodd        Florence Emma   Gr-2  7/19/66   Cazer
Dodd        Laverne         Gr-2  9/13/33   Noble
Dodd        Lewis F.        Gr-2  5/7/60    Miller
Dodd        Matilda         Gr-2  2/6/51    Noble
Dodd        Robert W.       Gr-2  9/2/29
Dodd        Septimus        Gr-2  12/27/71  Cazer
Dodd        Walter H.       Gr-2  11/12/32  H.Noble
Dodge       Anna            Gr-2  2/1/19
Dodge       Baby Boy        Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Dodge       Chester         Gr-2  3/15/66   Boom
Dodge       Dale L.         Gr-2  8/13/68   Benz
Dodge       John Cowen      Gr-2  8/2/23
Dodge       Manfred         Gr-2  6/20/41   Noble
Dodge       Mary Jane       Gr-2  9/28/27
Dodge       Stanley H.      Gr-2  2/22/20
Dodson      Erma R.         Gr-2  10/3/34   Noble
Dodson      William M.      Gr-2  11/28/38  Noble
Doering     Eugene          Gr-2  11/23/81
Doering     George C.       Gr-2  4/3/41    Noble
Doering     Laura           Gr-2  6/19/92
Doering     Mary            Gr-2  2/8/68    Milliken
Doering     Carl            Gr-2  9/8/72    Milliken
Doering     Frieda          Gr-2  12/19/72  Milliken
Doering     Herman          Gr-2  9/20/74   Milliken
Dogg        Terrence        Gr-2  8/29/70   Milliken
Dolan       Kim             Cal   8/6/55    H.Noble
Dolan       Constance       Cal   9/23/98   Will
Dolley      Estella         Gr-2  1/12/29
Dolly       Jasper          Gr-2  7/18/22
Dolly       Mace C.         Gr-2  4/8/29
Donaldson   Mary            Cal   7/7/80
Dondelinger Anna            Gr-2  5/7/34    Noble
Dondelinger John            Gr-2  ??/??/1893
Dondelinger John            Gr-2  9/8/62    Noble
Dondelinger Kathryn         Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Dondelinger Leona           Gr-2  5/7/34    Noble
Dondelinger Mary M.         Gr-2  11/20/52  Noble
Dondelinger Nicolas         Gr-1  1/4/26
Dondelinger Terry           Gr-2  6/20/81
Dondelinger Tracey          Gr-2  1/29/83
Dondelinger Leona           Gr-2  4/23/21
Donnelly    Loretta A.      Cal   12/14/78  Mayer
Donnelly    Marguerite      Cal   5/4/83
Donnelly    William A.      Cal   9/18/67   Schenk
Donnelly    Ann             Cal   6/9/72    Behrens
Donnelly    John Frederick  Cal   ??/??/1940
Donnelly    Ellen Quinlin   Cal   ??/??/1933
Donoho      Bernice         Gr-2  12/23/57  Noble
Donoho      Howard E.       Gr-1  2/27/71   Milliken
Donoho      Nellie          Gr-1  6/20/80
Donoho      William         Gr-2  4/22/89
Donoho      Edward          Gr-1  4/6/73    Milliken
Donoho      Ewing J.        Cal   2/11/46   H.Noble
Donohoe     Richard E.      Gr-2  9/30/28
Donohue     Baby Boy        Gr-2  10/3/20
Donovan     M.  (Child)     Cal   ??/??/1940
Donovan     Johanna         Cal   ??/??/1931
Donovan     Leona           Cal   ??/??/1908
Donovan     Margaret B.     Am    4/3/80
Donovan     Martin Daniel   Am    12/20/51  Nobles
Donovan     James           Cal   ??/??/1939
Donovan     Dennis          Cal   9/15/50   Nobles
Donovan     John A.         Cal   ??/??/1939
Dooley      Donna           Am    7/16/81
Dooley      George          Am    2/20/81
Dorrence    Edelbert D.     Gr-2  7/24/32
Dortland    Arthur L.       Gr-2  11/9/59   Noble
Dortland    Frieda          Gr-2  11/7/41   Noble
Dortland    Herbert         Gr-2  4/25/45   Noble
Dortland    Mae             Gr-2  4/11/75   Milliken
Dossett     Jake            Cal   7/25/83
Dossett     Leah Rene       Cal   5/27/65   Schenk
Doty        Eva             Gr-2  3/3/54    Noble
Doty        Addie Elizabeth Gr-1  9/5/64    Milliken
Doty        Baby Girl       Gr-1  09/??/1896
Doty        Dorothy Mae     Gr-2  8/1/66    Milliken
Doty        Frank           Gr-2  4/20/89
Doty        Glen            Gr-2  11/28/70  Milliken
Doty        Hattie ElizabethGr-1  4/1/14
Doty        Hope            Gr-2  7/22/94   Will
Doty        Isabel E.       Gr-2  12/17/96  Bittner
Doty        Jessie          Gr-1  ??/??/1898
Doty        Raymond W.      Gr-2  2/24/67   Hassens
Doty        Elizabeth E.    Gr-2  5/16/27
Doty        Lloyd C.        Gr-2  5/20/72   Milliken
Doty        Georgia         Gr-2  6/3/73    Milliken
Doty        Zelpha          Gr-2  1/5/74    Milliken
Doty        Justice B.      Gr-1  11/9/42   Noble
Doty        Unknown         Gr-1  ??/??/1884
Doud        Forest W.       Gr-2  6/14/15
Doud        Wallace H.      Gr-2  3/13/11
Doudel      Robert E.       Gr-2  6/28/31
Dougherty   Annie T.        Cal   ??/??/1905
Dougherty   Ivern G.        Am    2/20/70   Milliken
Dougherty   Mary            Cal   ??/??/1899
Dougherty   Mary Jane       Cal   9/13/82
Dougherty   Thomas          Gr-2  5/7/94
Dougherty   Paul S.         Cal   3/17/75   Will
Dougherty   Anna            Cal   3/6/75    Will
Dougherty   Robert J.       Cal   6/25/75   Will
Dowdell     Edward E.       Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Dowdell     Harry B.        Gr-2  7/30/43   Broad
Dowdell     Lauretta        Gr-2  12/31/66  Milliken
Dowdell     Lavilla         Gr-2  2/12/31
Dowdell     Milton          Gr-2  3/23/45   Broad
Dowdell     Raymond         Gr-2  12/3/51   Broad
Dower       Julia           Cal   ??/??/1909
Dower       Mary G.         Cal   ??/??/1908
Dower       Michael         Cal   ??/??/1911
Dowling     Delmar C.       Gr-2  10/16/54  Noble
Dowling     Ethel E.        Gr-2  6/8/65    Schenk
Downer      Arthur S.       Gr-2  4/5/65    Schenk
Downer      Bessie S.       Gr-2  6/16/65   Schenk
Downs       Baby Girl       Gr-2  11/28/25
Downs       Byron E.        Gr-1  9/15/95   Will
Downs       Chester L.      Gr-1  11/23/49  Noble
Downs       Kate H.         Gr-1  4/3/56    Noble
Dowty       Irene           Gr-1  6/27/94   Bittner
Dowty       John            Gr-1  9/5/79
Doxtater    Mable           Gr-2  3/18/89
Doyle       Edward W.       Gr-2  4/20/13
Doyle       Effie Leona     Gr-2  1/17/17
Doyle       Harriet VirginiaGr-1  ??/??/1895
Doyle       Harvey          Gr-2  5/5/58    Noble
Doyle       Virginia JeanettGr-2  2/4/13
Doyle       Peter Emmette   Cal   ??/??/1886
Draisey     Annie Charlotte Gr-2  6/12/62   Noble
Draisey     Dave            Gr-2  11/18/53  Noble
Draisey     Glenn           Cal   8/14/96   Will
Draisey     Harold Dewayne  Gr-2  8/26/43   Noble
Draisey     Roy             Gr-2  6/7/45    Noble
Draisey     David James     Cal   7/10/48   Nobles
Draisy      Baby Boy        Gr-1  4/16/32
Draisy      Baby Boy        Gr-1  5/15/33   Broad
Drake       Fredrich Collin Gr-2  11/24/64  Schenk
Drake       Vivian L.       Gr-2  6/8/94    Will
Drake       Golda           Gr-2  11/26/75  Will
Drake       William F.      Gr-2  2/28/00   Will
Draper      Dexter Derr     Gr-2  4/4/32    H.Noble
Draper      Gideon Haven, JrGr-2  3/15/23
Draper      Gideon Haven, SrGr-2  10/27/48  Noble
Draper      Mildred         Gr-2  4/29/74   Milliken
Dravland    Doris           Gr-2  11/6/91
Dravland    Douglas         Gr-1  3/30/62   Milliken
Drenkow     Amelia          Gr-2  4/20/83
Drenkow     Ella            Gr-2  12/27/70  Milliken
Drenkow     Ernest J.       Gr-1  8/5/68    Milliken
Drenkow     Fred Albert     Gr-2  6/5/62    Noble
Drenkow     Leroy           Gr-2  9/13/97   Boom
Drenkow     Wilhelmina      Gr-1  4/5/80
Dressen     Edith Jane      Cal   4/8/67    Schenk
Dresser     George W.       Cal   1/29/52   Nobles
Drew        Eva             Gr-1  ??/??/1886
Drew        Mary            Cal   4/26/97   Bittner
Driggs      Baby            Gr-2  12/7/29
Driggs      Baby Girl       Gr-2  10/6/38   Noble
Driggs      Hazel           Gr-2  7/18/80
Driggs      Warren          Gr-2  11/12/75  Will
Druse       Elmer           Gr-2  5/27/68   Milliken
Druse       Mary Jane       Gr-2  6/28/80
Druse       Virginia A.     Gr-2  7/8/93
Dryer       Edith           Gr-2  8/16/61   Noble
Dryer       Omar A.         Gr-2  8/26/45   Noble
Duba        Bernard         Gr-2  12/28/81
Duba        Lola            Gr-2  4/30/94
Duba        Roger Dean      Gr-2  3/31/60   Millikin
Dubel       Dorothy Rose    Gr-2  1/9/45    Noble
Dubois      Edna            Gr-2  7/17/81
Dubois      Chester         Gr-2  1/20/87
Dudley      Agnes           Gr-2  8/27/21
Dudley      Frank           Gr-2  6/16/22
Dudley      Hazel M.        Gr-2  9/28/13
Duffel      Baby Girl       Gr-2  9/28/72   Milliken
Dufloth     Dena J.         Gr-1  7/23/59   Milliken
Dufloth     Henry           Gr-1  8/12/77
Duinyler    Henry           Cal   ??/??/1928
Dumas       Alex            Cal   8/26/27
Dummett     Emery W.        Gr-2  11/8/71   Milliken
Dunbar      Gladys C.       Gr-2  3/8/42    Noble
Dunbar      James           Gr-2  5/5/78
Duncan      Baby Boy        Gr-2  3/7/42    Broad
Duncan      Cecil           Am    6/20/89
Duncan      Erma            Gr-2  6/3/94    Bittner
Duncan      Estelle         Gr-2  12/17/65  Milliken
Duncan      Glen            Gr-1  2/4/85
Duncan      Jack Elden      Gr-1  6/10/31
Duncan      James E.        Gr-2  11/18/50  Broad
Duncan      James I.        Gr-2  11/22/50  Broad
Duncan      Jerry           Gr-1  8/9/85
Duncan      Otis J.         Gr-2  10/18/10
Duncan      Terry George    Gr-1  12/22/64  Milliken
Duncan      Vern J.         Gr-2  7/17/61   Milliken
Duncan      Frankie Lucile  Gr-1  9/13/07
Duncan      Mary Alyce      Gr-1  6/16/11
Duncan      Coletta Patrica Am    7/23/75   Will
Duncan      Francis M.      Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Duncan      Jack E.         Gr-2  6/8/31
Dundas      Marion          Gr-1  11/7/00
Dundas      Robert F.       Gr-1  4/15/30
Dundas      Robert E.       Gr-1  9/19/42   Broad
Dundas      Rose            Gr-1  4/25/11
Duneck      Frank           Cal   10/22/50  Nobles
Dunham      Ione            Gr-2  10/14/93
Dunham      Mary Elizabeth  Cal   3/20/91
Dunham      Rosetta B.      Gr-1  ??/??/1884
Dunlap      Laura           Gr-2  1/26/07
Dunlap      Laura           Gr-2  10/27/20
Dunn        Abbie I.        Gr-2  1/26/32   H.Noble
Dunn        Baby Girl       Gr-2  10/15/13
Dunn        Edward          Cal   10/16/91
Dunn        Harry H.        Gr-2  12/11/15
Dunn        James H.        Gr-2  12/26/38  Linde.
Dunn        Mary            Cal   ??/??/????
Dunn        Mary            Gr-2  9/20/57   Broad
Dunn        Susie H.        Cal   6/25/79   Murphy
Dunn        William W.      Gr-2  3/9/47    Broad
Dunn        Rose Helen      Cal   ??/??/1937
Dunn        Charles E.      Cal   9/21/49   Nobles
Dunn        William Ralph   Gr-1  6/14/62   Noble
Dunn        Mary C.         Gr-1  3/11/54   Noble
Dunne       Charles Dennis  Cal   11/8/69   Schenk
Dunne       Richard         Cal   ??/??/1937
Dunne       Anna M.         Cal   ??/??/1933
Dunseth     Bessie          Gr-1  6/17/70   Milliken
Dunseth     Walter L.       Gr-1  2/14/83
Dunwoody    Orville M.      Gr-1  10/18/38  Broad
Durell      Herbert E.      Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Durell      Peter           Gr-1  ??/??/????
Durst       Adella          Gr-1  12/20/78  Will
Durst       Alice Susan     Gr-2  4/21/62   Milliken
Durst       Dennis          SV    3/21/87
Durst       Dustin          Gr-2  10/1/97   Bittner
Durst       Harry J., Sr.   Gr-2  7/29/65   Milliken
Durst       Robert J.       Gr-2  9/13/58   Broad
Durst       Wilber J.       Gr-1  11/29/97  Bittner
Durst       June            Am    10/11/00  Bittner
Dusbabek    Anna Sophie     Gr-1  1/15/42   Noble
Dutton      Chester F.      Gr-2  7/4/08
Dye         Baby Boy        Gr-1  1/6/45
Dyer        Charles Earl    Gr-2  9/8/65    Schenk
Dyer        Pearl J.        Gr-2  3/19/81
Dykstra     George          Gr-2  8/9/61    Milliken

Eads        Mary C.         Gr-1  4/12/57   Broad
Eager       Tina Harry      Gr-2  6/26/34   Noble
EaglefeatherAlvina          Gr-2  2/17/97   Bittner
Eaglehorse  Joyce           Gr-2  7/9/96    Bittner
Eardinger   Baby Girl       Gr-2  7/7/27
Earl        Jasper W.       Gr-2  2/17/38   Noble
Earles      Alice M.        Gr-2  10/17/35  Noble
Earles      George          Gr-1  8/20/88
Earles      Lewis P.        Gr-2  3/18/50
Earles      Frances         Gr-1  2/11/00   Will
Eastcott    Edna            Gr-2  4/7/79
Eastcott    Thomas          Gr-2  10/10/75  Milliken
Easterly    Martha          Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Easterly    Alice           Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Eastman     Lea Maude       Gr-1  ??/??/1893
Easton      Horace G.       Gr-1  ??/??/1899
Easton      Charles         Gr-2  1/27/75   Will
Easton      Baby Boy        Cal   8/21/10   H.Noble
Easton      Marietta E.     Gr-1  4/21/20
Easton      Lela Marie      Gr-2  11/7/00   Will
Eaton       Grace           Gr-2  2/1/57    Broad
Ebel        Ted F.          Gr-2  6/6/75    Milliken
Eberhard    Harold          Gr-2  7/16/85
Eberhard    Helen           Gr-2  4/5/83
Eberhard    Harold          SV    2/12/00   Bittner
Ebersdorf   Baby Girl       Cal   ??/??/????
Ebersdorfer Baby Boy        Cal   12/24/54  Noble
Economos    Peter G.        Gr-2  4/14/73   Milliken
Eddy        Andrew          Gr-2  12/30/61  Noble
Eddy        Irma            Gr-2  1/10/62   Noble
Edleman     Ida E.          Gr-2  1/22/48   Noble
Edleman     Samuel          Gr-2  4/30/22
Edmisten    Lillian         Gr-2  3/31/89
Edmisten    Clarence W.     Gr-2  8/27/39   Noble
Edmisten    Earl            SV    9/29/75   Will
Edson       Harry John      Gr-1  ??/??/1896
Edward      Neil A.         Gr-2  10/12/53  Broad
Edward      Mable           Gr-2  1/17/74   Basham
Edwards     Alta            Gr-2  1/21/95   Basham
Edwards     Twin Babies     Gr-2  5/13/07
Edwards     Clarence        Gr-2  10/21/78
Edwards     Eugene C.       Gr-2  10/3/57   Noble
Edwards     Evelyn Lucille  Gr-2  9/13/21
Edwards     George          Gr-2  12/16/58  Noble
Edwards     Howard          Gr-2  11/4/77
Edwards     Larry           Gr-2  8/13/77
Edwards     Merlyn          Gr-2  10/29/91
Edwards     Richard         Gr-2  1/29/83
Edwards     Ruth            Gr-2  5/2/96    Will
Edwards     Sandra K.       Gr-2  11/29/61  Noble
Edwards     Yvette          Gr-2  6/2/71    Milliken
Edwards     Dorothy         Gr-2  4/26/75   Will
Edwards     Kenneth         SV    1/26/99   Bittner
Efemenkova  Evdokea         Gr-2  6/7/40    Noble
Egger       John J.         Gr-2  5/22/54   Noble
Eggers      Albert G.       Gr-2  6/1/91
Eggers      Alvina          Gr-2  2/6/99    Will
Ehlers      John Siegfried  Gr-2  12/31/71  Milliken
Ehlers      Shirley Ann     Gr-1  12/7/37   Broad
Ehlers      Sophie L.       Gr-2  2/4/49    Broad
Ehly        Edith           Gr-2  2/4/86
Eich        Norbert         Cal   10/29/86
EichelbergerMary Theodosia  Gr-2  9/2/24
EichelbergerWinfield        Gr-2  3/20/33   Noble
Eiler       Joe A.          Gr-2  7/30/33   Noble
Eilts       Verne           Gr-2  2/27/01   Bittner
Eitel       Lillie G.       Gr-2  5/17/50   Noble
Eitel       Samuel          Gr-2  8/24/46   Noble
Elfring     Harold          Cal   5/27/89
Elfring     Dixie Lee       Cal   11/19/57  H.Noble
Eliason     Aurilla         Gr-2  9/14/66   Milliken
Eliason     Elias K.        Gr-2  12/30/53  Noble
Eling       Nellie May      Gr-1  7/24/37   Noble
Elison      Martion K.      Gr-2  8/10/49   Noble
Ell         Lydia           Cal   4/27/89
Ell         Paul            Cal   2/15/89
Ellingson   Ella            Gr-2  7/23/56   Noble
Ellingson   Gertrude E.     Gr-2  4/8/16
Ellingson   Thelma Mae      Gr-2  5/4/31
Ellingson   Thelma          Gr-2  11/22/85
Ellingson   Nels E.         Gr-1  6/25/43   Noble
Elliott     Ann             Gr-2  9/17/19
Elliott     Grace           Gr-2  12/7/49   Noble
Elliott     Harold C.       Gr-2  3/3/77
Elliott     Mildred         Gr-2  1/24/70   Milliken
Elliott     Mildred         Gr-2  6/30/79
Elliott     Rolland         Gr-2  3/23/41   Noble
Elliott     Lowell          Gr-2  8/4/73    Milliken
Elliott     David           Gr-1  9/7/20
Ellis       Alice           Gr-2  5/16/12
Ellis       Anna            Gr-2  5/2/42    Broad
Ellis       Clara Jane      Gr-2  10/27/13
Ellis       James           Gr-2  2/12/77
Ellis       Mabel T.        Gr-1  2/3/36    Broad
Ellis       Robert M.       Gr-2  11/9/35   Noble
Ellis       Rubin           SV    12/6/90
Ellis       Martha          Gr-2  3/26/75   Milliken
Ellis       Edward L.       Gr-2  5/5/39    Broad
Ellsworth   Lewelyn B.      Gr-2  10/14/06
Ellsworth   May E.          Gr-1  12/20/15
Ellsworth   Rowell C.       Gr-2  1/22/24
Ellsworth   Viola Evelin    Gr-2  4/27/20
Ellsworth   May E.          Gr-2  2/28/16
Ellwein     Anna            Gr-2  3/5/44    Noble
Ellwein     Clifford        Gr-2  1/22/92
Ellwein     James A.        Gr-2  6/14/12
Ellwein     Joseph          Gr-2  9/14/84
Ellwein     Richard         Gr-2  3/19/82
Ellwein     Andrew          Gr-2  4/3/73    Milliken
Elsaesser   Marvel G.       Gr-2  11/9/47   Broad
Elsaesser   Henry           Gr-2  1/7/77
Elston      Sarah E.        Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Eltzeroth   Elizabeth J.    Cal   ??/??/????
Eltzeroth   Bessie          Cal   ??/??/????
Emerson     Charles P.      Cal   ??/??/1938
Emerson     Marlene M.      SV    9/4/98    Evans
Emmert      Walter Delos    Gr-1  11/16/01
Emmons      Baby Girl       Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Emmons      Baby Girl       Gr-1  ??/??/1888
Emmons      Baby Girl       Gr-2  1/19/24
Endorf      Beatrice        Gr-2  5/19/92
Endorf      Leanard         Gr-2  11/21/87
Endres      Ethel           Cal   10/19/65  Milliken
Endres      John J., Jr.    SV    8/13/92
Endres      Keri Teresa     Cal   6/21/69   Schenk
Endres      Melvin John     SV    6/10/95   Will
Endres      V. Joseph       Cal   9/30/75   Will
Engebetson  Alfred          Gr-2  11/20/18
Engel       Leroy           Gr-2  9/16/93
Engels      Josephine K.    Am    9/20/71   Milliken
Engels      William J.      Am    2/15/90
Enger       Charles A.      Gr-2  10/24/66  Milliken
Enger       Timothy Eugene  Gr-2  1/16/61   Noble
English     Verrill L.      Gr-2  12/30/32  H.Noble
Engravallo  Arlene          Am    10/31/86
Engravallo  Florence        Am    1/28/83
Engravallo  Lawrence RobertaAm    1/11/84
Engravallo  Robert          Am    4/11/97   Bittner
Engravallo  Lorenzo         Am    10/20/72  Milliken
Enstrom     Emil J.         Gr-1  4/25/42   Broad
Entsminger  Charles         Gr-2  9/11/54   Noble
Entsminger  Fannie M.       Gr-2  2/4/55    Noble
Entwistle   Anna            Gr-2  12/11/22
Entwistle   Martha          Gr-1  7/3/68    Milliken
Entwistle   John            Gr-1  3/21/17   Noble
Epp         Robert W.       Cal   4/26/45   Broad
Eppel       Clara           Cal   5/23/96   Bittner
Eppel       Raymond V.      Cal   5/20/77   Murphy
Erdman      Alice           Gr-1  11/25/92
Erdman      Gustave         Gr-2  12/22/45  Noble
Erdman      Hattie          Gr-2  2/24/79
Erdman      Herman          Gr-2  6/20/54   Noble
Erdman      Hertha          Gr-2  6/1/89
Erdman      John F.         Gr-2  10/17/52  Noble
Erdman      Marie           Gr-2  1/27/56   Noble
Erdman      Mary            Gr-2  6/28/60   Noble
Erdman      Gilbert         Gr-2  12/29/72  Milliken
Erdmen      Bob             Cal   12/??/1972
Erhart      George          Gr-2  5/7/28
Erhart      Inga            Gr-2  3/28/37   Noble
Erickson    Earl            Am    12/22/88
Erickson    Julia           Gr-2  4/2/77
Erickson    Lewis           Gr-2  10/2/82
Erickson    Martha          Gr-2  12/27/85
Erickson    Oscar C.        Gr-2  8/25/59   Noble
Erickson    Shirlee Mae     Am    7/9/97    Bittner
Erickson    Kenneth Boyd    Am    7/23/99   Will
Erickson    Theresa         Cal   ??/??/????
Erickson    Beryle          Gr-2  8/3/99    Behrens
Eriksen     Lars Peter      Gr-2  11/23/23
Eriksen     Margaret C.     Gr-2  3/13/21
Eriksen     Christina       Gr-2  9/30/34   Noble
Erion       Elizabeth Sarah Gr-2  1/12/36   Noble
Erion       Homer           Gr-2  4/2/62    Milliken
Erion       John M.         Gr-2  12/12/40  Noble
Erion       Alpha           Gr-2  5/7/75    Milliken
Erler       Florence        Gr-2  11/26/65  Schenk
Erler       Joseph A.       Gr-2  6/28/33   Noble
Ernst       Wendi Sue       Gr-1  12/28/74  Milliken
Erpenbach   Dick            Cal   3/3/73    Milliken
Erpenbach   Fred            Gr-2  11/19/75  Will
Erwin       Baby Girl       Gr-2  7/20/12
Erwin       Donna Bonita    Gr-2  10/2/22
Erwin       Baby Girl       Gr-2  5/1/25
Esterley    Irvin J.        Gr-2  1/21/60   Noble
Esterly     Herman          Gr-2  ??/??/????
Esterly     Jacob           Gr-2  12/25/16
Estes       Jerri           Gr-2  12/17/93
Etherington Dora            Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Evans       Bethel          Gr-2  8/21/69   Welter
Evans       Charles         Cal   6/19/78   Will
Evans       Edmund          Cal   12/22/78  Murphy
Evans       Francis H.      Gr-2  9/15/32
Evans       G. A., Rev.     Gr-2  5/25/71   Welters
Evans       Babies          Cal   ??/??/1907
Evans       George          Cal   3/2/28
Evans       Helen Grace     Gr-2  1/2/33    H.Noble
Evans       Jennie B.       Gr-2  3/1/30
Evans       Richard         Gr-2  6/5/12
Evans       Thomas          Gr-2  4/21/33   Broad
Evans       George Leo      Am    5/21/55   H.Noble
Evans       Helen           Gr-2  11/29/72  Milliken
Evans       Anna Kelly      Cal   ??/??/1937
Evans       Eileen          Cal   2/10/62   Nobles
Evans       Evelyn          Cal   10/2/42   H.Noble
Evers       William         Gr-1  3/20/65   Milliken
Evers       Mary Lavonda    Gr-1  8/17/65   Milliken
Everson     Annie           Gr-2  4/21/47   Broad
Everson     Elmer Leon      Gr-2  8/14/26
Everson     Jennie          Gr-2  5/22/86
Everson     Michelle R.     Gr-2  6/6/69    Milliken
Ewing       Evalena         Gr-2  6/29/68   Milliken
Ewing       Howard W.       Gr-2  7/10/80
Ewing       James W.        Gr-2  6/3/49    Noble
Ewing       Merle W.        Gr-2  12/13/60  Noble
Ewing       Warren          Gr-2  11/19/46  Noble
Ewing       Selma A.        Gr-2  10/6/73   Wilms.
Ewing       Josephine       Gr-2  3/11/74   Milliken
Ewing       Franklyn        Gr-1  2/28/31
Exdine      George A.       Gr-1  6/26/16
Faber       Harry P., Dr.   Gr-2  5/24/69   Milliken
Faber       Judy Jane       Gr-2  7/24/41   Noble
Faber       Rose M.         Gr-2  7/9/70    Milliken
Fagan       Harry           Gr-2  2/23/41   Broad
Fagrelius   John            Am    5/6/00
Fahrenwald  Abbie           Gr-2  12/31/66  Robert
Fahrenwald  A. L.           Gr-2  5/15/47   Noble
Fahrenwald  Rose            Gr-2  1/24/51   Noble
Fahrenwald  William A.      Am    7/1/54    Noble
Faircloth   Calvin          Am    8/10/74   Wilms.
Falk        Karen Lynn      Gr-2  10/2/79
Falk        Eliza Margaret  Gr-2  9/15/76
Falk        Harold Owens    Gr-2  9/4/19
Falk        Ida M.          Gr-2  5/11/82
Falk        Joe             Gr-2  2/27/40   Barns
Falk        Johanna C.      Gr-2  6/2/35    Broad
Falk        John            Gr-2  1/17/41   Noble
Falk        John            Gr-2  6/8/76
Falk        Margaret C.     Gr-2  4/5/18
Falk        Margaret        Gr-2  4/21/73   Milliken
Faller      Dalphine        Gr-2  12/4/92
Faris       Algie           Gr-2  5/28/56   Noble
Farmer      Emma            Gr-2  7/5/36    Noble
Farmer      Seth F.         Gr-1  1/5/02
Farnsworth  Baby            Gr-2  8/13/14
Farrell     Agnes J.        Cal   6/17/60   H.Noble
Farrell     Frank           Cal   6/28/58   H.Noble
Farris      Charles L.      Gr-2  11/28/52  Noble
Farver      Calvin Burnette Gr-2  2/20/23
Farver      Frank           Gr-2  5/25/37   Noble
Farver      Lydia T.        Gr-2  12/8/40   Noble
Fast        Sharon Lee      Gr-2  2/8/44    Broad
Fastnacht   Jerry James     Gr-2  2/28/49   Noble
Fastnacht   Loraine         Gr-2  11/4/49   Noble
Faust       Marcus M.       Gr-1  12-??/1884
Faust       Sarah           Gr-1  ??/??/1881
Fawcett     Lester          Gr-2  12/12/85
Fawell      John Aiken      Gr-1  7/14/55   Noble
Fay         Michael E.      Cal   ??/??/1920
Fay         Dora            Cal   7/17/72   Milliken
Fay         Nellie J.       Cal   2/8/44    H.Nobles
Faylor      Abraham J.      Gr-2  6/9/39    Noble
Faylor      Nancy           Gr-2  1/31/48   Noble
Fazel       Child           Gr-2  4/5/10
Feeley      John F.         Cal   ??/??/1922
Feeley      Katie Mae       Cal   ??/??/1918
Feeley      Maggie Rose     Cal   ??/??/1937
Feiler      George          Cal   7/21/82
Feiler      Dorothy Loyola  Cal   10/28/71  Milliken
Fellows     Hiram           Gr-2  4/29/22
Fellows     Sarah A.        Gr-2  3/14/24
Felton      Murvin          Gr-2  10/18/78
Felton      Myrtle          Gr-2  12/22/48  Broad
Felton      Gladys          Gr-2  4/3/75    Milliken
Ferber      Albert          Gr-2  10/2/58   Milliken
Ferber      Paul W.         Am    7/26/45   Cald.
Ferdine     Walter          Gr-2  2/23/80
Fergen      Baby            Cal   12/20/57  H.Noble
Ferguson    Anna            Gr-2  12/16/88
Ferguson    Bertha          Gr-2  11/25/58  Noble
Ferguson    Charles         Gr-2  6/17/59   Noble
Ferguson    Cora O.         Gr-1  5/28/43   Basham
Ferguson    Elmer           Gr-1  8/25/53   Basham
Ferguson    Eva             Gr-2  5/25/91
Ferguson    Hal A.          Am    7/22/39   Noble
Ferguson    James Wayne     Gr-2  1/3/92
Ferguson    William M.      Gr-1  6/2/65    Milliken
Fessler     Eleanor         Gr-2  9/23/88
Fessler     Victor J.       Gr-2  3/18/72   Milliken
Feterl      Larry           SV    3/27/87
Fetus       Doorn           Cal   5/8/98    Bittner
Fiala       Edward          Gr-2  4/21/92
Fideler     Alvin           Gr-1  4/14/78
Fideler     Bernice         Gr-1  6/6/95    Bittner
Field       Florence        Gr-2  8/21/93
Field       Hobert H.       Gr-2  12/17/59  Milliken
Field       Lottie          Gr-2  1/13/76   Milliken
Field       Sarah Jane      Gr-2  3/24/23
Fields      Henry P.        Gr-2  3/17/27
Figland     Guy S.          Gr-2  6/15/39   Noble
Fillmore    Lois            Gr-2  1/3/81
Fillmore    Paul            Gr-2  12/24/83
Findley     Charles         Gr-2  12/23/44  Noble
Findley     Joe             Gr-2  5/29/51   Noble
Findley     Louise E.       Gr-2  1/20/48   Noble
Findley     Nellie M.       Gr-2  10/17/43  Noble
Findley     Joseph          Gr-2  10/4/75   Milliken
Finkenbiner Ira C.          Gr-2  8/30/48   Noble
Finley      Alberta         Gr-2  4/6/70    Milliken
Finley      Baby Girl       Gr-2  5/29/35   Broad
Finley      Blain G.        Gr-2  7/3/49    Broad
Finley      George          Gr-2  3/25/39   Broad
Finley      Ida Mae         Gr-2  12/24/27
Finley      Verlin J.       Gr-2  9/4/75    Burk.
Fischer     Dennis          SV    12/23/86
Fischer     Edmund          Gr-1  11/20/90
Fischer     Nettie          Gr-1  1/10/96   Will
Fischer     Reinhold        Am    3/29/78
Fischer     Sheila          Cal   10/21/96  Bittner
Fishell     Melissa         Gr-2  10/10/27
Fishell     William H.      Gr-2  8/25/33   Broad
Fisher      Baby Boy        Gr-2  11/19/26
Fisher      Earl Ray        Gr-2  1/17/19
Fisher      Ernest          Gr-2  5/1/91
Fisher      Gertrude        Gr-1  4/2/48    Noble
Fisher      Robert          Gr-1  12/20/62  Milliken
Fisk        Angelina P.     Gr-2  7/2/20
Fisk        Merrill         Gr-2  2/10/56   Broad
Fisk        Nile            Gr-2  3/29/13
Fiss        Robert P.       Gr-2  4/12/55   Noble
Fiss        Lillian         Gr-2  3/12/66   Schenk
Fitzgerald  Constance Helen Cal   11/13/91
Fitzgerald  George A.       Cal   ??/??/1933
Fitzgerald  Mary A.         Cal   ??/??/1936
Fitzgerald  J. J.           Cal   ??/??/1933
Fitzgerald  Lloyd Franci    Cal   3/24/60   H.Noble
Fitzgerald  Gladys Irene    Cal   2/9/45    H.Noble
Fitzgerald  Leo Ann Ormary  Cal   ??/??/????
Fitzgerald  Anna A.         Cal   ??/??/????
Fitzgerald  Leo             Cal   ??/??/????
Fitzgerald  Leo             SV    11/15/00  Will
Fitzler     Herbert         Gr-2  12/8/86
Fitzler     William         Am    2/9/83
Fitzpatrick Father R. J.    Cal   9/13/44   H.Noble
Fix         Edward W.       Cal   8/12/69   Schenk
Fix         Sophia          Cal   ??/??/????
Fix         Anna            Cal   12/9/69   Schenk
Fixmer      Mamie M.        Cal   10/27/60  Nobles
Fixmer      Peter           Cal   5/1/60    H.Noble
Fjellestad  Gilbert         Cal   1/20/01   Bitner
Flellstad   Karen Mary      Cal   1/20/59   H.Noble
Flack-BaringRiley Paul      Gr-2  8/27/93
Flanders    Baby Boy        Gr-1  ??/??/1892
Flanders    Baby Boy        Gr-2  5/24/12
Flanders    Bonnie L.       Gr-1  3/13/54   Broad
Flanders    George M.       Gr-1  2/20/49   Broad
Flanders    Mary Alice      Gr-1  8/14/21
Flanders    Middelton G.    Gr-1  10/7/43   Broad
Flanders    Susie           Gr-1  12-??/1895
Flanders    Ray             Gr-1  11/5/71   Milliken
Flanders    Ray             Gr-1  10/10/28
Fleck       Minnie M.       Am    7/24/67   Schenk
Fleck       Van Dalton      Am    6/11/59   Noble
Flemming    John E.         Cal   1/4/43    H.Noble
Flemming    Michael J.      Cal   ??/??/1943
Fletcher    Hanna           Gr-2  2/11/76   Will
Fletcher    James G.        Cal   ??/??/1894
Fletcher    Robert E.       Gr-2  1/12/49   Noble
Fletcher    William         Gr-2  6/7/44    Noble
Flint       Charles H.      Gr-2  8/13/60   Noble
Flint       Florietta       Gr-2  2/16/78
Flocken     Anna Joan       Gr-1  9/21/55   Broad
Flocken     William Dr.     Gr-1  8/20/01
Floeken     F. W.           Gr-1  4/4/18
Flynn       Anna F.         Cal   ??/??/1911
Flynn       Baby            Gr-2  11/13/15
Flynn       Melvin          Gr-2  3/14/73   Milliken
Flynn       Wilma Lenora    Gr-2  7/17/99   Will
Flyte       Isabelle        Gr-2  7/11/50   Noble
Fode        Frieda          Gr-2  1/5/71    Petrick
Folan       Flora Mary      Gr-2  9/6/50    Ander.
Folan       Laverna B.      Gr-2  5/29/61   Ander.
Foley       Eunice H.       Gr-1  3/6/37    Noble
Foley       Michael S.      Cal   11/14/49  Nobles
Folkerts    John H.         Gr-2  5/23/52   Noble
Folkerts    Margaret        Gr-2  12/3/70   Milliken
Folkerts    William         Gr-2  12/2/91
Folkerts    Helen           Gr-2  3/7/74    Milliken
Folkertz    Lawrence        Gr-2  6/8/31
Foltz       William         Gr-2  2/3/49    Broad
Foltz       Harriet         Gr-2  3/18/79   Wilms
Fonstadt    Klaus           Gr-2  5/11/13
Fonstadt    Gunnell         Gr-2  5/29/09
Foos        Joseph B.       Gr-2  8/4/90
Foos        Gladys          Gr-2  11/15/73  Willou
Foote       Edith           Gr-2  6/27/64   Johnson
Foote       Baby Boy        Gr-2  10/16/74  Milliken
Foran       Fannie          Cal   ??/??/1886
Foran       Hannah          Cal   ??/??/1896
Foran       Henrietta E.    Cal   ??/??/1908
Foran       James           Cal   ??/??/1907
Foran       Mary            Cal   ??/??/1926
Foran       Robert          Cal   ??/??/1912
Foran       Joseph E.       Cal   ??/??/1901
Foran       Margaret L.     Cal   ??/??/1900
Forbes      Leroy Allen     Gr-2  7/26/41   Noble
Forbes      Charles E.      Gr-2  7/5/52    Noble
Forbes      Ernest          Gr-2  10/28/93  Basham
Forbes      Gertie A.       Gr-2  10/1/56   Basham
Forbes      Harry           Gr-2  12/20/47
Forbes      Marie           Gr-2  3/7/86
Forbes      Alexander       Gr-2  5/25/12
Ford        Esther T.       Cal   11/5/96   Will
Ford        Julia           Cal   2/18/86
Ford        Lyle F.         Cal   4/23/93
Ford        Mamie           Cal   ??/??/1904
Ford        John Leo        Cal   3/12/73   Milliken
Ford        Eugene          Cal   5/10/75   Will
Ford        John            Cal   ??/??/1936
Ford        James M.        Cal   ??/??/1941
Ford        Eliza           Cal   07/??/1940H.Noble
Ford        Scott F.        Cal   6/2/65    Schenk
Ford        Myrtle          Gr-1  10/27/02
Ford        Mrs. John       Cal   ??/??/????
Foreman     Ethel           Gr-2  7/23/86
Foreman     Guy             Gr-2  12/31/81
Forest      Raymond         Gr-2  2/10/20
Forester    Ellen P.        Gr-2  10/29/15
Forrest     Lena E.         Gr-1  7/21/35   Noble
Forrest     Charles E.      Gr-1  3/7/56    Noble
Forst       Walter          Gr-2  2/5/83
Forst       Mary            Cal   10/1/57
Forst       Beuhla          Gr-2  6/21/00   Will
Fort        Lyman           Gr-2  10/15/64  Schenk
Fort        Mildred         Gr-2  10/17/71  Milliken
Fortier     Charlotte       SV    12/27/75
Fortner     Dennis          SV    6/26/80
Fortner     Joe             Gr-2  9/21/83
Fortner     Thomas          Gr-2  8/23/44   Noble
Fortner     Zualia          Gr-2  1/1/12
Fosdick     Harriet A.      Gr-1  5/3/01
Fosdick     John A.         Gr-1  1/3/14
Fosnaugh    Grace L.        Gr-2  11/2/30
Fosness     Carol           Gr-2  9/1/89
Foss        Florence        Cal   1/24/90
Foss        Henry G.        Gr-2  11/23/83
Foss        Perry           Cal   2/9/78    Milliken
Foss        Phyllis L.      Am    6/1/83
Foss        Rose B.         Gr-1  12/28/65  Schenk
Foss        John H.         Am    1/16/74   Milliken
Foster      Baby Boy        Gr-2  12/2/21
Foster      Baby Girl       Gr-2  6/11/25
Foster      Fannie A.       Gr-1  9/28/45
Foster      Frances A.      Gr-1  9/12/03
Foster      James           Gr-1  ??/??/1886
Foster      Mattie P.       Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Foster      James S.        Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Fosterman   Fred            Gr-1  10/28/60  Noble
Fosterman   George          Am    2/20/60   Milliken
Fosterman   Myrtle          Am    10/19/70  Milliken
Fosterman   Vac             Gr-1  11/30/57  Noble
Fothergill  Joseph W.       Gr-2  12/24/18
Fouberg     Elmo            SV    11/15/83
Fougner     Edith A.        Gr-2  3/25/54   Noble
Fougner     Melvin E.       Gr-2  10/1/62   Milliken
Fousek      Charles B.      Gr-2  10/6/23
Fousek      Charence        Cal   3/19/77   Will
Fowler      Carl            Gr-2  9/18/43   Noble
Fowler      Mabel           Gr-2  7/21/77
Fowler      Margaret        Gr-2  5/18/11
Fox         Baby Girl       Gr-1  ??/??/1887
Fox         Edith D.        Gr-2  1/18/39   Noble
Fox         Edward P.       Cal   ??/??/1921
Fox         Emma A.         Gr-2  12/18/50  Noble
Fox         Erma            Gr-2  3/21/91
Fox         Ethel           Cal   10/27/86
Fox         Helen F.        Gr-2  8/13/35   Noble
Fox         James           Cal   4/5/88
Fox         John  M.        Gr-2  1/10/27
Fox         John K.         Gr-2  11/21/60  Noble
Fox         Marie           Gr-2  3/28/83
Fox         Ollie           Gr-1  2/13/89
Fox         Roy             Gr-2  9/26/90
Fox         William Percy   Gr-1  7/20/63   Milliken
Fox         Herbert         Gr-2  10/30/73  Milliken
Fox         Clarence P.     Cal   4/11/74   Wilms.
Fox         Patricia        Cal   3/1/97    Will
Fox         Clarence A.     Cal   12/16/76  Will
Fox         Alfred A.       Cal   1/4/69    Schenk
Fox         Clara E.        Cal   3/29/62   Nobles
Fox         Phillip A.      Cal   2/3/59    H.Noble
Fox         Pearl G.        Cal   10/29/98  Bittner
Frad        Baby            Gr-2  10/11/05
Frame       Baby Boy        Gr-1  4/3/58    Noble
France      Mary            Gr-2  7/17/65   Schenk
France      Thomas W.       Gr-2  1/12/46   Noble
Franey      Norman          Am    2/8/88
Frank       Anna            Gr-2  5/5/29    Benson
Frank       Elizabeth       Cal
Frank       Ray             Gr-2  1/19/82
Frank       Anna            Cal   5/26/48   Nobles
Franklin    Hannah          Gr-2  8/9/54    Noble
Franklin    Joyce           Gr-1  10/9/80
Franklin    Robert N.       Gr-1  7/3/56    Noble
Franklin    William G.      Gr-1  5/19/61   Noble
Franks      Arthur          Gr-2  1/9/64    Milliken
Franks      Bryan Scott     Gr-2  9/7/42    Noble
Franks      Vena Lee        Gr-2  12/26/62  Milliken
Franks      James A.        Am    11/29/73  Milliken
Franzke     Mary            Gr-2  7/15/55   Noble
Fraser      Alice           Gr-1  8/3/31
Fraser      Avis Lucile     Gr-2  11/3/19
Fraser      Baby            Gr-2  6/3/12
Fraser      Baby Boy        Gr-1  9/13/13
Fraser      Bertha          Gr-2  10/20/60  Noble
Fraser      Elizabeth R.    Gr-2  11/27/17
Fraser      Eugene          Cal   1/3/77    W.V.
Fraser      Halle Marie     Gr-2  10/7/95   Will
Fraser      Hester G.       Gr-2  1/25/65   Schenk
Fraser      Ira W.          Gr-2  4/21/69   Milliken
Fraser      Ira Seymour     Gr-2  1/22/24
Fraser      Ira L.          Gr-2  11/10/56  Noble
Fraser      John            Gr-2  6/24/89
Fraser      Neal A.         Gr-2  10/13/94  Bittner
Fraser      Pearl           Gr-2  8/21/89
Fraser      Robert Donald   Gr-2  7/5/54    Barns
Fraser      Robert          Gr-2  4/13/95   Will
Fraser      William T.      Gr-2  12/19/42  Noble
Fraser      William A.      Gr-2  1/3/15
Fraser      Mary            Gr-2  2/23/20
Fraser      Velma           Gr-2  4/25/73   Milliken
Fraser      Julia           Cal   11/5/56   H.Noble
Fraser      Floyd L.        Cal   9/5/51    Nobles
Fraser      Minnie I.       Cal   ??/??/????
Fraser      Marianne        Gr-2  5/7/99    Bittner
Fraser      George          Cal   1/20/54   Noble
Frederick   Frank           Gr-2  4/18/14
Frederick   Howard          SV    12/15/89
Frederick   Ada             Gr-2  8/10/72   Milliken
Fredericks  Fau Amm         Cal   6/18/62   Nobles
FredericksonCarla Marie     Gr-2  8/28/85
Frederiksen Magnus Harold   Am    1/7/69    Schenk
Fredine     Hazel           Gr-2  6/9/83
Fredricksen Ella            Am    6/8/72    Kinzley
Fredrickson Fred C.         Gr-2  3/10/26
Freeby      Frank F.        Gr-2  7/22/45   Noble
Freed       Helene          Gr-2  2/24/53   Noble
Freeland    Floyd Henry     Gr-1  8/25/52   H.Noble
Freeland    Gayle           Gr-1  4/12/55   Broad
Freeman     Marie           Gr-2  4/26/94
Freeman     Thomas          Gr-2  6/15/68   Milliken
Freeman     Kenneth         Gr-2  6/30/75   Will
Freeman     Tracy           Gr-2  4/29/98   Will
Freidel     Baby Girl       Gr-2  5/28/62   Milliken
French      Edgar S.        Gr-2  12/4/30
French      Emma E.         Gr-2  1/16/06
French      Estella         Gr-2  3/22/65   Milliken
French      Frank V.        Gr-2  6/10/47   Noble
French      Ida             Gr-2  3/11/48   Noble
French      Jacob E.        Gr-2  2/6/35    Broad
French      John Y.         Gr-2  2/14/84
French      Julie Ella      Gr-2  12/5/90
French      Lawton E.       Gr-2  9/1/60    Noble
French      Louis L.        Gr-2  10/31/61  Milliken
French      Methyl          Gr-2  6/13/33   Noble
French      Perry           Gr-1  4/1/29
French      Robert J.       Gr-2  12/4/30
French      Roxanna         Gr-2  12/4/30
French      Selma           Gr-2  9/23/27
Frenzlein   Henry           Gr-1  4/25/20
Frenzlein   Child           Gr-1  7/21/15
Frenzlein   Henry           Gr-1  ??/??/????
Frey        Ernest H.       Gr-2  3/7/89
Frey        Serina          Gr-2  5/6/80
Frick       Frank           Cal   9/14/89
Frick       Jane            Cal   12/24/81
Frick       Morris H.       Gr-2  6/26/16
Frick       John            Gr-1  ??/??/????
Fridely     Baby            Gr-2  11/29/15
Fridley     Baby Girl       Gr-2  2/14/14
Friedel     Leonard L.      Am    12/24/58  Noble
Friedel     Ramona J.       Am    12/24/58  Noble
Friedrich   Jennie          Gr-2  10/7/43   Noble
Friedrich   Paul            Cal   7/14/83
Friedrich   Veronica        Cal   6/19/96   Will
Friedrich   Marjorie        Cal   7/30/75   Will
Friedrich   Alfred          Cal   12/9/75   Will
Friedrichs  William H.      Gr-2  10/14/63  Basham
Friest      Dale Eddy       Gr-1  7/7/77
Frink       Emily L.        Gr-1  01/??/1892
Frink       Franklin KennethGr-1  8/23/04
Frink       John Rufus      Gr-1  9/29/27
Frink       Sarah           Gr-1  12/13/32  H.Noble
Frink       John Prescot    Gr-1  5/8/17
Fristad     Melvin Olaf     SV    4/28/97   Bittner
Fritschen   Andrew          Cal   5/20/95   Bittner
Fritschen   Mathilda Tillie Cal   11/22/93
Fritz       Ada E.          Cal   9/13/65   Schenk
Fritz       Madeline        Cal   11/19/94  Will
Fritz       Mary Louise     Cal   8/28/70   Schenk
Fritz       William         Cal   1/30/67   Schenk
Fritz       William H., Dr. Cal   12-??/1940H.Noble
Fritz       Rudolph David   Cal   ??/??/1909
Fritza      Kimberly Sue    Gr-2  8/22/60   Noble
Fritza      Marven A.       Gr-2  6/25/48   Noble
Fritzemeier Rilla Mae       Gr-2  7/31/64   Hansen
Froeschle   Anna            Gr-2  2/9/22
Froeschle   William G.      Gr-2  1/5/18
Frohock     Bethia Frances  Gr-1  3/31/04
Frost       Minnie O.       Gr-2  7/7/42    Noble
Frost       Horatio F.      Gr-2  12/22/46  Noble
Fruehling   Mark            Gr-2  4/7/79
Frye        James           Gr-2  6/11/42   Noble
Fuerst      Annette         SV    7/30/85
Fuerst      Dewayne         SV    4/26/97   Bittner
Fuerst      Leo             Gr-2  12/23/85
Fuerst      Maxine Ilene    Gr-2  5/11/43   Noble
Fuerst      Nellie          Gr-2  6/6/86
Fuller      Clara           Gr-2  2/12/85
Fuller      Harry Thad      Am    10/12/70  Milliken
Fuller      Ole N.          Gr-2  5/9/53    Noble
Fuller      D. D.           Gr-1  06/??/1886
Fullerton   Jennie          Gr-1  4/28/24
Fullerton   Tomas           Gr-1  2/14/31
Fullerton   Robert          Gr-1  ??/??/1885
Furchner    Donald J.       SV    6/9/79
Furchner    Iris            SV    11/30/85
Furland     Ada             Gr-2  10/4/69   Milliken
Furland     John E.         Gr-2  9/16/68   Milliken
Furman      Erle T.         Gr-2  8/6/29
Fusselman   Charles P.      Cal   1/26/66   Schenk
Fusselman   Vona B.         Gr-1  4/29/36   Noble
Fusselman   Ray             Cal   5/15/53   Nobles
Fusselman   Margaret        Cal   ??/??/1933
Gable       Bernice         Gr-2  9/18/45   Noble
Gable       Edward E,       Gr-2  2/23/42   Noble
Gaede       Eunice Carolyn  Gr-2  12/17/90
Gaede       John            Gr-2  8/18/98   Bittner
Gaede       Florence        Gr-2  11/28/98  Bittner
Gaertner    Paul John       Cal   8/13/59   H Noble & Son
Gaetze      Iola Ruth       Cal   ??/??/1913
Gaetze      Nicholas        Cal   ??/??/1925
Gaetze      Anna Mary       Cal   ??/??/1926
Gaetze      Baby            Gr-2  6/1/22
Gaetze      Barney J.       Gr-2  3/18/51   Noble
Gaetze      Margaret H.     Cal   6/24/27
Gaetze      Francis         Cal   1/14/82
Gaetze      Frank           Cal   6/14/95   Will
Gaetze      Louise S.       Cal   3/9/93
Gaetze      Margaret        Cal   10/5/91
Gaetze      Mayme           Cal   5/11/79   Will
Gaetze      Peter B.        Cal   ??/??/????
Gaetze      Unknown         Cal   ??/??/????
Gaetze      Anna            Cal   ??/??/1937
Gaetze      Ethel G.        Gr-2  4/12/73   Milliken
Gaetze      Joseph          Cal   5/6/76    Will
Gaetze      John N.         Cal   3/4/61    Nobles
Gaetze      Peter           Cal   4/11/53   Nobles
Gaetze      Margaret        Cal   ??/??/????
Gaetze      Joseph          Cal   ??/??/????
Gagan       Thomas K.       Cal   7/2/53    Nobles
Gain        Ralph           Gr-2  11/7/28
Gaines      Arvilla E.      Gr-2  4/13/30
Gaines      Herman          Gr-2  7/6/57    Noble
Gaines      Laura           Gr-2  5/14/19
Gaines      Nora A.         Gr-2  9/7/17
Gaines      W. Andrew       Gr-2  3/15/33   Noble
Gainnell    Barbara         Gr-2  2/13/33   NOBLE
Gains       Baby Boy        Gr-2  1/4/18
Gale        Lawrence O.     Gr-1  9/5/31
Gale        Katie E.        Gr-1  ??/??/1890
Gallagher   Frank P.        Am    8/18/66   Schenk-Murphy
Gallagher   Mildred L.      Am    12/9/91
Gallagher   Myrtle          Cal   5/7/75    Milliken
Gallagher   Patrick G.      Cal   5/11/57   H Noble & Son
Gallup      Asenath A.      Gr-1  10/??/1882
Gamble      Elsie A.        Gr-1  12/3/76
Gamble      Erma C.         Gr-1  4/21/04
Gamble      Mary D.         Gr-1  2/13/09
Gamble      Viola           Gr-1  6/29/05
Gamble      Barbra Jean     Gr-1  6/1/51    Noble
Gangard     Victoria E.     Cal   ??/??/1922
Gannon      Bill            Gr-2  12/1/82
Gannon      Thomas          Cal   ??/??/1932
Gapp        Margaret C.     Gr-2  5/11/54   Noble
Gapp        William         Gr-2  12/3/66   Milliken
Gardner     Alice L.        Gr-1  1/17/13
Gardner     Arthur          Gr-2  12/11/58  Noble
Gardner     Bessie          Gr-2  5/1/42    Broadbent
Gardner     Edna            Gr-2  9/29/82
Gardner     Helen           Gr-2  1/9/43    Noble
Gardner     Lloyd           Gr-2  11/8/54   Montgomery
Gardner     Mary E.         Gr-1  2/2/06
Gardner     Mary E.         Gr-2  3/30/29
Gardner     Nellie E.       Gr-2  6/5/21
Gardner     Seth W.         Gr-2  6/29/27
Gardner     William (W. or HGr-1  ??/??/1897
Garmony     Mary B.         Gr-1  2/16/02
Garner      Julie           Gr-2  3/22/65   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Garrety     W. H.           Cal   ??/??/????
Garton      Christopher     Cal   7/5/97    Will
Garton      David, Sr.      SV    11/28/94  Will
Garton      George N.       Gr-2  3/14/26
Garver      Loretta J.      Cal   ??/??/1921
Garwood     Ross A.         Gr-2  12/4/39   H Noble & Son
Gaspor      Joseph          Cal   ??/??/????
Gates       Baby            Cal   ??/??/1926
Gates       Clifford        SV    1/25/97   Will
Gates       Eugene Willis   Gr-1  5/10/65   Milliken
Gates       Walter Louis    Gr-2  8/17/95   Will
Gates       Will            Gr-1  4/14/93
Gates       Ella J.         Gr-1  1/6/79
Gates       Duane           SV    12/16/99  Bittner
Gatze                       Cal   ??/??/????
Gau         Alvina          Cal   3/15/86
Gau         Henry           Cal   10/14/88
Gau         Isidore P.      Cal   1/22/88
Gau         Marie           Cal   1/8/96    Will
Gaulke      Marge           Am    4/11/88
Geade       Ernest          Gr-2  6/27/91
Gebel       Marguerite      Cal   7/20/77
Gebel       Edward          Cal   12/2/63   Shenk-Noble-Murphy
Gebhart     Anna Pearl      Gr-2  10/20/70  MIlliken
Gebhart     Paul F.         Gr-2  1/23/51   Noble
Gebhart     William James   Cal   7/15/64   Montgomery,Alexandria,SD
Geddes      Kenneth         Am    7/29/70   Milliken
Gehring     Herb            Gr-2  2/3/86
Geidle      Dorothy         Gr-2  4/13/57   Noble
Geiger      Leonard F.      Cal   ??/??/????
Geiger      Sibylla M.      Cal   ??/??/????
Genzlinger  Gilbert S.      Cal   9/5/68    Schenk-Murphy
Genzlinger  Beatrice        Cal   12/6/76   Will
Genzlinger  Edward G.       Cal   7/9/59    H Noble & Son
George      Albert H. J.    Gr-2  12/4/31   H Noble & Son
George      Rose A.         Gr-2  1/23/34   Miller
George      Sarah           Gr-2  9/9/26
GeorgeopolasHarry           Gr-1  1/22/53   Noble
GeorgopoulosGeorge          Gr-2  7/26/85
Geppert     Theresa         Cal   5/23/68   Milliken
Geppert     George C.       Cal   ??/??/1926
Geppert     Mary            Cal   12/7/54   Noble & Son
Gerdoon     Frank E.        Gr-2  9/25/21
Gere        Dorothy         Gr-2  5/19/84
Gere        George          Gr-2  8/19/68   Milliken
Gere        Marvin          Cal   ??/??/1920
Gere        Nellie*         Cal   ??/??/????
Gerken      Eva             Gr-2  1/17/80
Gerken      Gebhardt        Gr-2  6/28/73   Milliken
Gerlach     Alan Charles    Gr-2  8/30/52   Broadbent
Gerlach     Alvina E.       Gr-2  1/5/94
Gerlach     Chantelle Angel Gr-2  11/25/96  Will
Gerlach     Fred G.         Gr-2  1/11/95   Will
Gerlach     Gottlieb        Gr-2  4/8/78
Gerlach     Hope            Gr-2  1/8/85
Gerlach     Michael         Gr-2  11/4/70   Milliken
Gerlach     Reinhold        Gr-1  10/13/81
Gerlach     Wilhelm         Gr-2  7/8/76
Gerlach     Heidi (Qoph)    Cal   5/7/98    Bittner
Gerlach     Malvina         Gr-2  11/27/99  Will
GersteneckerCharles         Gr-2  9/17/51   Noble
GersteneckerJasper          Gr-2  8/18/37   Noble
GersteneckerJosephine       Gr-2  1/5/43    Noble
GersteneckerLewis           Gr-2  11/2/39   Noble
GersteneckerJasper          Gr-2  11/3/39   Noble
GersteneckerHazel           SV    6/6/98    Will
Getman      Gertrude        Gr-2  12/14/30
Getman      Robert M.       Gr-2  5/25/34   Noble
Getz        Christian       Gr-2  1/15/65   Milliken
Getz        Rose            Gr-2  7/25/67   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Getz        Sylvester       Am    1/28/00   Bittner
Geyer       Leonard         Am    10/13/00  Will
Geyerman    Fred            Gr-2  3/1/68    Schenk-Murphy
Geyerman    Jean            Gr-2  11/23/59  Noble
Giblin      Goldie D.       Cal   9/13/78   Will
Giblin      William F.      Cal   10/4/61   Nobles
Giblin      Cuma E.         Cal   4/27/98   Will
Gibson      David T.        Gr-1  ??/??/1885
Gibson      Don A.          Gr-2  9/12/50   Noble
Gibson      Donald          Gr-2  3/4/19
Gibson      Harold Victor   Am    2/3/48    Noble
Gibson      Hollis H.       Gr-2  4/21/44   Noble
Gibson      Hubert H.       Gr-2  4/8/21
Gibson      Luella          Cal   2/15/78   Will
Gibson      Lydia D.        Gr-1  ??/??/1883
Gibson      Marie           Gr-2  6/7/86
Gibson      Bertha          Gr-2  11/5/75   Milliken
Giese       Alice           Gr-2  9/4/92
Giese       Howard D.       Gr-2  2/18/88
Giese       John            Gr-2  6/17/45   Noble
Giese       Mathilda        Gr-2  8/31/41   Noble
Giese       Roy             Am    12/18/93
Giese       William B.      Gr-2  6/8/44    Noble
Giese       Ernest          Gr-2  7/25/74   Wilmsmeyer-Wil
Giesie      Philip          Gr-1  10/13/50  BRoadbent
Giesz       Dorothy         Gr-1  8/30/62   Milliken
Gifford     Fred C.         Gr-2  8/8/67    McColley,Chamberlain,SD
Gifford     Kenneth Elden   Gr-2  3/1/21
Gifford     Pearl M.        Gr-2  8/30/80
Gilbert     B. O.           Gr-1  ??/??/1980
Gilbert     Betsie          Gr--1 ??/??/1899
Gilbert     James E.        Gr-1  ??/??/1893
Gilbert     Morris R.       Gr-2  9/19/24
Gilbert     Elizabeth A.    Gr-1  ??/??/1891
Gilbertson  Gustav T.       Gr-2  10/14/53  Noble
Gilbertson  Hanna           Gr-2  4/6/53    Noble
Gilbertson  Marie           SV    9/11/85
Gilbertson  Robert          SV    3/22/89
Giles       Annie Belle     Gr-2  12/2/52   Noble
Giles       Charles         Gr-2  12/27/53  Noble
Giles       George A.       Gr-2  3/31/15
Gilfillan   Binnie Loretta  Gr-2  7/24/69   Milliken
Gilfillan   Dorethy Elaine  Gr-2  1/9/19
Gilfillan   John            Gr-2  7/1/14
Gilfillan   Joseph P.       Gr-2  8/5/97    Broadbent
Gilfillan   Joseph Lynn     Gr-2  4/21/87
Gilfillan   Lucetta         Gr-2  1/19/09
Gilfillan   Mary Elizabeth  Gr-1  ??/??/1891
Gilfillan   William         Gr-2  7/1/66    Milliken
Gilfillan   Joseph          Gr-2  12/29/18
Gilfillan   Eva Gold        Gr-1  1/30/70   Milliken
Gilfillan   John            Gr-2  ??/??/1913
Gillaran    Thomas          Cal   ??/??/1891
Gillaran    Bridget         Cal   ??/??/1886
Gillaran    Mary Elizabeth  Cal   ??/??/????
Gillaran    Julie A.        Cal   ??/??/????
Gillespie   Doris Joan      Cal   ??/??/1929
Gillespie   Genevieve       Gr-2  1/5/80
Gillespie   George          Gr-1  11/1/82
Gillespie   Mina            Gr-1  ??/??/1886
Gillespie   Ralph           Gr-2  4/11/67   Milliken
Gillespie   Edna            Gr-1  1/21/99   Bittner
Gillette    Ora             Gr-2  5/28/57   Noble
Gillette    Josephine H.    Gr-2  4/5/39    Noble
Gillilan    Dallas L.       Gr-1  ??/??/1896
Gillilan    James Ambrose   Gr-1  ??/??/1896
Gillilan    Melinda C.      Gr-1  5/29/29
Gillis      Anita           Gr-2  2/20/68   Milliken
Gillis      Cyrus W.        Gr-2  7/15/52   Noble
Gillis      Floyd Daniel Sr.Gr-2  6/2/56    Noble
Gillis      Floyd D., Jr.   Gr-2  8/2/97    Will
Gillis      Helen Marie     Gr-2  10/5/68   Milliken
Gillis      Rose            Gr-2  7/7/50    Noble
Gillis      Twin Boys       Gr-2  10/18/18
Gilpin      Christine M.    Am    5/20/77
Gilpin      Harry           Am    11/9/83
Ginn        Leslie          Am    12/14/72  Milliken
Ginn        Rena M.         Am    6/18/74   MIlliken
Gishwiller  Bert M.         Gr-2  8/14/49   Broadbent
Gishwiller  Marietta        Gr-2  11/23/43  Broadbent
Gitchell    Ellen           Gr-2  8/4/95    McColly's-Will
Glaser      Lawrence        Gr-2  5/21/60   Noble
Glaser-WaterDontey James    Gr-2  8/13/98   Bittner
Glasgow     Louise          Gr-2  10/9/81
Gleason     Hannah Kane     Cal   ??/??/1917
Gleason     John J.         Cal   ??/??/1934
Glidden     Howard N.       Am    7/6/53    Noble
Glidden     Lester S.       Gr-2  6/16/49   Noble
Glidden     Winfred         Gr-2  12/15/80
Goald       Jessie          Gr-2  11/24/29
Gocken      Frank           Gr-2  6/4/62    MIlliken
Gocken      Gertie          Gr-2  11/13/65  Milliken
Godber      Amanda W.       Gr-2  9/4/65    MIlliken
Godber      Clarence        Gr-2  11/3/86
Godber      Emma            Gr-2  3/11/67   Milliken
Godber      Henry T.        Gr-2  2/6/53    Noble
Godber      John            Gr-2  2/12/49   Noble
Godber      Viola           Gr-2  9/28/93
Godden      Herbert Edward  Gr-2  12/31/09
Godfrey     Farmice G.      Gr-2  2/12/33   Noble
Goetsch     Annie Mary      Gr-2  12/19/46  Broadbent
Goetsch     Baby            Gr-1  ??/??/1887
Goetsch     Bruce           Gr-2  7/26/95   Will
Goetsch     Darrold D.      Gr-2  10/7/70   Milliken
Goetsch     Fredrick        Gr-2  4/6/68    MIlliken
Goetsch     Marian          Gr-2  4/28/70   Milliken
Goetsch     William A.      Gr-2  10/28/42  Broadbent
Goetsch     William A.      Gr-2  12/31/43  Broadbent
Goetsch     Pearl           Gr-1  4/15/74   Wilms-Will
Goff        Mary            Gr-2  9/26/55   Noble
Goheen      Anna            Gr-2  8/3/49    Noble
Goheen      Bertha          Gr-2  10/15/40  Noble
Goheen      Frank           Gr-2  3/26/90
Goheen      Marshall        Gr-2  6/7/80
Goldammer   Audrey          Gr-2  1/7/77
Goldammer   Clarence        SV    12/6/84
Goldammer   Emmanuel        Gr-2  11/4/87
Goldammer   Hattie          SV    10/19/82
Goldammer   Herman          Gr-2  10/17/20
Goldammer   Herman          SV    1/21/76
Goldammer   Jamie           Gr-2  5/26/77
Goldammer   John            Gr-2  3/1/80
Goldammer   Ken Matthew     Gr-2  8/24/64   Milliken
Goldammer   Louie           SV    1/22/75
Goldammer   Martha L.       SV    1/27/97   Will
Goldammer   Mattie          Gr-2  5/1/93
Goldammer   Raymond         Gr-2  2/11/18
Goldammer   Tara            Gr-2  10/13/81
Goldammer   Walter          Gr-2  10/6/79
Goldammer   William F.      Gr-2  11/2/30
Goldammer   Catherine E.    Cal   9/17/63   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Goldammer   Francis         Cal   10/14/98  Will
Goldammer   Ernest H.       Cal   ??/??/????
Goldblatt   Harry           Am    1/18/88
Goldhammer  Baby Girl       Gr-2  6/10/33   Broadbent
Goldhammer  Dean Curtis     Gr-1  3/10/58   Broadbent
Goldhammer  Douglas         Gr-1  7/31/56   Broadbent
Goldhammer  Frieda          Gr-1  7/24/97   Will
Goldhammer  Mary E.         Gr-2  7/5/58    Broadbent
Goldhammer  Ray R.          Gr-1  9/11/87
Goldhammer  Virginia        Gr-1  7/31/56   Broadbent
Goldhammer  Norman          Gr-1  3/15/97   Will
Goll        Charles         Gr-2  11/15/55  Noble
Goll        Julia Ann       Gr-2  10/23/44  Noble
Goll        Lester          Gr-2  2/5/86
Gomersall   William JenningsSV    3/15/95   Bittner
Gonsor      Jodie           Gr-2  2/27/81
Good        Arthur          Gr-2  7/29/28
Good        Helen T.        Gr-2  8/10/88
Good        Laura B.        Gr-2  3/23/32
Good        Myrtle          Gr-2  9/1/30
Good        Mary M.         Cal   2/12/58   H Noble & Son
Goodbla     Amelia          Gr-2  1/18/15
Goodbla     Ann             Gr-2  6/4/06
Goodbla     Anna Lisa       Gr-2  7/13/28
Goodbla      Carl           Gr-2  9/7/65    Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Goodbla     Henry           Gr-2  1/6/71    Schenk
Goodbla     Lura            Am    9/28/84
Goodbla     Nels M.         Gr-2  9/6/24
Goodbla     Robert Nels     Am    1/6/58    Noble
Goodsell    Lavern M.       Gr-2  5/8/25
Goodwill    Irene           SV    7/15/87
Goodwill    Ray             SV    4/29/87
Goodwill    Todd            Gr-2  5/8/62    Milliken
Goodwin     Daisy           Gr-2  5/18/55   Noble
Goodwin     Elmer H.        Am    8/3/68    Schenk-Murphy
Goodwin     Hiram           Gr-2  2/2/68    Milliken
Goodwin     Lillian         Gr-2  7/23/84
Goodwin     Montie          Gr-2  6/13/56   Noble
Goodwin     Ruth C.         Gr-2  12/14/35  Broadbent
Goodwin     Thomas          Gr-2  8/7/25
Goodwin     Violet A.       Gr-2  1/21/41   Noble
Goodwin     Anna            Gr-2  1/18/74   Wilms-Will
Goodykoontz Almire Gifford  Cal   ??/??/1930
Goodykoontz Francis M.      Cal   ??/??/????
Goodykuntz  Sarah           Gr-2  11/12/19
Goodykuntz  Stewart F.      Gr-2  4/28/15
Goold       Jessie          Gr-2  ??/??/1929
Gordan      Bessie Jane     Gr-2  3/27/62   Milliken
Gorham      E.              Gr-1  ??/??/????
Gorheim     Baby Boy        Gr-1  10/12/02
Gorheim     Lena            Gr-1  5/4/01
Gorker      Ella            Gr-2  1/27/49   Noble
Gormley     John T.         Cal   ??/??/1940
Gormley     Genevieve       Cal   03/??/1891
Gormley     Ann G.          Cal   6/22/28
Gormley     James H.        Cal   12-??/1918
Gormley     James           Cal   03/??/1900
Gormley     Lizzie          Cal   ??/??/????
Gormley     Oillie A.       Cal   ??/??/1921
Gormley     Anna M.         Cal   1/19/62   Nobles
Gormley     Frank E.        Cal   3/8/51    Nobles
Gormley     Willie          Cal   07/??/1884
Gorrell     Nicholas        Gr-2  1/5/99    Will
Gorton      Baby Boy        Gr-2  4/21/17
Gorton      Clyde           Gr-2  1/13/67   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Gorton      Jennie Doris    Gr-2  2/15/22
Gorton      Lucille         Gr-2  5/8/85
Gorton      Martha L.       Gr-2  5/17/45   Noble
Gorwood     Ross A.         Gr-2  12/4/39   Noble
Gorsche     Isabel          Cal   ??/??/1904
Gorsche     Matt Herman, Jr.Cal   ??/??/1928
Gorsche     William K.      Cal   ??/??/1903
Gorsche     Matt Hermon     Cal   ??/??/????
Gosting     George G.       Gr-2  5/28/36   Noble
Goudy       Mary C.         Gr-2  6/15/62   Milliken
Gould       Ada May         Gr-2  9/7/45    Broadbent
Gould       Emery           Gr-2  2/1/51    Broadbent
Gould       Erwin Smith     Gr-2  9/30/26
Gould       Mary T.         Am    8/9/96    Bittner
Grabler     Arthur          Gr-2  11/24/09
Grabler     Mary P.         Gr-2  1/4/10
Grace       Bernard Leroy   Gr-2  3/28/67   Milliken
Grace       Catherine Lou   Gr-2  7/19/39   Broadbent
Grace       Florence G.     Gr-2  10/19/66  MIlliken
Grace       Frank John      Gr-2  4/11/63   MIlliken
Grace       Gladys          Gr-1  5/2/83
Grace       Harriet         Gr-2  11/27/22
Grace       Harriet         Gr-2  11/28/34  Noble
Grace       Ida L.          Gr-1  4/22/32
Grace       James A.        Gr-1  9/2/23
Grace       Joanna          Cal   ??/??/1888
Grace       John            Gr-2  4/5/19
Grace       Ralph James     Gr-1  ??/??/1893
Grace       Thomas          Cal   ??/??/1936
Grade       Arthur          Gr-2  5/15/93
Grade       Irene           Gr-2  5/13/93
Grady       Lucille A.      Cal   1/6/97    Rude
Grady       Ruby            Cal   11/27/85
Grady       James A.        Cal   ??/??/1934
Grady       Lloyd J.        Cal   6/27/58   H Noble & Son
Grady       Mrs. Ellen F.   Cal   1/13/47   Noble & Son
Graeber     Ernestine       Gr-2  ??/??/1939
Graese      Alma M.         Gr-2  12/22/68  MIlliken
Graese      Clifford E.     Gr-2  11/15/94  Quality Vaults,Inc
Graese      Arthur          Gr-2  7/9/75    Milliken
Graff       Anna            Cal   ??/??/1917
Graff       John, Jr.       Cal   8/9/86
Graff       Laura           Cal   3/9/88
Graff       Mary            Cal   ??/??/1891
Graff       Lyle Ernest     Am    ??/??/1944
Graff       Paul            Cal   ??/??/1936
Graff       John, Sr.       Cal   11/3/62   Nobles
Graham      A;lbert W.      Gr-2  9/27/68   Milliken
Graham      Cecil V.        Gr-2  9/6/61    Willoughby,Howard,SD
Graham      Esta            Gr-2  9/1/49    Noble
Graham      Fern V.         Gr-2  8/29/41   Noble
Graham      John F.         Cal   1/12/76
Graham      Minnie          Gr-2  5/18/72   Milliken
Gramm       Merlin          Am    5/23/96   Will
Gran        Heather Kay     Cal   12/12/79  Will
Granger     Guy William     Gr-2  9/29/29
Granger     Marion          Gr-2  5/19/89
Granger     Eugene          Gr-1  7/10/59   Noble
Grant       Richard L.      Gr-2  12/9/34   Broadbent
Grant       James P.        Cal   3/31/66   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Grant       James P.        Cal   2/12/60   H Noble & Son
Grant       Johanna         Cal   ??/??/1960
Granter     Hoyt            Gr-2  11/12/96  Bittner
Granville   John            Cal   7/27/73   MIlliken
Granville   Cathrine A.     Cal   7/24/42   H Noble & Son
Grasser     Gertrude        Cal   9/16/91
Grasser     Leslie          Am    1/19/91
Grasser     Margaret        Cal   11/20/79  Will
Grasser     Mary            Cal   12/5/97   Will
Grasser     Rose            Cal   6/15/81   Will
Grasser     Christian M.    Cal   11/25/60  Nobles
Grasser     Catherine       Cal   3/16/56   H Noble & Son
Gratton     Baby Girl       Gr-1  ??/??/1887
Graut       Pearl           Gr-2  10/10/64  Milliken
Gravatt     William         Gr-1  3/17/15
Gravatt     Sarah           Gr-1  4/9/15
Graves      Bess            Gr-2  5/15/68   Milliken
Graves      Elizabeth H.    Gr-2  6/15/27
Graves      John            Gr-2  5/23/33   Noble
Graves      Jeremy          Gr-2  8/9/75    Milliken
Gray        Cora            Gr-2  12/17/80
Gray        Delbert F.      Gr-2  1/13/36   Noble
Gray        Edith M.        Gr-1  5/20/09
Gray        Winfied         Gr-1  5/20/09
Greager     Della           Gr-1  ??/??/1889
Green       A. Curtis       Gr-1  9/14/50   Broadbent
Green       Abigail         Gr-1  9/4/04
Green       Alice I.        Gr-2  6/26/35   Noble
Green       Amie            Gr-2  8/8/87
Green       Anna            Gr-1  6/23/84
Green       Baby            Gr-1  7/31/07
Green       Baby Boy L.     Gr-1  2/16/20
Green       Baby Girl       Gr-2  2/18/30
Green       Frances Marie   Gr-2  5/7/17
Green       Francis         Gr-2  10/26/68  Schenk-Murphy
Green       Frank L.        Gr-1  5/13/52   Broadbent
Green       Genetta L.      Gr-2  10/29/34  Chars Bremmer
Green       George          Gr-2  3/27/44   Noble
Green       Gloria Diane    Gr-2  9/8/47    Noble
Green       Harmon C.       Gr-2  3/18/24
Green       Hoyt            Gr-2  12/1/58   Noble
Green       Josephine       Cal   ??/??/1925
Green       Julia           Gr-2  12/28/61  Milliken
Green       Kelsey          Gr-2  8/9/91
Green       Lucinda A.      Gr-2  8/1/29
Green       Madeline        Gr-2  10/14/24
Green       Noreen M.       Gr-2  7/3/37    Noble
Green       Rae             Gr-1  8/18/90
Green       Wilford A.      Gr-2  9/16/63   Milliken
Green       Harvey G.       Gr-2  3/23/26
Green       Elbridge Vane   Gr-1  4/13/37   Broadbent
Green       Edna            Gr-1  7/29/97   Bittner
Green       John Elbridge   Gr-1  1/31/21
Green       Rose            Gr-1  1/28/08
Green       Gertrude M.     Gr-1  5/4/60    Noble
Green       Harry J.        Gr-1  4/6/73    Milliken
Green       Harry           Gr-2  2/28/75   MIlliken
Green       Joseph          Cal   ??/??/1935
Green       Virginia BernadiCal   12/23/67  Schenk-Murphy
Green       Mary Beth       Cal   12/23/67  Schenk-Murphy
Green       Carol Louise    Cal   1/21/50   Nobles
Green       Ethel           Gr-2  11/5/99   Bittner
Greenacre   Isaac           Gr-1  2/5/02
Greene      Clara B.        Gr-1  7/10/24
Greene      Edward Marshall Gr-1  3/25/25
Greene      Isael, Major    Gr-1  5/26/09
Greene      Isael           Gr-2  3/11/47   Noble
Greene      McDonald T.     Gr-1  3/21/55   Broadbent
Greene      Samuel T.       Gr-1  5/11/35   Noble
Greene      Alice E.        Gr-1  12/6/37   D H Anderson
Greene      Baby Boy        Gr-1  ??/??/1892
Greene      Charles T.      Gr-1  8/27/45   Anderson
Greene      Erma Jean       Gr-2  1/19/33   H Noble & Son
Greene      Jack            Gr-2  7/25/46   Noble
Greene      Mae             Gr-2  8/26/94   BITTNER
Greene      Nona            Gr-2  3/5/63    Noble
Greene      Thomas          Gr-1  9/8/66    Milliken
Greene      Walter T.       Gr-2  7/10/80
Greene      Edmonia S.      Gr-1  1/17/14
Greene      Mabel H.        Cal   ??/??/????
Greene      Mary E.         Cal   ??/??/????
Greene      Harvey G.       Gr-2  3/23/26
Greene      Fama L.         Gr-2  12/11/00
Greenway    Baby Girl       Gr-2  6/24/54   Broadbent
Greenway    Brian Dean      Gr-2  7/18/60   Noble
Greenway    Elsie           Gr-2  1/22/90
Greenway    William A.      Gr-2  12/30/57  Noble
Greenway    William         Gr-2  11/6/89
Gregg       Robert          Gr-2  6/28/67   Milliken
Gregg       Julia A.        Gr-1  4/18/21
Gregg       William         Gr-1  01/??/1899
Gregory     Ellen M.        Gr-1  1/12/36   Noble
Gregory     John            Gr-1  4/4/01
Gregory     William H.      Gr-1  7/17/28
Gregory     James Barry     Cal   6/22/64   Milliken
Gregory     Forrest O.      Cal   ??/??/????
Greiner     Alfred F.       Gr-2  3/27/43   Noble
Gries       Baby Girl       Gr-1  5/2/30
Griffin     Amelia          Gr-2  5/29/80
Griffin     Charles W.      Gr-2  10/13/48  Noble
Griffin     Edith           Gr-2  3/17/90
Griffin     Milton Joseph   Gr-2  10/27/09
Griffin     Eugene Francis  Cal   ??/??/1936
Griffin     Elizabeth       Cal   9/16/43   Basham
Griffin     Simon           Cal   9/23/42   Basham, Letcher,SD
Griffith    Lawrence D., Jr.Gr-2  9/27/88
Griffith    Louise          Cal   9/20/90
Griffith    Orin E.         Cal   2/4/46    H Noble & Son
Grigg       Myrtle N.       Gr-2  10/3/67   MIlliken
Grigg       Daniel R., Dr.  Gr-2  11/20/72  MIlliken
Grimm       Annabelle       Gr-2  7/6/84
Grimm       William         Gr-2  11/25/61  Noble
Grinde      Donald          Gr-2  1/9/19
Grinde      Eileen          Gr-2  5/10/23
Grinde      Gertrude        Gr-2  12/29/53  Noble
Grinde      Helen           Am    12/28/91
Grinde      Raymond W.      Gr-2  8/12/13
Grinde      Russell M.      Gr-2  1/21/67   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Grinde      Sidney          Am    11/5/82
Grinnell    Ada             Gr-2  4/14/22
Grinnell    Elisha F.       Gr-2  5/25/27
Grinnell    Ernest          Gr-2  4/5/11
Grinnell    Harry           Gr-2  4/18/06
Grinnell    Barbara N.      Gr-2  2/13/33
Groeber     Otto            Gr-1  8/15/55   Noble
Groeber     August, Jr.     Gr-1  1/3/24    Hirsch
Groeber     August, Sr.     Gr-1  11/13/11
Groeber     Emelia (Amy)    Gr-1  10/8/05
Groeber     Ernestine KatherGr-2  7/9/39    Broadbent
Groeber     Louise          Gr-1  1/30/67   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Groeber     Albert G.       Gr-1  1/21/72   Milliken
Groeber     Carl F.         Gr-2  9/10/41   Broadbent
Groeber     Sophia May      Gr-2  4/1/60    Milliken
Grofs       Evelyn          Cal   2/25/67   Schenk-Noble-Murphy
Grofs       Frances         Cal   ??/??/????
Grofs       Doris Joan      Cal   ??/??/????
Grohs       Rosalla K.      Cal   10/28/86
Grohs       William C.      Cal   4/19/89
Grohs       Norbert         Gr-2  8/14/74   Wilms,Will
Grohs       Ann             Cal   6/24/99   Will
Gromer      Duane           Gr-2  10/6/00   Will
Grond       C. J.           Gr-2  10/17/94  Bittner
Grosdidier  Ralph           SV    10/9/86
Gross       Bernadina SibertCal   ??/??/1913
Gross       Marilyn         Gr-2  6/20/95   Will
Grosz       Bernard         SV    4/30/87
Grosz       Janette Pauline Gr-2  6/8/43    Noble
Grosz       Mathias D,      Am    9/16/66   MIlliken
Grosz       Richard         Gr-2  9/23/80
Grosz       Conrad E.       Am    12/5/66   Milliken
Grout       Alice           Gr-2  7/22/81
Grout       Elizabeth       Gr-2  11/8/31
Grout       Frank           Gr-2  9/6/31
Grout       J. Burnett      Gr-2  9/29/58   Noble
Grout       Wilmot J.       Gr-2  2/4/22
Grout       Mary A.         Gr-2  4/7/39    Broadbent
Grove       Ella Beatrix    Gr-1  08/??/1894
Groves      Vernon          SV    4/13/81
Grunland    Sever M.        Gr-1  7/9/39    Broadbent
Grunland    Catherine       Gr-1  8/3/66    MIlliken
Grunnel     Harry           Gr-2  ??/??/1906
Gudeman     Eli             Gr-2  2/3/44    Noble
Gudeman     Lillie M.       Gr-2  3/23/66   Schenk-Murphy-Noble
Gunskee     Frank           Cal   10/2/61   MIlliken
Gukeisen    Alice L.        Cal   6/19/69   Milliken
Gukeisen    Muriel          SV    1/29/76
Gukeisen    Walter Francis  SV    11/6/96   Hofmeister,Pierre,SD
Gukersen    George          Cal   12/9/74   MIlliken
Gullickson  Elizabeth F.    Am    8/16/66   Schenk-Murphy-Noble
Gullickson  Benjamin O.     Am    1/20/58   H Noble & Son
Gunn        David           Gr-2  12/12/40  Noble
Gunn        Florence ElizabeGr-2  10/19/48  Noble
Gunn        Peter           Gr-2  3/13/47   Noble
Gurius      Arthur Russell  Am    1/4/55    Noble
Gurius      Baby Girl       Gr-2  10/6/37   Noble
Gurius      Berneda         Gr-2  8/16/77
Gurius      Carl            Gr-2  10/14/78
Gurius      Clara           Gr-2  4/30/48   Noble
Gurius      Fred            Gr-2  9/14/56   Noble
Gurius      Helen           Gr-2  10/29/45  Noble
Gurius      Louise          Gr-2  3/21/81
Gurney      Ariel S.        Gr-2  2/4/64    Aaseth, Huron,SD
Gurney      Estelle         Gr-1  10/11/78
Gurney      James T.        Gr-2  4/11/63   Millers, Sioux Falls,SD
Gurnsey     Fay             Gr-2  1/7/25
Guse        Arthur H.       Gr-2  1/9/54    Noble
Guse        Hazel           Gr-2  3/6/78
Guse        Leila Philomen  Gr-2  11/30/51  Noble
Gustafson   Alice           Gr-2  5/6/70    Milliken
Gustafson   Forest T.       Gr-2  11/25/61  Guthmiller, Kimball,SD
Gustafson   Jeanette        Gr-2  1/22/86
Guyer       Cecil Leroy     Gr-2  7/29/06
Guynn       Dorothy         Gr-2  10/28/33  NOble
Guynn       I. Ollie        Gr-2  6/11/46   Noble

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