Lexington County SC Genealogy

Information from family Bible of A.G. Rankin

Note written in Bible:

Written Reminder: A.G. Rankin was born March 23, 1839 in Lexington District, S.C. and December 28, 1859 emigrated to Tallapoosa County Ala. and in February 4, 1862 tendered his services to the Confederacy at the close of the war (Jan. 14, 1865) returned to Macon Co. Tallapoosa and in Decr 1864 took a wife of the daughters of of Sari Gleaton and in Nove 9, 1875 emigrated to Lafayette Co. Fla. and where Located where he now resides today Sept. 18th 1882. Amen.

The following note is found in the center pages of the Bible:

A.G. Rankin born 23 day of March A.D. 1839
Lavenia Rankin was born 12 day of June A.D. 1838
Levi S. Rankin born the 28 day of APril 1868
Sarah Rankin was born the 31 day of March A.D. 1872
Missouri A.F. Rankin was born the 5 day of March A.D. 1874
Dixie G. Gamble was born October 19, 1896 [submitter's note - this was a grandson]

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A.G. Rankin and Lavenia Gleaton
December 19, 1865 all of Macon Co. Ala.

Submitter's note: Asa George Rankin was born in 1839 in the Lexington District. His wife Lavenia Gleaton was born in S.C. in 1838. Asa George left S.C. in 1858 and went to Alabama. He served in the Confederate army from Alabama and was captured in the battle of Chicamauga and sent to Camp Douglass in Chicago. After the war he came back to Alabama and was then married to Lavenia Gleaton. They had four children all born in Alabama. In 1875 he went to Florida and homesteaded 160 acres of land and died there in 1920.

Submitted by D. Lamar Gamble, dixielg@carol.net