Marriage and Death Notices, Sumter District, S.C.
Newspaper Abstracts

Pertaining to Sumter and Clarendon Districts

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The Southern Christian Advocate

The Southern Christian Advocate was the official newspaper of the M.E. (Methodist Episcopal) Church. It was published by a committee of ministers for the South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, Methodist Conference. You may obtain copies of many of the obituary or marriage notices from the South Caroliniana Library at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. Others (indicated by *) may be obtained at the Sumter County, S.C. archives. The following abstracts generally pertain to Old Sumter District, which includes Sumter, Clarendon, and Lee Counties, South Carolina but I have also included a few notices from bordering districts, such as Darlington and Williamsburg.

Marriage and Death Notices

August 28, 1862

*Zimmerman J. DuBose of the 21st S.C. Regt died in Darlington Dist., So. Ca., on 17th July 1862......

*Corp. Thomas N. Martin, of Black Mingo, Riflemen, 10th Reg't S.C. Vol's, son fo M.A. and James Martin, was born in Williamsburg Dist, S.C. and died at Macon, Miss., 15th May, 1862, in his 24th year.....

September 4, 1862

* Daniel Kirton died in Williamsburg, S.C., on 17th August 1862, in his 71st year.......

May 10, 1867

Married near Georgetown, S. C., April 25th, by Rev. P. F. Kistler, Dr. H. D. Green, of Bishopville, to Miss Eliza P. Coachman, daughter of Elijah P. Coachman, Esq.

July 19, 1867

James R. DuBose, Sr., was born in Sumter Dist., S. C., spent most of his life in Washington, Ga., and died in Abbeville Dist., S. C., in his 60th year.

August 23, 1867

William C. Smith, Jr., died at Athens, Ga., 8 July 1867. He was a native of Sumter co., Ga., born 11 October1845. His parents removed with him, their only child, to Alabama in 1853 and settled in Barbour county.

October 11, 1867

Married on 29th Sept. by the same, Mr. James E. Davis and Miss Anna M., daughter of Capt. Wm. R. Cookroy, all of Clarendon Dist.. S. C.

November 15, 1867

Mrs. Harriet C. Plowden, wife of E. Ruthvine Plowden, of Clarendon district, S. C., and daughter of Wm. Rogers of Bishopville, S. C., died Sept. 19th 1867, aged 28 years.

November 29, 1867

Married on the 10th Nov., by Rev. Wm. W. Mood, Mr. W. H. Kennedy, of Manning, So. Ca., and Miss Julia, daughter of Capt. John E. Scott, of Williamsburg district, S. C.

Married on the 19th Nov., by Rev. Wm. W. Mood, Dr. Robert Y. McLeod of Kershaw district, So. Ca., and Miss Almira W., daughter of Wm. Rogers, Esq., of Bishopville, S.C.

January 10, 1868

Married on Tuesday evening, Dec. 17, by Rev. J. Lee Dixon, Mr. Cantey Richbourg of Clarendon to Miss Isadora, daughter of G. Wesley Smith, Esq., of Richland District, S. C.

January 24, 1868

Albert Crawford Hornady died at the residence of Mr. F. P. Green in Schley co., Ga., on 22d October 1867 inmhe 43d year of his age. When about 18 years old, he joined the M. E. Church, but did not profess religion until he was about 28, at Buena Vista, Ga. In September, 1855, he was married to Miss Sallie E. Green, and soon afterwards settled in Americus where he remained until the beginning of the late war, when the volunteer company to which he belonged (Sumter Light Guards) was summoned to the field....

February 14, 1868

Dr. Wm. L. Felder was born in Sumter Dist., S. C., in 1807 and died in Hamburg, S. C., Dec. 10, 1867. He moved to Augusta, Ga., in 1853. [Submitted by G. H. Pattillo]

March 6, 1868

Martha Jane Shields, wife of Mr. John Shields of Sumter county, Ga., died in the 36th year of her age. She was the daughter of Gen. Smith, formerly of Morgan county, Ga., and was married in 1858. [Submitted by S. Anthony]

March 27, 1868

Mrs. Susan K. Frierson was born in Williamsburg District, Nov. 18th, 1807, married Feb. 22, 1827, was the mother of seven children, three daughters and four sons (two of the daughters and one of the sons having preceded her to the grave), and died at the house of her son-in-law, E. R. Goodman, Jan. 20th,1868, in Sumter District. [Submitted by S. C. D. J. McMillan.]

May 8, 1868

Rev. Williamson Smith, M. D., was born in Stanly Co., N. C., and died in Clarendon District, S. C., April 2, 1868. [Submitted by James B. Campbell]

September 11, 1868

Mrs. Anna Maria Seale, wife of Rev. D. W. Seale, of the S. C. Conference, died at the residence of her father, James Graham, Esq., near Marion, S. C., Aug. 25, in her 34th year. She did not make a profession of conversion until 1860, when at Bethel camp ground, Sumter Dist., S. C., she experienced a change. She was married to Rev. D. W. Seale May 8, 1866. [Submitted by G. H. Wells.]

February 19, 1869

Dr. James Morgan Butler was born in Clarendon Dist., S. C., April 14th 1835, and died at Social Circle, Ga., Jan. 7th 1869. he graduated at the Charleston Medical College in 1858. [Submitted by M. F. Malsby.]

May 7, 1869

Mrs. Mary Hodge was born in Sumter Dist., S. C., May 24th 1786. Her husband, John R. Hodge, died in Charleston, a soldier during the British war. April 1831 she came to Alabama and settled in Montgomery Co. [Ala.].....died March 15th, she being aged 84 years. [Submitted by A. Dowling.]

May 28, 1869

Mrs. Caroline Belser was born Sept. 9th 1804, and died March 14th 1869, in Clarendon District, S. C. In early life she joined the Lutheran Church, was confirmed in Charleston by Dr. Bachman. [Submitted by William Thomas]

June 11, 1869

Archibald M. Peurifoy went to his reward May 14th, having one month before completed the thirty second year of his age. He was a son of the late Rev. Archibald Peurifoy (local preacher) of Charleston. He was born n Sumter, but lived in Charleston from childhood until he came, early in 1863, to Buena Vista on the boundary line of Spartanburg and Greenville Districts.... leaves a young widow and three children. [submitted by A. H. Lester.]

July 16, 1869

Mr. Lewis Henry Mouzon, a native, and until recently a resident of Charleston, S. C., died in Clarendon District, S. C., in the 67th year of his age.

November 12, 1869

Mrs. Margaret McLeod, age nearly 95 years, died on 16th July 1869, in Sumter District, S. C.

January 21, 1870

Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert was born in the city of New York, Dec. 23, 1803, and died in Florence, S. C., Dec. 21st 1869, and her mortal remains were interred in the Cemetery of Sumter, S. C., on her 66th birthday, by the side of John T. Gilbert, her youngest son, a victim of the war. She was married in 1822 to Mr. Amos A. Gilbert of New Haven, Conn. She joined the Presbyterian Church in early girlhood.

February 4, 1870

Married on Jan 26, by Rev. Henry M. Mood, Oliver F. Hoyt and Mary Catharine Mood, all of Sumter, S. C.

February 25, 1870

Col. Wm. M. Davis was born in Sumter Dist., S. C., Feb. 20th 1830--moved to Ga. in 1851, and died in Houston co, Ga., Jan. 6th 1870. [Submitted by H. R. Felder.]

April 15, 1870

Brother Joseph S. E. Spear was born in Sumter District, S. C., 1784 and died in Talbot co., Ga., Feb. 4th 1870 in his 86th year. In his 22nd year he was married to Elizabeth Brasington.

April 15, 1870

Mrs. Elizabeth I. Skinner, daughter of Rev. Abner and Massie Alexander, was born in Sumter Dist., S. C., Feb. 27th 1826, and died Feb. 23d 1870, aged 43 years, near Montgomery city, Mo., where she moved a year ago. [Submitted by H. H. Craig.]

May 13, 1870

Mrs. Rebecca S. Gregg, daughter of Richard and Ruth White, was born in Sumter Dist., July 5th 1811 and died at Lynchburg, Sumter co,. S. C., Feb. 9th 1870. Her parents were members of the Presbyterian Church. She joined with her first husband (Mr. Keeffe) the M. E. Church, South. [Submitted by D. J. McMillan.]

May 21, 1869

Married in Sumter, S. C., on the 4th inst., by the Rev. Henry M. Mood, Mr. Wm. H. Lockwood of Marion, S. C., to Miss Laura M. Hill, formerly of Waterford, Miss.

June 17, 1870

William Rogers was born at Lebanon ct., 6th May 1810, and died 3d May 1870. He came South and opened a mercantile establishment at Clio, in Marlboro' District, S. C., but in 1841, removed to Bishopville, Sumter District, where he died. His first wife, Miss Anna Jane McCallum, died in January 1868. To his second, Mary A. B. Watson, Sumterville, he had been united only six weeks on the day of his death. [Submitted by Landy Wood.]

August 12, 1870

Sister Louisa M. O'Cain was born in Sumter co., S. C., October 59 [sic], 1837 and died July 22, 1870. In 1857 her parents removed to Columbia county, Florida.

November 11, 1870

Married in Sumter co., S. C., by Rev. L. Wood, on 27th Oct. 1870, Mr. Joseph E. Baskin to Miss Laney, daughter of Edmund Stuckey.

February 2, 1871

Mrs. Molly Burkitt died Dec. 28th 1870, aged 67 years. In her 17th year she was married to Wm. Baker of Sumter Co., S. C. In 1835 she was left a widow and seven children; in 1870 she was married to Stephen Burkitt.

March 8, 1871

Mrs. Susan Capers, wife of Capt. J. T. Cloud of LaPlace, Ala., died on Feb. 5th 1871. She was born in Sumter Dist., S. C., Jan 2d, 1822, and lived to be 49 years of age. Her father was the Rev. Thomas D. Glenn, a distinguished minister of the M. E. Church. Her mother was a favorite sister of Bishop Capers of South Carolina. When she was nearly grown she came to Alabama and made a permanent home in the family of Rev. Noah Laney, who was the husband of an older sister. [Submitted by John J. Cloud.]

June 7, 1871

Near Mechanicsville, S. C., at the residence of the late Rev. Henry D. Green, on 26th April, Addie E. Dennis, aged three years and nine months, and at Bishopville on the 5th May following, 1871, Robert E. Dennis, aged one year and five months, children of Dr. Robert E. and Mrs. Mary G. Dennis, of Bishopville, Sumter county, S. C.

June 14, 1871

Rev. Henry Davis Green was born in Georgetown Dist., S. C., Oct. 5, 1791, and died in Sumter county, April 19, 1871, in the 80th year of his age. [Submitted by S. J. Hill.]

June 21, 1871

Married by Rev. J. L. Sifly, April 19, 1871, Col. J. O. Brock to Miss Warington E. Oliver, both of Clarendon, S. C.

June 28, 1871

Married by Rev. J. L. Sifly, June 8, 1871, Mr. George W. Smith of Columbia, S. C., to Miss Miranda E. Broughton, of Clarendon, S. C

September 6, 1871

Rev. Abner Alexander was born in Darlington Co., S. C., January 25th 1796 and died in Sumter Co., S. C., June 13th 1871.

October 9, 1872

Married b Rev. J. L. Sifly, on 12th inst., in Manning, S. C., Rev. Abner Ervin, of the South Carolina Conference, to Miss Esther Carpenter, of Manning, S. C.

October 25, 1871

In Bishopville, Sumter County, S. C., Oct. 8th 1871, Lizzie Reams, infant daughter of Charles S. and Mary L. Barrett, aged 10 months and 17 days.

November 1, 1871

Helen M. Jourdan, daughter of Thomas and Hannah K. P. Early, died in Timmonsville, S. C., October 4th 1871, in her 19th year. G. H. Wells. Sumter, S. C., papers please copy.

November 8, 1871

Tribute of Respect from Sumter Co., S. C. Conference to Rev. H. D. Green who died 19th April 1871.

November 22, 1871

Married in Clarendon co., Oct. 10th, 1871, by Rev. J. L. Sifley, Mr. Harvey J. Eadon to Miss Clara Brogdon, all of Clarendon co.

Married in Clarendon co., Oct. 1st, by Rev. J. L. Sifley, Mr. Jas. M. Brown to Mrs. Mary S. Nettles, all of Clarendon.

December 27, 1871

Married at the residence of the bride's mother, on 14th inst., by Rev. W. J. Hatfield, Mr. F. H. McEachern to Miss Sally Jane Lee, all of Sumter co., S. C

February 28, 1872

Mrs. Mary DeSchamps, relict of the late Col. C. G. S. DeSchamps, died in Sumter, S. C., on 17th November 1871.

June 26, 1872

William Charles Luckey was born near Bishopville, Sumter County, S. C., 14th Dec. 1843 and died at the same place, April 14th 1872. [Submitted by Samuel A. Weber.]

July 17, 1872

George W. Law was born in Sumter District, S. C., Dec. 15th 1801, moved to Macon County, Ga., in 1847, where he died 2d of June 1872.

July 31, 1872

Thomas McLeod Smith was born in Lynchburg, Sumter County S. C., April 23d, 1852, and died in Spartanburg, S. C., June 25, 1872, at the commencement of Wofford College.

December 11, 1872

Married on the 31st of October near Bishopville, S. C., by Rev. Allan McCorquodale, Mr. A. Clarance Durant to Miss C. C. Dixon, third daughter of Wm. K. and S. P. Dixon.

December 25, 1872

Married at the residence of J. W. Stuckey, Esq., on Sunday, December 8, 1872, by Rev. S. A. Weber, Mr. Ladson Crosswell, to Miss Sarah Reynolds, all of Bishopville, S. C. On November 6th, 1872, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. W. B. Neal, Mr. Reuben Trotter, to Miss Fanny Fuller, all of Lee county, Ala.

April 24, 1872

Robert W. Whithead was born January 14th 1847 and died in Clarendon, S. C., January 20th 1872.

Joshua C. Tennant was born on January 24th 1821 and died in Clarendon, S. C., January 31st 1872.

Amarintha L. Thames died in Clarendon, S. C., January 15th 1872, in her 70th year.

February 19, 1873

Married February 3d, by Rev. F. M. Morgan, at the residence of Captain M. Bray, Miss Caroline Morgan, formerly of Sumter, S. C., to Mr. J. H. Sleight, of Oconee county, S.C.

March 26, 1873

Almira Woodwarth McLeod, daughter of the late Wm. Rogers of Bishopville, Sumter County, S. C., and the beloved wife of Dr. Robt. Y. McLeod, was born in Bishopville, S. C., Nov. 4th 1845, and died Jan. 30th 1873. [Submitted by Wm. W. Mood.]

April 9, 1873

Dr. Henry Isaac Abbott died on the 11th of March at his residence near Lodibar, Sumter county, S. C., in the 70th year of his age.

June 11, 1873

Daniel Johnson was born in Sumter district, S. C., April 2, 1817, and died at his residence near Tallahassee, Leon county, Fla., May 12, 1873. [Submitted by J. P. Roberts.]

October 15, 1873

Mrs. Hessie Eveline Ervin, daughter of Wm. E. and Mrs. H. E. Carpenter, was born in Clarendon county, S.C., and died at Chesterfield C. H., S. C., August 23d, 1873, aged twenty years, five months and eight days. She was married to Rev. A. Ervin 19th September 1872.

December 24, 1873

Mrs. Elizabeth Witherspoon, wife of David Witherspoon, Esq., died in Clarendon, S. C., on Oct. 23, 1873, aged about sixty-four years. The deceased, with her husband, formerly resided in Darlington.

February 4, 1874

Married on the 11th Jan. 1874, by Rev. S. J. Hill, Mr. Rufus O. Dixon to Miss Antoinette Stuckey, all of Bishopville, S. C.

February 11, 1874

Hampton Watts was born March 18, 1807, and died at the house of his friend, Leonard Brown, Esq., of Sumter, Dec. 25, 1873.

February 18, 1874

Married on Jan. 11th 1874, by Rev. A. McCorquodale, Robt. Y. McLeod, M. D., to Mrs. M. E. Rodgers, all near Bishopville, S. C.

February 25, 1874

In Sumter, S. C., Feb. 3d, 1874, Ida Gamewell, daughter of J. D. and E. E. Craig, aged 11 years and 2 months.

June 17, 1874

Miss Jane Osteen was born in Sumter District, S. C., February 12, 1804 and died in Taylor county, Ga., May 10, 1874.

July 8, 1874

James A. Clark was born Feb. 25th 1834 and died March 18th 1874. For a number of years he had been a useful member of the Bethel Church, Sumter circuit. A widow and three little orphans mourn for him.

October 7, 1874

Died suddenly in Sumter, S. C., on the 17th September, Edith Septima, youngest child of Anthony and Elizabeth A. White, aged three years and one month.

Mrs. Julia S. Felder, widow of Dr. W. L. Felder, late of Augusta, Ga., was born July 5, 1812, in Clarendon county, S. C., was confirmed in the Episcopal Church at the age of fourteen or fifteen; was married to Dr. Felder, then of Sumter district, S. C., June 21, 1832; was the mother of four children, two sons and two daughters, one each of whom still live; the daughter is the wife of Dr. W. H. Doughty, of Augusta, Ga., at whose house sister Felder died July 2d, 1874.

January 13, 1875

Married in Hardeeville, S. C., Dec. 13th, 1874, by Rev. J. R. Coburn, Mr. R. W. Tindall of Sumter, S. C., to Miss Meta W. Coburn, daughter of the officiating minister.

February 3, 1875

Mrs. Isabel G. Brewer was born in Sumter District, South Carolina, August 13th 1799; married to John R. Brewer, March 28th 1816; left a widow February 18th 1822; moved to Montgomery county, Ala., in 1827 where she remained until her death, January 7th 1875. She leaves one son and four grand-children. [Submitted by C. S. Huey.]

February 10, 1875

Mrs. Charlotte DuBose was born in Clarendon county, S. C., in 1788 and died in Manning, S. C., Jan. 1st 1875. If she had a surviving relative, she did not know it. She made her home with Dr. H. H. Huggins and family for many years

March 10, 1875

Rev. Jno Josey was born in Sumter county, S. C., March 27th 1810, died December 30th 1875. [Submitted by W. L. Pegues.]

March 17, 1875

Mrs. Elizabeth W. Green, wife of Major Wm. M. Green, was born in Lancaster county, S., C., June 24th 1832; was married to Major Green, January 22d 1852; died in Sumter , S. C., January 22d 1875. [Sumbittled by W. H. Smith.]

April 7, 1875

Francis Henry Kennedy was born in Sumter county, S. C., June 18th 1822; married Nov. 20th 1845, a daughter of T. M. Dick, M. D., and died at Mechanicsville, S. C., March 8th 1875. [Submitted by W. A. Rogers.]

May 26, 1875

Married by Rev. J. B. Platt, May 12th, 1875, Mr. Ludwig Hatje to Miss Margaret Carpenter, all of Manning, S. C.

November 3, 1875

Married by Rev. W. A. Rogers, October 21st, 1875, Mr. James R. May, of Colleton, to Miss Fannie Strother, of Sumter, S. C.

November 17, 1875

Married by Rev. S. J. Hill, October 9th, 1875, Mr. J. F. Kelly, of Darlington, to Miss A. R. Dixon, of Bishopville, S. C.

November 24, 1875

Married byy Rev. W. A. Rogers, November 10th, 1875, Mr. C. L. Stuckey to Miss Janie Dixon, both of Bishopville, S. C.

December 8, 1875

Married by Rev. S. J. Hill, November 24th, 1875, Mr. Robert Muldrow, of Bishopville, to Miss Mary M. Muldraw, of St. Lukes.

Married by Rev. S. J. Hill, December 1st, 1875, Rev. E. M. Merritt, of the South Carolina Conference, to Miss Amanda Durant, of Bishopville.

Married by Rev. T. B. Russell, near Fort Valley, Ga., December 1st, 1875, Mr. Jas. Taylor Harris to Miss Laura Estelle Deschamps, the latter formerly of Sumter, S. C.

December 15, 1875

Married by Rev. S. J. Hill, December 1st, 1875, Mr. David Dixon to Miss Blandina Durant, all of Bishopville.

February 9, 1876

Married by Rev. Cornelius Newton, January 23d, 1876, Dr. M. C. Wallace of Marlboro county, S. C., to Miss Annie L. English, of Sumter county, S. C.

March 29, 1876

Mrs. Selina Durant was born in Sumter county, S., C., January 3, 1809; was married to Elias Durant, November 9, 1826; and died in the same county, near Lynchburg, January 23, 1876. [Submitted by A. Coke Smith.]

April 5, 1876

Married by Rev. Jas. L. Bartlette, at the residence of Mr. Jas. White in Sumter county, S. C., March 22, 1876, Rev. W. A. Rogers, of the South Carolina Conference, to Miss Annie Anderson, formerly of Alabama.

May 16, 1876

Mrs. Elizabeth Abernathy, whose maiden name was Young, was born in Warren county, N. C., December 11, 1775; married in 1801 to Geo. W. Martin of Va.; married a second time in 1809 to Smith Abernathy of N. C.; and died at the residence of her son-in-law, Col. Jas. E. Rembert, in Sumter county, S. C., April 3, 1876. She attached herself to the Baptist church.

November 7, 1876

Married by Rev. L. M. Little, assisted by Rev. R. N. Wells, in Sumter, S. C., at the Circuit Parsonage, Oct. 26, 1876, Mr. S. J. Mitchell, to Miss A. E. Little.

December 5, 1876

Married by Rev. C. W. Felder, November 16, 1876, Mr. P. B. Mouzon, to Miss Sallie M. Brailsford, daughter of T. W. Brailsford, Sr., all of Clarendon county, S. C.

January 9, 1877

Mrs. E. C. Campbell was born December 39 [sic], 1795; and died at Sumter, S. C., November 26, 1876. This woman was the mother of Rev. J. B. Campbell, of the South Carolina Conference. [Submitted by A. A. Gilbert.]

January 16, 1877

Married by Rev. W. A. Rogers, December 20, 1876, Mr. James Bennett, of Lancaster, S. C., to Miss Octavia Crosswell, of Bishopville, S. C.

February 6, 1877

Mrs. Frances Ellen Dingle was born in Sumter, S. C., April 9, 1809; was married to J. Harvey Dingle, July 26, 1825; died December 11, 1876. [Submitted by R. N. Wells.]

February 20, 1877

Married by Rev. D. J. McMillan, January 24, 1877, Mr. S. J. Barrett of Bishopville, S. C., to Miss Y. P. McKnight, of Clarendon county, S. C.

April 24, 1877

Married by Rev. R. F. Williamson, April 10, 1877, at the residence of Maj. E. S. Baldwin, Capt. R. J. Redding of Atlanta, Ga., to Mrs. Lizzie Worrel, of Sumter county, S. C.

May 1, 1877

Rosa Smith, daughter of Rev. J. P. and Mrs. E. F. Smith, died in Sumter county, S. C., March 30, 1877, aged 7 years and 11 months.

July 17, 1877

Oliver P. Hott was born in Sumter, S. C., October 28, 1847; died in the town of Sumter, June 25, 1877. He leaves a wife and two small children.

August 28, 1877

Judge Thomas McCotry Williams, son of Charles and Elizabeth Williams, was born in Sumter county, S. C., March 25, 1806; died at his son's, Rev. Jere S. Williams, Midway, Ala., July 10, 1877. He was admitted to the bar in South Carolina as attorney, May 9, 1827. Married Mary Ann Shrewsbery, December 10, 1829. They had nine children, three of whom died early, three in the late war, and three survive. [Submitted by W. A. McCarty.]

September 25, 1877

Mrs. Catharine Winham, beloved wife of R. T. Winham, died in Sumter county, S. C., Sept. 4, 1877.

October 16, 1877

Married by Rev. J. L. Shuford, October 2, 1877, Mr. John E. Brown, of Sumter, S. C., to Mrs. Sarah A. Smith, widow of the late Rev. Williamson Smith, of the S. C. Conference.

November 6, 1877

Mrs. Theodora E. Hudson, whose maiden name was Abbott, was born in Sumter county, S. C., June 16, 1842; died September 9, 1877. She left a husband and three small children. J[Submitted by James C. Stoll.]

James McBride Witherspoon was born in Sumter District, S. C., Jan. 11, 1811; was married to Miss Sarah Thompson, of Richmond [sic] District, August 29, 1833; removed to Apalachicola, Fla., in 1857, where he died October 7, 1877. He leaves a wife and seven children with a number of grandchildren, and has rejoined seven other children who preceded him. [Submitted by Wm. R. Johnson.]

January 8, 1878

Married by Rev. W. A. Rogers, December 20, 1877, Charles Spencer, Esq., of Sumter county, S. C., to Mrs. Abbie A.Rogers, of Pennsylvania.

January 22, 1878

Married by Rev. J. L. Shuford, January 8, 1878, Mr. W. J. Witherspoon to Mrs. Susan Davis, all of Clarendon, S. C.

February 19, 1878

Married by Rev. Charles S. Vedder, Jan. 31, 1878, at the Huguenot Church, Charleston, S. C,. Minor C. Galluchat, of Manning, S. C., to Miss Thomassa Thompson, of Augusta, Ga.

February 19, 1878

Mrs. Julia Ann Foxworth, whose maiden name was Felder, was born in Orangeburg county, S. C., January 8, 1842, and died in Sumter county, S. C., November 2, 1877. [Submitted by James C. Stoll.]

April 23, 1878

Mrs. Margaret Jordan, whose maiden name was Holland, wife of Rev. Wm. J. Jordan, was born in Sumter District, S. C., April 1st 1825; died near Reidsville, Tatnall County, Georgia, February 18, 1878. She was married August 15, 1844 and moved to Tattnall County, Ga., November 1851. She left her husband and eight children.

May 21, 1878

Married by Rev. James C. Stoll, May 7, 1878, at St. Luke's Church, Sumter county, S. C., Rev. James W. Wolling of the South Carolina Conference, to Miss Lida Green, of Sumter county, S. C.

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