War Between the States in South Carolina
Authors note: This page has been designed to help the genealogist learn more about their ancestors who served in the War Between the States. I realize the term "Civil War" is not accepted by some groups of southerners, historians and researchers, but to teach the genealogist's about the history, this term has been used. If you want to further the history  and research of WBTS and send your message to those people who only know the term "Civil War", then you will be understanding and not shut us out... Traci Parsons-Holder - Texas, "Southerner" and PROUD of it!
War Between the States in South Carolina
 This web site is dedicated to all the men who served in South Carolina and the people who serve today by contributing their knowledge, research, records, and family information. Without you, this page would be nothing, and eventually all would be forgotten .....



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History of Regiments, Battles & People

A Brigade of South Carolinas - Contributed and edited by Steve Batson
Summary of Pickens Co., SC, CSA Companies and the men who served - Contributed by Steve Batson
Prominent Men Associated with Pickens Co., SC during the War Between the States - Contributed by Steve Batson

Biographies of Soldiers By Surnames

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Check Your Surname's on Other Databases

Orr's Roster - Contributed by Jay K Griffin, Fayetteville, GA
Pickens County Soldier's (Dead) - Contributed by Le Roy Caudell, Commander, Pickens Camp 71, SCV
Prisoners of the Civil War from South Carolina - Contributed by Richard A. Courtney, MS

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Books on the War Between the States in South Carolina

How To's and Frequently Asked Questions

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How to research records for those who served in the Civil War
What are Regiments, Units, Corps etc.?
How do I get a FREE marker for my Confederate Veteran?
How can I get a Memorial Service for my Confederate Veteran?

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