Sumter District African American Confederate Penshioners
Sumter, Clarendon, and Lee County
(Old Sumter District)

African-American Confederate Pensioners

1888 - 1925



The South Carolina General Assembly first authorized pensions to Confederate veterans on 23 December 1887 for "veterans who were citizens of the state, had an income of less than $250 a year, and had a disability that left them unable to earn a living" were eligible. It also allowed widows of soldiers or sailors who had died in service and earned less than $250 per year to apply. A state board approved applications with verification by county officials and doctors. The pensioners received five dollars a month  during the first year.

In 1895, eligibility was expanded to include veterans and widows over the age of 60 who had incomes of less than $100 per year. In 1900, the income requirement was changed to less than $150 per year for disabled veterans and less than $100 for veterans over age 60. In 1919, eligibility was changed to include all veterans, and widows over the age of sixty who had married veterans before 1890.

In 1923, pensions were approved for African Americans who had served at least six months as cooks, servants, or attendants. In 1924, apparently because there were too many applications, the act was amended to eliminate laborers, teamsters, and non-South Carolinians.

The legislature dropped the age of eligibility for widows to 55 in 1920, to 50 in 1921, and to 45 in 1930. The state of South Carolina paid Confederate widow pensions until the last widow passed away  in 1990.

The following are some of the names from pension applications filed by African-American residents of Sumter, Clarendon, or Lee Counties that were submitted to the South Carolina Comptroller General between the years of 1888 and 1925 for their service to the State of South Carolina during the
War Between the States.

Note: This is not a complete listing.

 Lee County

Abraham, Needham - Laborer under Capt. Hutson, served 1862, application no. 7405, (Bishopville)

Albert, Henry - Laborer under Capt. Devereaux, Castle Pinckney, application no. 7406 (Bishopville)

Bristow, McDonald - (no details)

Daniels, Jake -(no details)

Oliver, Solomon - (no details)

McDonald, Mitchell - Laborer under Capt. Anderson, served 1862 - 1863, born in Sumter Co. (Elliotts)

Myers, Robert - Servant under Capt. Spratts, Co. I 49th Regt, served 1863-1864, appl. no 7495 (St. Charles)

Sampson, John - Cook under Capt. Shavers and Capt. Carson, served 1862 - 1865, appl. no. 7517 (Bishopville)

Clarendon County

Charles, Jesse - Servant under William R. Coskrey, Co. I 23rd Regt., Capt. H.H. Lesense, served April 1861 - April 1865, appl. no. 2765

Clyburn, Sam Sr - Servant under Lt. T.J. Clyburn, Co. G. 2nd S.C. Regt., Capt C.C. Hail, served April 1861 - 1865, appl. no. 2766 (Manning)

Galluchut, July - Laborer on the Charleston area fortifications, wounded at Ft. Sumter, Sept. 1863, left leg aputated below knee and left hand amputated, applied 26 Mar. 1889, approved 16 April 1889 (Manning)

Johnson, Merriman - Servant under Ellison Smyth, Co. B. 44th Regt., Capt D.J. Bradham, served Nov. 1864 - surrender (St. Paul)

Johnson, William - (no details)

Wheeler, Joseph - Servant under Capt. R.E. Wheeler, Co. H 26th Regt., served Dec. 1861 - Aug. 1864, appl. no. 2767 (Turbeville)

Weatherspoon, Robert - Servant under Capt. W.S. Brand, Co. K 26th Regt, served Mar. 1862 - 9 April 1865, appl. no. 2768 (New Zion)

Sumter County

Brown, Nina - widow of R. Sebastian Brown, filed for pension 26 April 1919. husband served under Capt. James Spann in Co. G, Hampton's Legion and in Co. K 7th Regt. SC Cavalry (Rembert) note: Nina Sanders was black, her husband was white.

Cooper, Daniel - Servant under Lt. W. A. Cooper, Brown's Reserves guarding prisoners at Florence, S.C. appl. 11276b

Pearson, Warren - Servant under James B. Fort, Co. E 3rd Regt State Troops, Capt. Bradley, appl. no. 11276b

Wilson, Robert - Servant under Lt. B.F. Wilson, served entire war, appl. 11270b

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