Lexington County SC Genealogy

Family of Samuel Lewie Bible

Title page: The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the originial tongues; and with the former translations dilgently compared and revised., New York, American Bible Society, instituted in the year MDCCCSVI., 1858

Family Record

Samuel Lewie was born December 26th 1802
Nancy Lewie was born March 17th 1807
Ruhema Lewie was born November 15th 1827
Edney C. Lewie was born September 2?th 1829
F.S. Lewie was born August 13th 1831
S.R. Lewie was born December 15th 1835
Elejane E. Lewie was born October the 14th 1833
James H. Lewie was born March 4th 1838
Samuel I. Lewie was born January 16th 1840
Sarah A. Lewie was born May 4th 1842
Emanuel W. Lewie was born April 5th 1844
Allemena C. Lewie was born April 7th 1846
R.E. Lewie was born July 29th 1834
[added later by another handwriting]
Laremore Lorenzo Hendrix was born Feb. 5th 1850
John Walter Dreher was born Aug 17th 1850
Margaret Dreher was born April 7th 1813


Samuel Lewie was married to Nancy Hendrix November 30th 1826
Ruhema Lewie was married to Emanuel Oswalt March 20th 1843
Edney C Lewie was married to R.H. Leaphart June 1st 1847
F.S. Lewie was married to R.C. Leaphart October 9th 1851
Elejane E Lewie ws married to Elias Sease January 30th 1851
James H. Lewie was married to Martha A. Leaphart January 14th 1858
S.R. Lewie was married to S. Malinda Asay July 30th 1863
S.A. Lewie was married to D.J. Griffith July 27th 1865
C.A. Lewie was married to S.P. Drafts November the 9th 1865
[added in another handwriting
Laremore L. Hendrix was married to Lizzie (?)Leewie Feb 9th 1882


S.I. Lewie was killed in the Battle of Boonsborow September 14th 1862
E.W. Lewie was killed in the Battle of Gettysburg July 2nd 1863
Samuel Lewie Died January 30th 1865
Nancy Lewie Died February 3rd 1865
[added in another handwriting]
Laremore Lorenzo Hendrix Died June 10, 1922

*These names were jotted on one of the pages... Margart Hawkins Dreher (Hawkins struck out) J.W. Drehe mother wife (wife struck out) Clarence, Callis grandmother mother

Submitter's note: This Bible was given to me by Mrs. Rose Dreher (deceased) of Leesville, SC many years ago. She told my sister and I that it really did not belong to her family or her husband's as they were not related. It had formerly been in the possession of Rachel Catherine Leaphart who was married to F.S. Lewie, then divorced and remarried to Laremore Hendrix. Mrs. Dreher said she wanted someone who was related to the Lewies to have it. I am related to them in more than one way.

Submitted by: Hope O Creasman, oldgoat@mindspring.com