These are only a fraction of the news items in each issue of the newspaper. I omitted a lot of "who visited who" unless the item stated another member of the family that might help someone with research or unless it listed a hometown they were from etc.

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March 21, 1884

Last sad rites: The Rev. E. C. DOWNS was buried yesterday on the farm of his brother Eli in Hanson County. Rev. E. C. Downs came to Dakota in 1879 and has been one of the leading spirits in the county in every good work. He leaves a wife and six children to morn his loss; four daughters and two sons. His son E. C. is editor and proprietor of the Hanson County Advocate. The youngest son Frank will now take the management of the farm. Mr. Downs was a Congregational minister of high standing and had lost his health in the church work. His death was very sudden and unexpected. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. S. WASHBURN. The funeral was largely attended from Alexandria and all parts of the county.

April 04, 1884

Marriage of Henry PARRY & Miss A. E. GOLDMAN on Wednesday eve at the Congregational church in this city.

April 11, 1884

Mt.Vernon News: Marriage of Lewis CHAMPLAIN & Miss SHEPHERD.

Sabbath morning Mrs. Catherine SMITH, mother of Mrs. McDONALD, died. Four years

ago her husband died in this city leaving two daughters and a son to care for the mother. Mrs. Smith was born in NY on July 15, 1819. Funeral services will be held at the McDonald residence Tuesday a.m. with Rev. HAGER.

April 18, 1884

Letcher News: A daughter was born last Thursday to Mr. & Mrs. COONEY. Mrs. Cooney, Connor, and the baby are all doing nicely.

Marriage of John R. WOODRUFF & Miss Lizzie WAN of Woonsocket Wednesday afternoon by Judge Abby.

Thomas HIGGINS & Sophia FULLER were united in marriage by Justice ABBEY Saturday afternoon. They will settle on a farm south of town.

Marriage at the home of pastor Rev. C.H. PURMONT, April 16th, George ROGERS & Miss Eliza LAYTON, both parties from near Letcher.

Steps are being taken for the proper celebration of Decoration Day for the first time in this city. The excercises will probably be in charge of the Grand Army Post. A portion of the new cemetery is set apart for the interment of soldiers.

T. PIERCE, the slaughtered Marshall was buried with appropriate honors. Born in Putney, Vermont on March 30, 1841, married August 20, 1865 to Miss Carrie M. WILDER in Vermont. He died at the age of 43. He came to Mitchell, Dakota Territory in April of 1882. He was shot by the hands of a midnight reveler. (a neat long article...not all copied here. )

H.N. LAWRENCE, a brother in law of Mrs. J. T. PIERCE is setting up business in the city of the late city Marshall. Mrs. Pierce and the adopted child will return to Manchester with Mr. Lawrence where her mother and sister reside.

Solon MOORE died Saturday of pneumonia. He leaves three orphan children. The funeral took place Sunday in charge of the Grand Army Post.

Lee CHUN has taken out his naturalization papers and is now a full fledged American citizen.

April 25, 1884

A daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. DELAND of Letcher

William MILLER brought home a bride.

Fred G. HUME of this place and Miss Fannie REED will reunite their fortunes at Delevan, Ilinois April 29th.

J. H. BAKEWELL and Miss Martha A. CAWLEY of Plankinton were maried at Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Henry LEWIE murderer of Sheriff Pierce.

John C. BAKER, age 70, died Tuesday morning. He came from Rockford, Iowa, two years ago. The funeral will be Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. R. P. CADY, daughter of Rev. John MORRIS died Tuesday. She will be buried in the family burial place in Morriston Thursday afternoon.

May 2, 1884

Elijah STEVENS and Miss Hattie THOMAS both of Enemy Creek twp were married by Judge Abbey Monday of this week.

John CALLAHAN and Miss Maggie RYAN, both of Brule county were married by Judge Abbey Friday.

Marriage at his home seven miles north of Mitchell, Sunday April 27th - Mr. A. Henry BEAM and Miss Phoebe HEMMINGWAY; the Rev. C. H. Purmont officiating.

W. E. KELLOGG, the artist, died Tuesday afternoon. Funeral will be held at the Baptist church Wednesday morning.

May 16, 1884

Marriage of Albert STRUCK and Auna STEMLER Wednesday morning by Judge Abbey.

The elder of the two boys of Mr. & Mrs. WULFING died Sunday of scarlet fever. Funeral at residence on Monday.

May 23, 1884

Dredging is being done in the deep parts of Enemy Creek for the body of SCHMIDT.

May 30, 1884

Marriage on May 27th by Rev. S. J. Winegar for George W. WALLIS and Miss Anna V. MCCORMICK, both of Mitchell.

June 13, 1884

A young daughter of postmaster WRIGHT of Dakota City died last week.

Marriage at residence of C. E. Hager, Monday June 9th - Ira S. PARKER of Athol, Dakota, to Miss Phoebe G. BUSH of Woonsocket.

Friday of last week Rev. C. H. Purmont united in marriage Rev. Ole TJOMSLAND to Miss Annie LASSON, both of Mt. Vernon.

Last Sunday a year old child of John MILLARD was buried on the homestead about two miles west of town. Mr. Millard has buried a wife and two children since he moved on his place five years ago.

(John and the child were later moved to Graceland Cemetery)

June 20, 1884

Marriage of James T. MORSE and Miss L. Katie BOOTH at the home of the bride in Sanborn county Saturday June 14th by Rev. Washburn. Mr. & Mrs. Morse have taken up residence in Mitchell.

Wedding June 18th at the residence of Rev. C. H. Purmont, John J. LEWIS and Miss Mary CLAPPER, both of Letcher.

June 27, 1884

Mrs. Wilhelmina RIGGERT died last Sunday at her home southeast of Mitchell from an attack of fever. The funeral was Monday and the body was interred in the cemetery north of town.

Miss Stella HANNAH, age 16, died suddenly at the home of her parents in the southeast part of town Sunday morning.

Memorial services were held for Bishop SIMPSON at the Methodist church.

Cards are out for the marriage of Hon. George B. EVERITT and Miss Mattie Smyth DAVIS of Philadelphia for their wedding at the Methodist church in Philadelphia on Tuesday, July 1st.

Wedding of John P. VOGEL, farmer in Hanson county and Miss Genevieve ANDERSON of Mitchell at the congregational church on Friday.

July 4, 1884

A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. George B. WALKER.

Marriage last Sunday by Rev. Purmont of George MILLS and Miss Annie BATEMAN, both of Woonsocket.

July 11, 1884

A double drowning occurred Thursday morning of August and Rudolpyh MIELENZ, sons of Friedrick Mielenz at Firesteel Creek. The boys were aged eight and ten. There have been four deaths in the family within a year. The mother and grandfather of the boys last Fall.

July 18, 1884

A four year old son of P. A. SANDERS, who lives south of town, choked to death.

Plainview Items: Joseph MILLER and Miss SCHAAR married in the Catholic church on Monday.

August 1, 1884

A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. George LETCHER.

A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. John R. WHITE.

Dr. SEAVEY is very grave and there are doubts about his recovery.

Ernest WENTWORTH and Miss Catharine CROWLEY married Saturday 26th by Judge Abbey.

Mr. Conrad BETTS, age 76, died last Sunday. Buried on the homestead northeast of town. He was born in Germany in 1808 and came to the USA in 1854, to Dakota Territory in 1883. Funeral at the Lutheran church. He leaves four children.

August 8, 1884

A son was born to Prof. YOUNG at 10 pounds; being the first son born to them.

Marriage of J. D. EARL and Miss Carrie WALKER, both of Howard, Dakota, on August 4th by Rev. C. E. Hager at the Methodist church in Mitchell.

Charles BAKER and Miss Alice CHANEY were married by Rev. Hager at his residence August 2nd. Mr. Baker is from Grandview and Miss Chaney is from Ohio.

A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Frank MCCURDY of Letcher.

August 15, 1884

A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. George WATSON of Enemy Creek.

A twelve pound son was born to Mr. & Mrs. MCMASTER.

Marriage of Irving H. WELCH of the Douglas county Chronicle on March 20th, to Miss Mattie BURLINGAME in Michigan.

Rev. C. H. PURMONT resigns as Presbyterian church minister.

August 22, 1884

Fifty couples have been wed by Judge ABBY this year.

(Judge Winslow Abby died July 21, 1914 at age 73. He was a vet.)



January 29, 1885

Married at Mitchell, Dakota on Thursday evening, January 21, at the residence of Mr. Joseph McLAUGHLIN by Rev. S.J. Winegar, Mr. William H. Fogg TWOMBLY, son of the late John F. Twombly and Cythenia Twombly of New York City, and Charlotta H. PINGRY, daughter of Ira Pingry and Mary Pingry of Mitchell; no cards.

The foregoing notice will surprise the many friends of the high contracting parties, though there have been some intimations that the happy event was likely to occur some of these days. The groom is the well-known proprietor of Twombtonie Farm in Hanson county, and is well and favorably known in this community. His father was formerly an importer of china between New York and Pekin and his uncle, recently deceased was also prominent in eastern mercantile circles. From both of these gentlemen Mr. Twombly, Jr., inherits a large fortune, which will help to strew his pathway through life by the side of his fair bride, with rose leaves, and surround them with all the fragrance that the enjoyment of wealth produces. After the ceremony the evening was devoted to dancing and social recreation and the happy pair went to their rural home with the best wishes of their assembled friends, to which are added those of a host who will learn of the event for the first time through these columns.

Second visit of this celebrated doctor. Dr. FISHBLATT arrives on his next visit to Mitchell, Dakota, on Tuesday, February 9th, at the Alex, Mitchell House, and will remain only one-day.

The very strong endorsement given Dr. Fishblatt by the medical profession and testimony of those upon whom he has effected wonderful cures, have rendered his movements of much interest to the afflicted.

On his seventh visit, Prof. E. N. Fishblatt, M.D., on Tuesday, February 9th, at the Mitchell House, and he will perform the operation for cross-eyes, cancers and other necessary surgical operations, and invites all who are afflicted with any disease of whatsoever character, to consult him and witness his operations. He charges nothing for a talk; it will pay to witness his skill.

December 4, 1885

The eldest son of Mr. P.J. BRADY is seriously ill.

An infant son of C.J. MORRIS, of Morristown, died Friday morning of congestion of the lungs.

Lieut. F. J. COOKE, of Ft. Randall, spent Sunday in the city on his way to Ft. Layenworth.

John STRECTER, living on Railroad street, became the father Thursday morning of a handsome little girl.

Mr. NICOLINI has just completed some mosaic work in which is attracting considerable attention from lovers of high art.

Three mild cases of scarlet fever are reported in town; two at George LOWELL's, and one at John BOWES near the Court House.

The high school held appropriate memorial services Tuesday afternoon as a tribute to the memory of the late Vice President.

McGOVERN OFFERS BIG BARGAINS IN CLOAKS. Take advantage of his prices before January 1st, as he is selling 25 percent below competitors.

Lieutenant A. S. BOWAN of the 15th infantry, passed through the city Sunday on his way to Ft. Pembina where he has been transferred from Ft. Randall.

H. C. PRESTON Esp. went to Wessington Springs, Tuesday morning to assist District Attorney GUNDERSON in the prosecution of Ben SOLOMON, for murder.

Henry HOWELL, of Woonsocket, went north with his bride Tuesday morning. He was married on Thanksgiving, to Miss Mamie A. BOONE, at Waukeshau, Wisconsin.

Ransom Post G.A.R. will hold open Post, and Camp fire, Monday night. All old soldiers are invited minus their wives from which we infer that a high old time is expected.

Oliver PINE and Miss Clara STAHL were married at the residence of the bride in Lisbon, by Rev. Mr. John. There were seventy guests present and numerous gifts were made.

The DAILY REPUBLICAN reaches Aberdeen several hours ahead of any other paper, and if the proposed democratic daily doesn't materialize there, we shall expect to supply the town.

Invitations are out for the marriage of Mr. J. F. NICHOLS, representing Oberne, Hosick & Co., in this city, and Miss ABBY, daughter of S. O. MARTIN, of Mitchell, to occur on the 15th inst.

Marshall DURELL gathered a jug full of lively frogs Saturday, that were sunning themselves on the banks of the artesian overflow. This for November 27 isn't so bad, with snow five feet deep down east.

W.H. SCHWARTZ, of Rome, will ship a carload of Pride of the North corn, raised on his place, to Northrop, Brasham & Co., at Minneapolis. From samples of this corn brought to this office it fully assures the value of this section as a corn belt.

Justice ABBEY heard the case of S. W. OLMSTED, charged with usury by J. W. CORBIN, Saturday, and dismissed it. The transaction involved a land trade and a note transaction and the court was not exactly clear as to where the usury came in, as no money changed hands.

December 11, 1885

Special Agent JAMES, yesterday received a letter from his wife wherein she states that the new railroad company organized in the state of Kansas, called the Fort Scott, Topeka and Dakota Railroad Company, has secured all of its subsidies from the initial point entirely through that state to the north line, conditioned upon the completion of the road next fall; that the project is backed by a powerful syndicate, and that the expectation is to complete through the state of Nebraska and to this territory with the same vigor, and in the shortest possible space of time. This is an extension of the Fort Scott and Memphis road, now apparently soon to be completed, and will when finished have a total mileage of about 1,100 miles. She insists further that she shall here-after be one to make her annual summer pilgrimage to Mitchell over the new route.

A pleasant affair occured the other night at the Alex Mitchell Hotel. About twenty couples gathered at Mr. KOBER's residence and moved in a body on Mr. and Mrs. C. H. SHAW at the hotel. Charlie had gone down to Canton, and had failed to make his train for return, and so Mrs. Shaw had to take the surprise for both. The event made in every way a most enjoyable one. Among the "surprising" company were O.L. GALE, and wife, Dr. PARMELEE and wife, Judge WULFLUG and wife, C. H. BAKER and wife, Mrs. WASHBURN, Mrs. CAMMAN, Mr. STERN, Miss KOBER, Max WEIL, Mr. NICOLINI, Herman WEIL, Paul PAGE, Miss GOODYKOONTZ, Mr. WEST, Mr. DAVISON, Miss DAVENPORT, Miss DURELL, Mr. MOORE, Mr. WIGHTMAN, Mr. STILLMAN, Mr. MARTIN, Miss ROWLEY, and Miss Maude SILSBY.

Tobin Township - Mr. William WILKINSON has left us to visit his parents in Wisconsin.

Mr. Arthur MARTIN and wife of Lisbon twp., and Mr. George JENKS, wife and

family visit thier friends in Iowa for the holidays.

Mr. George E. SIMMONS has leased the Lang property for the term of five years,

and become a resident of our rural parts.

Chamberlain Notes - Dec. 10, Henry MAXWELL was arrested here today charged with selling liquor to the


James McWILLIAMS late clerk at the Wright house left today for his home in Iowa

where he will spend the winter.

The marriage of Mr. J. F. NICHOLAS and Miss Abbie L. MARTIN, daughter of Mr. S. C. Martin, all of this city, was one of the most brilliant affairs Mitchell has known in some time. It took place at 7:30 last evening in the Episcopal church, which was brilliantly lighted and handsomely decorated with flowers and Oregon ferns. The contracting parties stood underneath a handsome bell of evergreens and flowers. The church was filled with the friends of the bride and groom, who were attended by Mr. Lewis STERN as usher, and Mr. Eugene WEST as best man, and Miss Lou HUYSSEN as bridesmaid. The bride who is a handsome young lady of eighteen years was attired in nun's veiling trimmed with cream satin, and egyptian lace. She wore a handsome set of orange blossoms, the gift of Miss Julia BARNARD. After the performance of the rite by Rev.

North Beulah - J. W. CORBIN has moved his family to Mitchell.

Ransom BEDDOES went down to Iowa to spend the winter.

A reception was given Monday night to Mr. & Mrs. Ira FRAZER, who were married last

week over at Pleasant Ridge, at the house of Mr. MERRITT in this town.





January 1, 1886

J. K. DOOLITTLE, who left Monday night for Minneapolis, got as far as Clear Lake, Iowa, when he received a dispatch that his little one was dead. This will be a crushing blow to the parents, who can be assured that the many friends in Mitchell extend to them the sincerest sympathy.

St. Paul Globe - Mitchell has sent east samples of flax straw for the examination of a syndicate in Pennsylvania that proposes to remove its tow mill to some point in Dakota. Mitchell is in one of the best flax regions in the west and will be likely to secure the mill. It is one of the favorite points with investors in the South.

Mr. Simeon BIDWELL, who came to Dakota in June, 1884, left last night to visit his daughter in law at his former home in Delovan county, N.Y. Before leaving he desired to return his thanks to the people of this city and county for their many favors to him. He expects to return in the Spring.


January 8, 1886

Married, at the house of the bride's parents, in Hartsgrove, Ashtabula county, Ohio, January 2, 1886, Mr. L. C. LEE of Mitchell, Dakota, and Miss Abilena Griswold. The wedding was a quiet but very pleasant affair. About twenty-five guests were present and the gifts, consisting of dishes, blankets, books and money, were quite numerous. Mr. Lee will return to Mitchell in a few weeks with his bride who will find in the west, what she always has in the east, a warm place in the hearts of her acquaintances.

The following notice from a recent copy of the Ashtabula Ohio Sentinel confirms the statement as to the chief object of Mr. LEE's recent trip east:

Cards are out for the marriage on Saturady, evening, Jan. 2, 1996, of Miss Bena GRISWOLD to Mr. L. C. LEE at the residence of the bride's parents, Rome, Ohio. They will be at home at Mitchell, Dakota, after March 25th.

Married in Mitchell, December 28th, 1885, by Rev. S. J. Winegar, Henry A. SCHROEDER and Miss Ada B. McCORMICK, both of Mitchell.

At the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. S. J. Winegar, December 31st, 1885, Charles O. HODSON and Miss Beda WILLIAMS, both of Diana.

At the residence of the bride's parents, at the Arlington House, by Rev. S. J. Winegar, December, 31th, A. W. BARBER and Miss Edith HOLTON, borh of this city.

Married - At the residence of the bride's parents, seven miles south of Mitchell, Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 6th, 1886, Mr. George T. MILLER and Miss Mina A. GREEN. Rev. S. J. Winegar officiating.

List of letters remaining unclaimed in the Mitchell Post Office for the week of January 2nd, 1886:



January 15, 1892

Mt. Vernon News - John Yarrow left Monday for Breckenridge and Wadena, Minn., where he will visit a brother and sister for a month.

Miss Carrie ROLPH is sick with the "grip". Miss Addie McCLATCHIE takes her place in school.

While John HAYNES was fixing an old revolver which he supposed was not loaded the thing discharged, shooting him in the leg below the knee. He is getting along well under Dr. ATWOOD's care.

Mrs. W. H. KILBURN returned from a three week's visit with relatives and friends at Ansley, Nebraska.

Miss Lillie HAYES was off duty at the post office Monday nursing the "grip" with which she was suffering.

Prof. ENO reports quite a number of the school children as being sick with the la grippe.

Mr. HATCH left for Rock Valley, Iowa, Sunday to move his family here. His sister Miss Lulu HATCH is here visiting her sister Mrs. TRUAX and attending school. Later Mr. Hatche's family arrive Wednesday night.

Ike CHRISTOPHER found a fellow examining the construcation of his granery. After Ike appeared the fellow didn't have time to stop longer.

George STULTZ arrived home from his Indiana visit last night; brought a young lady friend of the family along to visit them. George is now better satisfied with South Dakota than before.

Hesse WELCH will attend the village school. He will board with Rev. WOODS family.

January 22, 1892

It is stated upon information coming directly from an official of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul that the company has decided to wait no longer in the matter of extending its line into the Black Hills from Chamberlain across the Sioux reservation. The company has had the right of way for several years. The Burlington and Missouri and other lines have built into the Hills and the Milwaukee officials see that they must go into the deal at once. A party of engineers arrived in Chamberlain Saturday.

Mt.Vernon News -A.J. MYERS was in Sioux City on business.

E. WAGNER and John MELROSE are on the sick list.

William ATKINSON lost another valuable horse. Billy is having bad luck with his horses.

SCOTT and PHILLIPS are filling ARLAND's ice house with a fine quality of ice from the Firesteel.

Hughes Bros. have a new horse power corn sheller with a capacity of 2,500 bushels daily.

Emmett WELCH of Chicago and Mrs. McCANE of Des Moines, Iowa, came to attend the funeral of thier father, which occured Wednesday.

Anton KOCH arrived home from his three weeks Wisconsin visit Sunday night. Anton says it is a good place to visit but he don't care to go there to live.

Miss Lida HURNING belonging to the Andrews Opera company, which was wrecked near Brainard, Minn., is on the injured list. We have not learned of her injuries.

REYNOLDS and HATCH are fixing up the back room to their store for a tin shop. When completed they will be prepared to do all kinds of tin work as Mr. Hatch is a practical tinner.

The infant son of Mr. & Mrs. James SPEARS, aged one week, died Sunday afternoon and was buried Monday.

Harvey, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. SHOLES of Plano twp, died of grip Sunday. Funeral services occurred Monday.

Mrs. Gulick GULICKSON of Plano died at her home on Saturday of the grip. Funeral services were held Tuesday.

Mr. & Mrs. John BROKEL are called the second time to mourn the loss of a child. Fred BROKEL, aged four months, died Sunday of grip.

Old Mr. WELCH of Mt. Vernon, father of Zach Welch, died of old age Sunday. Funeral services were held Wednesday, Rev. VANMARTER of this city officiating.

Mrs. D. C. WILLIAMS, who lives on the east side, buried her four month old babe Saturday, Rev. Mr. MORRISON officiating. The child had been very feeble and died Friday afternoon.

Mrs. William RICHARDSON of Plano twp, Hanson County, died last Sunday of consumption. The deceased was 26 years of age and leaves a husband and three children. Funeral services were held Wednesday.

Mrs. Edward SPANGLER received a telegram Saturday from Peoria, IL, to the effect that her mother was dying in that city. Accompanied by her daughter, Alice, she left at once for the bedside of her aged parent.

Mr. & Mrs. R. F. KRUEGER morn the loss of a 20 month old boy who died Friday. The funeral services were held from the house Saturday afternoon, Rev. W. J. VANNIX conducted the excercises in the absence of Rev. J. H. BABCOCK.

The following officers were installed in Chanka Lodge No. 21, I.O.O.F. by D. D. G. M. HALPHIDE on Saturday evening, the 16th inst. N.G. S. WEBBER; V.G.-William H. JOHNSON; Sec.-George M. STEIN; Treas- Jerome WILTSE; R.S.N.G.-N.J.NEILSON; L.S.N.G.-C.H. OBLAND: T.G.-William N. HOLLAND; R.S.S.-R. KERSHAW; L.S.S.-William GREGG; Warden-W.H. BLOSS; Cond- H. R. VANDERBOGART:

R. S. V. G. -= H.R. CURTIS; L.S.V.G.H.-C. GREEN: Chaplain-M. HALPHIDE.

James GRIFFIN has moved his family from Beulah twp, to this city, occupying a house on west First Street.

Henry NOBLE has been running the Milwaukee passenger engine north while Will DAVIS was enjoying a vacation.

Joe C. LAWLER has been appointed assistant cashier of the re-organized Northwestern National Bank of Sioux City.

It is reported that word has been received from G. C. COWHICK, saying that he would return to Mitchell in the early spring.

Rheumatism is like sand in the bearings of machinery. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the great lubricator which cures the disease.

Mr. John A. MINK and Auria DENDAS, of Mt. Vernon, were married Sunday by Rev. SCHALKLAUSER of Hillside, Douglas County.

Grant CRARY was recently elected secretary of the Alliance company at Aberdeen, for which he has been bookkeeper for some time.

Clerk Charles JOHNSON issued a license to marry the followi8ng named couple: Mr. John A. MINK to Miss Anna DEUDAS, both of Mt. Vernon.

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