Will of Solomon Moody



In the name of God, Amen. I Slomon Moody SenR ofthe district of Sumter and State of South Carolina, being weak andlow in body, but of sane mind and memory, do hereby Constitute anddeclare this my last will and testament.

First I commit my soul to Almighty God, to dwellwith him and his saints and angels in happiness forever: next, myearthly remains to the dust from whence they came, to be interred ina decent and Christian-like manner.

It is my will and desire that my lawful debts befirst paid out of my effects and the balance be disposed of in thefollowing manner.

I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife thefollowing articles of my estate, viz. The tract of land whereon Inow live, familiarly known as my homiest or Summer residence,together with all of the improvements and appurtenances there untobelonging and also the Provision crop growing thereon. Together withas much of the cotton crop as may be sufficient to purchasenecessities for one year's comfortable support. Also the sixfollowing Negroes viz., Jim, Rachael, Toby, Milly, little Jim andTom. Also two horses, namely, Jinny and Finan. Also four cows andcalves the choice of my stock: the whole of my stock of hogs and myriding chair. Provided, however, that after her death little Jimshall belong to my daughter Sarah, and the balance of said Property,except the land to be sold and the Proceeds thereof to be equallydivided between my four youngest sons, namely, Slomon, James,William, and Charles. except that part lying on the right hand sideof the road, leading from Capt. Reubin Longs to the road calledRaccoon Road, which land I leave to my son Burrell.

Besides the aforesaid Property, I will andbequeath unto my son Burrell the fifty acres of and whereon he nowlives-land- I purchased from Holloway James; also five hundreddollars:

It is my will that my plantation, called theSwamp plantation the seat of my former residence be equally dividedbetween my sons namely, Slomon, James, William and Charles.


In addition to the foregoing, I give to my sonSlomon a Negro man called Bob.

In addition to the foregoing, I give to my sonJames Mulatto man Sam and girl Phibby.

In addition to the foregoing, I give to my sonWilliam Negro man Peter.

In addition to the foregoing, I give to my sonCharles Negro boy June and a horse colt.

In addition to the foregoing I give unto mydaughter Elizabeth Richardson Negro woman Jule and her childEdmund.

In addition to the foregoing I give unto mydaughter Sarah Atkinson Negro girl Vine.

I will unto my grandson Thomas Richardson Negrogirl Eley a horse called Brilliant.

It is my will that the balance of my slaves beequally divided between seven of my children namely, Burrell, Slomon,James, William, Charles, Elizabeth and Sarah.

I will unto my daughter Polly Edmondson a Negrogirl between the age of twelve and twenty years to be bought out ofmy estate and kept in trust for her Children exclusively.

In addition to what has before been bequeathedunto my son James I give unto him a mare colt known by being nowcalled his colt.

It is my will that as long as my Swamp plantationremains unsold, that the Gin thereon is to remain for the benefit ofall of my children when any of them may wish to use it.

Be it clearly understood that it is my will anddesire to keep my property within my family, to which end, should anyof them die without issue, the Property given unto them shall go tomy surviving heirs. And Moreover, should any of the Negroes die thatI have given separately to my children, before they or either of themshall have received such Negro , or Negroes, such loss shall be madegood unto them out of my estate.

In order to have this my last Will and Testamentcarried into execution, I hereby Constitute my Brother-in-law EzraAllen, and my son Burrell Moody my lawful Executors.

In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand andaffix my seal


This day of in the Year of our Lord

Signed, Sealed, and delivered in Presenceof

P Bracey his

Robt E. Yates Slomon X Moody Senr (SEAL)

James Lawrence Mark


Codicil. Whereas, since the execution of theforegoing will, has pleased Almighty God to call from amongst usinto eternity my son Slomon. I therefore declare it my will anddesire that all of the property bequeathed as aforesaid to my saidSon Slomon I withdraw as a bequest to him and leave it to hischildren, viz., Mary and Emma and one yet unborn, with the Proviso,however, that should one or More of his Children die without issueand leave a Survivor or Survivors of brother, or sister or of both,such Survivor, or Survivors shall heir the part of parts of thedeceased. And should all of his Children die without issue, thewhole of the said Property shall return to my lawful heirs in themanner specified in my Will aforesaid this 8 Nov 1833

Signed, Sealed and delivered in

Presence of

Reuben Long his

Robt Yates Slomon X Moody Senr (SEAL)

James Lawrence Mark

(Recorded in Will Book D/ Pge 3)

Recorded 20th Day of Jan1834

William Potts Ordy

Bundle 72 Pkge 1