Post Office List from 1860

The State

July 19, 1959


Post Offices ofYesteryear

by Olin J. Salley


"This is a copy of the last official list ofpostoffices in South Carolina prior to the Confederate war..... The30 districts existing at the time this list was issued, have beenwhittled down and the boundaries changed to form the present 46counties. In order to locate many of the former sites of thediscontinuted offices it is important to remember this change of thename district to county which was done in 1868. One hundred andsixteen of the offices are still serving the same communities theyserved in 1860. They are designated by an asterisk*. A few officesoperating then have been discontinued, and the same names used foranother office in an entirely different section of the state. Amongthese are: Salem in Sumter District, now found in OconeeCounty......"

Note: I only transcribed the Clarendon and Sumter Districts'lists. Other districts named in Mr. Salley's article are as follows:Abbeville, Anderson, Barnwell, Beaufort, Chester, Chesterfield,Colleton, Darlington, Edgefield, Fairfield, Greenville, Georgetown,Horry, Kershaw, Laurens, Lexington, Marion, Marlborough, Newberry,Orangeburg, Richland, Union, Williamsburg, and York.

Clarendon District



J.L. Jones


E. Richardson


T.S. Coogler

New Zion

Wm. Brand

Wright's Bluff

E.R. Richbourg

Sumter District



J.B. McElveen


C. Spencer

Black River

R.E. McFadden

Bradford Springs

W.T. Reynolds


M.E. Muldrow


T.L. Burgess


N.S. Punch

Harmony College

Gilbert Morgan


R.W. Durant


John H. Boyd


Robert P. Mayes


J.C. Strother

Mill Grove

W. McCutcheon


R.M. Harvin

Plowden's Mill

C.G. Cassell


Wm. Nettles


W.B. Council


John J. Canty


C.T. Player


Alexander Norris


Henry Haynesworth


George W. Truluck

The above information abstacted by Cindy Parker fromnewspaper article at the South Carolina State Archives on June 21,2000.

In 1850, Sumter District had twenty post offices:Bishopville, Bradford Institute, Bradleyville, Brewington, Clarendon,Friendship, Fulton, Lodebar, Manchester, Mechanicsville, Mill Grove,Mount Clio, Plowden's Mill, Privateer, Providence, Salem, Stateburg,Sumterville, Willow Grove, and Wright's Bluff.

The above information was gleaned fromThe Sumter News of June 19, 1970. The Sumter News was a weekly paper,published during the 1970s dedicated to local events and trivia, pastand present.

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