These are only a fraction of the news items in each issue of the newspaper. I omitted a lot of "who visited who" unless the item stated another member of the family that might help someone with research or unless it listed a hometown they were from etc.

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December 6, 1909

BIRTHS for November 1909:

Nov 01 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. PAIGE, Mitchell

Nov 03 Born son to Mr. & Mrs. Fred VANFLEANBURG, Loomis

Nov 07 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Fred MOELLER, Baker twp.

Nov 11 Born son to Mr. & Mrs. Frank MCLAIN, Mitchell

Nov 11 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. REED, Mitchell

Nov 11 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Ezra NEEHOOD, Mitchell

Nov 14 Born, son to Mr. & Mrs. S. NOLT, Ethan

Nov 15 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. BLACKMAN, Mitchell

Nov 15 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. J. H. GIESE, Mitchell

Nov 15 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. M. G. LONG, Mitchell

Nov 18 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. J. H. PATROW, Mitchell

Nov 19 Born, son to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas KYVIG, Beulah twp.

Nov 19 Born, son to Mr. & Mrs. Daniel SULLIVAN, Ethan

Nov 19 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Michael KOOLISH, Mitchell

Nov 20 Born, son to Mr. & Mrs. H. C. SATTIR, Artesian

Nov 20 Born, son to Mr. & Mrs. A. W. CAMPBELL, Mitchell

Nov 23 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. K. A. BOGGS (BIGGS?), Mitchell

Nov 24 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. F. J. CALLAN, Mitchell

Nov 25 Born, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. F. W. CARNES, Mitchell

DEATHS for November 1909:

Nov 04 George H. MINER, Mitchell

Nov 04 Anton MAIER, Mt. Vernon

Nov 05 Betsy A. BLACKMAN, Tobin twp.

Nov 08 Clifford C. BORESON, Mitchell

Nov 27 Martin M. MCDONALD, Mitchell

Nov 27 Dorothy M. Bailey, Mitchell

MARRIAGES for November 1909:

Nov 02 John G. BREER and Adda M. HARDY, Mt. Vernon

Nov 03 Frank E. KELSEY, of Sheppard, VA and Grace M. CORNWELL, of Mt. Vernon

Nov 03 Pete Stewart STETA, of Mitchell and Grace C. DIXON of Iroquois

Nov 04 Francis BUTTERFIELD, of New York and Bertha OLIVER, Mitchell

Nov 06 Eskel T. CARLSON, of Mitchell and Fern HAZNER, of Ethan

Nov 12 Paul G. JENSEN, of Mitchell, and Edith F. LEONARD, of Denver

Nov 13 Walter F. ALLES and Mary NEWMAN, Mitchell

Nov 14 John E. NESS and Mollie BETCHEL, Fulton.

Nov 25 Earnest CARLSON and Fern HAMIEL, Mitchell

Nov 25 Frank M. LEVINGS, of Mitchell, and Mary A. SCHNEIDER, of Okaton

December 6, 1909

Elks Memorial Service: It was a fine tribute of respect which was paid by the Elks Sunday afternoon to their departed brothers, who have passed to their home beyond. They marched in a body to the Gale theatre where the memorial exercises were held. The officials of the lodge were seated on the stage, where Exalted Ruler MILNE presided over the exercises. A quartet number was rendered by Misses Florence MORRIS, Mina HAGER, M. R. TOURMIER and W. B. GORMLEY, with Mrs. Maude SILABY-NICHOHR at the piano. The invocation was given by Rev. F. B. BARNETT. During the reading of the ritual the exalted ruler asked for the roll call of the deceased, and the names of the following were read:

Brothers FLEMMER, BARNETT, MCKINLEY, SCHMIDT, and WOODS, the three later having passed away within the year. The address of the afternoon was given by O.L. BRANSON.

December 13, 1909

Sunday morning Mrs. A. R. MCCONNELL passed away at her home, 519 Third Avenue west, after an illness which lasted nearly two months. The physicians gave as the cause of her death Hydro-Thorax. Some three months ago, after Mr. & Mrs. Mcconnell returned from their extended trip out west the deceased developed the illness which brroadened and finally ended her life. Being taken first with a slight cough, she was conscious up to the moment of her death and bid the husband, children, and other relatives goodbye. The mother, Mrs. George Smith, of Cleghorn, Iowa, and one brother, Frank Smith, of Humboldt, were also here. Mrs. McConnell was 28 years of age and was married to A. R. McConnell at Cleghorn, Iowa, ten years ago. Four little sons were born to the union and one of them died a year ago. They have resided at Wessington Springs for a number of years and they moved to Mitchell early in the year. Brief funeral services were held at the residence this afternoon and were conducted by Dr. J. S. HOAGLAND, pastor of the Methodist church. The remains were taken to Wessington Springs on the afternoon train.

Plankinton - Word was received here that William FRASER was accidentally hurt at the home of his son in Belford township Monday night and that he died the day following from the effects. He opened a door to go into an adjoining room to which proved to be the door to the cellar. Mr. Fraser fell down the stairway and received severe injuries about the head and shoulders, which caused his death. Mr. Fraser was one of Aurora counties oldest citizens and has lived here many years. He formerly lived in the vicinity of Mitchell, where he has several sons. Mr. Fraser, years ago, was a familiar figure on the race track at Mitchell's races, taking his stallion General Thomas down there to compete with local talent and he very frequently came back home with first money in his pocket. Mr. Fraser was born in Leeds, Megan?? county, Province of Quebec Canada, September 22, 1820 where he grew to manhood. On January 10th, 1849 he was married to Abigail EAGER of Leeds. To them were born ten children, all of whom are now living except the oldest daughter, who with her mother were waiting to welcome him home. Mr. Fraser was of the Presbyterian faith and although for many years he had not been a member of any church he has always been a deeply religious man and a Christian in truest sense of the word. His last years have been full of trust and a happy waiting of an abundant entrance into that nest which is promiced to all who love the Lord. The funeral services were held Saturday morning, by Rev. HANSBERGER, being delayed awaiting the arrival of relatives from the east. Burial will be in Mizpah Cemetery.

December 16, 1909

The infant daughter, Mary, of Mr. & Mrs. Michael BRENNAN, died this morning aged two months and eight days. The little one had been ill for several weeks and it died from a complication of diseases. The funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock from the residence on Railroad Street.


December 17, 1909

(another article on William FRASER and his race horse)



January 1, 1910

An infant son of Bert GODDEN died Thursday. He was born Christmas Eve. Funeral Saturday with burial in Graceland Cemetery. Mr. & Mrs. Godden live in Mason City, Iowa.

January 2, 1910

Miss Mae GRABLER died Friday, Funeral at residence 1008 4th west.

January 5, 1910

DEATHS for December 1909 were:

December 1, William MADDEN, Mitchell

December 3, Mary L. CALLAN, Mitchell

December 12, Nellie C. MCCONNELL, Mitchell

December 18, James R. SMOOT, Rome twp.

December 19, MCCONNELL, Mitchell

December 31, Mae GRABLER

January 8, 1910

William MILLER, 58, died Thursday at his home on the south side. He has resided in this section for the past 31 years locating on a claim a few miles south of Mitchell just over the line in Hanson County. He came from Waterloo, Iowa; moved to Mitchell seven years ago. Funeral tomorrow; buried Graceland Cemetery, American Legion Plot

January 9, 1910

The infant daughter of A. B. COACHER died Sunday. The funeral will be at the home, 317 6th ave. E.


January 14, 1910

Thomas SCHOFIELD, father of Miss Schofield, died. Funeral Wednesday at the residence four miles northeast of city.

January 20, 1910

Mrs. Alfred CARLSON, 59, died January 11 at her home in Prosper twp. four miles south. She came from Sweden fourty years ago and moved to Tacoma, Illinois where she married Mr. Carlson. Interment was on January 15th at Lutheran Church Cemetery eight miles further south of the home.

Rodke (Rhonda?) TOLAND, 89, died yesterday. Born in Ohio in 1821; Married Dewitt Toland on May 22, 1949 in Pike county, Illinois. Lived with son G. W. Toland on the south side. Buried Graceland Cemetery.

January 25, 1910

Edwin BIRGE, 80, father of John Birge, 321 9th ave E, died Saturday. Funeral today. Buried Graceland Cemetery.



February 10, 1910

DEATHS during January 1910:

January 6 Lawrence BERTALOT, Mitchell; buried Graceland Cemetery

January 6 William MILLER, Mitchell

January 9 Margaret COACHER, Mitchell; buried Graceland Cemetery

January 9 John H. MCDONALD, Mitchell; buried Graceland Cemetery

January 11 Hattie CARLSON, Mitchell; buried Lutheran Church Cemetery; rural

January 19 Rodke TOLAND, Mitchell; buried Graceland Cemetery

January 22 Edwin BIRGE, Mitchell; buried Graceland Cemetery

January 24, LeRoy POOLEY, Mitchell; buried Graceland Cemetery

February 28, 1910

Timothy NICHOLS, 42, funeral today at the residence a short distance south of the city. Born in Deanburgh, Ohio he moved to this county a few years ago living on the Widmann farm. Buried in Graceland Cemetery.

George M. JULIAN, 64, died at his home on Friday. Born in Mercer County, Ohio, he served in the Civil War, then moved to Ohio. He married Mellissa JOHNSON on March 1868. Five children were born to them (two sons, and three daughters) Buried GAR, Graceland Cemetery.

March 1, 1910

Letcher News - Four week old child of A. L. PENSE died Tuesday of measles.

March 2, 1910

Missing Man - Rev. Albert Evans is missing. Mrs. Evans teaches school in the country; Rev. Thomas Evans is a brother.

March 5, 1910

An infant child of Paul SCOTT is not expected to live through the night.

Mrs. Tillie RICHARDSON funeral today. Mrs. Richardson was the daughter of Julius Jorgenson. She died in Hawarden, Iowa Thursday, March 3rd. Buried in Graceland Cemetery.

March 8, 1910

A son was born Saturday, March 5th to C. F. TYRN, 608 4th ave.

The remains of Mrs. Wilbur WELCH, 35, of near Mt. Vernon was brought to Mitchell. She died Friday seven miles southwest of Mt. Vernon. Buried Graceland Cemetery.

Mt. Vernon News - The infant daughter of SCHLUND of Alpena died last Friday.

March 16, 1910

Daughter born to R. E. HAZEN on the March 15th.

James L. PUFF, 53, died Sunday in St. Paul, Minnesota. His brothers were L. D. Puff & Fred Puff.

Burial in Graceland Cemetery.

March 23, 1910

A daughter, Dorothy Hale BARNETT, was born to Rev. & Mrs. F. B. Barnett at St. Mary's Rectory

March 26, 1910

Mrs. Mary J. COLLINS, 64, died this morning. Burial will be in Letcher.

The little son of Mrs. Fred ALEXANDER was buried this afternoon from the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Paul SCOTT on the north side. He was age 2 1/2. Buried Graceland Cemetery.

March 29, 1910

A son was born to Edward TOBIN, Monday, March 28th. There are five others at home.

Anna May HAGEN, 14 months, daughter of Benjamin HAGEN, 5th & Iowa ave, died Saturday. Funeral tomorrow at the residence. (doesn't state where buried)

Ralph J. WHITE died today. Funeral at his uncle's 300 McCabe St., tomorrow. Obit on March 30, 1910.

March 30, 1910

Alex - The three year old baby of Mr. & Mrs. KOONZ died Friday night. Burial Saturday.

The funeral of Peter HANSON, of Ethan, will be Thursday.

The little child of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest WATSON is quite ill and there is little hope for recovery.



November 19, 1919

A marriage license was issued for John M. SPRY and Miss Marie JUUL, both of Mitchell. Marriage of John Spry and Marie Juul was held Tues evening, November 18th at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. N. C. Juul, 200 E 9th St., Mitchell

November 20, 1919

A son born on November 16 to Mr. & Mrs. Erick LINDLAD, 309 W. 11th, Mitchell

November 21, 1919

Marriage kept secret for a whole month - Walter COTTEAUX, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Cotteaux of Mitchell and Miss Fern DORMAN formerly of Mt. Vernon. Married October 21 at Madison, SD.

Marriage license issued to Olaf M. QUAEL and Miss Eva Florence YOUNGBLOOD, both of Mitchell.

Marriage license issued to John C. MILLER and Miss Lizzie SIELSHOTT, both of Woonsocket.

Mrs. J J MURPHY is expected to arrive tonight from Dubuque, Iowa, called here by the serious illness of Andrew HENEGAR, 1037 E 3rd ave, who was operated on in a local hospital on Tuesday evening for appendicitis and gall stones.

Alexandria News - Wedding Wednesday of Alfred BLEY and Miss Margaret AULMAN.

November 22, 1919

Funeral Tuesday afternoon in the Methodist church for Mrs. Elizabeth WILEY, 73 yrs, 5 mo's, 18 da, who died November 16, 1919. Elizabeth Jane PERRY was born in Illinois May 28, 1846; married in 1866 to John W. Wiley in Missouri. They came to South Dakota in 1916. She is survived by her husband, two brothers: Fred M. PERRY of Canton, Illinois and Joseph PERRY of Mt. Sterling, Illinois, six children: Wilford E. Wiley, Fred M. Wiley and George E. Wiley all of Draper; Mrs. W. H. SELLARS and James Wiley of this city and Mrs. C. R. Perry of Dakota City, Nebraska.

Marriage license issued to Ingvold B. LARSON and Mrs. Lyda TYSSEN today.

Marriage license issued Thursday to Allen S. CUMMINGS and Miss Verna S. FOX, both of Alexandria

Alexandria News - A daughter was born Tuesday Nov 18 to Mr. & Mrs. Dedrien TERVEEN of Taylor twp.

November 25, 1919

Funeral services for Charles DEAN, Mitchell pioneer who died Saturday evening were held at the residence, 611 W. 3rd ave., this afternoon. In the absence of the Presbyterian misister, Rev. Walter Ingram of the White Temple Baptist church had clergy. Pallbearers were John GRAVES, John DINGS, S. G. SCOVILLE, C. W. DOWNEY, Joe LOVINGER, and S. H. SCALLIN. Interment was in Graceland Cemetery.

November 29, 1919

Michael NAGEL who has lived eight miles west of Mitchell for the past ten years, died Thursday. He was sixty-five years of age. He is survived by his widow, two sons, and seven daughters. Mass will be held at the Holy Family Catholic Church on Saturday. Mr. Nagel came to Mitchell from Rensselaer, Indiana.

Marriage license issued to Bert F. HAMBLET and Miss Peggy GOULD, both of Mitchell.

Marriage license issued to Henry W. CORNWELL and Mrs. Bertha WALDRIP, both of Mt. Vernon.

Marriage license issued to James A. MALONE and Miss Minnie KREITZINGER, of Mitchell.

Marriage license issued to Fred J. JAMES and Mrs. Phoebe PAULSON, of Mitchell.

Mrs. Stanley E. MORRIS of Mt. Vernon left Thursday evening for Long Beach, California where she was called because of the illness of her father Mr. HILLBORN.

George SHIPTEN and W. H. SPEACE expected to leave this afternoon for Pierre, where they will look after business connected with the state highway work.

Miss Florence SEDIG and Mrs. F. H. AUSTIN and son, all of Sioux City, are visiting at the home of their sister Mrs. G. B. QUISENBERRY.

December 2, 1919

A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. Omar DRYER of Mitchell ,Saturday, November 29th.

December 4, 1919

A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob HOELTZNER, residing near Mitchell ,on Tuesday December 2nd.

A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. F. H. KELLEY of Mitchell, on Tuesday.

December 5, 1919

Marriage license issued to George ROHRIG and Miss Bertha E. APPLEGATE, both of Mt. Vernon.

A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. E. D. ROBINSON, 504 W 2nd, on Wednesday, December 3rd.

A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. J. H. GINGLES, on Monday, December 1st.

A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. James BOLTON, 600 S. Sanborn, on Wednesday, December 3rd.

An Elks Memorial Service was held Sunday for those who died this past year: Ernest CHARLSON, Oscar GOHLKE, W.H. COMSTOCK, H.D. BUTTERFIELD, Adolphus A. BOEHM, James M. CAMPBELL, Max F. KUHLE, and Andrew HENEGER.

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