With so many scattered sources, both printed and online, regarding the role of the Italian Military, the following has been assembled as a basic listing of research materials and sites that can be helpful when researching the Italian Military from 1939 to 1946. The various topics are in the following sections:

General Information
Uniforms & Equipment
Italian Royal Military
POW's, IMI's & ISU's
Corps of Libertation
Socialist Republic
Partisans & Civilians
Militaria Vendors

        When possible, links to the websites or resources have been included to assist researchers in locating the original materials. If you have any additions, corrections, etc. please contact the webmaster.

  • Comando Supremo. Italy at War

    Fez dei Bersaglieri (Facebook Page)

    Soldati Italiani, 1911-1945 (Facebook Group)

    Italian warfare in 20th Century (Facebook Group)

    WW2 Italy (Facebook Group)

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    Italian Regalia (Information on Italian Medals & Regalia)

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  • Gli Italiani di Letterkenny - 321st Italian QuarterMaster Battalion (Facebook Page)

    Associazione Per La Memoria Dei Prigionieri Italiani a Letterkenny

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  • Alpini sciatori Monte Cervino (HRS) (Facebook Page)

    CHG 5th Bersaglieri Reenactment Unit (Facebook Page)

    Forze Armate Italiane Reenactment Group (Facebook Page)

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    Greco-Italian War Re-enactors, 1940-41 (Facebook Group)

    Historica Ventesimo Secolo - Sez. Sud Italia (Facebook Page)

    Historica XX Secolo. Italian Reenactors Association

    Italia, Avanti - Living History Association & Italia, Avanti Facebook Page

    Italian Reenacting & Airsoft (WW1 & WW2) (Facebook Group)

    Italica Virtus - Rievocazione Storica Regio Esercito Italiano (Facebook Page)

    Mediterraneo. WWII Italian Reenactment Group.

    Regio Esercito History Group (Facebook Page)

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    Timeline Associazione di Promozione Sociale (Facebook Page)

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  • At the Front (WWII Reproduction Vendor)

    Breslavia (WWII Reproduction Vendor) & Breslavia Facebook Page

    Hiki Shop (WWII Reproduction Vendor)

    The History Bunker (WWII Reproduction Vendor)

    International Military Antiques (Original Artifacts Vendor)

    Man the Line (WWII Reproduction Vendor)

    Para Bellum Shop (WWII Reproduction & Original Vendor)

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    Sartoria Equipe (WWII Reproduction Vendor)

    What Price Glory (WWII Reproduction Vendor)

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