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    The Manning Guards were the original color company of the Hampton Legion Infantry. Company C was primarily recruited from Clarendon  District, with a significant number of initial enlistees coming from Sumter District as well.  Its initial captain was Brown Manning from Manchester, the brother of former governor John L. Manning and the son of former Governor Lawrence I. Manning.    Company C was mustered into Confederate service for a term of one year at Camp Hampton, Columbia, on June 19, 1861.  It had a heavy sprinkling of sons of socially prominent planters.

    The Company first saw action at First Manassas on July 21, 1861, where the Legion sustained 125 casualties out of 600 men engaged.  It next saw major action at Seven Pines on May 31, 1862, where the Legion suffered a casualty loss of 40% of its strength. Following this engagement, the Legion was assigned to the Texas Brigade of John Bell Hood, and fought with the Texans in the battles of Gaines Mill, Second Manassas, and Sharpsburg.

    Transferred to Jenkins South Carolina brigade in November 1862, the Legion was augmented to the strength of a regiment,.  It remained in Jenkins' Brigade until March 1864..  Wracked by heavy losses in battle and by disease, the company was unable to voluntarily enlist a sufficient number of recruits to maintain its strength, and a fair number of conscripts were received in its ranks form other parts of the State.

    In April, 1864, the Legion was converted to mounted infantry, and assigned to a cavalry brigade commanded by Brigadier General Martin W. Gary.  Company C faithfully served in Gary's cavalry and followed him to Appomattox, where the remnant of the company was paroled.
   The men who were original members of the company when it was mustered into Confederate service on June 19, 1861, are marked by an asterisk.
  • Alford, James McNair L., 3 LT; Marlboro District; 3 LT in K/8 S.C., and 3 LT N/20 S.C.
  • Benbow, Henry Laurens*, 3 LT; Clarendon Dist; later COL 23 S.C.
    Campbell, Richard S.
    *, 1 LT; Clarendon
  • Dingle, James Hervey, Jr*., 1 LT, Clarendon and Charleston; promoted MAJ and KIA Sharpsburg 17 Sep 62 while holding the colors up.  His dying words were "Legion, follow your flag." 
  • Haynesworth, John Richard*, 3 LT; Sumter; mortally WIA 1 Manassas and died of wounds 21 Aug 61
  • Huggins, George Allen*, CAPT, Clarendon (Resigned)
    James, John Harper Matthew
    *, CAPT, Clarendon; last captain of company
  • Kelley, James D.*, 3 LT; Clarendon, died of disease 11 Sep 62
  • Lesesne, William Theodore*, CAPT (Resigned), Clarendon
  • Manning, Brown, CAPT *(not reelected), Sumter; later 1 LT/Aide de Camp to BGEN James Cantey
  • Nelson, William Calvin*, 3 LT, Clarendon; not reelected
  • Witherspoon, William Vaughan*, 2 LT, Clarendon
  • Billups, 1 SGT*, Clarendon
  • Clark, John William*, 4 CPL, Clarendon
  • Connors, Charles C*., 5 SGT, Clarendon
  • Coogler, J. Francis*, 3 SGT, Clarendon
  • Darby, Artemus Elliott*, 2 SGT, Clarendon; later private A/2 S.C. CAV; original color bearer of Legion
  • Davis, Thomas Newton*, 3 SGT, Clarendon
  • Dean, Hugh Wilson*, 3 CPL, Clarendon
  • Dorrity, Andrew J*., 1 SGT, Clarendon; died of pneumonia at Knoxville, Tenn. 8 Jan 64 as POW 
  • Gaillard, Samuel Isaac*, 1 SGT; Sumter; promoted Sergeant Major and transferred to Legion Staff
  • Graham, Joseph Elliott*, SGT, Clarendon or Sumter; mortally WIA Tilghman's Gate 27 Jul 64; DOW 31 Jul 64
  • Hammett, William James Nelson*, 1 SGT, Clarendon; KIA Seven Pines 31 May 62
  • Haynesworth, George Edward (Tuck)*, 2 SGT, Sumter; later 1 LT 1 S.C. Regulars (Artillery); fired first shot of war at the Star of the West 9 Jan 61
  • Kelley, Benjamin P., 2 CPL, Clarendon
  • Kelley, Henry M.*, 5 CPL, Clarendon
  • McCall, Charles Spencer, 5 CPL, Marlboro; previously Co. L and N/20 S.C. (leader of the Red Shirts in Marlboro in 1876)
    McKnight, William Hilliard
    *, 1 CPL, Clarendon, KIA Seven Pines 31 May 62
  • Mahoney, Henry D.*, 4 SGT, Clarendon
  • Martin, Charles W.*, 3 CPL, Clarendon; later in I/23 S.C., KIA Five Forks 1 Apr 65
  • Patterson, Samuel, 5 CPL, Sumter, KIA 2 Manassas 30 Aug 62
  • Singleton, Thomas Day*, 1 CPL, Sumter, died of pneumonia at Occoquan, Va 13 Feb 62
  • Sullivan, Samuel W.*, 2 SGT, Clarendon
    Tindall, Richard W., 4 CPL, Sumter
  • Alexander, J. Wesley, Sumter
  • Alford, Robert Hurlbut, Marlboro (formerly in L/8 S.C.)
  • Allen, Franklin A., Laurens
  • Anderson, William J., Sumter
    Baggett, Benjamin H., Clarendon* (later in I/23 S.C.)
  • Bagnal, John Conyers*, Manning
    Barwick, Benjamin Jasper
    *, Sumter, later in I/23 S.C., and then H/5 S. C. CAV
  • Barwick, Lawrence Newton*, Sumter, later in H/5 S. C. CAV, then in I/23 S.C.
  • Berry, N. T., Marion, previously in D/Manigualt's BN; died of disease 7 Oct 64
  • Bethea, Robert Cochran, Pike County, Miss (visiting in Marion District when conscripted), previously in E/7 MISS
  • Biggart, William A., Lancaster
  • Blackwell, Michael J., Sumter; later in A/Holcombe Legion CAV; then K/1 S.C. (Hagood's); then transferred to G/Hampton Legion
  • Bouchett, Thomas J.*, Clarendon
  • Bowers, James F.; died pneumonia Camp Chase 15 Feb 65
  • Bowers, Nathaniel J.
  • Boynton, Moses B., Barnwell
  • Brady, Patrick, Clarendon
  • Brailsford, Theodore W.*, Jr., Clarendon; later in H/5 S.C. CAV
    Brigman, Thomas Jefferson, Marion
  • Bullard, Charles W., Marlboro; previously in N/20 S.C.
  • Bullard, George W., Marlboro; previously in N/20 S.C.
  • Burgess, Robert Warren*, Clarendon; later in I/25 S.C.; WIA Drewry's Bluff 22 May 654; DOW 30 May 64
  • Burgess, Samuel Edward*, Clarendon, died typhoid fever Bacon Race Church, Va. 12 Sep 61
  • Burgess, William Robinson*, later Assistant surgeon 24 S.C.
  • Calder, Arthur, Marlboro, previously in L, N/20 S.C.
  • Calder, Robert, Marlboro; previously in B/24 S.C; N/20 S.C.
  • Calder, Stanford, Marlboro, previously in F/21 S.C. and N/20 S.C.
  • Calder, William F., Marlboro, previously in G/23 S.C., and L, N/20 S.C.
  • Calhoun, Duncan Archibald, Marlboro, previously in N/20 S.C.
  • Cantrell, John Tyler, Spartanburg; previously in F/22 S.C.; later in H/Palmetto Sharpshooters
  • Chandler, Samuel Thomas*, Clarendon; WIA and POW Seven Pines 31 May 62; DOW Fortress Monroe 26 Jun 62
  • Clary, Michael J., Sumter
  • Clopton, George W., Laurens; transferred to D/27 S.C.
  • Cobia, William Francis*, Clarendon
    Cochran, James B.
    *, Sumter or Clarendon; later in H/1 S.C. Regulars
  • Cole, Sidney F.*, Clarendon
  • Creighton, James D., Lancaster
  • Crow, James R., Union
  • Cuttino, William H., Sumter; transferred from Co. A, Hampton Legion (original PVT of that company)
  •  Davis, Samuel James, Clarendon, KIA 2 Manassas 29 Aug 62
  •  Davis, William A.; Clarendon; died Richmond of typhoid fever 14 May 62
  •  Davis, William Harvin, Clarendon; previously in F/6 S.C. CAV
  •  Dean, Robert M., Clarendon
  • Derakin, Samuel*, Clarendon
  • Dinkins, William E.*, Clarendon, later in A/5 S.C. BN State Troops
  • Dove, William R., Fairfield; previously in C/6 S.C., and F/6 S.C. Reserves
    DuBose, David St. Pierre, Jr.
    *, Clarendon; later CAPT K/7 S.C. CAV
  • Dukes, George Harper*, Clarendon; later in H/5 S.C. CAV
  • Duncan, John G., Charleston
  • Eikerenkoetter (Cutter), John F.*, Clarendon
  • Felder, William E.*, Sumter, later in D/2 S.C.; KIA Gettysburg 2 Jul 63
  • Fletcher, John K., Marlboro; previously in G/8 S.C. and N/20 S.C.
  • Fletcher, Joshua D., Marlboro, previously in N/20 S.C.
  • Floyd, Osborne, Lancaster
  • Ford, Jacob, Chester; previously in B/4 S.C. CAV
  • Ford, Shepherd, Chester; previously in B/4 S.C. CAV
  • Ford, Thomas, Chester; previously in B/4 S.C. CAV
  • Frith, Thomas E., Abbeville; previously in K/15 S.C.
  • Gamble, James M., Clarendon, previously in I/23 S.C.; transferred to I/25 S.C.
  • Gayle, David C., Clarendon
  • Geddings, Abraham W.*, Clarendon; later in E/1 S.C. 
  • Gee, Samuel*, Clarendon, trans. to E/8 S.C.; KIA Gettysburg 2 Jul 63
  • Goines, John R., Lancaster; previously in D/10 S.C. CAV BN
  • Griffin, Lawrence M.*, Clarendon, died of typhoid fever at Brentsville, Va. 19 Aug 61
  • Griffin, Robert H.*, Clarendon; later in I/23 S.C.
  • Gruver, J. T.
  • Habersham, Richard Wylly*, Clarendon, later in 2 S.C. Reserve BN; and Milledge's (GA) Artillery Battery
  • Hammett, James Harvey, Clarendon
  • Harrington, John J.; died at home of disease Jul-Aug 64  
  • Harrison, John F.
  • Harvin, J. Joseph*, Clarendon; died typhoid fever 31 Jan 62
  • Harvin, Septimus Arthur*, Clarendon,
  • Hodge, John William, Clarendon
  • Hodge, Samuel David P., Marlboro, previously in N/20 S.C.
  • Horton, Christopher Columbus, Kershaw
  • Horton, James Jefferson, Kershaw
  • Horton, Joseph W., Jr.*, Clarendon; later in H/5 S.C. CAV
  • Horton, William Starling, Lancaster; previously in 9 S.C.
  • Humphrey, Samuel Robert*, Clarendon; KIA 2 Manassas 30 Aug 62
  • Jacobs, Abram L. (Little Jake)*, Clarendon, WIA Campbell's Station 16 Nov 63, and DOW (no date given) Emory & Henry College Hosp, Emory, Va.
  • Jenkins, William Walker*, York (?), later in D/2 S.C., then I/6 S.C. CAV
  • Jennings, Henry D., Clarendon; previously in D/4 S.C. Reserves, then Bachman's Artillery Battery
  • Johnson, John W., Clarendon; died of measles at Ashland, Va. 18 Apr 62
  • Johnson, Robert Russell*, Clarendon, WIA Seven Pines 31 May 62, died of complications of wound in Clarendon Dist 6 Apr 63
    King, Felix Long
    *, Clarendon; later in H/5 S.C. CAV; murdered at Charleston 13 Feb 64
  • King, William C.*, Clarendon, KIA 1 Manassas 21 Jul 61
  • Lamb, William D., Marion; previously in C/18 S.C. Heavy ART BN; then C/3 S.C. State Troops
  • LeMaster, John N. (or M.), Spartanburg
  • Lesesne, Charles Frederick*, Clarendon
  • Lesesne, James J., Sumter, previously in D/2 S.C.
    Lesesne, Nabor DeKalb
    *, Williamsburg, WIA 1 Manassas 21 Jul 61; died of wound 29 Aug 61 at Richmond
  • Lipscomb, William Smith, Union, previously in F/18 S.C., 1 S.C. BN, and H/27 S.C.
  • Livingston, John B.. Clarendon; later in C/2 S.C. CAV (became a notorious scalawag office holder in Orangeburg during Reconstruction)
  • Lynch, Thomas*, Clarendon; KIA 1 Manassas 21 Jul 61
  • McAbee, Albert, Spartanburg; previously in C/13 S.C.
  • McCall, William H., Marion (Florence Section)
  • McFaddin, J. Minto*, Clarendon
  • McIntosh, S. Edward, Clarendon; previously in C/9 S.C.
  • McKnight, Robert Mathew*, later in G/7 S.C. CAV
  • McLaurin, Henry James*, Sumter, later Assistant Surgeon
  • McLaurin, John Franklin, Marlboro; previously in K/8 S.C., and L, N/20 S.C.
  • McLeod, Albert S., Clarendon; previously in C/9 S.C. and K/6 S.C.
  • McLeod, James G.*,  Clarendon (Sumter postwar)
     McLeod, John C.
    *, Clarendon (Kershaw postwar)
  • McNeill, Alexander M., Chester; previously in A/6 S.C. Res.
  • Manning, Richard Irvine, Jr.*, Sumter, later 1 LT ADC to Gen Joseph E. Johnston 
  • Martin, Alfred A., Orangeburg
  • Martin, William Tribue; probably Richland; trans to L/8 S.C.
  • Messer, John M., Darlington, previously in G/6 S.C. CAV
  • Miller, James W., Chester, previously in A/6 S.C. Reserves
  • Miller, Simeon E.; trans to F/3 S.C. (Palmetto) ART BN
  • Monagham, Thomas, Sumter
  • Moses, Abram DeLeon, Sumter; previously in Wise's (VA) Legion; later Paymaster, C S. Navy
  • Moses, Isaac Calhoun; Sumter; previously in Wise's (VA) Legion;  later Assistant Paymaster, C. S. Navy; name changed to Perry M. DeLeon during war
    Nelson, Richard Manning
    *, Clarendon; trans to G/6 S.C. CAV
  • Nelson, Theodore McFadden, Clarendon, KIA 2 Manassas 30 Aug 62; previously in C/ 9 S.C.
  • O'Hara, John*, Clarendon
  • Pack, Benjamin Joseph*, Clarendon; WIA 2 Manassas 30 Aug 62; DOW Warrenton, Va 18 Sep 62
  • Plowden, Gabriel Whitfield*, Clarendon
  • Plowden, Isaac Belton*, WIA 2 Manassas 30 Aug 62; DOW Warrenton 19 Sep 62
  • Plowden, W. Burgess, Clarendon; previously C/21 S.C.    
  • Pool, Stephen M., Pickens (Oconee Section); previously in E/1 S.C. Rifles
  • Ragin, John F.*, Clarendon, later in H/5 S.C. CAV
    Ragin, Rufus A.
    *, Clarendon
  • Reardon, James J.; Clarendon, died Richmond of disease early 1864
  • Rhame, James O.*, Clarendon, died typhoid fever Prince William County, Va. 30 Nov 61
  • Rhame, John Boyd* Clarendon, died typhoid fever at Culpeper, Va. 17 Aug 61
  • Rice, J. P.
  • Richardson, Richard Charles, Jr.*, Clarendon; later in K/4 S.C. CAV
  • Richbourg, Augustus Baxter, Clarendon*, KIA Seven Pines 31 May 62
  • Richbourg, Edwin Nathan, Clarendon*, KIA Seven Pines 31 May 62 Richbourg, Elihu N., Clarendon*; WIA Seven Pines 31 May 62; died at home (probably of wounds) 31 Dec 62
  • Richbourg, Rufus Nathaniel*, Clarendon; later in cavalry
  • Ridgeway, Lawrence M., Clarendon; later in F/5 S.C. Reserve BN
  • Ridgill, William J. W.*, Clarendon
  • Robinson, Richard T., Lancaster
  • Rogers, Philip Berry, Marion (Dillon Section)
  • Rollins, William L. D., Spartanburg; previously in I/9 S.C., then K/Palmetto Sharpshooters; after service with Company C, transferred back to K/Palmetto Sharpshooters
  • Rozier, John R., Marion (Dillon Section)
  • Sanders, Moses P., Marlboro, previously in E/4 S.C. CAV and N/20 S.C.
  • Scarborough, James Hastings*, Clarendon (?), KIA 1 Manassas 21 Jul 61
  • Shepherd, John H., died in hospital Richmond 30 Jul 64
  • Sinclair, Daniel C., Marlboro; previously in G/23 S.C.
  • Sings, John Washington*, Clarendon, died Richmond of typhoid pneumonia 27 Apr 62
  • Skinner, Benjamin Witherspoon*, Clarendon, died at home 17 Feb 62  
  • Small, Samuel Montgomery, Lancaster; previously in E/12 S.C.
  • Smith, J. C.
  • Stephens, Calvin S., Spartanburg, previously in K/Palmetto Sharpshooters,
  • Strange, John Pringle*, Clarendon
  • Strange, Joseph Davy*, Clarendon; died of typhoid fever and measles at Bacon Race Church, Va, 28 Sep 61
  • Stuart, Samuel*, Clarendon; KIA Seven Pines 31 May 62
  • Stukes, John M.*, Clarendon
  • Stukes, Samuel James*, Clarendon; KIA Seven Pines
  • Thames, Rufus M., Jr.*, Clarendon; died typhoid fever at Brentsville, Va. 6 Sep 61
  • Thames, Thomas Lemuel, Clarendon; died at home of chronic diarrhea 10 Mar 63
  • Thomas, Jesse N., Clarendon; previously in C/9 S.C.
  • Thomas, William, Clarendon; promoted to Chaplain of Legion for bravery at Campbell's Station (went to the side of a wounded soldier to pray for him while under heavy artillery fire)
  • Thompson, John D.*, Clarendon; later in Reserves and KIA Dingle's Mill 9 Apr 65
  • Thompson, William B., Clarendon
  • Tindall, Benjamin M.*, Clarendon
  • Tindall, Henry L*., Clarendon, KIA Seven Pines 31 May 62
  • Tindall, John J., Clarendon, previously in I/22 S.C.
  • Touchberry, James J.*, Clarendon; KIA 1 Manassas 21 Jul
  • Touchberry, Joseph E., Clarendon
  • Wade, William D., Barnwell, previously in E/2 S.C. ART
  • Ward, Andrew James, probably Greenville; previously in G/3 S.C. Reserve BN; died as POW at Elmira of chronic diarrhea 2 Oct 64
  • Ward, Hezekiah W.*, Clarendon; trans to I/22 S.C.
  • Watts, Julius J., Clarendon
  • Webb, Louis L., Spartanburg
  • Wells, Francis A*., probably Clarendon; died Charlottesville, Va., of typhoid fever 4 Dec 61
  • Whitworth, John Shaw, Sumter, KIA 2 Manassas 30 Aug 62; previously CAPT C/9 S.C.
  • Wilburn, Isaac S., died as POW Camp Morton, Ind., 3 Dec 63
  • Williams, George W., Sumter or Clarendon; WIA Seven Pines 31 May 62; died Richmond of wounds 12 Jun 62
  • Williams, Wiley W., Beaufort; previously in H/Hampton Legion 
  • Willoughby, James P., Marion; previously in G/23 S.C. and L, then N/20 S.C.; POW Sailors Creek 6 Apr 65; died as POW of chronic diarrhea at Newport News 7 May 65
  • Wilson, Joseph Cohen*, Sumter
  • Winecoff, Marcus W.*, Cabarrus County, N.C.; trans to H/7 N.C.; KIA Kelly's Ford, Va. 8 Nov 63 (probably living in Sumter at time of enlistment)
  •  Wise, Andrew Jackson*, probably Clarendon, later in Matthews Heavy ART Battery
  • Wise, Thomas J., Clarendon*; died Camp Wigfall, Prince William County, Va of pneumonia 1 Jan 62
  • Witherspoon, Charles Leroy*, Sumter or Clarendon; later in Arsenal Cadets, Columbia, then H/5 S.C. CAV 
  • Witherspoon, James W.*, Clarendon
  • Woods, John Hernando*, Clarendon; KIA summer 1863
  • Wright, R. S., Edgefield
  • Wright, Stephen, Marion
In addition to the above, there were six men who were listed on the initial roll of the company when it left Manchester for Columbia in June, 1861, but who did not muster in with the company on June 19.  They were:
Boyd, Charles R. R., Clarendon, later 3 LT D/4 S.C. Reserves
Brunson, D. Oscar, Clarendon, later in I/23 S.C.
Felder, Robert F., Clarendon; later in C/21 S.C.
James, Robert B., Clarendon; later in I/23 S.C. (prevented by sickness from joining Company C, per notation on roll)
Rowe, James L., Clarendon; later in I/23 S. C., then D/4 S.C. Reserves
Suggs, John William, later Assistant Surgeon of Marion Artillery, S. C. State Troops

The following men of Company C --The Manning Guards were present at the surrender at Appomatox:


Coogler, J. F.
Mahoney, H. D.
Conners, C. C.


Bagnall, J. C.
Brady, P.
Biggart, W. A.
Calder, A.
Souis, J. R.
Harvin, W. J. T.
Lesesne, J. T.
Martin, A.
McAbee, M. C.
Plewden, G. W.
Robinson, R. T.
Smail, T. M.
Stukes, J. M.
Lipscomb, W. S.
Theift, T. E.

Source: The Appomattox Roster. R. A. Brock. The Southern Historical Society. 1887 - List provided by Cindy Parker


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