Newberry County SC Current Events & Volunteer Positions

Current Events & Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are the heart these pages are made of! Anyone can volunteer for as little or as much as they want. You can volunteer to do things such as transcribing, etc., for one hour, one day, one week, or whatever you have the time and willingness to do. You may stop at anytime you decide you can no longer be involved. If you have access to Newberry County resources and can help out in any area and would like to give a few hours of your time to promote FREE genealogy online, please contact Traci Parsons-Holder. Remember, volunteer to do as little or as much as you can, but please volunteer!

Adopt a Township or Topic!
Adopt a town, or a topic concerning a town, such as religion, history, cemeteries, occupations, etc.

Guest Editors
If you have an idea for something about a county you would like to see included, be it stories about your family, businesses of days gone by, famous people or history articles about places in the county or the people who lived here... please let us include it in this site!

PR person
Writing newspaper & web news releases

Web Designers
Wow, we REALLY need your help to keep up with the incoming submissions! If you know html or are willing to learn (yes we have volunteers to help you learn too!!) we would welcome you with open arms!!

Save our Cemeteries
Donating time or funds to help speed this project along. There are MANY cemeteries which are in DIRE need of restoration, many headstones which need to be replaced, etc. A Committee needs to be set up and coordinated with the local historical society, genealogy societies, universities and various other groups in the area. If you have experience in this area and can be a spokesperson, or help in any other way, we can use your help.

Courthouse Indexes
Courthouse document retrieval. We need someone who can go to the courthouse and copy or scan entire indexes. If you can copy at least ONE book, this would be very helpful.


This is a very important part of the Newberry Genealogy Web site and we REALLY need your help. It would be nice to have ALL our census on the web as soon as possible. Can you help us with this? We will supply materials and teach you how to do transcribe if you can donate your time!

Biographies Project

Can you write? Then we can use your gift writing articles for the site! Many people have family history and various documents that can be compiled into a biography for the site! Help! SUBMIT THEM EASY HERE!

Records Project
If you can copy records, old books, scan things, or coordinate any of these efforts, we need YOU!! We have access to tons of records on microfilm that could be copied at your local library then either snail mailed to me or scanned for transcription. Every little bit helps!

Obituary Transcriber

If you collect obituaries or have access to obituaries and would like to share them with visitors to this website, we would be happy to include them.

Cemetery Records

If you live in Newberry and are willing to record the tombstone inscriptions in any of the counties cemeteries, please let us know, we will add them to the site.

Church Records
If you have access to and are willing to type pages from church records, please contribute!

History Transcribers
If you have access to books about Newberry County SC, history and are willing to type pages from them... let us know, we would love to add them to this site.

Various Records
Add your records here This includes wills, probate, miscellaneous, cemetery, slave, church, biographies, history, and anything else pertaining to Genealogy & History in Newberry Co., SC

Miscellaneous Transcriptions

Have an hour of free time and want to help? Then we have the answer for you! We post scanned images on the website for you to transcribe. <> Ask me how!!

Marriage, Slave, Migrations, Surname Databases
Know how to do a Spreadsheet? Can you copy and paste? Type? Your help is needed keeping a database of Marriage records for Newberry Co., SC

Map Project Coordinator
Plotting cemetery & churches on a map - this can be done from the comfort of your home!

Finding new links that should be added to the website pertaining to Newberry Co., SC. Add a link here!

Church Photos
Photographing Churches & gathering old photos for the web site

Cemetery Photos
If you visit the area or live there, why not photograph a cemetery? There are many small ones that can be photographed in less than an hour! I There is an urgency to get the headstones photographed. The cemeteries are being vandalized and many headstones are just not readable anymore... What happens when our great grandchildren go to visit the cemeteries and they have nothing to look at? You CAN help by making a record of them by way of photograph.


Credit for research, photos, and documents goes to many institutions and people and is noted. If I have overlooked you or made an error, or forgotten to credit someone or thing, please let me know, it was not intentional.

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